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Pittsfield NH News

December 2, 2015

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Dorcas Guild


The November meeting of the Dorcas Guild of the First Congregational of Pittsfield began with a welcome by President Nancy Fogg. Diane Vaughan began devotions by reading from a “Friendship Booklet” filled with sayings about friendship, among them “Friendship Is a Gift from God.” All joined in “The Lord’s Prayer.” She also passed around some cards for signing.


The October 2015 minutes were approved as written, as was the treasurer’s report. The food basket brought by Reny Boyd went to Evelyn Richard and will go to Nancy in January. The mystery package brought by Bev Murdough was won by Mary Jo Powelson to bring in January.


Nancy spoke about the 2015 project – the Spirit of Giving for Concord Hospital. She will take any remaining items to the point of contact. Paul Corriveau updated the group on the Community Action Program (CAP) and how we may consider it again in 2016.


Last month’s approval of a donation for a new refrigerator was recently realized as it had been delivered and installed in the kitchen. Gailann Newton reviewed the fair luncheon with items still needed. Nancy updated the list of workers and floaters for the fair. Nella gave an update and requirements for the December 5 Craft Fair.


Nancy passed around a sign-up sheet for hostesses for the 2016 program guide. Nella will complete the guide for the January 2016 meeting. A nominating committee for officers for the new year was requested with Gailann and Linda Towle responding. The Collation Committee will remain with the same members with Elaine Coffey taking the lead. The issue of new tablecloths was raised; we will purchase the required new tablecloths.


Delicious refreshments provided by Linda and Diane consisted of pumpkin ribbon bread, warm apples and ice cream and cider. Donations of socks for the homeless and refugees were collected.


Next month’s meeting, December 8 at 6 pm, will be our Christmas Party Pot Luck and Gift Exchange ($10). Hostesses are: Peggy Jacobs, Reny and Nancy. Wednesday meetings will be suspended until February 2016.



Life Moves On (And Other Earls of Wisdom)

By Sandy the Earle of Wingate


Last time’s Selectboard meeting (never select-bored) was as fun as a barrel of monkeys. Now, that was a phrase my mother used, way back. I never thought about it much, but when I did, I wondered: What would monkeys do in a barrel that would be so fun? And why would this author even bother to say it? Why is the sky blue?


So the meeting considered the curfew issue. Faithful readers will remember when the Board got all flacked up when it seemingly denied the PeeCeeDeeCee’s charitable exemption in the face of a Town vote to give it to them, because after Town meeting our assessor, with new information, said they didn’t qualify. This curfew deal is up for discussion because the AyCeeElYoo wrote us (and 3 other towns) to say our curfew was uncontrovertibly unconstitutional. When we first got the letter in September, the Board said not to answer it, let’s see what happens. Well, what happened was that a whole lot of lawyers in other “target” towns went into overdrive (like throwing money down a well) and poof! Franklin, Somersworth and Belmont threw in the towel before the fight even began. Our Selectboard, mindful of the Town mandate (Town meeting 2006, for you history buffs), said hold off. So I talked with the AyCeeElYoo lawyer, lawyer to lawyer, and lawyerly we agreed to no lawsuit until the Town decides to either keep it or not, with  no curfew enforcement til then. What’s to decide? IMHO, how much to pay for the litigation, that’s what. Me, my taxes are high enough. I don’t want to pay for litigation (money down a, well-).


Speaking of TAXE$, that’s been the Topic Du Jour. (French. Not to be too political, but I support the French. Nous sommes tout Francais, maintenant.) I mean, there’s been a steady stream of people calling/stopping by (I was going to say b****ing but I won’t because frankly, they have every right to complain). So listen up! Here’s what you have to do: Abatement! There’s an application Form – we have them here at Town Hall – or you can go on line and 21st Century it (15 years down, 85 to go): Board of Tax and Land Appeals. You can read the law, RSA 76:16 (same 21st Century internet google whatevah). Deadline: March 1. Just sayin’ it ain’t fair ain’t gonna cut it! Form has “A section requiring the applicant to state with specificity the reasons supporting the abatement request…”. There’s other stuff too, so read it - see you before March 1!


The Selectboard completed its budget review last meetin, earliest in recent memory. The Budget Committee got it hot off the press the next night for their first meeting, and sank their teeth and claws right into it. We don’t get a direct say in all the money we ship off to Washington to be wasted. We don’t have a much of a direct say in the money we shovel into the furnace in Concord. But we do have a direct say, during Town Meeting, about exactly what we will spend here (and School Meetin for the youngun’s skoolin’). I’d ask that you keep in mind what effort goes into producing our budget. If you have questions about any of it, ask. Ask now!


Finally, news about a Town + School partnership, and the work of the Town Administrator. Thanks to a grant secured by Cara Marston, we will now have a school resource officer in our schools. Officer John Webber starts December 1. Pittsfield now joins the majority of New Hampshire communities in having an on-site officer. For many and varied reasons, this is way cool.



Christmas Carol Sing-along


Do you have a favorite Christmas carol? Well, there’s a good chance it is among those featured at First Congregational’s Christmas sing-along. “Caroling, Caroling,” is set for Friday, December 11, 7-8 p.m. at the First Congregational Church, 24 Main Street, Pittsfield. It will include a variety of old favorite Christmas carols – with the original words – to listen to or to sing along. Light refreshments and fellowship will follow. Be sure to mark your calendar for this free enjoyable Christmas season event for all ages. There is parking and a wheelchair accessible entrance at rear of church at Chestnut Street. For more information call the church office at 435-7471.



Josiah Carpenter Library

December Library Events


Join us for a special “New England Christmas” at the Chichester Grange Hall on December 5th at 1:00 pm, a jointly sponsored program 


Josiah Teen Book Worms Discussing  “Gabriel Finley and the Raven’s Riddle” by George Hagen (and writing riddles) on Thursday December 3rd   between  7-8:30  pm at the library


Preschool story hour December 3rd, 10th, 17th Thursdays 10:00 am – 11:00 am. December themes are winter, snowmen and wreaths. Join Mrs. Grainger for a fun filled hour of stories, crafts and a snack. Ages 2 – 5 Read Meet & Talk Join us for an exciting book discussion on “The Boys and the Boat” by Daniel James Brown at the Pittsfield Senior Community Center Tuesday December 8th at 10:30. Stay for a leisurely lunch afterward.


December 16th Outreach program to Blueberry Express 10:00-11:00 December 17th Registered parents participating in the 1,000 before Kindergarten program to pick up their book bags, notebooks and free books at the library.


Wednesday afterschool Holiday Craft program, December 9th and 16th -   (Tapetricity holiday cards and ornaments) Ages Kindergarten through 5th grade


Library Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday, December 15th, 2015, 7 pm Pittsfield Writer’s Circle Christmas Tea Thursday, December 17th  at 7 pm at the library featuring Christmas stories Closed at 5:00 pm  on December 24th in observance of Christmas Eve Closed on Friday December 25th and Saturday December 26th in observance of the Christmas holiday Josiah Carpenter Library, 41 Main Street, Pittsfield, NH 03263 (603)435-8406



Josiah Carpenter Library Launches 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program

Submitted by Beverly Pietlicki, Director


Josiah Carpenter Library is proud to announce a new program aimed at supporting parents achieve early literacy goals for children under the age of five. This program is a state wide  initiative sponsored by Children’s Library Services, the New Hampshire State Library, and is  supported by the Center for the Book at the NH State Library, the NH Academy of Family  Physicians, and NH Family Voices. The Friends of the Josiah Carpenter Library have purchased  book bags and notebooks to give to parents who register for the program.


What does a parent need to do in order to register and participate in this program?  Registrations  are available at the library and at Blueberry Express. They are easy to fill out and ask a parent  how many books they are willing to read to or with their child before he or she enters  kindergarten. Children love to snuggle with their parents to watch television or play video  games, but it is just as important that parents read with their child. Children who are read to by  their parents before entering kindergarten are more confident learners when they begin their  journey into formal educational environments.


For every 100 books read by a parent with their child, they are acknowledged by the library. This could result in 10 recognitions once 1,000 books have been completed. The  library will help parents pick out appropriate books for reading, help track the number of books  read and support parents in reaching their individual goals. Reading the same book twice counts  as two books because repetitive reading has also proven to help children begin to learn word  patterns and recognition. Many children ask to be read to and once they begin to feel comfortable with a reading habit, say in the evening before bed, they learn to expect a routine and often ask  for more books on a familiar topic.


Consider giving your child a head start by participating in this unique opportunity to create an  important bond with your child before they enter into kindergarten. Your town library is here to help you make difference. Registration is open until all bags have been claimed.  For further information please visit the Children’s Library Services webpage at:








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