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Pittsfield NH News

May 6, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


It is time to choose the 2015 Pittsfield Citizen of the Year. Please send the name of the person you are nominating and the reason you feel they should be considered to:


Citizen of the Year

P O Box 173

Pittsfield N H 03263


Deadline for nominations is June 3.



On Tuesday, May 12 at 10:00 AM at the Pittsfield Area Senior Center, the Epsom Healthcare Center is giving a “Falls and Fire Service” presentation. This is a free program open to the public that describes how to prevent falls and protect ourselves and loved ones against fire. This program is especially oriented to the aging population. Please call 435-8482 for more information.



The Pittsfield Area Senior Center quilting club is starting a new quilt on Wednesday, May 6 at 12:30 PM. If you have ever wanted to learn or if you are master quilter this club may be for you. We meet every Wednesday at 12:30 PM at the center. If interested and want more info please call at 435-8482 or you can just show up on Wednesday.



Pittsfield Music Producer Wins “Producer Of The Year” Award

Pittsfield Brian Coombes 2 crop (1).jpg

Rocking Horse Studio, New Hampshire’s premier audio production and recording facility, is proud to announce that owner/producer Brian Coombes has received a “Producer of the Year” award from the New England Music Awards (NEMA). The award recognizes excellence in music production from New England-based music producers. Coombes received the award at the Fourth Annual New England Music Awards ceremony held on April 18, 2015 at Showcase Live in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

In addition to receiving the “Producer of the Year” award, Coombes also performed at the ceremony, joining “Pop Act of the Year” Pat & the Hats, and Greg Hawkes of the Cars, for a short set that included the evening’s finale, a rendition of the Beatles/Joe Cocker classic, “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Coombes has produced a studio version of that song for a future NEMA release.


Coombes has produced projects for a diverse list of well-known regional acts, including fellow NEMA winners the Dusty Gray Band, Pat & the Hats, and the Adam Ezra Group, as well as critically-acclaimed records for Tristan Omand, Will Kindler, Christian Cuff, Mari Winings, MB Padfield, Rachel Vogelzang, and Steve Blunt. In his career as a producer and musician, Coombes has worked with such notable musicians as Greg Hawkes (the Cars), Garth Hudson (the Band), Ian McDonald (King Crimson), Chris Difford (Squeeze), Jonathan Mover (GTR), Tony Rombola (Godsmack), Ingrid Chavez (Prince), and Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan).


Coombes is currently producing records for a number of artists at Rocking Horse, including Pat & the Hats, the Greenlights, Anna Jefferies, Chris Peters, and Haley Shannon.


“It’s an honor to receive this award,” states Coombes. “It gratifying to see that all of the work that we’re doing here at Rocking Horse Studio is attracting some recognition.”


To learn more about Brian Coombes and Rocking Horse Studio, please visit or



Sheila Ward Named As ELO Coordinator Of The Year

Pittsfield Sheila Ward.jpg

Sheila Ward of Pittsfield has been selected as the first Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) Coordinator of the Year. Sheila received multiple nominations, and several letters of support revealed an outstanding educator worthy of receiving this NH Excellence in Education award in its inaugural year. Ward was the first ELO Coordinator at Pittsfield Middle High School and has served in that capacity for five years.


Pittsfield Superintendent John Freeman is pleased and proud of the ELO program Sheila Ward has developed. He notes that she is an “outstanding model for ELO coordinators in New Hampshire,” and “her commitment and leadership are beyond question.” Freeman adds that Ward is also recognized regionally and nationally as a mentor, advisor, and guest speaker and is “highly regarded as one of the outstanding experts in her field.”


Ward received additional letters of comendation from colleagues, parents, community partners, and statewide organizations. 


“Sheila’s knowledge of instructional methods, student learning styles, and her interpersonal skills have been the driving force in sustaining ELO work in the District and beyond.” - Sarah Rollins, Pittsfield School District


“Her dedication is infectious and influences those around her to want to do more, and to be better….Sheila is a true example of what an educator should be.” - Tina Greco, NH Department of Vocational Rehabilitation


Regarding an ELO plan Ward designed for her son, “It was so beautiful to see her focused on his dreams and help him find a place in the world and a chance to be successful.” - Alice, Young, Parent


“Sheila’s ability to collaboratively create an authentic learning experience inclusive of the student, credentialed personnel, and the community partner is an example of how she facilitates the connection between the traditional classroom experience and the real world application of it in the business environment.” - Ross Morse, Editor, The Suncook Valley Sun, Inc.


Extended Learning Opportunities have been part of the NH Minimum Standards for Public School Approval since 2005. ELOs offer students multiple ways to learn outside of the traditional classroom and earn credit toward high school graduation including, but not limited to, internships, apprenticeships, private instruction, community service, independent study, performing groups, and online learning. The ELO Coordinator is recognized as the individual to manage, create, facilitate, monitor, and champion Extended Learning Opportunities to meet students’ needs and interests.


Sheila Ward represents the best of this profession, and notes that being an ELO Coordinator has been an exciting journey. “I not only receive my own sense of gratification and fulfillment, but also learn a great deal of topics ranging from religious figures to changing my own tires. The students have helped to push me beyond all structures of traditional education.” We are proud to name Sheila Ward as the ELO Coordinator of the Year 2015. She will be honored at the New Hampshire Department of Education Excellence in Education Awards (EDies) dinner in June.



Pittsfield Pantry.jpg

The Winsunvale Shores Homeowners Association would like to thank the good people of Pittsfield and the Suncook Valley Area for their generous support of its St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, Bake Sale and Auction. Your donations made it possible for the Association to make a contribution to the Pittsfield Food Pantry. Shown above is Mrs. Ruth Strickhart Director of the Pantry receiving a check from Lynn Heroux in the amount of $870.00.



Take Charge Of Your VA Health Care

Submitted Via Merrill Vaughan,Chaplain

American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75 Pittsfield


Did you know that you can access your medical records, including your doctor’s notes, online? The program is called My Health eVet, and it’s a FREE resource that will help you get the most out of your VA medical care.


You can register online today at, or you can use the My Health eVet Sign-up Kiosk during your next appointment. You’ll soon be enjoying benefits like:


Secure Messaging with your primary care team (it’s just like email)


Online prescription refills (no waiting on the phone)


Access to your VA health records (including your doctor’s notes)


And much, much more!


If you choose to register online, be sure to upgrade your account during your next appointment by asking the clinic staff to help you upgrade your My Health eVet account to Premium.


If you have problems signing up online, you can always call the My Health eVet national help desk at 1-877-327-0022, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. EST.



Letter To The Editor


Pittsfield needs and appreciates its devoted and hard-working volunteer network.  


I attended the selectboard meeting on 4/21/15 along with many other residents. As a lifelong Pittsfield resident and volunteer, I was appalled at the treatment that Clayton Wood, Chairman and members of the Website Committee received during public input from our town administrator(TA), and certain members of the selectboard.  During the entire exchange there was never a thank you for all their hard work – just criticism.    


Thousands of people use our town website weekly.  Countless volunteers/employees submit items for posting, seek and receive assistance on website issues.  Your Website Committee –AT NO COST TO THE TAXPAYER – AND WITH COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY accomplishes all this.  Since 2007, your town website has existed thanks to the volunteers of the Website Committee and your tax bill is not affected by this cooperative effort.


Right now, your TA, in cohort with certain selectmen, is trying to eliminate the website volunteers and replace them with a paid service.  He claims there are complaints about the website, but cannot provide documentation.  He claims our website is substandard, but any comparisons to other town websites fail to substantiate the claim.  Apparently, they’ve been planning this ‘takeover’ since our new TA began his job barely a year ago, but no records exist that he approached the Website Committee with improvement suggestions.  In fact, while our TA was seeking outside quotes for a taxpayer funded takeover, not a single written request or complaint came to the Website Committee all year.


Voters must view this confrontational behavior toward a group of volunteers who have provided a proven and successful service to the community for over 7 years as completely unacceptable.  This quest for power reaches directly into the taxpayers’ wallets.  I believe the voters must decide this issue, through petitions and warrant articles if necessary.


Carole Richardson





Pittsfield People:


Early in March this year I broke my ankle. It put me in a cast and on crutches.


I don’t recommend it, but I’m thankful that I live in Pittsfield.


People around town helped me in many ways.


Holding doors open, making sure there were no icy spots, finding things and carrying them for me.


And just being cheerfully patient while I moved slower than a busted turtle.


I don’t know who you all are, but I am entirely grateful to every one of you.


Thank You.

Bill Miskoe



Spotlight On Seniors

Pittsfield Seniors.jpg

Back Row: Ryan Marquis (Tree #1 and sound), Miranda Deeds (Lullabye League Member and Nikko), Quinn Boyce (Cowardly Lion), Jessica Massey (Toto Handler), Ulviyya Akbarova (Tree #2). Front Row: Josaphine Towle (Dorothy), Brynne Gaudette (Glinda)


At the end of May, Pittsfield High School Seniors will be taking the stage to perform Tams-Witmark’s rendition of The Wizard of Oz. Quinn Boyce, Brynne Gaudette, Miranda Deeds, Ryan Marquis, and Josaphine Towle have been active members of PMHS Drama club for many years performing in past shows such as Aladdin, The Boarding House, A Christmas Carol, and Romeo and Juliet. Newcomers, Jessica Massey and Ulviyya Akbarova, have quickly become valued members of the drama family. 


Come see the dynamic chemistry of these performers bring L. Frank Baum’s beloved characters to life through genuine emotion and true friendships. Show dates are Friday and Saturday,May 29th and May 30th at 7pm, and Sunday, May 31st at 2pm. Seats are limited to 100 per performance and tickets are on sale now for $8. Ticket prices will be $10 after May 10th. Contact Anne Banks ([email protected]) or Josh Shawver ([email protected]) for tickets or more information.



Letter To The Editor


I listened to such incredulous comments by certain selectmen (4/21/15 meeting), I wondered what I was missing regarding the quality of our town’s website.  I decided to verify certain parameters for myself.  I used the NH cities and towns list and reviewed websites town by town.  Originally, I only intended to review a small sampling, but discovered such interesting patterns that I actually reviewed all 234 towns.


My analysis proved to me that our town’s website can stand up to any of them.  Ours is certainly not sub-par and any suggestions for improvements (WHICH ABSOLUTELY CAN BE HANDLED BY YOUR CURRENT VOLUNTEERS) are clearly not an emergency. To listen to one selectman describe Pittsfield’s website as being so outdated that he doesn’t even use it anymore is outrageous. Citing his IT experience, the selectman proceeded to say our website has too many links, has no ‘counter’, and requires a complete redesign by an outside vendor.  The fact is that not all towns use outside vendors and less than 1% of towns use counters. More modern data tracking is readily available to anyone who asks our Website Committee.


To spend one year deviously planning to ‘fire’ a volunteer committee that works every day for this town, then proceeding to publicly justify their decision by impugning the quality of these volunteers’ work is unconscionable.  Selectman Douglas thinks he is going to ‘save’ a website that doesn’t need saving, and Selectman Nilsson voted against Clayton Wood’s reappointment to the possibly non-existent Website Committee.  These are the very two selectmen whose terms expire in 2016.  And, of course, all of this comes with a non-budgeted cost to the taxpayer. 


The only voice of reason was Selectman Hayes, who supported both the website and volunteers, and requested a list of upgrade suggestions from department heads.


God Bless Our Troops,

Rachel Wood



VA Research Commemorates 90 Years Of Health Care Innovation Focused On Improving Veterans’ Lives

Submitted Via Merrill Vaughan,Chaplain

American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75 Pittsfield


The Department of Veterans Affairs will highlight 90 years of improving the lives of Veterans and other Americans through medical and prosthetics research when it celebrates National VA Research Week May 18–22, 2015, at host medical facilities across the United States and its territories.


“VA Research and Development plays a pivotal role in improving the health of Veterans,” said VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald. “In addition, the advances in health care developed by VA have benefited millions of other Americans and patients worldwide.”


As part of the nation’s largest integrated health care system, VA research has unique opportunities to address some of the most critical issues in health care today. During fiscal year 2015, nearly 3,400 VA researchers will work on more than 2,200 projects. In addition to VA funding, VA researchers compete for funding from the National Institutes of Health, nonprofit associations and private pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.


VA medical centers across the nation will mark VA Research Week with special events such as tours of their research facilities, lectures, poster displays and luncheons to honor the Veterans who voluntarily participate in VA studies.  The week-long activities will highlight current research, much of it focusing on Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, and using new technology in fields such as brain imaging, DNA sequencing and cell therapy. Another highlight of Research Week will center on VA’s Million Veteran Program, which aims to create one of the world’s largest databases of health and genetic information. To date, the program has enrolled some 350,000 Veterans.


Also in the spotlight will be past accomplishments, such as the work of Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Andrew Schally, who received the award in 1977 for discoveries relating to hormones. Today, nearly four decades later, Dr. Schally is still an active VA researcher, studying cancer, diabetes and heart disease at the Miami VA Medical Center.


“From the development of effective therapies for tuberculosis and implantable cardiac pacemakers, to the first successful liver transplant and the nicotine patch, VA’s trail-blazing research accomplishments are a source of great pride to VA and the nation,” said Dr. Timothy O’Leary, VA’s chief research and development officer. “The impact of VA research on Veterans’ lives stretches back to the 1920s, when researchers reported on studies looking at treatments for malaria, the long-term health effects of chemical warfare and mortality among Veterans with mental illness.” 


To learn more about the work of VA researchers, past and present, visit For more information on local and national events marking National VA Research Week, visit



Pittsfield Historical.jpg

This Spend the Summer in Pittsfield brochure will be among the memorabilia displayed “In the Good Ol’ Summertime” program of the Pittsfield Historical Society, Wednesday, May 13, at 7 PM at the Society museum.  We invite you to share your memories of summers in Pittsfield as we share celebration histories of the Pittsfield Old Home Week (1901), summer carnival, 4th of July (1904) and horse racing!  Please join us with your fondest memories.  Refreshments will be served.



Bringing Back The Art Of Quilling


Red Blazer Restaurant, 72 Manchester St., Concord, NH, Thursday, May 14th, 20155, 11:30 AM-1:30 PM, featuring Linda Schmalberger, “The Quilted Quiller.” Lynda will show and demonstrate how you wrap strips of paper around the quills of birds to creatunbelievable designs.


Special speaker, Lovedy Alexancer, will share her success story of self doubt and anger.


$18, program, three course lunch, tax and tip included. All are welcome. For reservations call Wendy, 485-7446, Diane ,798-5819, or Dolores, 545-1780. Reservations by May 11th. Cancellations are required.


Sponsored by Concord Christian Women’s Connection & Stonecroft Ministries (non-profit).




Bradley W. Ward


Pittsfield Ward.jpg

Bradley W. Ward went home to be with the Lord on April 25, 2015 after complications from surgery in Cleremont, FL. Born on July 13, 1936 in Framingham, MA, Brad spent most of the last 25 years living in FL with his wife Mary. He leaves behind his two sisters, Beverly Duncan of Avon, CT and Nancy Gee of Sarasota, FL, Mary’s four children Ralph Lena, Lori Denby, Aida Kettner, all of FL, and Sal Lena of NJ. He also leaves his four sons, Scott, Jonathan, Christopher and Daniel, all of Pittsfield, NH and his daughter Catharine Lugg of Bradenton, FL.


He was the Grandfather to 27; Great Grandfather to 3, and special Pepa to Grandson Zach from Groveland, FL. He was pre-deceased by his parents, Ellwood Warren Ward and Edith (McMaster) Ward, and his Grandson Matthew Warren Ward.


Brad graduated from the New Hampton School in 1955, from Babson College in 1958 and was employed many years through his father’s engineering firm, Haley and Ward of Waltham, MA.


He along with his first wife, June Valentyn, introduced their children to New Hampshire by way of Hampton Beach, where they spent summers and vacations for years. Also as a Boy Scout leader to his boys, he lead adventures into northern New England.


He loved the times he spent in Pittsfield visiting his family, volunteering for the Balloon Rally and boating on Winnipesaukee.

A family service is to be held at the Pittsfield Congregational Church in June.








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