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Pittsfield NH News

March 2, 2016

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PYBA Baseball Tryouts


The signup dates to be held in the Pittsfield Community Center are: March 9th, 5:30 to 8pm and March 12th, 10am to 12pm.



The Pittsfield Food Pantry is need of a replacement upright freezer. Any help by way of donation would be appreciated. Please contact Carl O’Brien of the food pantry at 496-8345.



Congratulations to Bernard Dolan of Pittsfield, who made the Dean’s List at Rochester Institute of Technology for fall semester 2015-2016. Degree-seeking undergraduate students are eligible for Dean’s List if their term GPA is greater than or equal to 3.400; they do not have any grades of “Incomplete”, “D” or “F”; and they have registered for, and completed, at least 12 credit hours.

Bernard is studying in the computer engineering program.



The Merrimack County Stamp Collectors will hold its monthly meeting at the Bow Mills United Methodist Church, 505 South St., Bow, on March 15th beginning at 1 pm.  All who are interested in stamp collecting are welcome to attend.  Meet other collectors and learn more about their hobby and varied interests in Philatelic resources and issues.  For more information, call Dan Day at 603-228-1154.





Dear Pittsfield Voters,

Please consider voting for Carole Richardson for selectman.

Carole gives amazing amounts of her time and labor to make Pittsfield better. As a member of the beautification committee, she and the rest of the committee make the town’s planted areas lovely to look at. She has taken on herself to raise money for the new fence around Floral Park Cemetery, and the project is close to being completed. She and her husband, Paul, put flags on the veterans’ graves on Memorial Day. She has kept an eye on various town affairs and put letters in the paper to help the rest of us stay informed. She has been a member of the master plan committee and a member of the school board. She is a frequent attendee at various town-board meetings and always has some helpful input.


Carole also knows the importance of fairness in local government. She knows about unjust town-board decisions, and she knows about the futility of appealing to the state courts. She knows that we must do the right thing here in Pittsfield because the state courts will often not correct a local injustice. Carole’s sensitivity to this matter of fairness is especially important to me.


Carole has my absolute highest opinion and endorsement. Please join me in voting for Carole Richardson for selectman on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.


Thank you,

Jim Pritchard





To Pittsfield Voters,

I am running for the Board of Selectman, two year term. Some of my goals I would like to see take place, if elected, back into office of the Board of Selectman:


• Better management of tax dollars!  To work on the tax rate problem,  go back to weekly meetings, to have better communications with all, more open discussions before decision making takes place.


• Better explanations on notices to the public. Try to get more involvement from the public.


• Put committees together to study cost savings and more efficient ways to run our community at a tax savings.


• Working with Boards, Department heads and citizens  trying to have some short and long term goals for Pittsfield.


I have served on the Select board for eight years and been on the planning board for many years. I have also been the Deputy welfare officer and building inspector, code enforcement and filled in for Town Administrator. I filled many roles with the town and feel I can bring that experience with me to the Board of Selectman to serve the people of Pittsfield.


Thank You

Lawrence J Konopka





Dear Pittsfield Voters,

Carole Richardson and Carl Anderson are running for positions on the Board of Selectmen. Both Carole and Carl are conservative when it comes to spending our tax dollars. Wise spending combined with a view toward Pittsfield’s future prosperity (long term planning) is what Carole and Carl will bring to the Select Board.


Please vote for Carole and Carl on March 8th.


In addition, James Hetu is running for the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA). He has spent countless hours researching the lawful responsibilities of the ZBA. I am supporting James because his approach on the ZBA will be based on following State law, not being ignorant of or ignoring it. He will also ensure decisions are made for the good of the community and not at it’s expense. Abutters will be listened to and decisions will not adversely effect their property values.


Please cast your vote for James.


Thank you for supporting candidates who look at the long term effects that seemingly small decisions will have on our community.


Ted Mitchell





To the Voters of Pittsfield,

I am announcing my running for the two year seat on the Select board.


I have been a lifelong resident of Pittsfield. I attended both the Pittsfield Elementary and Pittsfield Middle High Schools.  Along with my wife, Jillian, We decided to purchase our first home here in 2014,. We are raising our two boys, and have a child on the way, here in town.  I couldn’t think of a better place with that “hometown” feel.


My friends ask me, “Why did you stay in Pittsfield? You should have left when you had the chance.” I say to that, “It is what you make of it. We didn’t stay because we had to, but because we wanted to.  If  you want change, be a part of that change.”


Why am I running???  I attend a good majority of the selectman’s meetings. At these meetings, I have seen areas of spending that could have been done, while saving money at the same time. With the recent budget, we need to watch the spending.  We have systems and processes in place that need to be utilized in the manner it was meant to be.


I also think that the Select board could be more transparent and open to the citizens. I have talked with many members of our community and think I have a good understanding of their needs and concerns. I also believe that the voices of the community members need to be heard. The citizens need someone, who they can trust to voice their concerns to, on the Select board that is not afraid to bring their concerns forward.


A fresh perspective, a fresh face, and fresh ideas are what this town needs to move in a positive direction.


Adam Gauthier





Dear Pittsfield Voters,

Please consider voting for Carole Richardson for selectwoman and James Hetu for the Zoning Board.


As Pittsfield’s property values drop and the risk of even higher tax increases loom in the not too distant future, it becomes imperative that our elected officials focus on innovative ways to reduce spending and stabilize our tax rate.  This requires leaders with the background, fortitude and discipline to consider the fiscal impact to the town in their decision making process.  Carole Richardson’s degree in Business Administration combined with her experience working in the office of Legislature Budget Assistance make her the ideal candidate for the Select board when it comes to budgetary considerations.  Not to mention Carole’s passion for the betterment of Pittsfield through the countless hours she has spent volunteering on various other town boards through the years.


Good planning and zoning regulations also have a direct impact on property values and the tax rate.  Pittsfield is still paying the financial cost for the lack of zoning regulations in the 1970’s which precipitated the conversion of most of the beautiful single family Victorian homes in our downtown to multifamily apartments resulting in their lack of maintenance and eventual decay. We need zoning board members committed to upholding our current zoning ordinance while also considering the impact on neighborhood property values before approving variances and special exceptions. We also need members willing to make abutters concerns a priority before making decisions. James Hetu’s past experience with the board on these matters has given me the utmost confidence that he will be absolutely committed to each of these points if he is elected.


Please join me in voting for Carole Richardson for selectwoman and James Hetu for the Zoning Board on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.


Thank you,

Daren Nielsen





Pittsfield voters,

I am writing to let everyone know that I am running to be re-elected to the Pittsfield Zoning Board of Appeals.  I have served on the zoning board and for the citizens of Pittsfield for several years!   I started as an alternate to the board, as most people who are serious about being on a board do, and then I was seated as a full board member.


The board seldomly has a “split” vote, I would almost venture that 9 out of 10 of our votes are unanimous!


I have done the law classes that are offered for people who are on the zoning board, and I take the time to do the research that is needed and included in the responsibility of serving on a town board!


My family ties to the community run very deep, and I have a great love for the town, and I hope that everyone will vote for me to keep serving the citizens to the best of my ability on the Zoning Board of Appeals.   I serve the people, and will continue to do so! 



Carole Dodge



Funds Available For Heating Assistance


Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. want to remind homeowners and renters in Belknap and Merrimack Counties that Fuel Assistance funds are still available and the agency Area Center offices are open Monday through Friday to take applications.  If for some reason residents are unable to go to the Area Centers, arrangements can be made for a home visit or phone interview.  Applications can be made until April 30, 2016.  Applications for Electric Assistance and some other agency programs may be done at the same time.


The Laconia Area Center, 524-5512, assists residents of the city of Laconia and towns of Gilford, Belmont, Barnstead, Alton and Gilmanton.


The Meredith Area Center, 279-4096, assists residents of Meredith, Center Harbor and New Hampton.


The Franklin Area Center, 934-3444, assists residents of Franklin, Tilton, Northfield, Danbury, Andover, Sanbornton, Salisbury and Hill.


The Warner Area Center, 456-2207, assists residents of Warner, Bradford, Henniker, Newbury, New London, Sutton, Webster and Wilmot.


The Suncook Area Center, 485-7824, assists residents of Allenstown, Epsom, Hooksett, Pembroke and Pittsfield.


The Concord Area Center, 225-6880, assists residents of Concord/Penacook, Bow, Canterbury, Dunbarton, Boscawen, Loudon, Chichester, Hopkinton and Contoocook.


If for some reason residents do not think they are qualified for assistance but are finding it difficult to meet monthly expenses, they are still encouraged to contact the Area Centers as there may be other forms of assistance available.





Dear Pittsfield Voters,

The Pittsfield Planning Board has proposed four zoning ordinance amendments for the March 8 ballot, warrant articles 2-5. Full text is at the town hall and on the town web site.


Amendment 1 is an extensive clarification of zoning ordinance articles 2 and 3, with minor changes to several other articles.  The purpose of amendment 1 is to make the affected parts of the zoning ordinance more clear, specific, and lawful under state law.  The amendment avoids changes in what the regulations do except as necessary to conform to state law or to satisfy the apparent intent of the ordinance where the ordinance is vague.  A clear zoning ordinance helps town zoning officials decide zoning matters with objectivity, consistency, and fairness; a clear zoning ordinance also helps voters evaluate the performance of town zoning officials.


Amendment 2 would change how residential apartments are permitted in commercial buildings.  A commercial building adding a residential apartment would have to put the apartment on the second or higher floor, but such upstairs apartments in the Commercial District, mainly Main Street, would be exempt from zoning requirements for parking.  (Other parking regulations might still apply.)


Amendment 3 would state the current lawful restrictions on sexually oriented businesses clearly and would remove unlawful restrictions that could make the lawful restrictions void.  This amendment is housekeeping to avoid future First Amendment problems.


Amendment 4 would replace vague permitting conditions for commercial signs with numerical permitting conditions and would eliminate special permitting requirements for commercial signs.


These four amendments will clarify vague or confusing regulations and will serve public interests, empower voters, and make land-use regulation more consistent for all property owners.  Please vote YES for these four amendments on March 8.


Thank you,

Clayton Wood, chair

Pittsfield Planning Board



Letter To The Editor

VOTE on March 8th


I’m AGAINST Article 6 on the March 8th Ballot (Town Manager – please vote NO!)  This will increase the town budget.  As far as I’m concerned, our problem doesn’t center on our current Town Administrator, but it certainly does center on electing a competent Board of Selectmen.  I have enthusiastically endorsed Carole Richardson and Carl Anderson for the two 3-year Selectboard positions.


What about the 2-year position with two candidates running for that office?  In this 2016 anti-establishment movement, how does one relate an ‘establishment’ candidate to politics here in Pittsfield?  When one looks at a 34% tax increase in 10 years, does a candidate who’s been in town politics for more than 6 of those 10 years become an ‘establishment-candidate’?  Has the ‘establishment-candidate’ written letters in this newspaper promising transparency and lower tax rates?  Has the ‘establishment-candidate’ written any prior letters at all this year specifying his promise and plan to make improvements to our town?  Perhaps he assumed he’d win the election in the absence of public promises.


I reviewed selectboard minutes and found that the ‘establishment-candidate’ opponent has attended many meetings and participated in the discussions.  He also wrote a convincing letter on facebook introducing himself and expressing his views on budgetary spending and transparency.  He’s a lifelong resident of Pittsfield and is a property owner.  Who’s to say that Mr. Gauthier wouldn’t be a better choice since our own property tax bill is the ultimate manifestation of an ‘establishment’ record?


I also researched James Hetu’s record and find that he’s absolutely qualified to hold a position on the zoning board.


I’m endorsing Richardson and Anderson for Selectboard and a NO vote for town manager.  I’m additionally sharing my inclination to go ‘anti-establishment’ and cast my vote for Adam Gauthier for Selectman and James Hetu for Zoning Board.


God Bless Our Troops,

Rachel Wood



Letter To The Editor


We want to acknowledge and Thank the Suncook Valley Rotary Club for their generous contribution to our organization, Catamount Womenaid. 

The Suncook Valley Rotary Club invited us to be the guest speakers at their meeting on Wednesday, February 17th where they generously donated $500 to Catamount Womenaid, and individual members donated an additional $220.


Catamount Womenaid provides short-term financial assistance to men, women and children in Pittsfield, Deerfield, Epsom and Strafford.  The primary focus is to provide one-time grants of up to $500 to make a difference for a family in need. (our website is at:


We were overwhelmed with their gracious donation to our organization.  Thank You, Suncook Valley Rotary Club, for all you do for the community!


Yours truly,

Deb Horton

and Lynn Hapke



Letter To The Editor



I am writing this letter not as a candidate, but in support of one.


Although I was not initially convinced that this was a good idea, I have reasons to believe that perhaps I need to rethink my position.


In the past we have had boards that had the good of the town as their main agenda, however, of late this doesn’t seem to be the case.


I believe that when a citizen attends a meeting of the board they should be treated with respect and when asking a question, be given an answer, or be told we don’t know or we will get back to you, not dismissed.  Citizen attendance at meetings is important.


There are a number of good candidates and the goal of most of them is to be more financially responsible, by keeping taxes down and living within our needs not our wants. This is where experience comes into play.  We will all not agree on a candidate, but on a personal note I can tell you that my husband, (Fred Hast), has served this town for most of his adult life and still believes that we can once again bring back the PITTSFIELD PRIDE, that seems to have gotten lost.    


The PRIDE still remains with the groups and organizations that provide the town with Old Home Day, Balloon Rally, Parks & Rec. activities, PYW, National Night Out & Beautification to name a few.


I hope you will cast your ballot on March 8th.  Success to whomever the winner may be.  That said your support for my candidate would be appreciated.


Elizabeth A. Hast





To the voters of Pittsfield,

I am seeking a seat on the zoning board of adjustment (ZBA) in this March town election, and I ask for your vote.


I became acquainted with the ZBA in 2014, when I was an abutter in a land use case.  I expected the ZBA to evaluate the use according to requirements in the zoning ordinance and to give weight to the neighbors’ opinions.  But the ZBA did neither, even though state guidelines and local law require the ZBA to go point by point and give specific reasons on each point.  Almost all of the neighbors objected, but some ZBA members seemed scornful of the objections.  The ZBA approved the application 3-2.


I have since learned that my experience is common.  I have since learned that, precisely because of the ZBA’s conduct, the town adopted (earlier in 2014) a zoning rule requiring the ZBA to go point by point and to give specific reasons on each point.  But despite the new rule, the ZBA has not changed its ways.


I am running to change the ZBA’s direction.  Very simply, the ZBA must follow the law in reaching its decisions.  The ZBA must respect all members of the audience.  It must give weight to abutter concerns.  It MUST, by local law, go point by point and give specific reasons on each point.


In many cases, about half of the people will be happy and the other half will be unhappy.  But all can be treated respectfully and with fairness under law.  I will work to change our ZBA to make this happen, but I need your vote, so I ask you please to vote for me in this town election, Tuesday, March 8, 2016.


Thank you,

James Hetu



Easter Lily Origins

Submitted By Gini Hayes, Owner, Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop, Pittsfield


The Easter Lily: history, mythology, literature, poetry, and art have all used the pure white flowers of the lily to symbolize beauty, purity, and grace.


Lilies are said to have been presented to the Virgin Mary by the Angel Gabriel while announcing she was to be the Mother of the Christ Child and presented to Mary and Baby Jesus by saints upon his birth.


It is also written that lilies grow where Christ’s sweat fell to the ground at the site of the crucifixion. They are therefore the symbol of hope and life-everlasting. These pure white blossoms also signify joy, hope, and life.



Letter To The Editor


I am writing to ask for your support in re-electing Eric Nilsson to the three-year term on the Board of Selectmen. In my humble estimation, Eric has faithfully carried out his oath to impartially serve the citizens of Pittsfield.


While there is a learning curve to every new endeavor, I have observed maturity and growth in Eric and believe he is well suited for the position. There are good things taking place in our community. Let’s keep the momentum going by voting for Eric on March 8th.


Also, please attend the School District Meeting on the 10th (7pm) and the Town Meeting on March 12th, (10am) both in the Elementary school gymnasium.



Linda Small



Letter To The Editor

To the Editor


Article 33 on the 2016 Town Warrant asks voters to approve a commercial lease of town-owned land.


The NH Beagle Club is seeking a lease that will give them exclusive use of 80 acres of public land for twenty years. The land will be fenced off, closed to public access and the club will be allowed to cut trees which are currently under forest management for future benefit of the town.


If the voters approve this, it will require that the town enter into the business of commercial land rental, which is not a municipal function and not something the town has experience in doing. The Town’s municipal insurance will not cover this activity, nor will it be an activity protected from liability.


The Beagle Club is offering only $800 in rent. Not enough to buy the town’s own insurance, which will be needed. And, the proposal provides no funds for site restoration when the lease ends.


This lease would put the town into direct competition with private land owners. These people pay taxes when they rent land - property taxes, State business taxes and Federal income taxes. The Town should not use its tax exempt status to compete with its own taxpayers.


The nature of the Beagle Club’s use is troubling. Rabbits can be a nuisance, but they are timid defenseless creatures who deserve better treatment than being penned up behind wire and then run down by dogs. This is cruel and the town should not be part of it . And there is the concern about who will be responsible if the rabbits become infected with a transmissible disease: rabies or tularemia could cost the town if the State Veterinarian had to get involved.


The Beagle Club can rent private land. The Town should not be involved.


Bill Miskoe



Letter To The Editor


I have a crystal ball, and when I look  into it, I see our taxes going up.


To start with, we spent $345,000 of reserve money last year to keep the tax rate down. This year we do not have a $345,000 to take from Town reserves.


We started the budget process down $345,000, then you add the $$200,000 decrease in State funding, and the $130,000 mistake where some utilities were overvalued, and the Town had to give back $130,000. We now start the budget season down $675,000, before we even look at the budgets.


Do not blame your selectmen or your school. It is us to blame. We tend to do things short term.


I am not critical of the selectmen or our school system. I think our Town and School moved forward last year on a number of improvement issues. We all need to support this forward direction by attending our three meetings we call Town Meeting. March 8th, 10th, and 12th.


Dan Schroth Piermarocchi





To The Citizens of Pittsfield,

It was recently brought to my attention that a position on the School Board (two year term) was vacant and I was asked to consider the position as a write in candidate. The education of the young people of Pittsfield is critical for their growth and the development of Pittsfield. I feel strongly about the process and would like to pursue the position.


I have had the opportunity to become involved with the issues facing the Town, the residents and the students through the following activities.



Master Plan Committee


Aqueduct Purchase Committee

Community Wellness Coalition

Participated with several groups involved with the reorganization of the school


I have thirty years of experience in education, 25 in curriculum and program development. Having two sons who are grown with professional careers I view education and needs of a community from various prospectives. Seeking this position I would like to use my experience and skills to help support the highest quality of education and advocate for an appropriate tax rate. I would appreciate your write in vote for the Pittsfield School Board (two year term) on March 8.


Thank you,

Ralph Odell



Josiah Carpenter Library Monthly News March 2016


The Josiah Carpenter library will be hosting an art exhibit of ink drawings by Pittsfield resident, Gene Matras from March through April. Stop by the library to view the detailed and various natural New England scenes that this talented local artist has rendered.


Josiah Teen Book Worms Discussing “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky on Thursday, March 3rd between 7-8:30 pm at the library


Preschool story hour Thursdays March 3, 10, 24, 31st 10:00 am – 11:00 am March themes are lambs, lions, bunnies and clovers! Join Mrs. Grainger & Ms. Rosalie for a fun filled hour of stories, crafts and a snack. Ages 2 – 5


Afterschool Lego Club offered on Wednesdays March 9, 16, 23, 30 April 6, 13th from 3:30-4:30 pm is limited to 15. Sign-ups required.


Library Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday, March 15, 2015   at 7 pm


March 24th   Mrs. Grainger visits Blueberry Express Daycare to read stories from the library from 10:00-11:00 am


Pittsfield Writer’s Circle on Thursday, March 24th at 7 pm at the library.


Read Meet & Talk Join us for an exciting book discussion on “The Nepal Chronicles” by Dan Szczesny and the “Little Princes” by Conor Grennan at the Pittsfield Senior Community Center Tuesday February 23rd at 10:30. Stay for a leisurely lunch afterward.


New materials sampler:

Y Fiction: “When Mischief Came to Town” by Katrina Nannestad 

Graphic Y Fiction: “Secret Coders” by Gene Luen Yang

Teen Fiction: “Lizzie” by Maxine Kumin

Adult Fiction: “My Name is Lucy Barton” by Elizabeth Strout

Adult Non- Fiction: “Me to We” by Craig and Marc Kielburger


The High school and the community are raising “One grain of rice” for the Baby Life orphanage in Nepal in preparation for the program by Dan Szczesny at the Pittsfield Middle High School on April 5, 2016, from 1:00- 3:00 pm. Prizes will be raffled at this free event open to the public.



VA Makes Awards Totaling Up To $4.6 Billion To Streamline Its Medical Surgical Supply Chain

Makes Good on MyVA Commitments to Improve Service Delivery to Veterans and Transform VA’s Supply Chain

Submitted Via Merrill Vaughan


WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced the awarding of four major contracts that will bolster its ability to deliver timely health care to the nation’s Veterans. The contracts make up a $4.6 billion Medical Surgical Prime Vendor Next-Generation Program (MSPV-NG) acquisition, and represent a major step forward in supply chain modernization – a “breakthrough priority” of the Department’s MyVA transformation effort.


“When MyVA was launched in September 2014, we made a commitment to the Veterans who served our nation and the American public to change the way VA operates,” said VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald. “To accomplish this, we had to look at our processes – from the way we deliver care – to the way we order the products that provide care. This Next Generation program improves the acquisition process of surgical supplies, and ensures a speedier delivery to Veterans.  It is one of many efforts underway to transform our supply chain to provide the service our Veterans deserve and potential cost savings to American taxpayers.”


Contracts were awarded to the following firms:

American Medical Depot, Miramar, FL – Small Business

Kreisers, Inc. Sioux Falls, SD – Small Business

Cardinal Health, Dublin, OH – Large Business

Medline Industries, Inc., Mundelein, IL – Large Business


The contracts are being awarded for a period of 20 months with two, 20-month options, with an aggregate ceiling of $4.6 billion. The contract will be managed by VA’s Strategic Acquisition Center based in in Fredericksburg, VA.





Dear Pittsfield Voters,

Please join me in voting for Carole Richardson, for one of the 3-year seats, on the Board of Selectmen on March 8th.  Carole is very qualified for this position, having had many years of experience with both local and state government.  Our town can no longer keep up the spending trend, which has gone mostly unchecked, over the years.  We need our Selectmen to be financially responsible, with knowledge and understanding of the budget process.  Carole has these qualifications.  She is fair and will listen to all of the residents of Pittsfield, not just a select few.

Carole is a great advocate of volunteerism, as her record shows. She is always volunteering at something to improve this town of ours.


Please vote Carole Richardson, for Selectman !


Thank you,

Paula Belliveau



Mystery, Mischief And Murder

Pictured are two of the cast of “The Game’s Afoot”   — Vicki Watson, portraying Aggie Wheeler, and Chad Boutin, playing Simon Bright.


The set is now under construction at the Scenic Theatre in Pittsfield for the March presentation of “The Game’s Afoot,” a prize-winning mystery/farce by Ken Ludwig.  Audiences will find continuous humor in the midst of a classic whodunit mystery.


As a couple of actors in Gillette’s acting company that tours in performance in the play “Sherlock Holmes,” Aggie Wheeler and Simon Bright are gentle, kind-hearted “youngsters” beginning their acting careers.  Aggie has had a difficult time following the accidental death of her husband, but she has pulled through successfully with the help of her good friend Simon.  Host William Gillette invites them both to his Connecticut mansion for a Christmas party, and Aggie and Simon are present for the disturbingly riotous experiences that occur on this fateful evening.


Will the perpetrator of heinous crimes be uncovered by this pair of lovebirds?  Have all the facts been revealed about their individual pasts?  It’s all to be seen and heard in “The Game’s Afoot.”


The Pittsfield Players’ production of “The Game’s Afoot” will be performed March 11, 12, 18 and 19 at 7:30 p.m. and March 20 at 2 p.m. at the Scenic Theatre, 6 Depot Street, Pittsfield.  Tickets are now available at or by calling 603-435-8852.





To the Citizens of Pittsfield,

Many of you are aware there is a question on the ballot about whether you are in favor of a Town Manager.


I would like to explain some things that this vote would involve in the town government.


The Town is a 4 million dollar corporation being run by Select people who have no education or training in handling the proper running of such.


The Town Manager will be an employee at will and could be removed for cause and shall have the proper education, training, and experience to perform the duties of his/her office (RSA 37:3)


They will handle preparing the budget for review by the Select Board. They will be responsible for being in charge of all properties, expenditures of monies, to keep the Select Board fully advised as to the needs of the Town. (RSA37:6) These are not the manager’s only responsibilities. They would also be responsible for signing contracts, as well as other duties, consistent with his/her office as required by the vote of the Selectmen.


RSA 37:8 requires the vacancy of this office if voted in to be filled as soon as practical.


Basically, the vote would make the Select Board the Board of Directors and the Manager would be like a CEO of the Town.


With the tax problems and efficiency issues, I feel everyone should have a right to decide this in the privacy of the voting booth.


The Select Board would still have the right to review and accept or revise items the Manager brings forward.


This will not hurt the Town it will only put the control into an educated and competent person.


Hank FitzGerald






Voters of Pittsfield,

Please vote No on Article 6, Town Manager, Chapter 37 Revised Statutes Annotated on the official ballot at the polls on March 8, 2016. (Bad deal, not needed.)


Cara Marston was appointed to Town Administrator a short time back, being Assistant Administrator and filling in for many, many years. She has the knowledge, capability, and knows the ins and outs of the office better than anyone else in Pittsfield. Give her a chance!


Also, my wife and I are endorsing Carole Richardson and Carl Anderson for the two 3-year selectman positions. They have the knowledge and capability and want to do the job fairly.


Thank you.


Pat and Paul Nickerson



Letter To The Editor


PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE it’s time to vote again. Let’s put the “people” back on “We The People” by voting Carole Dodge for the zoning board. She has worked tirelessly for the town’s people as a whole. She doesn’t play favorites. She votes what is right for the Town of Pittsfield and its residents.



Carole also has strong roots in Pittsfield. Her family has been here since 1783. Traditionally, Pittsfield has stood by its long time residents. Don’t let outsiders tear down Pittsfield in an effort to make it more like where they came from. There’s a reason why they left those places. Don’t let it happen here. Vote for Carole Dodge.


Daniel J Greene



President of the Pittsfield/Barnstead Lions Club chapter, Bob Wharem alongside Lions member Ed Vien present Meggin Dail, chairperson of the Pittsfield Players Sprinkler Fund, with a check for $200.00 in hopes of closing the small gap left to complete the fundraising on the fund by challenging other organizations, businesses and townspeople to meet the Lions’ donation with a donation of your own. The Pittsfield Players are happy to accept donations large and small and may be sent to The Pittsfield Players, c/o The Sprinkler Fund, PO Box 177, Pittsfield, NH 03263.





To the Voters of Pittsfield,

Apparently there are some special interest groups lining up to oppose me in next Tuesday’s voting for Selectman, which is hardly a surprise. I understand they have heard rumors that if l get on the Board I will be looking over every expenditure very carefully and won’t vote for items that cannot be justified as necessities. It is also rumored that I care a great deal about the public’s perception of various activities and the necessity of some policies and uses which have become commonplace- and that I plan to address each of them.


I am publicly stating that those rumors are true.


Consequently, I am asking for your important vote next Tuesday. I will be working all day on the 8th, so unless we show up at the polls at the same time to vote, you won’t see me out front at the Town Hall. Don’t take that to mean I don’t care about your vote- I DO. If elected, I look forward to working positively and transparently with the rest of the BOS as well as the Departments and town employees to bring about change and savings that will benefit the taxpayers most. And thanks to everyone who showed up at Meet the Candidates Night- far and away the most important thing a Selectman can do is listen to the concerns of the public, regardless of their position, because ultimately this is supposed to be YOUR town.


Carl Anderson





To the Voters of Pittsfield,

This year we have the opportunity to get some experienced  people  on the board of selectmen . Please vote for Larry Konopka and Fred Hast. They both have the experience and knowledge  as past selectmen  and  will do what is in the best interest of the town and the citizens of Pittsfield. We need to put a stop to the way the budget has been spiraling  out of control.


Please vote for Larry Konopka and Fred Hast.


Carl Anderson is a candidate running for a 3 year term on the select board. He is a knowledgeable businessman  who is concerned  with the town budget and taxes, which are both out of control. 


He deserves your vote also.


William Elkins



Letter To The Editor



My name is Sandy Wingate and I am running for Selectman. Here’s why.


As your Interim Town Administrator, among all the details, I found two broad issues affecting our Town.


First, taxes. For good or ill, this State uses the property tax to support itself. Property taxes are too high. I had the opportunity to review the budget and saw the process of its creation. But it is vital to address one more thing than just the budget.


And that’s the tax base. It’s been proven that you cannot raise enough money from the residential homeowner to cover the costs of running the municipality. The tax base must be expanded.


Since coming to town, over 10 years ago, I have puzzled why the major trade route which passes through Town has not been exploited for the Town’s benefit. I’ve seen opposition to businesses at varying levels here.


I bring to the table a lifetime’s experience, including being a selectman and police commissioner in another New Hampshire town of about the same size as Pittsfield, as a Veteran, a business manager, and as a lawyer of nearly 30 years. I am a moderating force, able to build consensus, as shown by my more than ten years as president of my church.


And I bring a fresh perspective to the office of Selectman. When you scan the list of candidates, ask yourself why it is that so many of them who have served before have done so little to increase the tax base.


I respectfully suggest that if you want the same old results, vote for the same old people. But if you want an open mind vigorously seeking alternatives to the way it’s been done here, vote for me.


Earle “Sandy” Wingate



Letter To The Editor


When you are elected in Town official’s positions, you are doing things for the townspeople/voters, not yourself. I think people forget, when elected. They wouldn’t be in their positions, if the “voters” thought differently. At the recent meeting at the school with the budget committee, it was clear that taxpayers are tired of paying more.


The departments all have wants and needs. We have to think, if this was something I had to pay for, could I buy this or would I need to budget this. Pittsfield has a budget and not bottomless pockets. A lot of people are still leasing houses or facing foreclosure. They have been here since they were young, if not born here, and have seen all the changes.


The problem with complaining about something here in town is then you’re targeted by whichever department head you made the complaint about.


The positions that get elected are thankless jobs. You try to do something you believe instead of, again, the taxpayers. This really needs to change. Only you, the taxpayers can change this. You must get to vote.


A lot of people say they want change, but don’t even go to Town Meeting to vote. Why?


People are afraid to vote against their neighbor, because they will get pointed out.


Please get out to two votings.


1. Vote for the offices here in town. We need strong decision making. No just their’s.


2. Vote at Town Meeting. You can make a difference. We need to vote No on all these increases to lower our taxes. It is running good people out of town. The spending needs to stop.


A Taxpayer

Paul Rogers 








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