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Pittsfield NH News

February 25, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Editor’s Note: In the 2/11/15 issue of The Suncook Valley Sun, Dan Schroth Piermarocchi’s letter to the editor mis-identified Paul Metcalf, Jr. as a candidate for Pittsfield’s zoning board. Paul Metcalf, Sr. should have been referred to as the candidate who filed for one of the open seats.



Play Ball!


Pittsfield Youth Sports would like to announce softball and baseball signups for girls and boys aged 4-18.  Signups will be held in the Pittsfield Community Center on Wednesday, March 4 (5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.), Saturday, March 7 (9:00 am – 12:00 p.m.), and Tuesday, March 10 (5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.).  If your child is new to the program, please bring a copy of his/her birth certificate to signups. If you have questions, please contact Jesse MacGlashing at 724-7528.



Concord Hospital Trust Accepting Scholarship Applications


Concord Hospital Trust, the philanthropic arm of Concord Hospital, announces the Concord Hospital Trust Scholarship Fund for nursing and allied health students.  


The Fund, part of the Trust’s endowments, was made possible by the generosity of Concord Hospital’s many benefactors, both past and present.  Their vision was to inspire and enable students to pursue careers in the nursing and allied healthcare professions to enrich their lives, while ensuring the continued availability of quality health care to the Greater Concord community.  


The Concord Hospital Trust Scholarship Committee, a volunteer sub-committee of the Trust’s Stewardship Committee, has developed scholarship eligibility guidelines and will make decisions on Fund awards.  


Scholarships will be awarded based on financial need, academic merit, personal character, and other criteria.  Students who live within Concord Hospital’s primary service area, have graduated from a high school within the service area, or who have lived within the service area for one year are eligible to apply.


The application is available on Concord Hospital Trust’s Web site at All applications must be received or postmarked by April 30. Award decisions will be made by mid-June.

For more information about the Scholarship Fund, the eligibility requirements or to apply, visit or contact Concord Hospital Trust at (603) 415-6624.





Dear Pittsfield Voters,

I am running for one of two open seats on the Pittsfield Planning Board.  Please help me with your vote on March 10.


In 2005, the planning board approved Bailey Park with 13 new vacant house lots on a cul-de-sac town road.  Shortly after the approval, the developer went bankrupt after having sold only three lots.  Taxes from 13 Bailey Park homes were supposed to pay for maintaining Bailey Road, but only three homes have been built. The rest of the town must cover most of the maintenance costs because no consideration was made to protect the town against an unviable development.  Contrast this against the 2013 board under Chair Clayton Wood, who protected the town’s financial interests by requiring the developer of Stagecoach Station to bond their proposed improvements against possible developer insolvency.


The planning board under Chair Clayton Wood is considering a new subdivision regulation to require that developers proposing a new town road must first demonstrate that Pittsfield taxpayers will not find themselves maintaining a new town road that almost no one uses.  Unfortunately, the adoption of this regulation and other taxpayer protections are in jeopardy.  Since November, the planning board has rejected the forward progress that minority board members Clayton Wood and Jim Pritchard are trying to make happen.


If elected, I will support adopting subdivision regulations to protect taxpayers, such as a regulation to protect taxpayers from having to maintain new town roads that almost no one uses.  I will always protect property rights, but protecting property rights includes protecting abutters and others who may be adversely impacted by proposed development.


I am running for planning board to keep the board moving forward. Please help me with your vote on March 10.


Thank you,

Daren Nielsen





Dear Pittsfield Citizens:

It’s voting time and I am asking you to vote for Pat Heffernan in his bid for one of the open seats on the zoning board.


I believe he will bring some new ideas and experience to this position.


Please join me in voting for him. See you at the polls.


Larry Konopka




Dorcas Guild


The February 10 meeting of the Dorcas Guild of the First Congregational Church of Pittsfield began with a call to order and welcome to the 15 attendees by President Nancy Fogg. She asked that we observe a moment of silence in remembrance of Beverly Moore and Steve Lank. Leslie Vogt and Nella Hobson led the devotions with all joining in “The Lord’s Prayer.”


Various pieces of correspondence were read and a few cards were sent around for signing. Nella read the minutes of the January 2015 meeting, which were accepted as read. Reny Boyd read the treasurer’s report, also accepted. The food basket brought by Nancy went to Gail Ann Newton and then will go to Paula Corriveau. The mystery package brought by Paula was won by Gail Ann. Gloria Biron explained the needs associated with the Easter Breakfast and solicited donations.


Nancy then presented several current proposed projects the church is facing in the upcoming year. Nella made a motion that was approved that the Guild select one of the projects. Nella reported on the wood cabinet project which will replace the current metal cabinet in the Vestry holding surplus music. This project was approved.


Next discussed was the Concord PJ Party project. This is part of the Spirit of Giving Campaign at the Concord Hospital and involves donating funds or items such as PJs, underwear, socks, etc. for children of all ages as well as for adults. The Guild voted to approve this project.


The report of the committee to research alternative ways of donating to fuel assistance followed. It was noted that Paula Corriveau conducted extensive research, which was appreciated by all attendees. Much discussion followed with the decision to take the matter up at the next meeting.


Paula presented her ideas concerning a Saturday Mission Group – sewing, knitting, crocheting different items such as pillowcases for the military, hats, scarves, hand warmers, etc. for different causes. The group would meet Saturdays, possible every other Saturday from 10-2. More information will be forthcoming. A Prayer Shawl Ministry was suggested and warmly received by the Guild. The group was reminded of the upcoming Food Pantry Spaghetti Dinner to be held at the church February 21, from 5-7 pm.


The hostesses then presented banana splits with all enjoying their favorite ice cream with bananas and a variety of toppings. Next month’s meeting will be held March 10 with hostesses Bev Murdough and Nancy Fogg. It is our “Scavenger Hunt” evening as well as our time to select prayer partners. Please bring along a toiletry item for the Pittsfield Food Pantry.





Citizens and voters of Pittsfield,

I am writing today to ask for you to vote with me for Dan Greene for a position on this year’s planning board.


The board seems to be in a position to make a change, and I believe that Dan Greene would be a positive change for Pittsfield.   He has the education and the experience for this position.   He served on the planning board in the past, when the planning board was very active!


Community and Unity means a lot to both Dan and myself, and for this reason I think he would be the best choice for one of the upcoming seats on the planning board!   So, please join me in voting for Dan Greene for planning board.   I also like Roland Carter for the planning board!  


Over on the Zoning board, Pat Heffernan, Jeffrey Swain, and Paul Metcalf, Sr. all have knowledge and time and understanding of the Zoning board, and would be our best choices!    


See you at the polls!



Carole Dodge 





To the voters of Pittsfield, 

My name is Daniel J. Greene.   I am running for Pittsfield Planning board.  I used to be on the planning board when it was appointed as well as elected.  Whether it is elected or appointed, five or seven member board, people with integrity will do right by this town.


The current board under the chairmanship of Clayton Wood has done more harm than good.  The other members on the board have been belittled and brow-beaten to the point that Mr. Wood and Mr. Pritchard dictate under the guise of RSA.  There needs to be a balance between intelligence and common sense, right now it is lop sided.


People that make up the public at these meetings have been abused by the leadership of this board.  This current board is not independent or accountable.  As far as keeping up, this board has taken 4 years to vote in the correct “rules of procedure.” Only this April will the board be a legal five member board.   All the years of hard work are to no avail if the members cannot work together, and vote to make a difference.   All one has to do is look at past meeting minutes to see what has been going on.  


So, in order to represent all parties fairly, and to protect the taxpayers, please vote for me, Daniel J. Greene on March 10th.



Daniel J. Greene



Cancellation Of Fellowship Suppers


Loudon Center Freewill Baptist will be cancelling our Fellowship Dinners for Sat Feb. 21st and Mar. 21st. due to the probability of inclement weather. We will meet once again on April 18th for Fellowship Supper with good food and entertainment. Please join us then. May our Lord keep us warm and safe during these frigid and snowy days.



American Legion Post 88 News

Submitted By Commander Shawn Jones


Our January meeting was attended by eleven members. I gave a report to the members that I had attended the Selectman’s meeting the night before and asked if the town would be willing to assist us with paying for the Memorial Day parade since our revenue is declining. I explained to them our biggest expense was the $500.00 donation we make to the Merrimack Valley High School Band for their participation in the parade. They said they would take the matter under consideration and get back to me. Approximately a week later I received a phone call from Brenda at the Selectman’s office who informed me that the Recreation Committee agreed to have $500.00 transferred out of their annual budget and have this money put into the Patriotic Purposes line item expense in the town budget. I would like to thank Alicia Grimaldi and the rest of the Rec committee for their generosity.


I attended the Mid-Winter Conference in Rochester on January 31st. This was a very good conference with a lot of information and training being offered. The Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion where in attendance as well. Representatives from the NH Liquor Enforcement Bureau and the State’s Pari Mutual Commission where on hand to provide training and answer questions regarding liquor laws and gaming rules and regulations. A Legionnaire who used to work in the insurance industry spoke at great length regarding the various types of insurance polices that individual posts may want to have depending on there needs.


The Membership Chairman Mark Grimshaw talked about the need for posts to turn in all their membership renewals and to actively recruit eligible members to join. The NH Department of the AL is not unique in its problem this year with its membership. The VFW is also having its own problems with members renewing and joining. No one has the answers why but we all need to a better job of renewing our membership on time, asking a veteran to join and talking the Legion up to people we encounter. Let them know why you joined and what we are all about. We are a service oriented organization. If you have questions about the Legion and why you should join please get in contact with me. The Loudon Post would welcome the chance to talk with you. Loudon Post 88 is still in third district wide, our membership is at 84.21%. Our Adjutant Joe Piroso is asking that those remaining members send in their 2015 dues renewals. He says we are 12 members short of having 100% for this year.


Our Commander’s Fund Raffle winners for January were: $50-J.Hopkins,$25-M.Dioune,$10-K.Bean,$10-F.Collins & $5-J.Supry. Congratulations to our winners.


Upcoming Legion event for March is:


Junior Oratorical Contest

Location: NH Institute Of Politics @ St. Anselm College

Additional Information: Junior Oratorical Contest March 28th 6-8th Grade.

District contests should be complete no later than March 13th.

Contact Information: Gerard Leduc 470-6992 or [email protected]

Date: March 28, 2015

Time: 8:30 AM





To the citizens of Pittsfield, 

My name is Roland Carter and I would like to introduce myself and announce my candidacy to run for the planning board.


I am currently an alternate on the board. I have been attending the planning board meetings since August and have an increasing excitement in our town and the changes that could be implemented to increase the benefits to the businesses and the citizens of Pittsfield.


As any newcomer to town, but a life long New Hampshire native and resident, I believe that Pittsfield would benefit with change, and in this case that may be new faces with fresh ideas on some of its boards. Change to move forward into a growing, prosperous, and exciting place to work, raise a family, and enjoy free time right in our own town. Change is never easy, and change in the heart of the political entities of the town is even more difficult and it takes work and dedication to the appointment to make it successful. I’m ready to take the next step to becoming a full time board member and dedicate the time and energy it takes to make this position successful. Bringing new fresh ideas about how we can become a more cohesive team of educated individuals, understanding of the laws, with a common path to achieve town goals, is a challenge I’m ready to accept.


I would like to see articles brought forth to the board voted on with a secure understanding and knowledge that the laws and rules have been researched thoroughly, efficiently, and fairly for a positive end result.


Thank you,

Roland Carter



Letter To The Editor


To the good citizens of Pittsfield,

I was talking to Rick Belanger from Epsom last night. We were talking zoning. We both know this is where dreams and the constitution meet the road. We talked about the scr----- Randy Cutter got trying to open a truck repair facility on the 28 side of Concord Hill Rd., and how come we haven’t fixed it?


If elected to the zoning board, I hope we get together with the planning board and maybe propose a zoning change to commercial on the last 1/2 mile or so on the 28 side of Concord Hill Rd. We have lost commercial land to residential over the last 20 years.


Maybe we should replace some?


Thanks, Rick, for the call. Your granite piece around your sign above the traffic circle will soon make another appearance.


Dan Schroth Piermarocchi




Gail A. Lennon


Gail A. Lennon, 59, died February 11th at her home in Pittsfield. She was born in Concord, NH the daughter of Joseph and D. Grace Willey. She is survived by a son, Roland Bowie of Franklin and a daughter Tara Marcotte of Oriskany Falls, NY, seven grandchildren, three brothers Glen, Greg and Gary Willey  all of Loudon, three sisters, Sue Bertollime of CT, Gloria O’Neil of FL, and Laurie Coffey of HI.


A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday at 11:00 AM in the Advent Christian Church, Main St. Pittsfield. The Rev. Gerard Hardy, Pastor will officiate.


The Perkins & Pollard Memorial Home, Pittsfield, is assisting with arrangements.








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