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Pittsfield NH News

August 3, 2016

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The South Pittsfield Friends Church will be open on Sunday, August 7th  with Rev. Henry Frost as the speaker. Services begin at 1:00 pm and all are welcome.


The church will also hold services on August 14th with Rev. Nancy Talbott as the speaker and on August 28th with Rev. Harold Muzzey as the speaker. All services begin at 1:00 pm unless otherwise noted. All are welcome to attend.



If you have a child under 3 or are pregnant, Early Head Start will have openings soon! Fun activities, information, support, and learning experiences are provided through home visiting and play groups. Free for income eligible families. Call us at 435-6611 to jump start your child’s learning.



If you have a 3 or 4 year old child, Head Start has openings for the fall! We are a 5 day a week preschool program that provides lots of fun and learning to prepare your child for kindergarten. Breakfast and lunch are included. Free for income eligible families. Please call Susan Ireland at 225-3295 for more information.



Congratulations to Colleen Corliss of Pittsfield who received a Bachelor of  Science in Business Administration degree from UMass Lowell.



Pittsfield Area Senior Center News


There are a couple of events that are occurring here at the Pittsfield Area Senior Center located on 74 Main St. in Pittsfield. On Tuesday, August 9, at 10:00 AM we will be sharing ideas for crock-pot cooking. A Wellness Representative from NH Interlocal Trust is giving a free crock-pot cooking demonstration that is made possible through a grant from Harvard Pilgrim Health. Information will be given on how to cook quick easy and low cost meals using what is in your freezer while taste testing some of the items cooked. This will be a great class with great ideas so please join us! Please call 435-8482 to reserve your spot because class size is limited. You can also stay for lunch after the class.


On Wednesday, August 24, at 10:30 AM, there will be a college professor here at center who teaches horticulture showing people how to make flower arrangements from our own gardens. When you buy flowers in the flower shop they only use the best and as most people with their own gardens know, flowers do not always grow that perfectly. She will share some of her secrets on making a pretty bouquet and tips on how to promote growth and health for the flowers. The class is free.


Every Tuesday we have a cafe that includes a soup and salad to accompany the community meal. These senior community meals provide a delightful opportunity for socializing while providing a highly nutritional meal at an extraordinary price of only $2.00. When you share a meal you have the chance to meet other seniors and create new friendships. Join us, enjoy lunch and good conversation. Please call 435-8482 to reserve your spot. Lunch is served at 12:00 PM . If you can not make the meals on Tuesday, we serve senior community meals Monday thru Thursday at 12:00 PM.





Dear Readers,

The Pittsfield Economic Development Committee (EDC) invites you to be a part of the next chapter in promoting Pittsfield. In our mission to improve our town’s economic situation, we have used up our funds for this year. We have sponsored forums on grant information, improved board/committee communication, educated businesses on tax incentives, communicated with countless businesses outside of our region and state to inform them of the opportunities that Pittsfield and the region can provide to them, and maintained contact with businesses in town (offering assistance whenever needed).


The EDC is fundraising in order to continue our work. Saturday, August 6th, the EDC will be at the Balloon Rally (11:00 am to 8:00 pm) selling tickets for a 50/50 raffle. The drawing will be just after 8:00 pm that same night.


Please seek out our table or the individuals wandering around selling tickets. If you would like to donate to the EDC please send your check (made out to “Town of Pittsfield” with “For Economic Development” written on the memo line) to Town of Pittsfield, Economic Development Committee, 85 main Street, Pittsfield, NH 03263.


Your support is greatly appreciated as we continue to work for you.



Ted Mitchell

Chair, Pittsfield Economic Development Committee



Kids And Drugs

Submitted By Dr. John Freeman, Superintendent of Schools, SAU 51


The Drug Free NH website - - is a great resource for learning about the challenge of drug misuse and addiction in our state.  In addition to facts about this state-wide problem, such as the fact that one in six New Hampshire teens have abused prescription drugs, the website provides a wealth of information and strategies for individuals and communities who want to do something about it.


For example, if you’re looking for facts about the impact of drugs on teen brains, ways to protect your kids from the dangers of misuse and addiction, information about the most commonly abused drugs by New Hampshire children and youth, or ways to talk with your kids about drugs, you’ll want to find the Families tab - - or on the right side of the home page.


In taking a look at this website, you’ll learn, for example, that our human brains are not fully developed until about age twenty-five, placing teen drug misusers at risk for a permanent impact.  You’ll learn that encouraging kids to do well in school is a good prevention strategy as kids who do well in school are less likely to misuse drugs.  And, you’ll learn that despite the increase in the use of heroin and misuse of prescription drugs, alcohol remains the most abused drug by New Hampshire teens, with 40% of high school students reporting that they’ve used alcohol within the previous month.


The page entitled 7 Ways to Protect Your Child offers practical, easy, and natural strategies that are can be incorporated into normal, day-to-day conversations and habits.  A most encouraging reason to try these is the statement that the #1 reason kids do not smoke or use drugs is fear of disappointing their parents.  While today’s kids seem to be much more independent than many of us were, it’s reassuring to know that we still have a great opportunity to influence their decisions. 


The Talking with Your Child page offers suggestions for effective language to use for four different age groups, beginning with two year-olds.  Importantly, this page offers twelve different tips for talking with kids for parents who may have a hard time discussing the topics of alcohol or other drugs because of their own past experiences. 


There’s a lot available on this website; I encourage you to take look for yourself.  Drug Free NH is a collaborative effort of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services’ Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services; the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment; and the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Hampshire.


The Pittsfield Wellness Coalition organized in the late fall to “promote wellness, prevent substance misuse, and create a positive impact on the community through providing opportunities for youth, families, and community members.”  The Coalition meets from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of each month in the PMHS media center; our next meeting will be held on Monday, August 8; all are invited.





To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom and Pittsfield, It was a pleasure to see so many of you at Pittsfield Old Home Day. This summer, I’m investigating issues and problems that you bring to my attention: everything from Gold Star plates for stepmothers, liquor licensing, and taxes on annuties to re-writing last year’s failed bill on exempting emergency generators from property taxes. If you have any such issues or questions, let me know.


One constituent wrote me about getting a COLA on a state pension, but I’m afraid that is impossible. The pension system, in the 1990’s, went to the Social Security actuary system so that property tax payments would be less. That system, as you might expect, resulted in underfunding and, even worse, the faulty assumption that the system was solvent! For two decades, we not only didn’t put enough money into the system, we pulled out “excess” earnings to fund COLAs. Then the stock marked crashed...


As a result, we’re $4 billion (or so) underfunded, and most of the payments made into the system are not to cover current workers’ pensions, but to pay for the underfunding. For the next 25 years or so, unless we’re incredibly lucky, we’ll all be paying off this debt, especially in our property taxes. I can’t see a COLA until the pension fund is big enough to fulfill the promised pensions for our workers and retirees.


See you at Epsom Old Home Day, August 13!

Representative Carol McGuire


[email protected]



New Art Exhibit At Josiah Carpenter Library

“Photos By Nina”


The Josiah Carpenter library is pleased to host a new art exhibit, “Photos by Nina.”


Originally from the Midwest, Nina came to New Hampshire and has lived in the Pittsfield area since 1986. She started in film many years ago and then made the transition to digital. Most of her photos come from her adventures, exploring the back roads on the Harley and kayaking the various ponds and lakes in the New England area. She joined the Ash Street Group in 2015, a group that meets bi- monthly at the Hooksett Public Library. This group has helped by sharing images and technical experience. Belonging to this group has renewed Nina’s passion for photography and challenged her to develop her talents.”


This is a varied and interesting exhibit of grouped photos with a total of 21 images, all different and engaging. We hope you will stop by the library and take the time to look at them and sign our guest book. The exhibit will be at the library through the month of August.


For further information about Art Exhibits at the library, please contact the library at 435-8406 or visit our website at 



Pittsfield Historical Society Latest Fundraiser


The Pittsfield Historical Society teamed up with two amazing art students at Pittsfield Middle High School this past year, with assistance from Bill Mitchell, art teacher, and Anne Banks, coordinator of the Extended Learning Opportunities program, to create a project earmarked for the Society’s newest fundraiser.


We asked the students, Emily Dunigan and Emma Smith, to paint/draw 3-4 “landmarks” around town they were interested in, so that the Society could recreate prints from their original drawings.  The result:  four paintings from each of the girls.  Both are juniors – honor students, members of the volleyball team, and of course, artists.


What they chose to depict are:  the Scenic Theatre, Town Hall, South Pittsfield Meetinghouse, Tuttle Mansion, Suncook River dam, Thyng Memorial, and Civil War Statue and Veterans Memorial – at Dustin Park.


The drawings were scanned and color reprinted into 5x7 prints and matted to fit an 8x11 frame.  They are on sale for $10 each, and will be available for sale at the 35th Hot Air Balloon Rally, Aug. 5-7, and through the Society.  They make perfect gifts and bring art to the eye of the beholder.  Thank you to Emily and Emma – an outstanding duo who spent many hours putting down on paper what their eyes see in this Gem of the Suncook Valley.



Jennifer Tyrell Presents Work At 2016 Frostburg State Undergraduate Research Symposium In May 2016, Frostburg State University student, Jennifer Tyrell of Pittsfield presented research at the annual College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium. The project, Factors Influencing Weaving Behavior in Cotton Top Tamarins (Saguinus oedipus), was presented alongside FSU students Kathryn Bell, Kristina Kuss and Renee Anderson, and performed under the tutelage of Dr. Erica Kennedy.


The fifth Undergraduate Research Symposium showcased outstanding student research and artistry from 16 academic departments for Frostburg faculty, staff and alumni. Abstracts for each presentation can be found in the Undergraduate Research Symposium Booklet, available here:



The Friday Night Kayak Group met  Friday July 22, 2016 with eleven kayaks paddling Lower Suncook Lake in Barnstead. The group is open to everyone and meets at different local kayaking sites every Friday at 6 PM during June, July and August. The paddling trips last just over an hour and are always in the Northwood to Barnstead area. Simply show up at this week’s Friday night’s location. Visit our web site at for information and location of the next trip and put yourself on our email list. You can also call Paul Oman at 435 -7199 for more information.



Lions Club president Larry Williams presents Mary-Jo Powell of the Infant Toddler Diaper Pantry a check for two hundred dollars and also a generous donation of diapers and wipes from Wal-mart distribution center in Raymond. If you would like to donate to the diaper pantry please contact Mary-Jo at 435-7471.



On July 1st, Pete Webber was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with the United States Coast Guard. Pete is a 1984 graduate of Pittsfield High School. Pete grew up in Pittsfield and is the son of Ray and Donna Webber, brother of Ray Webber III of Pittsfield, Donna Miner and Jim Webber of Barnstead and Lori Roll of Stover, MO. He is currently assigned to Port Security Unit 308 near Gulfport, Mississippi as a Reserve Program Administrator for a 140 person unit. Pete resides in Gulfport with his wife of 27 years, Michelle, who retired from the Coast guard as a Commander in 2012. They have three children Lucas and Nathan in Alaska and Devan Bodding and husband in Louisiana.



Selectman's Overview

Submitted By Carl Anderson

Select Board Meeting



A committee has been formed for the purpose of attempting to create a better communicating enviornment among all the various committees and boards that operate withing the town, to be made up of  9 members. It will be known as the “Town Planning and Steering Committee” and we wish them success in bringing the various groups together.


At the request of the employees of the Town Hall, the board approved painting the interior. A fresh, spruced-up enviornment can only help keep a visit to the Town Hall more welcoming, and more pleasant for those who spend all day there. For those who think this is an extravagence that we don’t need, we would respond that with free labor provided by the NH State Prison, the cost of paint which we will have to provide will be under $300, and if our employees and visitors appreciate a new coat of paint it seems a reasonable price to pay.


The planning board had provided us with a written recomendation for selling the 3 most urgent single family homes. We voted to accept the recommendations in whole or in part, at the discretion of the select board. The planning board spent considerable time viewing and discussing the properties and we thank them for their efforts.


The opinion that tax deeded properties will bring the best return to the town by selling them at auction has been expressed by some residents and members of some communities. However the BOS is in agreement with the NH Department of Revenue in the opinion that auctions typically reflect a distressed sale price, and are inferior to a well marketed arms length sale that can be facilitated by professionals. The fact that there is a repurchase mechanism for tax deeded properties complicates sales no matter which process you use, however using conventional selling methods at least gives us, the town, a chance to establish clear title that an auction sale wouldn’t. We will use auctions as a last resort only.


The houses will be marketed with a Realtor at a competitive asking price with the caveat that a buyer must improve the exteriors to our specs within 6 months of purchase. The price of these houses may seem low- but they are severely deteriorated and we feel the best interests of the town are to get them back on the tax rolls and not to be a blight on their neighborhoods any longer than neccessary. ANY person who would like a first hand look at any of these houses is welcome to call the town hall and they will be given a tour so they can see first hand what we are dealing with.





The Food Pantry is in need of a few volunteers. One person is needed to take ordering of food and pick up from  USDA, NH for Bush, and CAP.


We are also in need of volunteers for Thursday from 11 AM to 2 PM. This is for filling patron orders. If you can volunteer for either of these jobs please contact Ruth Strickhart at 435-6773 extension 19 or at 435-7013.


Thank you.








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