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Pittsfield NH News

September 28, 2016

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


The Merrimack County Stamp Collectors will hold its monthly meeting at the Bow Mills United Methodist Church, 505 South St., Bow, on October 18 beginning at 1 pm.   All who are interested in stamp collecting are welcome to attend   Meet other collectors and learn more about their hobby and  varied interests in Philatelic resources and issues.  For more information call Dan Day at 603-228-1154.



Pittsfield Middle High School Collegeboard Testing Day

Date: October 19, 2016

Location: PMHS

Time: Students must arrive by 7:50 AM


Students: All students in grades 8 through 12 will be taking the examination Grade 8 & 9: PSAT 8/9 Grade 10: PSAT Grade 11: PSAT/NMSQT Grade 12: SAT Please contact the Office of College and Career Readiness if families would like their homeschooled child to take the exam. Families must call 435-6701 ext. 1107 to register their child by Wednesday, October 5th.



VA Awards $6.8 Billion For Medical Disability Examinations

Submitted Via Merrill Vaughan


WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced the awarding of 12 contracts between 5 firms totaling $6.8 billion to improve the Medical Disability Examination process (Compensation and Pension or Comp and Pen Examinations) for Veterans.  The awards are intended to reduce Veterans’ wait times for examinations for service-connected benefits, thereby providing faster claims decisions in a more efficient and streamlined way.


“This is good news for Veterans who are waiting for VA to determine whether a condition can be considered service-connected,” said VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald.  “For these Veterans, we want the process to be smoother – from beginning to end.  When we announced the MyVA initiative in 2014 to improve Veterans’ experience with VA, that meant looking at every process and every product.  These awards represent a way for us to improve a significant process for Veterans.”


Contracts were awarded to the following firms:

• VetFed Resources, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia;

• Logistics Health, Inc., La Crosse, Wisconsin;

• Medical Support Los Angeles, A Medical Corporation, Pasadena, CA;

• QTC Medical Services, Inc., Diamond Bar, California; and

• Veterans Evaluation Services, Inc., Houston, Texas.


The contracts are being awarded for a period of 12 months with (4) 12-month options, with an aggregate ceiling of $6.8 billion.  The contracts will be managed by VA’s Strategic Acquisition Center based in Frederick, MD.





Now that summer is over, you may be thinking of getting back to a regular routine.  Are you thinking of losing some pounds you may have gained over the summer?  Fall is a good time for new beginnings.  Our TOPS group is a weight loss program to help you reach your weight loss goals.  We share information on nutritional foods, healthy exercise and habits, as well as give support to one another.


Several meetings this summer featured a taste test of veggies and fruit for each letter of the alphabet.  Members brought in small samples they had prepared.  Everyone enjoyed sampling these foods and learned new ways to prepare them.  Last week Jon presented good information on Healthy Snack tips. Other members shared their snack ideas as well.


We would love to have you join us.  We meet on Tuesday nights 6:30 at Berakah, Fairview Ave.  Pittsfield.  If you have questions, call Pat at 435-5333 or Beth 435-7397.



The Sign Has Arrived

Pictured are Ray Webber III, Joey Darrah, David Harper, and Paul Provencal who helped put the sign in place. Not pictured is Larry Berkson.


The sign for the Steam Pump display in front of where the old Cotton Mill was located has been put in place. It states:



In 1869 a steam pump was purchased by the Cotton Mill, formerly located here. It was capable of drawing 600 gallons of water per minute from the river for fire suppression. The company generously offered its use to fight town fires on condition that the community provide the hose. This was before water was brought from Berry Pond and made available through fire hydrants by the Pittsfield Aqueduct Company. 


This steam pump was purchased sometime after 1916 to be used exclusively by the mill. It was manufactured by the Worthington Pump and Machinery Cooperation of East Cambridge, Massachusetts and could throw 750 gallons of water per minute.


This completes the project. The Pittsfield Historical Society would once again thank Rick Bellanger for donating the pump to the Society and the committee that worked so hard to have it sand blasted, painted and put in place: Larry Berkson, Thomas “Fuzz” Freese, David Harper, Bill Miskoe, Mark Riel, Edward Vien, and Ray Webber, III.



Letter To The Editor


Dear Editor,

It’s been years since I have written. I recently read about the passing of Lucas Manion and I found myself with tears streaming down my face despite all the years.


I remember him flying around with a cape on the soccer field the day he scored the championship goal to win the region’s soccer finals. His wing men were Kyle Melvin and Will Zahn.


Today, many people have come and gone. We have all aged and those kids are now adults. Recently, I had a triple by-pass and my nurse was Will. The last time I saw him he was in third grade on the soccer field.


My passion as a mother was always the kids of Pittsfield. When we moved there in 1993 the schools weren’t accredited and there was an overall lack of respect from neighboring towns, both of which hit us like a ton of bricks. We watched over the years as Pittsfield grew with new residents that saw its potential. Everyone chipped in a little and collectively a new form of pride welled up and with the hard work from the school board, our school became accredited.


People from other towns were sure our children would not amount to much, yet many have gone on to be highly respected college graduates and business people. Indeed those you thought that were least likely to succeed turned out being some of the most successful even without a college education.


My daughter, a graduate of Pittsfield Middle High School, recently became a finalist for the NH Young Professional of the Year. We will find out next month if she has been chosen.


It is my hope, that after the past 20 years, that Pittsfield students realize former graduates had nothing special, but a community that believed in them and a passion to be successful.



Theresa Gadoury



We’re getting closer!  The lobby is under construction and rehearsals are in full swing for Oklahoma!  The pipes are in and we’re expecting concrete this week.  This grand dame will be getting much needed improvements.  Thanks everyone for your support. 



Loudon Civil War Soldier Finally Receives Headstone

Wearing 19th century garb for the Sept. 17th headstone dedication ceremony for Civil War veteran Tristram Stevens at Loudon’s Mt. Hope Cemetery were Loudon’s Chris Wittenberg along with Civil War re-enactors Chris Benedetto and Steve Morin.


Attending the Sept. 17 headstone placement ceremony for Civil War veteran Tristram Stevens at Loudon’s Mt. Hope Cemetery were Loudon Post #88 Legionnaires Al Dwyer, Stan Prescott, Jim Timmins, Mike Moffett, Ken Ward, Scott Newton, Gary Tasker, Dave Zarges, and Post Commander Shawn Jones.


Fittingly, Saturday, Sept. 17 was a particularly beautiful day at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Loudon, where locals gathered for a special ceremony honoring Tristram Stevens, a Civil War soldier.

Private Stevens survived the war—which lasted from 1861-65—and died in 1903. A military headstone was ordered but was misplaced and was never positioned at the gravesite. Eventually Bob Laquerre of Cole Growers discovered the headstone in a crate on company property. This started a chain of events involving numerous people that eventually led to the Sept. 17 ceremony.


Stan Prescott, an officer with the Union Cemetery Association—and a member of Loudon’s American Legion Post #88—took the lead and created some energy for doing right by Private Stevens’ memory. Eventually historian Chris Benedetto got involved and did some research that shed more light on Stevens’ story.


A Civil War re-enactor for New Hampshire’s famous Fighting Fifth Regiment, Benedetto showed up in Civil War-era uniform, along with fellow re-enactor Steve Morin. The two men brought muskets and fired a three-round volley as part of the ceremony.


Following an opening prayer by associate pastor and Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Pat Testerman, Legionnaire fifer Dave Zarges offered a musical presentation. Then Benedetto shared lengthy remarks detailing Stevens’ life journey, to include the fact that Stevens was shot in the thigh while serving with the 3rd New Hampshire Regiment.


Legion Post #88 historian Mike Moffett followed with further remarks. Moffett pointed out that around 5000 Granite Stater soldiers died during the Civil War—approximately the same number the entire country lost during the seven year war in Iraq. He added that thousands of service-people simply disappeared during our past wars—Missing-in-Action. Their families never received closure. But on Sept. 17 a measure of closure was achieved in Loudon with the placement of Private Stevens’ headstone.


Zarges followed by playing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and then Lynn Santosuosso closing things out with a moving bugle presentation of Taps, bringing a poignant ending to a memorable ceremony.



American Legion Loudon Post 88 News

Submitted By Commander Shawn Jones

Post 88 encouraging members and the public to vote on September 13th by displaying a sign at its new location in Loudon village.


American Legion’s Vote It’s Your Duty sign.


At our September meeting we will have met at our new building at 45 South Village Road for the first time since we purchased the property over a year ago. We have come a long way since then. Myself and many other volunteers have worked tirelessly getting the building ready to move into since the contractors finished their work. Thanks to all of you who helped to make this happen. You know who you are and I would probably leave a name out if I named all the members who stepped up at different times. I would like to thank Joan Beldin of the Loudon Lions Club for helping to clean the inside of the building up. We have a beautiful building that we can be proud to call home. There is still some work to be done but it is getting there. Most of the work to be finished is with the exterior of building and grounds.


Our current membership coming in for 2017 is at 75 percent. We are on track to be at 100 percent by year’s end if all of our members send in their dues payment for next year. We are currently first in the district! We only need 17 more members to send in their payment for 2017. Renew early and forget about whether you remembered to renew or not. We all know how busy we get come the holiday season. I would like to see us make the 100% Gold award. So far three other posts in the state have attained this level of 100% renewal. We can do it!


On Saturday September 17th your post took part in remembering a local Civil War Veteran. Please see the separate article written by our post Historian Michael Moffett. It was an honor and a privilege to have been part of this headstone dedication. You can be proud of your Post and all the other individuals who helped to give final honors to Private Tristram Stevens.


I hope that members took it upon themselves to vote in our past primary election cycle. With the general election being soon upon us in November. Its our civic responsibility to vote for our leaders and a right that our fallen comrades fought to protect in past wars.


I’ll have more to write about after the September meeting so please come back and read about what your post is doing. Better yet come to a meeting at your new post. We’d love to meet you and are always looking for new members. We meet on the third Wednesdays of the month at 1900 hours. You can find us across the street from the Loudon Village Store. While your in the area don’t forgot to patronize the store. Its a gem in the village and Post 88 hopes to continue the tradition of having a place for local veterans to gather since 1946.



Selectman’s Overview

Submitted By Carl Anderson

Select Board Meeting 9/20/16


Lots of paperwork and forms needing updating and signing were addressed.


Cyndi Hetu’s resignation as Board minutes taker was accepted. Cyndi has taken full-time employment elsewhere.


Police Chief Cain requested that the Board appoint Sgt. Walters to a part time position on the force since he is retiring from his full time position as of Oct. 1. He also asked for permission to begin the process of hiring a replacement for the position that Sgt. Walters will be vacating. Both requests were unanimously tabled until after Chief Cain comes before us with his previously requested communication-information discussion.


Two bids were considered for completing the video surveillance network which will replace 4 inoperative cameras and add interior cameras at the PD and place interior and exterior cameras at the Town Hall which can be monitored by the Police Dept. and Merrimack County. Vandalism has taken place at the PD, observation of booking areas etc. is expected to insure safety inside and the same investment was made last year - this addition brings it up to a useful purpose. A bid was accepted in a split vote 3-2 During public input the Select Board was accused of “disrespecting” Sgt. Walters by tabling his appointment as part-time officer instead of immediately accepting the Police Dept. request. We were also accused of having a personal agenda against the PD in general for not immediately approving their request to advertise for a full-time replacement for Sgt. Walters vacated position. I responded that there is nothing personal in our handling of these matters, nor has there been so much as one disrespectful word used in reference to Sgt. Walters - that we are making thoughtful decisions with the majority of taxpayers in mind and that our constituency is made up of many more residents than the vocal few who attend the meetings with their own agenda. We were given a job to do by the majority and we intend to see it through to the best of our ability despite the disrespect shown toward us by a handful of individuals. All our other town employees are well and competitively rewarded for their efforts in both pay and benefits. For anyone to expect the BOS to grant a request or demand by any department or employee before carefully considering the expectations of the majority would be a dereliction of our duty to the town and they’ll be sadly disappointed.


Once again, this overview is my exercise of free speech and is neither reviewed nor sanctioned by the full board of selectmen.




David E. Powelson

David E. Powelson, 59, passed away unexpectedly of a pulmonary embolism on Saturday September 17, 2016.


He was born on September 24, 1956 to Richard and Alta Powelson in New Haven, Connecticut. He grew up in Branford, CT until leaving for college. He graduated from Clarkson University in 1978 and promptly started working for the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and worked his way up to the position of Chief of Existing Bridges.


Dave loved spending time in the woods and canoeing around Sterling Pond in upstate New York.


Dave was very active in the community, chairing the Zoning board in Loudon. He was active in his church, the First Congregational Church of Pittsfield, serving on the Diaconate board and most recently as a Trustee.


He is predeceased by his parents Alta and Richard and his sister Virginia.


He is survived by his wife of 35 years, Mary Jo Powelson and three sons Nathan (Sarah) of Raymond, ME, Tabor of Poughkeepsie, NY, and Colby of Loudon, NH; siblings Anne (Mark) of Hamden, ME, and Raymond (Kirsten) of Penacook, NH; a father- and mother-in-law, Gene and Audrey Groebler (Parishville, NY); a sister- and brother-in-law, Stephanie and Jack Keener (Eliot, ME) as well as multiple nieces and nephews.


A memorial celebration of life was held at the First Congregational Church in Pittsfield NH on his 60th birthday, Saturday September 24.


In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the First Congregational Church/Building Fund,24 Main St.  Pittsfield NH, 03263.


The Waters Funeral Home, Concord, David Pollard, Director, assisted the family with arrangements.








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