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Pittsfield NH News

October 19, 2016

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American Legion

Auxiliary Unit 112

Bake Sale

October 22, 2016

9 am to 3 pm

Danis Super Market,

8 Water Street, Pittsfield



Poinsettia Sale


The Friends of the Josiah Carpenter Library will be holding their annual poinsettia sale.  Order forms are available at the library now through November 7, 2016.  The Friends will also be taking orders on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016 at Pittsfield’s Town Hall.  All monies are due with placement of order.  Plants will be delivered in early December.


In addition to the poinsettia sale, The Friends will be holding a raffle on Election Day.


Be sure to bring your wallet with you, in order to participate in these two events !


Thank you for supporting your library!



Aqueduct Purchase Progress

By Fred Okrent


Many people are confused by the Pittsfield Aqueduct purchase issue. This article is an attempt to clear some of the confusion and answer most of the questions. Any remaining questions can be answered at the Public Information Meeting which will be held at 10:00 AM, Saturday, October 22 at the Town Hall. The Committee urges you to attend.


The committee firmly believes that purchase of the Aqueduct is important to the town for a number of reasons;


Pittsfield Aqueduct is owned by Pennichuck Water, which is owned by the City of Nashua. The only driving force is profit. They do not care about the Town of Pittsfield, only the money to be taken out of it.


Right now, during this drought, Pennichuck, which also owns and operates Locke Lake Colony water in Barnstead, is trucking water out of Pittsfield to use in Barnstead. Good for Locke Lake Colony, not so good for Pittsfield if the supply gets tight. If they decided to enter into a bottled water arrangement, they could do so and the Town would have no recourse. Our water, their profits.


If Nashua decided that they needed a large cash infusion, they could decide to begin selling the properties around Berry Pond. Those properties form a buffer for our water source, including the surrounding aquifers. That includes those properties outside the proposed Water District. What happens to the water quality in those areas as well as the supplied district?


Of course, if the water quality goes down, Pennichuck will be glad to boost the quality back up to where it should be…at a price. The wells outside the district; sorry about that, you’re on your own!


Speaking of price, Pennichuck has gone to the PUC for a rate increase of about 8½% every year and gotten it. That means the rate doubles every 10 years. Remember, the Town buildings are on metered water as well as many of the residences.


There are those that say that a village water district cannot be run as cheaply as Pittsfield Aqueduct. The Pittsfield Water District will not have a President or CEO or Board of Directors to pay every year. That fact alone will slow the increases in the rates. A municipal agency, such as the district, is more eligible for federal and state grants than a private company. That can provide additional savings.


We will form a Pittsfield Water District and elect commissioners to run it. The district will acquire the Aqueduct Company and administer (sic) the operation. It will undoubtedly contract with an outside agency for the operation. The district (ratepayers) will be the ones responsible for paying off the acquisition debt, the Town will not.


The district may contract with the town to do the billing, since the town gets the water usage reports to do the sewer billing. Another area for efficiency.


Finally, bond rates are at a very low rate right now; it is a good time to buy.


Forming a village district is the right thing to do. It will save the citizens of Pittsfield tax money; It will save the water users in the town money, and it will put Pittsfield in a position to control its own destiny and not have to depend on a private company or the City of Nashua, neither of which really care about the good of Pittsfield. Please come to the informational meeting. Ask any question you care to. We have nothing to hide and only want what is best for the town.



Selectman’s Overview

Submitted By Carl Anderson

Select Board meeting 10/11/16


The meeting began with an hour long presentation by Chief Cain describing the duties and responsibilities of the police department.


A parade permit was issued for the school’s Halloween parade on Oct. 28.


We are moving forward with plans to go to bi-weekly payroll, although a conclusive decision will be down the road.


The Highway Dept. will be advertising for help, with Sparky retiring and winter coming on.


An electrical permit fee was waived for Pittsfield Players because of their non-profit status.


The revised Building Inspector’s job description was officially adopted.


Penalties were established for violations of a lawn watering restriction, should it be necessary, starting with a warning and working up to a $500 fine for excessive violations. While we certainly encourage being frugal with water during this drought, there has NOT been any restriction placed on use in Pittsfield as of yet.


The deeds to 33 & 37 Main St. were executed. Mr. Miskoe is now free to get the next phase of his project underway. This will mean the demolition of 33 Main and the ell portion of 37 Main which attaches the house to the barn. He will be adjusting the lot lines so that the library has a considerably larger lot and that will accommodate off street parking for whatever ultimately goes into the remaining building. Once those goals are accomplished, Mr. Miskoe will be gifting the library their additional land including the barn, and the town will re-purchase the remaining building and land for $1, to then be either rehabbed by SVRDC or sold, depending on circumstances at that time.


There will be an informational presentation by the aqueduct purchase committee at 10 AM, Oct. 22 at the Town Hall. This proposal has major implications for the town as a whole, and municipal ratepayers in particular and all are strongly urged to attend!


Several minor housekeeping items were taken care of concluding the meeting.



South Pittsfield Community Club


Do you want to help out a non-profit organization in a different way? You can by coming to their Annual Turkey Dinner. The funds collected go to help pay for the costs of maintaining the historic building and helping those in need.


Come and experience a family-style turkey dinner. We will be busy baking turkeys and pies, mashing the potatoes and squash and assembling all of the other fixings. What you need to do is to come on Saturday, October 22nd and enjoy this great meal.


We have 3 sittings between 5-6:30. The cost of this all you can eat meal (as long as we haven’t run out of any items) is $10 for adults and $6 for children 6-12. This is the last dinner for 2016 so please come and support our club. Thank you in advance! See you on Saturday!



Letter To The Editor


I encourage Pittsfield residents who own and live in the Pittsfield Water District to attend the Public Information Session at Town Hall, Saturday, October 22 at 10 AM to listen to those in town advocating the purchase of the Pittsfield Aqueduct Company from Pennichuck Water, which is owned by the City of Nashua.


They will inform us of the major advantages of taking back local control of our Water Supply and the Berry Pond aquifer that surrounds it.


During this years drought Pittsfield Water was trucked to Locke Lake Colony in Barnstead which is also owned by Pennichuck.


According to the State of NH Public Utilities Commission Report on Permanent rate increases, Pittsfield residents have experienced substantial rate increases. Do we want the City of Nashua to control our town Water? Please come and inform yourself on this important issue.


I do not live in district and therefore have a private well, but I understand the value and importance of our water.


Thank you,

Mary Ellen SIUDUT




American Legion Post 88 News

Submitted By Commander Shawn Jones

D5 Cmdr Rick Dube gives the oath of office to newly installed Chaplain Alfred Page while Post Cmdr Jones looks on.


D5 Cmdr Dube presents Post Cmdr Jones with the Royal E. Miller Jr. Oratorical Award.


New post welcome home cake baked by Ken Ward.

Pictures courtesy of Historian Michael Moffett


At our September meeting, held at the new post we had nine officers present and eight members. District 5 Commander Richard Dube and Senior Vice Commander Todd Connor paid us a visit. Commander Dube presented this year’s Royal E. Miller Jr. Oratorical Award to our post for having sponsored this year’s High School Oratorical winner Hana Testerman of Chichester. The plaque is now hanging on the wall along with other recent post awards over the past two years.


Commander Dube also installed out newest post Chaplain Alfred Page after Larry Hemphill stepped down. We thank Larry for his spiritual guidance and service to our post for many years. Commander Dube spoke about the importance of recording our Post’s community service work on the Consolidated Post Report (CPR) and on the importance of retaining and recruiting membership. We thank both Commanders for visiting our new post for the first time. After the meeting, we enjoyed a special cake made by our very own Kenneth Ward. It was delicious and who knew he had so many talents?


The building committee reported on continuing renovations to the post and grounds. The flag pole was installed by Tasker’s Landscaping and solar powered lighting will be installed soon. There is some finish painting to be done outside and we are looking at the cost of installing additional security lighting to the back side of the building and having this controlled by a timer. We will also be installing blinds and curtains in the windows in the near future. We are still in need of a new refrigerator. If any one has one that is in good working condition or would like to make a donation to the post to purchase a new one please contact myself, Gary Tasker, or Stan Prescott. Since the American Legion is a 501(c)(19) Nonprofit War Veteran’s Organization. Donations to war veterans organizations are deductible as charitable contributions on the donor’s federal income tax return.


According to Department records, our current membership is up to 82 percent, needing 12 more to reach the goal of 100%. Please continue to send in your 2017 dues before December 21st.


The September Commander’s Fund Raffle winners are as follows: $50-Alex P.,$25-Tony R.,$10-Tony R.,$10-Charles P. & $5-Linda. Congratulations to our September winners. Than you for supporting Post 88.


Post 88 wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.








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