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Pittsfield NH News

May 18, 2016

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Pittsfield Citizen Of The Year


It is time to pick the 2016 Pittsfield Citizen of the Year. Who’s activities and accomplishments to better our town do you feel make them eligible for this year’s award? Please send the name of your nominee and the reason they should be Citizen of the Year to:


Citizen of the Year

P O Box 173

Pittsfield N H  03263


Nominations must be received by June 8, 2016.



Treat yourself to viewing an exhibition of one-of-a-kind jewelry created by former Pittsfield and now Epsom resident Christina Van Horn. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 21, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Epsom Library, to which one and all are invited.



Congratulations to Adriaunna Towle who graduated from the University of Connecticut on May 7. Adriaunna received a bachelors degree in civil engineering and begins her first engineering job on June 6 in Quincy, MA as a transportation engineer for Environmental Partners Group.



Student Centered Learning in Pittsfield

Submitted By Dr. John Freeman, Superintendent Of Schools SAU 51


As Pittsfield readers may know, we have been on a journey of redesign of our schools for several years; this work may be thought of as a reinvention of our schools to become more student-centered.  This means that we are becoming more responsive than ever to individual student needs, strengths, and interests. 


One of the most important reasons for creating student-centered learning for our students is that we now know more about how people learn than ever before.  Thanks to the discoveries of brain researchers, parents and educators can now offer our children and youth higher quality learning experiences than those that most of us remember from our own school days.


To put it briefly, we are now working to provide our students with learning experiences that reflect new discoveries in how our brains work.  This is why we are minimizing practices like lecturing or assigning workbook page after workbook page.  Instead, we are engaging our students in more firsthand learning, team or group learning, and thinking about their leaning than most of us experienced in school.


For example, I can remember how much I enjoyed preparing a project for my school science fair when I was a middle school student.  It was so much more interesting than reading a book chapter (though I loved reading immensely!) and taking a paper and pencil test at the end of the chapter.  And, I remember learning so much from my own investigation needed to prepare my project, not only about science, but also about time management, presentation skills, and determination.


As our practices in our schools continue to evolve, we’re working to help students enjoy the most powerful learning experiences that we can provide for them.  We’re asking students to take on new, more active roles in their own learning, in ways that are similar to my middle school science fair project.


Rather than asking students to sit quietly and absorb everything they’re told, we’re more and more asking them to be actively involved in researching, experimenting, and talking about what’s important to them in the context of both traditional school subjects and subjects that interest them as they grow to become successful learners in their post-high school learning and in their careers.



2016 Multi-Town Yardsale

The Annual Multi Town Yardsale is June 3rd, 4th and 5th!!


How do I get a map?


This is our most frequently asked question, you are not alone.


Beginning June 1st at 11pm, the map will be available online at The map will be posted in the form of a link to a Google Map. Additionally, there will be a printable address list by town.


While we understand that several people miss the old paper map of Pittsfield locations, it just isn’t feasible for this larger event.  Some communities have their own maps available however, so keep your eyes peeled!


If your organization is interested in printing and selling maps for the 2017 Yardsale please get in touch with us.


Drive safely, and have a great time at the Annual Multi Town Yardsale!



A Huge Thank You To Rick Belanger

From The Pittsfield Historical Society


Steam Pump Committee

Front: Edward Vien, Thomas “Fuzz” Freese Back: Bill Miskoe, Mark Riel, David Harper, Ray Webber, Larry Berkson


Last fall Rick Belanger made the Historical Society a great offer: a donation, free of charge, of a huge steam pump used in the old Cotton Mill. Larry Berkson relayed the offer to the Board of Directors along with pictures and it immediately gave approval to move forward. A group of volunteers got together, were officially designated a committee by President Cedric Dustin, and held a series of meetings during the winter.


The first issue was where to locate it. Three suggestions were made: on the State property to the left and right sides of the dam, and in the triangle piece of property in front of the Amenico Building where the Cotton Mill was located. All agreed that the latter would be preferable if permission could be obtained from the current owners. David Ossoff, speaking for them, was elated about the idea and readily supported the venture.


Next came decisions about the steam pump itself. It was rusted, not giving a good appearance, there were open portals that water could intrude into, and some of the parts did not belong on it. Lengthy discussions were held with the following results. It was decided to have it sand blasted, portals enclosed, extra parts removed and the entire pump painted.


The pump has now been moved to Arch Equipment in Bow for rehabilitation. Within a short while a foundation will be dug and a concrete pad poured upon which it will rest. We will keep the public updated as we progress. Thank you Rick for your wonderful support of Pittsfield.



Drake Field Summer Recreation Program


Drake Field Summer Recreation Program will begin for the season on June 27, 2016 and end on August 4th. The program is open to Pittsfield students in grades 1-8. Good behavior is mandatory. The cost is free except for some field trips. We will run Monday - Thursday and times will vary due to field trips. Calendars and applications will be sent home through the schools or can be picked up at the schools. Activities will include arts and crafts, board games, children’s games, sports activities, weekly visits from the library, and field trips. Breakfast and lunch will also be included on most days.


For more information, please contact Mrs. Louise Sawyer at 267-6733 after 5:00 PM.



Pittsfield Planning Board Office Hours Of The Acting Administrative Secretary

Submitted By Jim Pritchard, Secretary Pittsfield Planning Board


The position of planning board administrative secretary is currently vacant, and the acting administrative secretary, Jim Pritchard, will have office hours in the town hall as follows:



4:00 PM to 7:00 PM



3:00 PM to 4:00 PM


At other times, the town administrator’s assistant, Bonnie Theriault, will receive documents for filing but may not be able to provide other support to the planning board.


People who urgently need to speak to the acting administrative secretary may ask the town administrator’s assistant for the acting administrative secretary’s cell telephone number.


Office hours are subject to change, but notice of the new office hours will be posted if the office hours change.


The planning board respectfully asks for the public’s patience during this interim.



Selectman’s Update

Submitted By Carl Anderson


A night off! That doesn’t mean we didn’t have plenty to do all week. Among other things, I have had a number of residents question why the police are seen parked up on Rt 28 when downtown is supposed to be our law enforcement focus.


Seemed like a darn good question to me, so I took it to the Chief of Police. Here is his explanation: there is no “policy” about patrols on 28. The State Police no longer have ‘rural’ patrols overnight, so monitoring for impaired drivers, etc., on 28 in Pittsfield falls to local police. If late at night the downtown area is dead, our cruisers sometimes spend ‘short’ periods on 28 with the intent of continuing Pittsfield’s battle with incoming drugs by monitoring a major route in and out of town.


Better to use the 24/7 mandated police coverage where there might be something going on, than sitting behind a desk in the middle of the night. As with other late night patrols, the likelihood of being pulled over for a minor offense such as a tail light out increases. The truth is, this gives the police probable cause to see if there appears to be something bigger going on.


> Personally, I support efforts to curb the downtown drug problem and if this method is really helpful, and not overused, I understand it. I do have to say, however, if I’m the guy headed to work at 3AM, and find myself pulled over on 28 with flashing blues and spotlights in my mirrors, my understanding may disappear in a hurry.


Regular meeting scheduled for 6 PM, 5/17.



Patriotic Concert Planned


“A Slice of Americana,” the First Congregational Church’s annual patriotic concert, is set for Friday, June 10, 7 p.m. at the church, 24 Main Street, Pittsfield. It will feature the Chancel Choir, JuBellation Handbell Choir and other musicians. Light refreshments will be served.


Be sure to mark your calendar for this exciting event for all ages. Bring a friend! Parking and wheelchair accessibility available from the Chestnut Street entrance. More information at 435-7471. God Bless America!



Pittsfield Players Present The Dixie Swim Club

(Left to Right) Deb Comire, (Sr. Mary Esther); Betty Fortin, (Sheree); Debra Douglas,(Lexie); Doreen Sheppard, (Dinah); Becky Rush, (Vernadette).


On  Thursday, May 19th,  at 7:30pm  in the Scenic Theatre in Pittsfield NH, Pittsfield Players will present its opening performance of “THE DIXIE SWIM CLUB,” directed by Carole Neveux, for the weekend.  Friday and Saturday performances will be at the same time, with a matinee at 2pm on Sunday afternoon.


Although the cast is  all female, this is  far from a chick-flick. The five retired women, who make up the DIXIE SWIM CLUB,  gather  at a  beach cottage at Outer Banks in North Carolina yearly in August for a reunion.  This play takes four of these weekends over a 30 year period and gives us a hilarious and insightful glimpse of their lives and the challenges they have faced.  Anyone who attends will relate to the many situations that we all endure  as we age. Each character has their strong points and we can see that as their personalities develop throughout the play.


A few surprises are in store for the audience,  and the laughs keeping coming with each conversation.  Leadership, vanity, work-alcoholic, acceptance, and complete innocence all intermingle throughout the play.



Letter To The Editor


In recent months, the Pittsfield School Board has been aware of conversations in town regarding the State’s cost per pupil of educating Pittsfield Middle High School students and suggestions of how to lighten the financial burden passed on to the taxpayers of our community.


To date, only one citizen has spoken to the Board about this subject during a Board meeting. In the spirit of community, the Board would like to invite public comment to hear all concerns during the next Board meeting. Please join us at  6:00 p.m., Thursday, May 19, in the PMHS media center to offer your comment.


Also during the meeting, information gathered in response to anticipated  concerns will be reported.


Dr. John Freeman,

Superintendent of Schools, SAU #51








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