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Pittsfield NH News

September 21, 2016

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Please join us Thursday September 22 from 6 pm to 8 pm at Pittsfield Elementary School for statewide Cub Scout sign ups. We are looking for all boys, kindergarten and up, who are interested in joining the adventure of scouting. If you have questions, feel free to contact Nikki at [email protected] or at 731-7852.



Pittsfield Middle High School Awarded Division IV Sportsmanship Banner


On Monday September 12, 2016 at the 70th Annual NHIAA Annual Meeting held at the Concord Grappone Center, the Sportsmanship Committee and the Executive Director of the NHIAA Jeffrey Collins presented the Dean of Operations Derek Hamilton and the Director of Athletics Jay Darrah with the Division IV Championship Sportsmanship Banner.  The NHIAA’s most prestigious award is given to the school who receives the highest sportsmanship rating for the fall, winter and spring athletic seasons.


Concord Regional VNA Announces October Seasonal Flu Clinics Concord Regional VNA is holding seasonal flu clinics in October. Specially-trained nurses administer seasonal flu shots to people age 3 and over and answer your flu-related questions.


The discounted cash or check charge is $30 per immunization. Clients who present an insurance card from Medicare B, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Harvard Pilgrim, or Anthem do not need to pay a fee.


Wednesday, October 19, 4 - 6 p.m.

Epsom Public Library

1606 Dover Road, Epsom


Friday, October 21,

10 a.m. - Noon

Pittsfield Senior Center

74 Main Street, Pittsfield


Seasonal flu clinics are dependent upon the availability of the flu vaccine and are subject to change. To confirm clinics and for a full schedule, visit or call (603) 224-4093 or (800) 924-8620, ext. 5815.



On the pleasantly warm evening of July 13, 2016 a light breeze escorted family and friends to the wedding of Renee Raymond and Art Morse. Mr. and Mrs. Morse thank the many well wishers as they commence this exciting new adventure of their life together.



Veterans Who Need Routine Audiology And Optometry Appointments Will Soon Be Able To Directly Schedule

Initiative Gets Veterans Into Appointments Quicker

Submitted Via Merrill Vaughan


WASHINGTON – Veterans receiving care at Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Medical Centers will now be able to schedule routine ear and eye appointments at local VA Audiology and Optometry clinics without a primary care referral – a move that eliminates multiple steps and gets Veterans into appointments quicker.


Before now, Veterans seeking appointments with audiologists or optometrists had to first make an appointment with a primary care physician for a referral for a routine clinic consult visit. A clinic representative would contact the patient to set up the consult appointment, which could result in a several weeks’-long lag between the appointment and when the Veteran was actually seen. The new process, the Audiology and Optometry Direct Scheduling Initiative, which began as a successful pilot at three sites in 2015, is being expanded to all VA Medical Centers.


“The Audiology and Optometry Direct Scheduling Initiative allows Veterans who need eye and ear care to be seen sooner,” said VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald. “It also has the benefit of freeing up primary care physicians so access to primary care improves for other Veterans as well. This kind of process improvement is exactly the type of innovation we expected when we launched MyVA in 2014. In the end, we changed a VA process by considering the needs of our Veterans, a change that allows for more timely care and an improved Veteran experience.”


The Audiology and Optometry Direct Scheduling Initiative is one of a number of efforts underway at VA to improve Veterans’ access to care and wait times. Among those recent accomplishments:


• VA and Choice contractors created more than 3.1 million authorizations for Veterans to receive care in the private sector from May 1, 2015 through Apr. 30, 2016. This represents an 8-percent increase in authorizations when compared to the same period in 2014/2015.


• In FY 2015, 12 percent of all Veterans enrolled for VA care received telehealth-based care. This includes more than 2 million telehealth visits touching 677,000 Veterans; 45 percent of these Veterans live in rural areas.


• In FY 2015, more than 6,300 Veterans accessed VA care through live interactive video telehealth from home.


• VA has activated over 3.9 million square feet of space in the past two years.


• We’ve increased authorizations for care in the community 46% in the past two years.


• Clinic production is up 10 percent as measured by the same productivity standard used by many private-sector healthcare systems. This increase translates into roughly 20 million additional hours of care for Veterans.


• As we improve access to care, more and more Veterans are choosing VA care — for the quality, for the convenience, or for the cost-savings so even though we’re completing millions more appointments, we continue to have more work to do.


• VA has increased salaries for physicians and dentists to close the pay gap with the private sector and to make VA an employer of choice. With more competitive salaries, VA will be better positioned to retain and hire more health care providers to care for Veterans.


“We want our Veterans and those who care for them to know that we are doing everything that we can to improve their experience with VA and to provide the care our Veterans deserve in a thoughtful and timely way,” said VA Under Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin.“We have made progress, but know there is more work to be done.  This Audiology and Optometry Direct Scheduling Initiative is one of many initiatives underway to improve Veterans access to care.”


The Audiology and Optometry Direct Scheduling Initiative is expected to be fully operational within all VA Medical Centers by the end of 2016.



Selectman’s Overview

Submitted By Carl Anderson

Select Board meeting 9/6/16


This will be an abbreviated version of the 9/6 meeting as I was still away and have taken the highlights from the minutes for publication.


Last night, 9/13, there was a two minute meeting solely for the purpose of appointing 3 members to the Welfare Fair Hearing Board.


Due to Primary elections, there was no full BOS meeting.


Dept. reviews- George Batchelder has indicated it is pretty much out of the question to do any paving re: Safe Routes To School this year, due to circumstances beyond our control. Given the excellent bid, we would like to take advantage by using it to do some other roads in desperate need of paving.


Police Dept. reported no major incidents for Balloon Rally weekend. National Night out was a success with every police officer attending. 300 slices of pizza and 500 hot dogs were given out. The Dodge Charger has been to the mechanic a couple of times and there is a factory recall which it will be assessed for. Officer Clark has been accepted in the Drug Expert Certification Program and will be certified following the practical portion of the program which takes place in Arizona. The Dept. is participating in the national “See Something, Say Something” campaign, and encourages the public to report concerns, as does the Board of Selectmen.


The Board accepted Sergeant Rick Walter’s retirement effective 10/01/16, and thanked him for his service to Pittsfield over the last 17 years. Rick is going on to a new profession.


Fire Dept.- Two new doors for the firehouse were approved- the old ones are in tough shape and long overdue for replacement. The Dept. is having a study done by PSNH to try to bring down the cost of electricity there.


A taxpayer concern over a portion of Shaw Rd. was discussed. George Batchelder addressed the subject and explained that since Shaw Rd. was designated a “scenic road” his hands have been tied in many respects, and repair costs will be increased. Without having the money in the budget for such a job, it will probably have to wait.


The Budget Committee asked if there could be a joint hearing with the Board of Selectmen for Dept. Head presentations in the interests of streamlining the budget process and to have clear communication. In order to provide enough room, this meeting will take place at the school at the end of Oct. Mary Thorpe was appointed Budget Committee rep. to the BCEP.


The Town closed on the industrial building on Fayette St. which includes the parking lot at the corner of Bridge St., the vacant lot adjacent to Bell Bros. laundromat as well as the parking lot on Franklin St. Firm plans for the use of these properties by the new owner are yet to be determined, but we are confident that, all things considered, the town is far better off with this real estate in private hands, and back on the tax roll at full value.


Once again, this information has been taken from the draft minutes by me and I assume they are, as usual, accurate minutes.



The “Big Dig” on Depot Street at The Scenic Theater will bring a 6” water pipe into the theater to feed The Pittsfield Players’ new sprinkler system. While the dig is underway, the Players are taking the opportunity to fix the floor in the interior lobby, put a foundation under the doors, and fix the sidewalk. Once these projects are completed, the front façade and doors will be rebuilt and renovated. Our thanks to Jimmy Locke and Northeast Earth Mechanics for the dig project, and everyone who contributed to the Sprinkler Fund project. Stay tuned for more updates!



Letter To The Editor

Stolen Bike(s)


I just wanted to vent some of my frustrations in hopes that the person(s) who stole my 12 year old nephew’s bikes is/are reading this.


Whether you are an adult or teenager, what you have done is WRONG. You have violated my family. You walked onto their property that you had zero right being on. This is called trespassing, something you clearly were not taught or do not understand. You not only stole one, but two bikes. Those bikes belong to my innocent 12 year old nephew.


One had just been a gift for Christmas from his grandparents and he probably rode it a handful of times. The other had been his brother’s and was passed down to him. Thanks to a good citizen, the older bike was recovered after it was thrown into some bushes downtown. The other is still missing.


We would offer a reward to get the bike back and have you hopefully be arrested, but we are now focused on getting a new bike.


I feel sorry for you. Sorry that you have no conscience in what you do to others. Sorry that you feel you can take whatever you want from others and not have to work for it. Sorry that you probably have no license and needed his bikes for rides downtown.


It is people like you who give Pittsfield as a town a bad name. Hopefully someday you will grow up and take care of yourself and not have to steal from others. No one owes you anything, especially an innocent child.  Every time that you get on that red and silver Mongoose mountain bike I hope that you think of my innocent 12 year old nephew who now has zero trust for people and is without his bike.


If you have any type of conscience you know where you took this bike. Return it. Parents, if your child/teenager has been home in the past two weeks with a brand new red and silver Mongoose mountain bike, please ask questions. PLEASE, if anyone finds this bike, contact the Pittsfield Police Department.



Jamie Thoroughgood



The Sanctuary Bodyworks And Sauna, A Sanctuary Indeed!


There’s a rich oasis in Pittsfield tucked into Locke’s Location. That’s right! Located next to Northeast EARTH Mechanics off Barnstead Road. Don’t let the heavy equipment and construction workers deter you because Sanctuary lives up to its name; as soon as you enter its doors, you are transported from the hustle and bustle of Route 28 and into the serene settings of a soothing day spa.


Owners Nathalie Snyder, LMT and Jan Lesieur, LE, Somatic Experiencing, Reiki II Practitioner along with Kelly Chace, LMT, Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Dr. Liz Kennedy, Chiropractor, are Sanctuary’s components encompassing massage, skin care, spinal health, nutrition, and so much more. Every fourth Monday of the month one of Sanctuary’s team members holds a free talk, open to the public, on ways of improving your health, life and well-being. This is part of their commitment to our community by providing the education and tools to enlighten each client concerning the immutable Laws of Nature. What are they exactly? Do you know? They believe having the knowledge of the Laws of Nature are integral to experiencing vibrant health. Like a diamond or anything in Nature, many faucets exist to optimal health and wellness. Each aspect, vitally important in influencing homeostasis/balance in the entire organism/structure.  It’s well documented that the toxins generated by living a stressful life lead to the deterioration of health. Foremost, one must know where one is on the map to health. Once one has the wisdom, you never lose it. It will inform every choice. Empowerment is what the Sanctuary is all about. If you’re searching for stress relief; Sanctuary can provide an outlet. “We’re about finding sanity in the chaos that is our daily lives,” says co-owner, Jan Lesieur. Jan provides mindfulness opportunities through deep relaxation through her facials and pedicures. Her extensive training in Somatic Experiencing and Reiki supports her ability to access your nervous system and how it is influencing your total health.


If you’ve finally decided you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, Dr. Liz Kennedy wants you to know “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” Most folks don’t know how to work with the “design” of their body which causes untold suffering. We simply haven’t been taught! We’re all born to be well! It’s our birthright! She wants to empower you to regain control over your health and live the life that you’ve imagined. Let her show you how good life can be.


As far as Therapeutic Massage, The Sanctuary offers everything that one would expect in a “big” city spa. From Couples Massage, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, or nourishing Relaxation Massage. Kelly Chace specializes in Massage Cupping and her signature treatments are designed to provide much relief for tired, injured and painful muscles. Nathalie Snyder, co-owner, is well known for her Ashiatsu Massage (Eastern Massage technique where the therapist massages with her feet while her weight is supported by ceiling bars). Nathalie is also recognized for her talent in Neck and Shoulder Release Massage. Both Kelly and Nathalie are highly skilled in helping their clients to achieve relief from painful knots in neck, shoulders, back and limbs.


And then, if that wasn’t enough, The Sanctuary offers Infrared Sauna Therapy! A beautiful room is dedicated to feature their Sunlighten Sauna. The benefits of regular sauna therapy are vast and space here is limited, to highlight a few Detoxification, Weight Loss, Hearth Health, Pain Relief and Anti-Aging. Many of their clients include regular Sauna Therapy sessions to enhance the benefits of their treatments. It’s easy to make a spa date for pampering yourself and your loved ones here at The Sanctuary.


The team at the Sanctuary is passionately committed to providing you the very best experience uniquely suited to your individual needs.


If you’re finally ready to start treating yourself the way you should, by paying attention to what your body is already telling you, it’s time for you to make an appointment at The Sanctuary Bodyworks and Sauna. Please contact through their website , Facebook or by calling 603-731-3855.




Lucas W. Mannion

PITTSFIELD- Lucas Wayne Mannion, age 29, died peacefully at Rose Meadow Garden in New Boston surrounded by his loving family on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 from complications from a traumatic brain injury on September 5, 2005.


Born in Concord, Lucas was the son of Hope (Martin) Mannion of Pittsfield and the late Dennis G. Mannion, who passed away in 2014.  Luke was raised and educated in Pittsfield, where he had been a lifelong resident until his injury. Lucas was subsequently cared for by Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center and finally Rose Meadow Garden in 2015.


Lucas enjoyed soccer and snowboarding.  He was greatly loved by many and will be lovingly remembered by his countless friends and family members.


In addition to his mother, Lucas is survived by two sisters: Amy Hargrove and her husband George of Lowell, MA and Shyla Mannion of Pittsfield.  He is also survived by his aunts and uncles, Mary and Perry Boyd, Richard Mannion, David Mannion and his wife Maureen, Roseanne Mannion, widow of Paul Mannion, Raymond Mannion, Marlene Wright, Richard Martin, Bonnie Jarczyk, and Sam Hagedorn; nieces Amanda, Talia and Cassidy and nephews Devin and Robert along with a great nephew, Jason.  In addition to his father, Lucas was predeceased by his brother, John Patrick Mannion.


To share a memory or offer a condolence, please visit








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