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5 Ways to Talk to a Cow — 5 Comments

  1. Hello
    I am developing a telematic unit for my cows to manage them by means of virtual fence. I would like to teach cows to stop going forward when they are approaching to the edge of a digital virtual fence.s border and the telematic unit would emmit a sound signat that cow could understand as Stop. Can you help me to learn how to produce this kind of sound signal?
    Uros Spruk

  2. You win the cow’s trust just to betray them when theyre fat enough to be slaughtered? How twisted!

  3. Farming is a science and veterinary science. Not all people can cope with veggies-only let alone lack of essential vitamins and minerals and eating several times a day for empty calories. Organs and health may suffer.

    All animals and plants have feelings from amoeba to earthworms and trees. Plants react to sounds. You can’t escape feelings if you want to survive. This is survival.

    You cant eat anything organic, if you are concerned about feelings. Would you eat a dead human, if starving and no hope of rescue? Would you be concerned about how the human was farmed?

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