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Pittsfield NH News

May 13, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


It is time to choose the 2015 Pittsfield Citizen of the Year. Please send the name of the person you are nominating and the reason you feel they should be considered to:


Citizen of the Year

P O Box 173

Pittsfield N H 03263

Deadline for nominations is June 3.



The Suncook Valley Area Lions Club (serving Pittsfield and Barnstead) is requesting your gently used donations for the Multi Town yard sale on June 6 and 7. 


We cannot accept televisions or clothing, but please clean out your closets and garages and call 435-5052 to arrange for a pick up.




Submitted By Terrie Azotea


Well, this past week our KOPS best loser was Barbara and our TOPS best loser was Heather. We have two Miss Angels who are almost to their goals. They are Suzie and Joyce.


We had an awesome time with a lot of laughs doing chair exercises that anyone can do while watching tv or just needing to do some stretches. One of our members brought in some tips that we might not be aware of about our breakfast foods, it was called 10 breakfast foods that are full of sugar. That was something for us to think about.


We had awards handed out for royalty, our best loser of the month was April and runners up were Joyce, Heather and myself. Flowers were also handed out to those who also had a weight loss. All in all, we had a really encouraging night of good tips and laughs. Kudos to all of those who had a weight loss. Once again, I cannot say it enough, as hard it is to lose it’s even harder to keep it off!


If anyone is interested in joining us, we meet on Tuesday nights at the Berakah on Fairview Rd. in Pittsfield at 5:30 for weigh-in and at 6:30 for our meeting! We welcome new faces! Hope everyone has a good week and see you all lighter next week!



Update On The Floral Park Cemetery Fence Fund

Submitted By Carole Richardson


Spring is finally here, Memorial Day is just a few weeks away, and thanks to the financial support of countless individuals, businesses and organizations, I am overjoyed to announce that Phase 2 of the fence project will be underway next week.  This phase will include 520 feet of fencing along with the granite posts with a walk-through gate on High Street, at a cost of $20,000.(Phase 1 included 445 feet of fencing at a cost of $18,900.)  Rick Sykes from Superior Fence has been extremely generous and helpful by giving me the same price for the granite posts and fence sections as last year, as well as donating the walk-through gate. A special thank you to Matt St. George for his donation of time and equipment to remove and dispose of the old fencing on High Street, which also contributed to a savings on Phase 2.


Special thanks continue to go to Paul at Jitters for allowing me to keep the collection box on his counter, and to all who have donated to the fence fund by dropping your change in that box; thanks to  the SUN for publishing my updates and to Andi  Riel for her articles in the Sunday Monitor.   I am already collecting for Phase 3, and with your help this phase will hopefully be completed by Memorial Day 2016.  Please consider making donations in honor of loved ones during this very special time of year when you visit their gravesites to place flowers and mementos in their memory.   The Floral Park Cemetery is a beautiful resting place, and a special thank you to Superintendent Don Fife for his 44 years of continued hard work and caring – he makes the job look effortless.  Please continue to send your tax deductible donations made payable to the “Floral Park Cemetery Fence Fund”, P.O. Box 98 or 595 Tilton Hill Road, Pittsfield, NH 03263.  Thank you.     





Dear Pittsfield Residents:

On April 7, 2015, the Board of Selectmen commissioned an investigation into the Planning Board’s actions and procedures with regard to a subdivision application.  The action was initiated by complaints by the applicant.  Because of the desire to seek an impartial opinion, the Board of Selectmen hired the Law Firm of Upton and Hatfield to conduct the investigation.


The findings of the report include “several instances where the board or Chairman Wood failed to follow the proper rules of procedure, including: (1) conducting a meeting without a quorum; (2) Chairman Wood’s unilateral decision to order engineering services and (3) the Board’s reliance on ad hoc rules. Despite these errors, the board has ratified Chairman Wood’s action…” The full report is available on the Town website ( and every resident is encouraged to read it.


Thank you,

Michael R Williams

Town Administrator

Town of Pittsfield

85 Main Street

Pittsfield, NH 03263




Loudon Center Freewill Baptist Church

Spring Fair  Saturday,  May 16TH., 2015 Hours: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Join us at the Fair. We will have many Vendors,  and Crafters. Face Painting will be available and The Middle River Gospel Band, will be playing all day. Raffles will held all day as well. Get your chance for a Hand Crafted Doll House for your child or grand-child. Tickets are moving fast For more info or to have a table, please call or email:Gayle Doyle at 60.435.0496/ [email protected] or Lorraine Welch 603.435.6510. We look forward to seeing old friends as well as making some new.




Notice of Resignation


Myself, Matt Goodwin, and my wife, Jen Goodwin, regretfully resign from the Pittsfield Website Committee effective immediately. Our resignation is due to the fact that the Website Committee was forcefully demoted to an advisory only committee by the Board of Selectmen, and a paid company has been hired to take the place of the dedicated volunteers of the Pittsfield Website Committee who have served the town for the past 7 years. We feel it is not in the town’s best interest for us to support what we consider to be a needless hostile takeover of the town’s website that was driven by false information and will negatively impact taxpayers directly.


While it’s a shame that the majority of the Board of selectmen came to this uneducated decision without regard to the taxpayers and with such disrespect for the volunteers, we would like to thank Selectman Nick Hayes for supporting the Website Committee and for simply doing what is right for the taxpayers. Mr. Hayes you are an asset to the town of Pittsfield.


We would like to thank the Pittsfield Website Committee members that we served the town with, it was a pleasure working with such a dedicated and enthusiastic group over the years. We would also like to thank the residents who supported the Website Committee and those who submitted information to us. It has been a pleasure working with all of you.



Matt & Jen Goodwin

Center Barnstead, NH



Letter To The Editor


Please be informed what is happening in our/your Town of Pittsfield. 


Seemingly out of no where, the BOS has fired the Pittsfield Website committee and is hiring a Mass. Commercial website company. 


The Pittsfield website committee was a volunteer group formed by the BOS back in 2007 and has been maintaining and developing the website ever since.  We responded to residents concerns and were not aware of any complaints with the site.  Evidently the BOS and the Town Administrator have different ideas when it comes to spending our tax dollars.


Please visit the Town Hall and read the draft minutes from the 4/21/15 and the meeting from last night 5/5/15.  This is no way to run the town government or to treat volunteers.


I have sent a letter of resignation to the Town Administrator.  My photos no longer have my permission to be posted to the town website or to the future commercial website vendors.


This is a very sad time for the town of Pittsfield due to the actions of those who operate out of the Town Hall.


Bob Legg



Catamount Womenaid Plans Perennial Plant Sale


Gardeners will be delighted with the wide variety of locally grown plants at Catamount Womenaid’s Perennial Plant Sale on Saturday, May 23 from 9 to 2:00. The sale will be at Christie’s Antiques on Route 4 in Epsom--the purple house on the hill across from Cumberland Farms. All the plants, which have been donated by local gardeners and nurseries, will be ready for transfer into home garden beds. Choose from dozens of varieties suitable for full sun to shade. 


All proceeds will benefit Catamount Womenaid which provides emergency financial relief for individuals and families in Deerfield, Epsom, Pittsfield and Strafford (see 



Pittsfield Continues To Improve! 

Submitted By Selectman Eric Nilsson


The Town is even closer to rehabilitating the properties next to the Library at 37 and 33 Main St.  We are on-track to request proposals from developers by mid-Summer. 


The dilapidated fences and foundations at 14 Depot Street have been removed leaving a flat useful lot.  We are considering our options on that parcel of property ranging from an open greenspace to a parking lot.  If you have any comments about the project, please contact any of the Selectmen or the staff at Town Hall and let us know your opinion. 


42 Chestnut Street is slated for demolition this Summer to make way for a parking area adjacent to Drake Field.  However, it may be delayed a bit because we are applying for a FEMA grant that may pay for the demolition.  In the meantime, you will be seeing the Fire Department and the Police Department using the building for training.


The Town of Pittsfield’s website is undergoing an exciting new facelift and upgrade, but unfortunately change can be painful and sometimes hard to accept which has generated dissatisfaction with a few residents. Pittsfield has had a dedicated and hard-working group of volunteers who have maintained the Town’s website for years and every resident who has used the website should thank the committee for their work. The Board of Selectmen certainly appreciate their efforts.  Unfortunately, the website committee was not able to achieve the level of progress sought, so we have contracted with a company to design and implement a new and improved website.


The Safe Routes to School project to build sidewalks and repave the streets near the school continues.  You may see surveying and markers on the ground on and around Berry Avenue.  Once the surveying is complete and the residents can see the proposed changes on the ground, the Board of Selectmen plan to have another public hearing to listen to citizen concerns.



Letter To The Editor


22% of NH town websites are served by small business webmasters who live in the town they host or a neighboring town. They likely charge very little, perhaps nothing, and I commend the residents of these towns for supporting their local businesses and volunteers.


Another 37% of NH town websites don’t even use a third party vendor for website hosting.  These towns host their own websites using identical or similar software that our website volunteers have used - and continuously upgraded - for 7+ years.  Now that the tyrants (excluding Selectman Hayes) in our town hall have fired your volunteers, you’re expected to pay for this unnecessary service.  But it doesn’t stop there.  This website redesign will cost more than the numbers being quoted.  While your taxpayer-paid town administrator(TA) will relish his power to pick hunter-green or sky-blue for a wallpaper background, choose his ‘FAV’ drop down menus, and make his awesome template choices, a website is nothing without content.  What you click on depends entirely on whose fingers are on the other side of the keyboard.  Whether that person is an out-of-town consultant, or whether that person is a taxpayer-paid town employee, either choice will cost you money. Let’s not forget that our town hall employees were already so busy that there was talk last year about adding a part-time position to alleviate their burden.  I can assure you that the TA doesn’t care about adding employee hours and additional costs to complete his website control needs.


Matt & Jen Goodwin, Bob Legg, Bill Provencal, & Clayton Wood have been despicably kicked out with the trash by a group of town hall tyrants (excluding Selectman Hayes).  If this can happen to a volunteer group providing a successful service, the question is who in the town of Pittsfield is next?!!!


God Bless Our Troops,

Rachel Wood



Globe And 3M Donate $28,080 To Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund

Corporate Supporters Raise Funds at FDIC International 2015


Globe Manufacturing Company continued its partnership with the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), the nation’s largest firefighter training conference and exhibition held April 23-26 in Indianapolis. With its supplier partner, 3M, Globe invited attendees to try its new G-XTREME® 3.0 turnout gear on the Globe Virtual Firefighter Athletic Circuit and committed to make a donation to the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund in each firefighter’s name. This year Globe had firefighters spin a wheel to determine the donation – $10, $20, $50, or $100. In total, Globe and 3M donated $28,080 to the Fund from the Globe Virtual Firefighter Athletic Circuit at FDIC.


“We believe in the mission of the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund and are delighted that we’ve helped them make a difference in the lives of firefighters, their families, and departments over the past year,” said Rob Freese, senior vice president of marketing at Globe Manufacturing Company. “Globe has always given back to the fire service and we are proud to partner with this worthy cause and hard working group of volunteers.”


Terry Farrell was a father, a husband, a brother, and a dedicated firefighter who lost his life on September 11, 2001, during the World Trade Center attack. Among the 343 heroes who died that day, he was in Tower Two when it collapsed. A decorated member of Rescue 4/FDNY and chief of the Dix Hills Volunteer Fire Department, Terry was a devoted firefighter who embodied the spirit of courage and giving. The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund was established in his memory to assist firefighters and families across the nation with financial, educational and medical support, and to provide equipment donations for fire departments in need.


“The Terry Fund appreciates the great partnership we have with Globe. Globe not only makes some of the best and most innovative fire gear on the market today but also strongly supports the fire service through its direct assistance to the Terry Fund,” said Brian Farrell, chairman of the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund and brother of Terry


Farrell. “Firefighters across America also directly benefit from the awareness that Globe brings to the Fund.”


3M is excited to continue its partnership with Globe in supporting a great cause like the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund,” said Jennifer L. Sickmann, Global Segment Marketing Manager for 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material. “The support and enthusiasm shown by firefighters at the FDIC event was impressive.”



Letter To The Editor


To the good citizens of Pittsfield,

I needed a couple of months to collect my thoughts about this year’s Town Meeting.


All the Town departments seemed to get funding they needed, including capital reserves for future equipment purchases.


I’m glad the Pittsfield Town employees got their increase and their contract. I feel the selectmen got the best deal they could, so we should support them and the employees.


I remember a few years ago, we cut $125,000 from the proposed budget. Anyway, we spent $110,000 on legal fees, fighting and eventually settling with the employees union. Now we don’t fight for a few years.  We can get more done for our town.


I’m glad the Town adopted Floral Park Cemetery as a town cemetery and committed Town money towards its maintenance. 


Another item that put a smile on my face was the affirmative vote to commit Town resources to be used the operation and maintenance of the Community Center. This building was built by the people who came before us. All we gotta do is help to keep it up. What a deal.


I am extremely disturbed (my brother Mark’s phrase, not mine) that our building inspector did not get removed. He is a contractor in town. He inspects his competition. He responded he only took one job in Pittsfield last year. I should have asked if that made him just a little corrupt.


Dan Schroth Piermarocchi





Dear Fellow Citizens of Pittsfield,

I don’t know about you all, but I personally have one thing to say about all the negative and disruptive letters that have been surfacing in the paper of late, and that is STOP!   There have been so many good things happening in town and positive actions, and instead of taking a moment to look at and to state the positive, these people look only to the negative, and create drama where there really isn’t any!


Personally, after having been in and out of the town hall for many years, I have to say that since Mike Williams has been on staff, the mood in the town hall is much lighter and people are much happier and cheerful!   When one has a question, or they would like to speak to Mike Williams, he is approachable and will get an answer to the best of his ability! 


Then, with actually looking at the town as a business, and seeing what would perhaps benefit it in the future, there have been some great strides made for the better of the town.   Main Street has taken an upswing with new storefronts and new tavern, not to mention another large business that moved down into town with their specialty business!   The rebuild and expansion of one of the town’s larger businesses.  The removal and planned removal of dilapidated buildings and abandoned cellar holes.  It took more than one person or board to make this all happen, it took a village.  But it also takes one entity to coordinate and keep things moving!  


I think these are some very positive things that have happened in just the downtown area.  This doesn’t include all the rest of the things that are going on around town!   We have a positive forward movement, which in turn brings us positive press and perhaps make us more appealing to other businesses or families!   I also noticed that the negative attitudes are coming from one root!   



Carole Dodge



Josiah Carpenter Library Trustees And Friends

To Host Local Author, Michele Albion 

Submitted By Beverly Pietlicki

Pittsfield Library.jpg

Michele Albion, Dover New Hampshire resident and author of “The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt” will be presenting a talk at the Pittsfield Middle High School on Thursday, May 21st at 7pm in the School Lecture Hall. Michele visited Pittsfield in February of 2014 and gave a popular presentation on Henry Ford. 


Michele’s background in history, museum science and research qualifies her as an expert on various historical figures whose primary resources she has culled for particularly exemplary and usual quotes. Michele has divided and grouped these quotes into various categories which during her presentation she brings to life by her supporting historical facts. 


Here is an excerpt from her web site referring to Eleanor Roosevelt as an important and distinctive figure in our history:  


“Born in the late 1800s, to one of the wealthiest families in New York City, Eleanor


Roosevelt seemed destined for a traditional woman’s role within a sedate Victorian life. Instead, she married her fifth cousin and was flung into the highest levels of American politics, culminating in Franklin’s unprecedented four-term presidency.


While previous first ladies refrained from public discussion of their personal views, Eleanor’s bold opinions on political, social and racial issues took many by surprise. She held press conferences and wrote a syndicated column. She spoke at national conventions, granted interviews, and often made appearances on her husband’s behalf.”


Michele will talk for about forty minutes and then take questions. She will finish her presentation with a book signing. As an historian, researcher and writer, Michele has written “The Florida Life of Thomas Edison,” “The Quotable Edison,” “The Quotable Henry Ford,” “The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt,” and most recently, “The Quotable Amelia Earhart” (University Press of Florida, 2015.)  


Join us for a free and fun presentation with Michele Albion, author of the “Quotable” books and celebrate the special spirit of one of our greatest First Ladies! All of her books will be available for sale at the conclusion of the presentation. 


A gift certificate to Molly’s Tavern will be given away and a special taste testing of one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s favorite recipes will be offered. 


Please contact Beverly Pietlicki or any of the staff at the Josiah Carpenter Library (435-8406) for further questions or information.




John A. Paige, PhD


John A. Paige, PhD, 67, of Delaware Township NJ, died suddenly at his home on April 28.


Born in Pittsfield, NH, he was the son of the late Courtland and Olive (Elkins) Paige. He attended Pittsfield schools, UNH and University of Florida at Gainesville.


He was a Marine Biologist at heart and by trade for most of his career, as well as, Digital Communications and Business Operations Manager with Bristol Myers Squibb. John also worked at Harvard for many years, specializing in heart disease research. John was an avid fly fisherman, Civil War enthusiast, and straight Egyptian Arabian Horse breeder.


He was President of the Saco River Salmon Club and a member of Madison Avenue Sports Car and Chowder Society, the Pyramid Society and the Arabian Horse Association.


He is survived by his wife of sixteen years, Patricia Beddiges Paige, cousins, nieces, nephews and numerous friends.


Funeral services and interment will be private under the direction of Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home, 147 Main Street, Flemington NJ.


In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to Team Velvet (a horse therapy group for children w/ disabilities). PayPal donations accepted via the website at



Melanie Guptill


Barrington – Melanie Guptill, 51, of Barrington passed away as the result of an automobile accident on Thursday, April 30, 2015 in Lee, NH. The daughter of Philip and Audrey Guptill, Melanie was born on December 4, 1963 in Rochester, NH. Her mother Audrey; her father Phil; her daughter Hailey Senter; her brother Paul Guptill; her granddaughter Bristol Senter; Aunts,  Carol Golledge and Marilyn Ross, survive Melanie. Melanie’s larger than life personality will be greatly missed by friends and family.


Melanie was a graduate of Spaulding High School Class of 1981 and a graduate of McIntosh College. Upon graduation from McIntosh she attended NHSU and worked as an accountant. She started her own accounting business after working for the family business.


Melanie was an avid animal lover and accumulated many over the years.  She had a passion for horses at a very young age and followed through with that passion throughout her life. She eventually passed this passion on to her daughter, Hailey, and they spent the majority of summers traveling the east coast participating in horse shows. In 2004 Melanie and Hailey attended the Appaloosa Youth World show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Melanie was an artist and enjoyed artwork.  She also had a passion for muscle cars throughout life. Anyone that knew Melanie knew about her “baby’, her Z28!


Her cousin Dennis Guptill, paternal uncle Frank Guptill, her maternal grandparents, Melvin and Myrle whom she was very close with growing up, predeceases her


In lieu of flowers the family has asked donations be made, in Melanie’s name to the Humane Society of New Hampshire or the SPCA of New Hampshire. 


A celebration of life for “Mad Mel” took place at Purdy Memorial Chapel in Lee, NH on Friday May 8, 2015. Rev. Scott Little field, officiated. A private graveside inurnment will take place at a later date. Online condolences may be made at








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