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Pittsfield NH News

February 20, 2019

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BCEP is seeking Community Service volunteers on Saturdays to assist patrons with their recycling needs.


Please contact Lisa at 435-6237 if you would like to help out.



Foss Family Foundation Donates Funds To Concord Hospital Trust

Support Provides Stop The Bleed Kits In Local Schools And Class Rooms


The Foss Family Foundation recently made a $20,000 contribution to a Concord Hospital Trust matching gift fund, which was established to provide Stop the Bleed kits in local school class rooms and common areas. The fund is designed to match any community’s or community member’s investment and then purchase kits for a specific school in Concord Hospital’s service area. 


The donation is part of a Concord Hospital Trust fundraising initiative to raise funds to place Stop the Bleed First Aid kits in every classroom in every school in every community served by Concord Hospital. Each kit contains a tourniquet, quick clot gauze and other bleeding control items.


"We think that Concord Hospital saves lives and want to support their great work through charitable giving," said Dan Davidson on behalf of the Foss Family Foundation. 


Stop the Bleed is part of a national life-saving campaign aimed at teaching the public proper bleeding control techniques, including how to use direct pressure, wound packing and tourniquets. Victims of uncontrolled bleeding can die in several minutes, before emergency personnel arrive, but anyone at the scene can save lives, if they know what to do. 


Concord Hospital has been involved in the Stop the Bleed program for two years, first training approximately 200 trainers— EMS or medical personnel — who have fanned out in their communities to train the public. 


The Trust’s Stop the Bleed Community Campaign aims to place kits in more than 800 classrooms and school common areas in approximately 28 communities. Each kit costs $69.


"With the gift from the Foss Family Foundation, Concord Hospital Trust has the funds needed to offer a match for any community in our service area interested in securing Stop the Bleed kits for their schools' classrooms," said Pamela Puleo, Concord Hospital’s chief advancement officer. "We are so grateful for their generosity, which we know will assure the success of this community initiative." 


To make a contribution to support Stop the Bleed Community Campaigns, visit or call (603) 227-7162.



Letter To The Editor


At the Town Meeting deliberative session, selectman Jim Allard said that the board of selectmen (BoS) opposes using NH Supreme Court case law citations in the zoning ordinance (to document the ordinance's authority under state law) in part because, Jim said, the Pittsfield Zoning Ordinance has become as long as the Concord Zoning Ordinance.  Jim's statement is false.  The Pittsfield Zoning Ordinance is 1/5 the length of the Concord Zoning Ordinance by word count. 


Selectman Jim Adams said that Pittsfield should repeal the housing standards ordinance in order to avoid lawsuits.  Jim's statement is also false.  The BoS takes appeals from housing standards and can avoid any lawsuit simply by granting the appeal. The lawsuit talk is a scare tactic because lawsuits seeking relief from an ordinance are expensive only when the BoS decides that enforcing the ordinance is worth a fight.


False statements are how this BoS is trying to influence voters. The BoS says that we must repeal the prohibition against renting accessory apartments because state law says that we must. State law says no such thing. The BoS says (rather irrationally) that we must extend local grandfather protection beyond the state's cutoff in RSA 674:39 because state law says that we must. Again, state law says no such thing.


Please vote NO to the BoS's four zoning amendments (warrant articles 2-5) and YES to the planning board's four zoning amendments (warrant articles 6-9).  Please vote for Robert Fratus for selectman to relieve selectman and zoning opponent Carl Anderson of zoning administration. Please vote to reelect James Hetu to the zoning board to keep the board on track with fair, well-reasoned decisions.  Please vote for Jody Cunningham for zoning board for her fresh appreciation of zoning.


Thank you,

Jim Pritchard



Lenny The Gregarious Gander

Submitted By Carole Soule

Pittsfield MS Lenny3_InPixio.jpg

Chester, the horse, shares his grain with Lenny, the gander.


A goose is a female; a gander is a male. “The collective noun for a group of geese on the ground is a gaggle; when in flight they are called a skein, a team, or a wedge; when flying close together, they are called a plump,” according to But when there are two of them, I call them “a couple.”


Lenny and Leonora, the white gander and goose,  joined our farm family five years ago. Leonora laid five eggs that hatched in the spring. Together they raised the goslings. While Leonora taught the babies how to feed, Lenny protected them. When people, dogs, cattle or anyone else approached his brood, he would run at them honking with wings flapping and outstretched neck. The intruder would run. Lenny was a conscientious father. 


The family would shuffle around the barnyard, babies following their parents in a straight line. This gaggle would wander into the cow pasture hunting grubs and worms. During chores, I'd stop to watch them bathe, wings flapping, in a puddle of water. They were enchanting and delightful as they waddled around the farm, and under Lenny's supervision, they all stayed safe.


After the babies were grown and had moved on, Leonora died. Her body lay in the barnyard for a day, and Lenny stood over it honking to her and lifting her lifeless head with his beak. Geese mate for life and Lenny was heartbroken. But a few months later, he found new love –  a Peking duck. 


Peking ducks are solid white and look like a little goose, which is maybe why Lenny doted on this particular duck. Always at her side, he ignored the other five ducks and focused on his new paramour. They would flap down the ravine behind the house to splash in the water hole at the bottom. He stayed with her day and night. He loved his duck and did his best to protect her and her sister ducks from predators.   Unfortunately, coyotes or maybe a fox killed two of the ducks, so we re-homed the surviving ducks to a safer farm with stronger fences.


Lenny was alone again. The chickens ignored him, the cattle didn't care about him, the goats felt he was unworthy of their attention. Lenny needed a friend.


That's when I noticed him hanging out with my four horses. Lenny slept in the horse hay, drank from the horse trough, waddled around the horses' paddock and ate spilled grain. Chester, a chestnut-colored pony, even allows him to eat from his feed pan. Each morning Lenny honks a happy greeting to me when I come to feed him and his new companions.


Friendship might mean something different to ganders and horses than it does to us. While the gander and the horses can never form a flying “wedge,” they are social creatures, and the farm has been a little brighter since Lenny found his clique.  


Carole Soule is co-owner of Miles Smith Farm. She can be reached at [email protected].





Dear Voting Citizens of Pittsfield New Hampshire,

In listening to Chair of Planning Board Clayton Wood at the SB2 Deliberative Session, he made the statement that the changes to the Zoning Ordinance which the Planning Board has recommended Articles 6, 7, 8 & 9, were only doing house cleaning. After reading these Ordinances I feel this is another power grab. Do you consider this house cleaning?


Upon review by myself and others all of these changes involve restrictions which I believe are illegal. 


They put more power in the hands of the board, they put in restrictions which removes previous boards' approvals.


They allow this board more independent measures in removing Applicants' rights. The Applicant pays for their review advertising and recording with The Registry of Deeds. To allow them to void any applications which are not done according to their requirements and meet their time frame is insane.


They change definitions of items which are already stated in the State Laws. Do they think they are smarter than all the lawyers in Concord. Oh that’s right, one unlicensed board member who has messed up all of the ordinances think he is.


Please support, vote Yes Articles #2, 3, 4 & 5  (which were presented by the Select board) and vote No For Articles #6, 7, 8, & 9, which are being supported by the Planning Board which was planned to cause everyone to do what they say. We are independent citizens. And the Board is not the King of Pittsfield.


I know this is the Live Free or Die State, but this board wants to tell you, the Citizens, what to do. It is time to remove those Board Members who only want to be able to instruct you on what they want, not what you want.


Thank You for your voting, Only You Can Change these issues.


Hank FitzGerald 




Lions Club Makes Donation

Pittsfield Lions donation.jpg

A meeting of the Lions Club at the Main Street Café, 2018.


The Pittsfield Historical Society is pleased to announce that the Suncook Area Lions Club has made a substantial donation to its building fund. The fund provides support for its new headquarters and museum. The project will begin in early spring on the old Washington House Lot on Factory Hill. 


The Lions Club, one of Pittsfield’s non-profit organizations, once again has stepped forward to help make Pittsfield a better place in which to live. Active since 2011, its mission is to serve the community by taking an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the town, and to encourage civic-minded people to serve the community without personal financial reward. It is perhaps best known for its work with eye care and glasses for the needy. 


Thank you very much President Wharem and all of the members of the Lions Club for your very generous donation. 



Pittsfield Historical Society Receives Unsolicited Donation


The Pittsfield Historical Society is pleased to announce that it has received an unsolicited donation from James and Lucinda Kerivan for its new museum and headquarters. The Kerivans own extremely well-kept apartments on Chestnut Street and although not living in the community, took it upon themselves to contribute without being asked in order to support the work of the Historical Society. Our hats go off to them for their concern and for being so generous. Thank you, very much.



Letter To The Editor


In April 2016 the Board of Selectmen (BOS) asked the Suncook Valley Regional Development Corporation (SVRDC) to consider 33/37 Main Street for an economic development project. Upon doing a walk-through the SVRDC concluded the properties were in disrepair and would require an exorbitant amount of work, resources and community-wide effort to be successful. In May the SVRDC met with the BOS to determine the expectation for the property(s).


Given the discussion that ensued, the Economic Development Committee (EDC) hosted public forums and brainstorming sessions with the SVRDC, Town officials and community members. In July a preliminary business plan was submitted to the BOS from the EDC for the Main Street properties with a third-party investor in mind. On July 21st the third-party met with the SVRDC to share his vision to combine the properties, demolish the building on 33 Main Street and do a lot line adjustment in order to grant a portion of the property to the library. He would then donate the residual property to the SVRDC for a community project. 


The SVRDC then submitted a preliminary financial plan/proposal to the BOS. On August 30th, the BOS voted to sell the property to the third-party with the agreement that he would deed the property back to the town once the lot line adjustment was completed (rather than donating to the SVRDC). In November the BOS invited the SVRDC to submit a plan for the property, at which time the SVRDC resubmitted the plan that was presented to the BOS in August. The BOS never responded to the SVRDC.


It is my understanding that the BOS has been seeking to sell the property to an outside party. To date the property remains unrenovated and has not collected tax revenue since being deeded back to the town in January 2017.



Linda Small



Letter To The Editor


Dear Pittsfield Voters,

I humbly request that you please reelect Jim Pritchard to the Planning Board on March 12th. I have known the Pritchard family since my husband and I moved to Pittsfield almost 20 years ago. Jim got involved in Pittsfield planning and zoning 16 years ago after the boards treated him unfairly as an abutter.


After discovering that others also endured such treatment, Jim used what he had learned to be an advocate for fairness, helping many applicants and abutters understand their rights before facing the boards. Jim wrote and circulated the citizen petition that established the current form of our elected planning board (passed 2010), and he wrote the zoning amendment that established the elected zoning board (passed 2014), making both boards accountable to you, the voters, rather than to the selectboard, which previously appointed all the members. Since 2010, the selectboard has tried three times to return to an appointed board, but every effort failed.


Despite having helped many applicants understand their rights, Jim has endured constant attacks over the years by zoning opponents. Jim doesn't give anyone preferential treatment, he always follows the ordinances and state law and does what is in the best long-term interest for Pittsfield and the tax payers.


When citizens complained that they could not make their own trade signs without approval, he co-sponsored a zoning amendment eliminating the need to get approval from the ZBA for a trade sign (passed 2016).  When citizens complained about having to get approval for a home occupation business, he co-sponsored zoning amendments to allow home occupations by right (passed 2018).


Please vote to reelect Jim Pritchard to the Planning Board on March 12th and continue the current direction of fairness on the boards.


Thank you for your consideration,

Belinda Nielsen



Letter To The Editor

Select Board Meeting 2/12/2019


We discussed questions and concerns voiced by residents at the first deliberative session. There were misconceptions that citizen’s petition Article 31 would leave renters without protection from dangerous, unhealthy conditions.


What’ll happen if Article 31 succeeds is that administering State Standards will become the responsibility of the select board, which answers directly to voters. There were also questions about who’d be qualified to continue inspecting rentals. Many State Standards relate to unhealthy conditions or fire dangers, so full-time Fire Chief and Health Officer Pete Pszonowsky would be our authority for those issues. Pete’s assured us he’s ready, willing, able, and up to the task. The building inspector can be consulted on other code questions.  As for “who will answer the phone” for complaints- Cara Marston would immediately redirect the HSA phone extension to the Town Administrator’s office for renters to contact the town. That office is already staffed over 40 hr. per week. The select board can assure a seamless transition to State Standards. Several qualified residents approached us after the deliberative session to offer their assistance executing the will of voters if they decide to make the move to the statewide method of protecting renter’s health, life, and safety rights.  Furthermore, we have contacts in any of 232 towns in the state who already administer the State Standards if we need any experienced guidance.


We had a long discussion with CDC and a private citizen about solar farms. The town has land that we are hoping will be a suitable location for income generation.


Road drainage issues were addressed.


As always, any resident questioning ANYTHING related to my positions they’d like clarification on, please call 603-608-7570 between 5 AM and 11 PM or email [email protected].  I’m happy to take your call.


Carl Anderson, Selectman



Letter To The Editor


It has come to my attention that there is a four page letter circulating, addressed to the voters of Pittsfield, from a Planning Board member, stating that the Selectmen are bullies, and Carl Anderson is mentioned by name.


This is very strong language since there are laws against bullying. As a Selectman, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carl for his service to Pittsfield.  His bi-weekly synopsis of actions taken by the Board, as well as upcoming issues that will be addressed, is a valuable source for individuals who may not be able to attend Board meetings. 


Last year the Board of Selectmen appointed Carl to be our Zoning Administrator, which he graciously accepted. Carl puts many hours into researching complaints and issues from residents before he brings his investigative results to the Board.  He does not do this in a vacuum, he first consults attorneys at the NH Municipal Association and individuals at Central NH Planning for their expertise and knowledge of our zoning rules and regulations (the Town pays dues to these agencies). He only utilizes our town attorney when absolutely necessary. 


You may not agree with the results of his investigations, but you can be assured he does not voice his opinion until he has brought it before the full Board.  Please take the time to attend a Select Board and Planning Board meeting to see for yourself how these Boards operate. Do not get your information from Facebook.


Each member of the Select Board have an e-mail which can be found on the town website and we can all be reached by phone – my phone number is 435-8351.  Thank you, we are all trying to do what is best for our wonderful town.


Carole Richardson



Roundtables, Not Podiums

Pittsfield Candidate Conversations.jpg

Join to meet and ask questions of Pittsfield candidates for local office at this Roundtables, Not Podiums Event. The event is Monday March 4th in the Pittsfield Elementary School Gym.  5:30 pm Doors Open and Refreshments, 6-8 pm Program. Child care and refreshments provided. Transportation available by request. RSVP requested:  to help us plan for room set up and food.


*Be Heard. Participate in small groups to explore what matters most to you.


*Why Roundtables? Listen, Learn, Talk with candidates directly.


*Youth Voice. Pittsfield Youth Voice invites student participation. 


Hosted by Pittsfield Listens & the Greater Pittsfield Chamber of Commerce. The Greater Chamber of Commerce and Pittsfield Listens are non-partisan and do not endorse any individual candidate. For questions contact Andi Reil at [email protected] or Molly Messenger- Director of Pittsfield Listens- at [email protected] or 603-312-6980.



The Addams Family [email protected]  Runs This Weekend At The Scenic Theatre


The Pittsfield Players’ Kids’ Theater Workshop presents The Addams Family, Jr. this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, February 21, 22 and 23 at 7:30 pm each evening. Tickets for the evening shows are $8 for kids under 12 and $12 for adults and can be reserved by calling 435-8852.


Participants in the Kids’ Theater Workshop range in age from 8 to 18, and they learn all aspects of theater both on stage and behind the scenes. The kids participate in building and painting the set, gathering props, costuming, lighting and sound, as well as stage managing and producing shows. Many of the kids go on to participate in college theater arts programs and local community theater shows.


The Addams Family [email protected] features an original story, and it’s every father’s nightmare. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family – a man her parents have never met. And if that weren’t upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before – keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s ‘normal’ boyfriend and his parents. The whole Addams Family, based on the hit television series, gets involved, including all the ancestors.


The cast includes Peter Dudley as Gomez, Emma Molloy as Morticia, and Trinity Morse as Wednesday. Benjamin Marcotte will play Uncle Fester, with Christopher Tedcastle as Pugsley, Spencer Griffin as Lurch, Julianna Hodson as Grandma, and Benjamin Tedcastle as Cousin Itt. Abraham Marcotte will play the role of Lucas Beineke, Wednesday’s new love, and Cecily Schultz will play Alice Beineke, his mother, with Joe Molloy as Mal Beineke, his father. The Ancestors will include Isabella Cottrell, Damon Cottrell, Ashleigh Hodson, Faith Griffin, Carly Griffin, Annelissa Marcotte, Alivia Duffy, Kaylyn John-Zensky,  Biagio Donini, Riley Nagle, Anna Vyce, Abigail Hodgdon, Isabelle Holland, Kameron Johnston, Gina Boudreau, Izzy Cote, Michaela St. George, Addy Shonyo, Olivia Charles, Damonica Charles, Raylyn Pszonowsky, Chelsee Chagnon and Savannah Chagnon.


The show is directed by Maye Hart and choreographed by Dee Dee Pitcher. Jim Hart has designed the set and lighting for the show, Cathy Williams is costumer and Chrissy Schultz has created the props for the show. The lighting booth will be manned by Jim Hart and Sarah May Schultz. Lily Edmond is running the sound for the show. Victoria Marcotte is handling tickets, and Larissa Molloy is house manager.


This is a Kids’ Theater Workshop presentation you don’t want to miss. Get your tickets reserved now by calling 435-8852.



Letter To The Editor


Carl Anderson's letter in the February 6 Sun called Housing Standards Administrator Kim Simonds's letter of January 30 "a little misleading."  But it was Carl's letter, not Kim's, that was misleading.


Carl said, "I believe HSA has exceeded that authority [under state law]. By trying to enforce requirements they don't legally have, the town is placed in a position that invites lawsuits that would be difficult if not impossible to win." But the Board of Selectmen itself decides appeals from landlords, so no lawsuit is possible if the board decides for the landlord--which SELECTMAN Anderson knows, because the board recently did decide for landlord Brandon Giuda.  Carl's lawsuit threat is a scare tactic.


Carl can BELIEVE what he wants, but no one has shown that the housing standards ordinance exceeds its state authority or that enforcing the state housing standards would minimize litigation.  In fact, the board of selectmen's decision to exempt Brandon Giuda's apartments from the stair-risers requirement could produce a litigation nightmare if a child does get hurt on unsafe stairs.


Carl's personal attack on Kim was insulting and degrading toward a dedicated town employee who deserves praise. She takes her responsibilities seriously and obviously knows the good that she is doing for our town. Many landlords and tenants can attest to Kim’s prompt attention to resolve any matter related to HSA.  


Carl wants to remove a self-funded agency supported by a sound ordinance with a good track record for keeping the public safe, and replace it with a completely new, undefined program for reasons that do not withstand scrutiny. Don't be fooled.  Vote NO on Article 31 and keep Housing Standards Agency for rental apartments.


Helen Schiff

HSA Chair





Dear Pittsfield voter,

My name is Robert Fratus, and I am running for selectman.

I am running because the selectboard's heavy-handedness and questionable truthfulness in dealing with other elected boards and even the town voters is disturbing. When the two incumbents were elected three years ago, the first thing that the selectboard did was to attack the elected school board. As far as I can see, the selectboard accomplished nothing except waste time and money and divide a town government that needs the various boards to work together.


A year ago, the selectboard appointed selectman Carl Anderson as zoning administrator, which made no sense, because Carl had previously supported the repeal of zoning. Last fall, the selectboard attacked the elected zoning board of adjustment and interfered with how the zoning board processed a certain variance application. That interference has the unpleasant appearance of favoritism for that applicant. The board of selectmen has gone behind the elected planning board's back and proposed four zoning amendments that repeal or weaken zoning regulations dating back to the beginning of zoning in 1988, and the selectboard has said, with questionable truthfulness, that the repeals are necessary because these regulations violate state law. These claims of state law violations look to me like a smokescreen to hide personal opposition to zoning regulations that the voters approved.


Elected boards are elected to make the boards accountable to the voters, not to the selectboard. If I am elected selectman, I will work hard to do the selectboard's own business well, and I will oppose the my-way-or-the-highway behavior that has become this selectboard's way of dealing with the rest of Pittsfield's government.  Please vote for me for selectman on Tuesday, March 12.


Thank you,

Robert Fratus



Letter To The Editor


Please join me in re-electing Jim Pritchard to the Planning Board. When I was first elected to the Planning Board ten years ago, that board constantly acted on incomplete applications, leaving more questions than answers. That board frequently acted more on opinion or emotion than on sufficient knowledge of land use regulations.


As a novice to that board, I would often receive important material within minutes of a meeting and be expected to render a vote. Today's board understands the complexity of the state's land use regulations, follows its procedures, knows its authority, and is committed to fair and equal treatment. Jim Pritchard's dedication and resolve are big factors that have helped the current planning board act as a responsible elected unit.


The land use application process is, by law, the most complicated procedure for any landowner to undertake. No one has made more of a contribution in helping today's board know its responsibilities to not only the landowners but also to the abutters. Thanks to Jim, protecting rights on all sides of the lot lines have become part of the process.


Jim has not only committed his time as a board member, but has also volunteered as the board's secretary, providing minutes and documentation, and as the administrative secretary, helping applicants through the filing process. His volunteer efforts have saved the taxpayer money. Jim has always been a dedicated board member willing to help any board member, applicant, abutter or town employee or official. It has been an honor for me to serve with Jim and I would be grateful to you to help us continue the progress that we have made. Please vote for Jim for another 3-year term.


Clayton Wood



Local Students Named To Dean's List At RIT


The following local residents made the Dean's List at Rochester Institute of Technology for the 2018 Fall Semester:


Sandor Gamache of Gilmanton, who is in the industrial engineering program.


Bernard Dolan of Pittsfield, who is in the computer engineering program.


Degree-seeking undergraduate students are eligible for Dean's List if their term GPA is greater than or equal to 3.400; they do not have any grades of "Incomplete", "D" or "F"; and they have registered for, and completed, at least 12 credit hours.



Letter To The Editor


My name is Lisa Harper and I began volunteering at Pittsfield Elementary School in the beginning of December. Over the past few months I’ve been greatly impressed by two things.  First, the change in our culture since I was in school. I think, while we all realize that times have changed, the majority don’t realize what children are facing these days. Our town has a very large number of children who need a huge amount of guidance and support. If you came in you’d see their little faces and the need that’s there.  The school would be glad to have you and I know it would reach your heart. 


The other thing that made a great impression on me was the dedication, love, and patience of the staff at the school.  We have some really incredible individuals working tirelessly for the lives of these kids that need their influence so much.


A few weeks back I took a position at the school because one of the staff, a real asset, could not afford to work in our district any longer.  It’s a common problem as our school is not able to offer their teachers a competitive wage. I know many people want to keep as much as they can when it comes to taxes, but this staff is our responsibility and we ought to treat them well for all they do and are to our community.  


Please, when voting this year, give your support to school programs for children in our area and the people who dedicate their lives every day to better them.  These kids will certainly have an affect on our town and our lives as they enter society. Let’s do what we can to give them opportunity and guidance while it’s in our power to do so.



Letter To The Editor


In regard to Teen Challenge meeting by the Zoning Board on 14 February.  To start off, it was a surprise to many of the townspeople who where there, when James Hetu stated that Teen Challenge was going for an appeal for their drug rehabilitation center application, that the appeal was for a school instead. Nowhere in the notice in the paper, website, or application, did it state a school was being requested.


During public input we were given two options, rehabilitation or school. As I stated, the application did not have either word, it had Recovery Center.


Scott Palmer kept falling asleep during this time frame and Pat Heffernan was passing notes back an forth with Teen Challenge, laughing. James Hetu and the rest of the ZBA looked like they had already made up their mind, because they reclassified rehabilitation, not really knowing what it is in the first place, to a school.


Thank You James Hetu for allowing Teen Challenge to get a foot in the door to our town. 



Mike Cabral








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