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Pittsfield NH News

August 19, 2015

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South Pittsfield Friends Church


The South Pittsfield Friends Church will host the Quakers’ quarterly  meeting on Sunday, August 30th.  Service that day begins at 10:30 am.  


Everyone is welcome to attend the service and meet with the Quaker  members.



Registrations are underway for the annual golf tournament sponsored by the Pittsfield Basketball Program.


The 2015 Mid-Summer Classic will be played on Sunday, September 20th at 9:00 AM.


Please contact Jay Darrah at 435-6701 or at [email protected] for more info on registering or sponsorship opportunities.



Pittsfield 850whites8_15.jpg

The Friday Night Kayaking Club paddles every Friday night at 6 PM at a different local site. On August 7, eight kayaks launched at Whites Pond in Pittsfield. To learn where you can join the group this Friday, visit the group’s web site: See you this Friday - just show up!


Add yourself to the group’s mailing list - get on the list by emailing [email protected] - or visit the web site.



Pittsfield Croteau.jpg

Irene Croteau, born July 19, 1925, began celebrating her 90th birthday on July 18th at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Paullette and Robert Chagnon, of Loudon Road, Pittsfield, NH with a surprise party.  All of her sons were also in attendance.  Frank Croteau and his wife, Suzanne, of Berlin, NH: Henry Croteau and his wife, Jacqueline, of Lovell, ME: Richard Croteau and his wife, Mayra, of Tampa, FL: and Michael Croteau of Bruce, FL.  Her grandson, Daniel Chagnon, his wife, Melissa and her great-grandchildren, Destinee and Chelsee and her grandson, Joel Chagnon, his fiancee, Autumn Carson and her great-grandchildren, Dalton, Matthew, Savannah and Carson also were present for the surprise event.  An additional surprise was the presence of her granddaughter, Carolyn Urban, and her husband, Lou, from Middletown, RI.  Other family and friends came from Alton, Boscawen, Concord, Manchester and Pittsfield, NH and Summerfield, FL.  The festivities continued on July 19th at her home on Western Avenue in Berlin, NH, where there was a second surprise birthday party and yes, another cake.  All of her children and their spouses were there with her as more family, including her grandson, Brad Croteau, surprising her from Errol, NH.  Neighbors and friends also gathered for this milestone birthday.  July 20th continued with more neighbors dropping by with more gifts and congratulatory wishes.  All in all she was very, very surprised and received 74 birthday cards.  She also received 3 individual congratulatory hand written notes from 3 of the managers of the Red Sox team along with some Red Sox mementos.



Pastor In Performance


Rev. Steven Small, senior pastor at the First Congregational Church of West Boylston, Mass., and a professional baritone soloist, will present a concert along with his daughter, Abigail, at Pittsfield’s First Congregational Church, 24 Main Street. The concert will take place Sunday, August 30 at 4 p.m.


The pastor has sung throughout New England in recital performances. It is his pleasure to have his daughter join him for this special concert. Organist Marjorie Ness will accompany them.


Mark your calendars for this exciting presentation. Parking and wheelchair accessible entry located at rear of church building. For more information, call the church office, 603 435-7471.



Opening Of School For Pittsfield School District


First Day of School for Preschool

September 8, 2015


First Day of School for K-6

September 1, 2015

September 2, 2015 - full day of school


First Early Release - September 16, 2015 - PES


First Day of School for PMHS

September 1, 2015

September 2, 2015 - full day of school


First Late Start Wednesday is September 9, 2015


Food Prices - Cafe Services

PES Breakfast $1.50 - PMHS Breakfast $1.75 

PES Lunch $2.50 - PMHS Lunch $2.80

PES Reduced Breakfast $.30 - PMHS Reduced Breakfast $.30

PES Reduced Lunch $.40 - PMHS Reduced Lunch $.40 


Information for Free/Reduced priced meals will be sent home the first day of school.  Information was mailed home regarding the payment program and the menus for September.  Please check the website for more information. 


New Registrations For 2015-2016

If you have not registered your child for the 2015-2016 school year please call the PES at 435-8432 or PMHS at 435-6701 to get an appointment and a packet.



The Pittsfield Players Present 70, Girls, 70

Open Auditions And Props Needed


If you’ve been waiting your whole life to be on stage, this is the show for you! 70, Girls, 70 is a completely ensemble cast experience with characters ages ranging from 20 up to, you guessed it, 70 and over. The directors have met and while we don’t believe there is an outright star of this ensemble show, there are plenty of places to shine. There are 14 principal women and 9 principal men with opportunities for 7 more roles to be cast or double cast (play more than one character) Melba and Fritzi, both in their 60’s are waitresses at the Cornucopia Cafe; Gert, 65; Eunice and Walter, a couple in their 60’s; Ida who’s 65 but looks 40; Sadie the shop owner; Mr. & Mrs. McIllehanny, the Woman in Bloomingdales, Edna Whitaker, all of indiscriminate age; a sweet old lady; a grandmother; a lady in her 70’s; Callahan and Kowalski, both women. There’s Harry, 65; Eddie the bellhop, 20; Charlie, Moe, Jack and Phil, security guards; Marvin Whitaker; a gentleman in his 70’s, a Watchman, policeman, minister and various residents. All of these characters have their own moments and most, but not all, sing and dance a little. Whether you’re an experienced thespian or this is your first go, this is your time to shine at the Scenic Theatre.  If you happen to have access to YouTube, look up the songs “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup,” 70, Girls, 70” “Go Visit” or if you’re simply interested in helping out with the show, we have space for you too.


The show is set in the 1960’s and The Players will be expecting the cast to help with set calls (construction and painting), props and costumes. Besides our directors, Meggin Dail, Carole Neveux and Jeff Gregoire; and our stage manger and costumer we are looking to our audiences and the public for some help with props.


In Search of: PROPS

There are always some shows that throw you for a loop with the requirements and here are a few things we need: Mannequins (about 4-5, one with a body that comes apart); two chandeliers, one shabby, one nice (or can be painted and jazzed up); 8 canes (do not have to be exactly alike); a white mink (or close enough); several other furs; a Chinchilla coat (or close representation) and  a banjo. If you have any of these kicking around and would like to see good use made of them, please give Meggin a call at (603) 736-8073 and we can arrange pick up or delivery. Please do NOT lend family heirlooms or expensive, irreplaceable antiques and please expect some wear and tear on items as they will be involved in several rehearsals plus 5 shows. Items may be returned or considered a donation to the Pittsfield Players prop room.


Auditions are Sunday, August 23 and Monday, August 24 at 7 PM at the Scenic Theatre, 6 Depot Street, Pittsfield, NH, be prepared to sing, do a few dance steps and read from the script. Other who are interested in building set, set pieces, lending items or making donations to our prop list are also invited. We encourage seamstresses, painters and carpenters to lend their skills as well as actors and actresses. We’re looking forward to working with You!



Pittsfield School District Bus Routes


Listed are approximate times that students will pick up students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes early.


Green Bus Route - Mrs. Boyce (AM)                

6:55 AM Tilton Hill Road as far as #310 (before Wildwood Drive)

7:00 AM Stop at Wildwood Dr. - Hill Top Rd.(out Tilton Hill Rd. - do not cross street will pick up on the way back)          

7:10 AM To school        

7:15 AM Crescent Street, Loudon Road, students to right side of road only          

7:17 AM Ring Road       

7:20 AM Targhee Road, Karacull Lane   

7:25 AM Sweetfern Drive           

7:30 AM Ingalls Road    

7:35 AM Loudon Road, Students on left side of road       

7:40 AM Back to School


Green Bus Route - Mrs. Boyce (PM)                  

2:30 PM Leaves PES     

2:32 PM Tilton Hill Road

2:35 PM Wildwood Drive

2:45 PM To PMHS        

2:50 PM Leaves PMHS  

3:05 PM Crescent Street, Loudon Road  

3:10 PM Ring Road       

3:15 PM Targhee Drive, Karacull Lane, Sweetfern Drive 

3:25 PM Ingalls Road    

3:30 PM Route Finished 


Purple Bus Route -  Mr. Marston - (AM)

6:55 AM Governor’s Road to Corner of Route 107           

7:00 AM Jenness Pond Road     

7:01 AM Clough Road    

7:03 AM End of Shingle Mill Brook Road

7:10 AM Tilton Hill Road as far as 310 Tilton Hill Road   

7:20 AM To School        

7:30 AM Catamount Road, Stop At Corner of 107 and Fairview Road       

7:40 AM Berry Pond Road, Mountain Road, Sargent Road          

7:45 AM White Brook Apartments          

7:46 AM South Main Street        

7:50 AM Back To School


Purple Bus Route -  Mr. Marston (PM)

2:30 PM Leaves PES     

2:32 PM Blueberry Express, Dollar Store

2:33 PM Cram Avenue, Carroll Street     

2:36 PM Elm Street, Park Street

2:50 PM Goes to PMHS 

2:55 PM Leaves PMHS  

3:00 PM Tilton Hill Road (Past Wildwood Drive) Catamount Road

3:20 PM Johnson Road, Thompson Road           

3:30 PM Governor’s Road          

3:35 PM Route Finished


Red Bus Route -  Ms. Hill (AM)            

6:50 AM Webster Mills Road      

7:05 AM Dowboro Road, South Pittsfield Road    

7:10 AM Turn at Tan Road         

7:15 AM Quail Ridge Circle, Prescott Road        

7:25 AM To School        

7:30 AM Lyford Hill Road           

7:35 AM Leavitt Road out 28 to Kaime Road       

7:40 AM Concord Hill Road        

7:45 AM Back to School


Red Bus Route - Ms. Hill (PM)             

2:30 PM Leaves PES     

2:32 PM Lyford Hill Road, Leavitt Road, Out 28 to Dominicks Restaurant, Martel Road, Concord Hill Road        

2:50 PM Goes to PMHS 

2:55 PM Leaves PMHS  

3:10 PM Lyford Hill Road, Leavitt Road, Out 28 to Dominicks Restaurant, Martel Road, Concord Hill Road        

3:15 PM Quail Ridge Road         

3:20 PM Prescott Road  

3:35 PM South Pittsfield Area Webster Mills Road          

3:40 PM Route Finished


Blue Bus Route - Ms. Bruedle - (AM)                

7:00 AM Lower Carroll Street, Barnstead Road to Lights - goes across to RT.107, Deer Meadow Road, Bailey Park       

7:10 AM Lily Pond Road, Shaw Road, White Road          

7:15 AM Route 28          

7:20 AM Upper City Road, Molly Lane    

7:25 AM Daroska Road, Siel Road         

7:30 AM Returns to Upper City as far as Loudon Town Line        

7:32 AM Eaton Road      

7:35 AM Norris Road across Cameron Drive to Leavitt Road       

7:50 AM To School


Blue Bus Route  - Ms. Bruedle (PM)                 

2:30 PM Leaves PES     

2:32 PM South Main Street, Town Hall   

2:35 PM White Brook Apartments          

2:40 PM Goes to PMHS 

2:50 PM Leaves PMHS  

3:00 PM Barnstead Road           

3:10 PM Shaw Road, Range Road (Only if students on road to ride)        

3:15 PM 107 N to Deer Meadow Road, Bailey Park         

3:20 PM Upper City Road, Molly Lane    

3:25 PM Daroska Road, Siel Road         

3:30 PM Upper City Road to Loudon Line, Eaton Road, Norris Road, Across Cameron Drive to Leavitt Road   

3:40 PM Route Finished 


Orange Bus Route - Mrs. Martin (AM)

6:45 AM Thompson Road, Johnson Road           

6:50 AM Governor’s Road          

6:55 AM Sanderson Road as far as Berry Pond Road     

7:00 AM To School        

7:06 AM South Main Street -  Town Hall 

7:10 AM Cram Avenue   

7:12 AM Dustin Park     

7:14 AM Park Street      

7:15 AM Back To School

7:17 AM Blueberry Express, Dollar Store

7:20 AM Oak Street, Chestnut Street     

7:21 AM Damsite           

7:23 AM Bridgeview Apts           

7:24 AM Watson Street, Corner of River Road    

7:26 AM Bridge Street & Chestnut Street

7:28 AM Back To School


Orange Bus Route - Mrs. Martin (PM)  

2:30 PM Leaves PES     

2:30 PM Dustin Park     

2:32 PM Oak Street, Chestnut Street     

2:35 PM Damsite           

2:40 PM Bridgeview Apts., Corner of River Road

2:45 PM Bridge Street, Chestnut Street, Smith Street     

2:50 PM Goes to PMHS 

2:55 PM Leaves PMHS  

3:00 PM Route 107 South - Catamount Apartments as far as 424 Catamount Road           

3:10 PM Berry Pond Road         

3:15 PM Mountain Road 

3:20 PM Route Finished



It’s Tuesday. Isn’t That Friday, Somewhere?

By E. F. Wingate, Interim Town Administrator, Non-Emeritus


Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was saying (I’m always saying, just ask my wife): somebody asked me this week just who I thought I was. Was tempted to say something I didn’t; with age comes more age. But what they meant was - why do I use all the names I use? The reason I do it is -  just because. 


First visit from a person with private water, having received my letter about the sewer bill. “Where is it written,” he said. I showed him. “What type of meter,” he said. Hmmmm. Okay, then! Turns out it’s a Sensus Meter with remote read, available through E. J. Prescott of Concord, to the Pittsfield Aqueduct standards. We’ll work our way through this. 


At the last meeting, the free squash-resistant kid safety devices were discussed. Later this fall, we’ll bid it. I said free. What the hell am I talking about? 


We also resolved to check on the Clark’s Pond dam, with a fancy-dancy engineering company, so don’t be alarmed if someone with a clipboard is sneaking through the poison ivy downstream. If he’s fishing, let me know. Erica is selling fishing licenses now (ATV, hunting, all that fancy stuff) and we would like the business.


Okay, controversy. At the Late Great Town Meeting in March, the Pittsfield Center Development Corporation, known fondly as Pee Cee Dee Cee, was voted to be property tax exempt, (Article 28, for you trivia buffs) “as recommended by the town’s assessor.” Well, the assessor DID recommend this. Problem: after receiving new information, and after the Town met, she changed her mind. In April, she recommended denying the exemption. So what’s a selectboard to do? By a vote of 3 to 2, they denied the exemption. But they agreed that Pee Cee Dee Cee could apply for an abatement, to their heart’s content. This apparently blew up on social media. Stay tuned. 


K. Lastly, last Friday, I was in court. No, not under arrest again (I was arrested once. 1970. Cost me $27.00 for being a “pedestrian on an interstate highway.” Younger people won’t realize that’s fancy talk for hitchhiking.) No, this one takes the cake. If I was living in a house which had been taken by the town for tens of thousands in back taxes, never had a lease, never paid rent, I would be ashamed. I certainly wouldn’t file suit against the Town (which let me live there til school’s end, again rent free). But I will have sat through this travesty, where this person has gotten a Superior Court judge to hold up an eviction, and we’ve had to hire a fancy Concord lawyer to explain this, so we can proceed to more expensive legal process, to get them out. I mean, wow. 








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