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Pittsfield NH News

September 16, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Registrations are underway for the annual golf tournament sponsored by the Pittsfield Basketball Program. 


The 2015 Mid-Summer Classic will be played on Sunday, September 20th at 9:00 AM.


Please contact Jay Darrah at 435-6701 or at [email protected] for more info on registering or sponsorship opportunities.



The Pittsfield Old Home Day Committee would like to THANK Northwood Heritage True Value Hardware for their very generous donation of prizes for the Car Show at Pittsfield Old Home Day. They were mistakenly omitted from the Thank You article. We appreciate your support!!



Forum On Tax Incentive  Zones Postponed Until Saturday, October 31st 


The All Board/Committee Forum sponsored by the Pittsfield Economic Development Committee is rescheduled from Saturday, September 19th to Saturday, October 31st. 


If you have any questions, contact Ted Mitchell, EDC Chair, email: [email protected] or 435-6573.



Pittsfield Jonas Glidden.jpg

He’s baaaaack!  Don’t miss Jonas Glidden’s discussion and photos of Our Town – 1980, Thurs., Sept. 17, 2015 at 7 p.m. in the Lecture Hall of Pittsfield Middle High School. Winners will be drawn for cash prizes in the Pittsfield Historical Society annual raffle. Tickets will be available prior to the program.



Loudon Center Freewill Baptist Church News


Our Fellowship Dinners will begin again on September 19th. Please get the word out to family and friends. The “Dump Run Gang” will be offering their wonderful eclectic brand of music. The sing along is always fun. The dinner is free, but we ask that everyone bring something for the Loudon Food Pantry.


Plans for our “Oktoberfest” to be held on October 3rd, are coming along great. We only have a few Indoor Spaces, and several Outdoor Spaces available. Just a reminder, this is a Direct Sale Vendor and Crafters Event. There will only be the Church Table for items you wish to donate. Please get the message to your family and friends.



Follies From The Folically Challenged 

Today’s T.A. Prof. Wingate


Got to ride in the front of a cruiser last week (see previous report). Town-owned buildings downtown, secured for future expansion, reportedly infiltrated by infiltrators. Chief and I found no one home, much to my relief. Also, party down at Chestnut. But our facilities maintenance guys have now zipped it up tight. What’s to happen to this lovely edifice? Well, see below. There’s apparently State funds to help move this along to the dust  heap of history, but the lady that was to send me the forms didn’t. I’m on it. 


We had the pubic hearing on the free twelve grand. With piercing insight, no one complained about getting free money. We have to apply for it, and if we get it, we use it to study how cool it would be to run the sewer line up Barnstead Road to 28. Cool. That’s now a legal phrase. I love using it. Reminds me of my hippy days, what I can remember of them..


See, I’m learning. Uncle Sam has a suit. It has lots of pockets, full of money. If you learn how, you get to pick the pockets and ol’ Sam doesn’t mind. In fact, he’ll smile while you do it and pat you on the head. Found the pocket for the sewer study, found the pocket for the sewer repair, heard of the pocket for economic expansion. There’s even a state version of U.S. That’s where the money for the building tear-down is hopefully coming from. There’s more moo-la for planning too. So, I’m learning. 


Dog Warrants. When first I heard the words had a mental picture of leetle teeny handcuffs for wayward pooches. But no, this is more of the same. A LOT of people complaining about the $25.00 smackdown for not registering your dog on time. But Geezum. Really?? I mean, the BOS will hear you out, but no one’s won yet. Register the damn dog! Then we can meet at the new dog park. (Dog park??)


Had a Long long chat with engineers and whatnot, over to the WWTP. Learned a lot. None of it cheap. We’re getting bad grades for good water. Too much phosphorus and ammonia. Our old ‘blue lagoon’ system (They’re really green, but that didn’t rhyme) won’t be able to clean the gook clean enough for the feds. (Yes, they call the tune and we pay the piper. Which is why we need to get close to Uncle Sam’s coat.) This be a heads-up that the WWTP will need a whole lotta very expensive lovin’ in the next few years. Hey I’ve got a septic system. Cost me $5,500 to replace it.


BCEP. I will always just call it The Dump. Earl down there (Earl spells his name wrong but I forgive him. He has a ’59 MGA that’s mint. Mine sits in the barn, sulking.) Earl down there told me we need to come up with two Vo-lun-teers from our fair ‘burg (‘field, I know!) to staff their committee. So CALL ME!! Meet new people! Get away from the [email protected]


There’s good deeds. There’s bad deeds. Then there’s tax deeds. By the time you read this (and everybody should read this. I mean, I’m like, Hemingway), the Board will have decided which properties to take and sell, and which they’ll back off on. The deeds get taken on the 15th. That’s NEXT WEEK. If you haven’t paid, and you’ve got a GOOD XCUSE, call me. By the way, the Heirs of Olin Davis are gonna get their feelings hurt. Nobody responded and we’re snapping that little beauty right up. (Dog park?!?) 


Shoot. My time’s up.



Update On The Floral Park Cemetery Fence Fund

By Carole Richardson


Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time to start thinking about Phase 3 of the Floral Park Cemetery Fence.   Phase 2 is now complete and looks wonderful.   The old chain link fence has been replaced entirely by the new fencing.  (Thanks again to Matt St. George for removing and disposing of that ugly rusted fence.) The new fence adds so much character to the cemetery – it shows that the citizens of Pittsfield, as well as those who have chosen this as a final resting place for their loved ones, care about the continued upkeep.  The grounds are always freshly mowed and trimmed, thanks to Don Fife.


Thanks to the continued generosity of many of you, I have approximately $4,500 for Phase 3.  That means I need to collect another $15,500 in order for the next section of fencing to be installed by Memorial Day of 2016.   Thanks for the many positive comments and wonderful notes from people who have donated funds.    I still need your help and have been asked to continue writing articles in the SUN to remind everyone that we still need to continue the funding raising.  I am not on Facebook but I know many of you are – spread the word. Remember every cent counts and no donation is too small; save your change for a month and donate it – give up that stop at the local coffee shop for a week and send the money for the fund.  Everyone can help in a small way and thanks again to all of you who have given so generously.


Special thanks continue to go to Paul at Jitters for allowing me to keep the collection box on his counter, and to all who have donated to the fence fund by dropping your change in that box; thanks also to The SUN for publishing my updates, and to Andi Riel for her articles in the Sunday Monitor.


Please consider making donations in honor of loved ones by sending your tax deductible donations made payable to the “Floral Park Cemetery Fence Fund”, P.O. Box 98 or 595 Tilton Hill Road, Pittsfield, NH 03263.  



Pittsfield Elementary School Community Forum


The Pittsfield Elementary (PES) School Improvement Team (SIT) will be holding a community forum to gather feedback on the final draft of the PES Logic Model.


A logic model is a long term plan that keeps participants in the effort moving in the same direction by providing a common language and point of reference.


This forum will take place on September 22, 2015 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. (dinner will be provided at 5:30 p.m.) in the PES Cafeteria.


Please RSVP to Tobi Chassie ([email protected], 435-6701) or Susan Bradley ([email protected], 494-1015).


As always, it’s the community voice that strengthens the mission and vision of the Pittsfield School District. Strong Community, Strong Schools.


We look forward to your participation.



100 Year Old Barn Becomes Small Town Yoga Studio

Pittsfield JTP.jpg

On September 21, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. Journey to Peace invites you to visit their yoga studio and wellness center at 1 Lyford Hill Rd in Pittsfield, N.H.


After months of renovations, the barn, built in 1880, is open for business. Journey to Peace features a yoga studio, a library, a sauna and a boutique with a variety of handmade items.


Victoria Marcotte is the owner of Journey to Peace. Victoria has been a resident of Pittsfield for 15 years. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher, a Life Coach, and a Hypnotherapist.


The open house runs from 3:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. You can drop in, meet Victoria, tour the studio and walk the labyrinth. There will be healthy treats, including water kefir and kombucha. There will be raffles that you can enter to win a variety of prizes. Yoga class passes purchased during the open house are 50% off.


Journey to Peace offers a variety of yoga classes including children’s yoga, story time yoga for children under five with a caregiver, beginner’s yoga and a special acupressure and yoga class for those suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other debilitating illnesses. There are weekly donation-based classes that make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of their income.


Check out the website at For more information or to reserve a spot in a yoga class call Journey to Peace at 603-435-0637 or email [email protected].



“A Little Piece of Heaven”

by Meggin Dail

Pittsfield Little Red.jpg

Jill Fudala, Ginger the little red hen that started it all, and Jill’s “kids” on the front porch of the barn that Mark built; Mark Bourbeau that is!


The Little Red Hen Country Gift Shoppe sits quietly on Norris Road in Pittsfield, specializing in locally made goods and hand-crafted gifts. But that’s not all; right outside the shop is a backyard farm that is a feast for the eyes. From the brand new “barn” (that looks more like a country store!) built by Mark Bourbeau to the curtains on the windows of the chicken coops, stepping onto Jill and Matt Fudala’s backyard farm is like walking around on a little piece of heaven. It’s as if you’re transported to Little House on the Prairie meets Susan Branch.


Jill Fudala, along with her husband, Matt and mother-in-law, Karin started “The Little Red Hen Country Gift Shoppe” out of the couple’s home on Norris Road just under a year ago and are so thrilled with the response that “The Hen” will now be open year round.


That “Hen” of “The Little Red Hen Country Gift Shoppe” is none other than Ginger. Ginger was one of Jill’s first out of the 52 free range chickens she raises on their little three acre backyard farm. Free range meaning Jill actually had to put up a sign to warn visitors to the shop, “Although we try to keep it neat, there will be poop, so watch your feet.” But the farm is beyond “neat,”  it’s adorable. 


As you head down the little gravel path to the shop at the rear of the house, you’re greeted by free range feathered friends and hear the bleating of the goats and alpacas, the quacking Indian Runner ducks and the occasional crow of the rooster. The little farm is also home to a couple English Angora rabbits. When I ask Jill if she has any children, she answers, “We have 10 kids under the age of two… Nigerian goat “kids” that is.” The little farm stemmed from Jill’s affection for animals and people alike.  She’s a full time nurse in “real life” and has a very loving, caring nature. She’s always been a people person and extends that to the animals, treating them like her children.


Once in the shop you are transported. While Jill refers to it as “the basement”  and what was once “wasted space,” The Little Red Hen Country Gift Shop is a cozy area that is larger than first impression. Over 25 local vendors sell their handmade crafts, food and wares here and everything is beautifully displayed and constantly getting upgrades and rearrangements by mother-in-law Karin who helps out in the shop when Jill has to work at the hospital. “We couldn’t have done it without her help,” Jill says, “she was a huge part of making this happen.” Much like the many artisans whose wares make up the bulk of the gift shop’s contents, Jill insists that without the help, love and support of her family and friends the shop would not be the dream come true that it is today.


Last fall Jill hosted a class in needle felting using the angora wool and she has plans to acquire a spinning wheel for the alpaca fleece. Free range fresh eggs are also for sale as well as herbal teas. There’s honey and maple syrup from Chichester and baskets, hand spun fibers, soap, and so much more from local artisans. Jill says more consignors are welcome, just as long as it keeps to her country and primitive theme, such as wood crafts and signs, quilts and fabric crafts and the like. On September 25 through the 27, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 5 PM, the Little Red Hen Country Gift Shoppe will be having an Open House. There will be giveaways and drawings and the farm will be open for viewing the animals. There will be something for everyone, “So bring the kids,” Jill says. Clarks Grain Store will be there with farm supplies and info. 


If you haven’t visited Jill, Karin, Ginger or The Little Red Hen Country Gift Shoppe yet, now’s the time. They are open weekends, Friday Saturday and Sunday, 10-5 on 85 Norris Road in Pittsfield. Look for their Open House  ad in next week’s Suncook Valley Sun.



What’s Up At PYW?

Submitted By Paula Martel, Program Director

Pittsfield PYW.jpg

The Pittsfield Youth Workshop is excited to introduce Sheila DaSilva as our newly hired Program Assistant for the Drop-In Center. Sheila is the grandmother of three PYW participants and recently moved to the area to be closer to her family. Sheila has already been working a few hours a week during the summer, but will become a more familiar face at PYW with the start of the new school year. Please feel free to stop by PYW to meet Sheila and welcome her to our community! 


We would also like to note a few changes on the PYW Board of Directors. We would like to say thank you to Lori Tobin for her years of service to PYW and her willingness to ask the tough questions! Ray Conner has also stepped down from the Board, her insights in youth development and nonprofit management will certainly be missed. Thank you to both Lori and Ray for your commitment to PYW and the youth of Pittsfield! 


The PYW Board of Directors is seeking volunteers who are interested in applying to be a part of our team. We have a few vacancies on the Board of Directors – and will also be searching for a volunteer Treasurer to help with accounting and financial management in the near future. If you or anyone you know may be interested in lending a hand, please feel free to stop by PYW to chat with Zach or Paula, or give us a call at 435-8272!



Letter To The Editor


It’s Friday and I can’t wait any longer to thank Dr. Fox and the entire team at the Orthopaedic Institute at Concord Hospital, and Jodi Schroeder with her team at Epsom Family Medicine. The last 19 years, starting when I was 40 years old, I developed arthritis in my left hip. This got to be quite painful. I was lucky I was able to stay away from pain pills.


The last couple of years I was really getting a lot of pressure from people who had dealt with Concord Orthopaedic telling me to do something about my condition.


Monday, August 24th, I received a new hip. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude toward probably over 50 people who helped me. My first thought was, I’m so glad to be a part of society.


I could not have done this one on my own. I’m crying as I’m writing. It’s like I get a second chance to be really healthy. As I told Dr. Fox at the end of each of my next 100 stonewalls, I will think of the people who helped me, and pushed me. Dr. Fox said that was payment enough. But really, I can only hope to repay this debt.


This whole thing reminds me of “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.” Ancient Chinese proverb.


Dan Schroth Permarocchi



The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - Part II

Submitted By Rep. Michael Brewster


Framing a new Constitution of Government for the State of New Hampshire, 1781. To the inhabitants of said state:


When the people of this state first thought proper to assume government for themselves, it was a time of difficulty and peril. That form which was the simplest, and first presented itself to their view, in the perturbation of the spirits that then prevaided, they adopted without that thorough discussion and calm deliveration which so important an object required. It was not intended to be lasting. It was expressly declared by themselves to be temporary.


In this imperfect form, the legislative and executive powers of government were vested in one body, to wit, in a General Court, consisting of two branches, a House of Representatives and Council. Nor was any provision made therein for the exercise of the executive-power in the recess of the General-Assembly.


The three powers of government, before hinted at, to wit --- The legislative, or power making laws --- the judicial, or power of expounding and applying them to each particular case --- And the executive, to carry them into effect, and give the political machine life and motion: These three important powers we have thought proper to keep as SEPARATE and DISTINCT as possible, for the following reasons


If they should be all united, the government, would then be a complete system of tyranny. The same party would be legislator, accuser, judge, and executioner. If the legislative and judicial powers should be united the make of the law would be interpreter thereof, and might make it speak what language best pleased him, to the toal abolition of justice.


If the executive and legislative powers should be vested in one body, still greater evils would follow. This body would enact only such las as it wished to carry into execution, and would, besides, entirely absorb and destroy the judicial power, one of the greatest securities of the life, liberty, and property of the subject: and in time, would produce the same system of despotism (acts of tyranny) first mentioned.


And lastly, should the executive and judicial powers be combined, the great barrier against oppression would be made to bend to the will of the power which sought, to execute them with the most unbridled rapacity.


The three powers should also be independent: in order to which they are formed with a mutual check upon each other. We shall proceed to consider them distinctly.


The Legislative  - power we have vested in a Senate and House of Representatives each of which branches is to have a negative on the other: and either may originate any Bill, except for grant of monies, which is always to originate in the House.


An Address of the State Convention 1781


Today, yesterday and for decades there has been no separation.


Walk the halls of law, try to sit in a hearing, say like the Judiciary Committee, or Finance or Children and Family Law, one would be hard-pressed to find a seat. Nevermind, to speak.


We pay these bureaucrats to do their job, not ours. It’s wrong to see so many bureaucratic schemers, scammer, out n’ out swindlers.


And always with bureaucratic swindlers, in come the scheming lobbyists. Where repeated bureaucratic failure is rewarded with unaccountable monies. A system of Privateering.


The Bad

Think about this: In 2013 the grand total of All Federal Assistance was over $1.76 billion in state expenditures.


Medicaid Financing says state can leverage as much as $2.85 in federal matching funds for each $1 they spend.


Now for Obamacare the state gets $9 for each 1. Plus administration cost. That Reward could be $3.52 billion plus another say billion in sub scams.








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