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Pittsfield NH News

September 18, 2013

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Those Celebrating Birthdays are: September 18, Pat Alexander, Joseph Suchomski; September 20, Kegan Feeny, Jennifer Kearns; September 23, Mary Jane Snedeker; September 24, Joe Zahn, Candee Frost.


A Very Happy Birthday To One and All!



Celebrating Anniversaries are: September 23, Norm and Steph Tuttle.





We are updating our birthday and anniversary lists and need your help.


If you would like your name to continue to be printed with your birthday and/or your anniversary date, then give us a call at 435-6291. If we don’t hear from you, we will remove your name.



Does someone’s drinking trouble you? Al-Anon is a supportive program for anyone who has or has had a problem of drinking in a relative, friend or parent. Al-Anon is anonymous. What you say here is not said outside of our room. 


An Al-Anon meeting continues to be held every Thursday evening at 7:15 pm at the Epsom Public Library. For further information visit



Suncook River Clean-up

Do Your Part To Keep Our Waters Clean!


On September 21, 2013 - 9:00 am to 12:00 noon, join a clean-up team in the following communities:


• Barnstead – Meet at Barnstead Library parking lot. Contact Henry Beairsto at (603) 269-7761, or at [email protected])


• Pittsfield – Meet at Drake’s Field boat launch. Contact Sandy Blanchard at (603) 724-3768, or at [email protected])


• Pembroke – Meet at Biwise Market. Contact Phil Trowbridge at (603) 340-5220, or at [email protected])


• Allenstown - Meet at Biwise Market. Contact Laura Bonk at (603) 340-3524, or at [email protected])


You can bring a small boat (lifejackets required) but you do not need a boat to participate.


Organized by: Friends of the Suncook River. See our website at



Globe Manufacturing Company Promotes Family Safety As Part Of September’s National Preparedness Month


September is National Preparedness Month. Globe is participating this year by encouraging families to plan ahead for weather-related emergencies.


Now in its ninth year, National Preparedness Month is a nationwide, month-long effort hosted by the Ready Campaign and Citizen Corps that encourages households, businesses, and communities to prepare and plan for emergencies. 


One of National Preparedness Month’s key messages is: be prepared in the event an emergency causes you to be self-reliant for three days without utilities and electricity, water service, access to a supermarket or local services, or maybe with only the response capabilities of your local police, fire, or rescue. Preparing can start with four important steps:


1. Be informed about emergencies that could happen in your community, and identify sources of information in your community that will be helpful before, during, and after an emergency.


2. Make a plan for what to do in an emergency.


3. Build an emergency supply kit.


4. Get involved.


Preparedness is a shared responsibility; it takes a whole community. This year’s National Preparedness Month focuses on turning awareness into action by encouraging all individuals and all communities nationwide to make an emergency preparedness plan.

“With fall approaching and winter right around the corner, it’s a good time to start planning for weather emergencies,” said Rob Freese, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Globe Manufacturing Company and also Director of Emergency Management for the Town of Pittsfield. “A good way to prepare is to think what you would need for a three day camping trip. The more families can be prepared, the safer and more comfortable they’ll be if and when the time comes.”


For Pittsfield public notices and other town resources, visit



What’s Up at PYW?


After a fun-filled summer, PYW is back to our regular school year schedule. We are open Monday - Friday from 3-6 pm. Stop by to pick-up our fall calendar or go to to see all the great programs we will be offering over the next three months. 


On PES Early Release Wednesdays, we will be offering several great 6th grade only trips and activities (Frisbee Golf, Apple Picking, and Movie Day). On no school days, we also have some amazing trips planned. Columbus Day will be spent Outdoor Rock Climbing, Veterans Day at Funspot, and a trip to the Circus in early October. If you are interested in any of these programs, please sign up early. Trips fill up fast!


One day each month, the PYW computers will be shut down and we will be working together on a community service project. During these days, we ask that the youth who come to Drop-In participate fully in the activity we have planned. We have a lot of fun opportunities for youth to give back to their community!


PYW will also be organizing Outdoor Activities on Mondays, Arts and Crafts activities on Thursdays, Games on Fridays, and Cooking Club staring in October. In addition, there will be a Girls Only Afternoon on November 8th, we will be holding the Annual Haunted House on  Halloween Night, and our Thanksgiving Family Meal on November 27th.


If you have any questions about any of our activities, please feel free to give us a call at 435-8272 or swing by PYW. If you haven’t, please Like us on Facebook to see pictures of this summer and keep up-to-date with what is happening!





Jitters Café would like to express our sincere appreciation to the nearly 30 people who gave up their valuable time on Sunday, August 11th to help us move. We were very touched with the overwhelming response to help, and could not have done so smoothly without you and your support. We love you all and can’t express our thank you enough. I wanted to put names to this, but with so many people I don’t want to miss anyone. So again, Thank You To All!


Paul and Dave

Jitters Café




The Action Committee With Pittsfield Listens

Thanks You For Sharing Your Voice!


Thank you to the 175 people who participated in the ‘Communication-the Sharing of Information-Survey’, and to the many community members and groups who helped to spread the word!


This survey, conducted by the short term communication action committee with Pittsfield Listens, was open for participation from August 20th - September 2nd. Committee members reached out to friends, neighbors, classmates and colleagues in person, on the phone, and through email and social media. Others heard about it in the press release in The Suncook Valley Sun. Or perhaps you saw us with clipboards asking you to participate while at the Kindergarten, 7th and 9th grade orientations, canvassing around town, and even at the town pool on that hot summer day.


Committee members are grateful for the widespread participation and the feedback shared. The results are helping to inform the next phase of research.  By the end, the committee will have a final report with suggestions for improvement of existing structures, offer ideas for an online neighborhood forum, and plans to construct community bulletin boards around Pittsfield. Pittsfield Listens will be playing a supportive role in the next phase to implement the changes and suggestions.


Communication was chosen as a focus based on priorities shared by participants in the monthly Pittsfield Listens Community Connection Series and in one-to-one interviews. A more in-depth discussion occurred at the July Community Connection Series, where participants explored the question What would it look like to have more accessible and effective communication in Pittsfield, including between community and the schools? At the end of the discussion, participants decided it would be helpful to have an action committee form to explore what can lend to more effective and accessible information and communication in Pittsfield.


For more information, feel free to contact Molly, Community Outreach Coordinator with Pittsfield Listens at [email protected] or 312-6980.



Baked Beans And Fried Clams: How Food Defines A Region


Join us on September 24, 2013, at the Pittsfield Area Senior Center at 11:30 am Luncheon featuring Regional Specialties, 12:30 pm Cider Donuts and Maple Syrup, and 1:00 pm Presentation.


Baked Beans, fried clams, fish chowder, Indian pudding - so many foods are distinctive to New England. This talk, and the preceding luncheon, offers a celebration of these regional favorites along with an examination of how contemporary life has distanced us from these classics. What makes them special and how do these foods define our region?


Author Edie Clark has written extensively about New England in award-winning feature stories for Yankee magazine, and she is the author of numerous books.


The 11:30 luncheon will feature baked beans, clam cakes, coleslaw, apple sauce, cornbread, apple cider, cider donuts and maple syrup.


We would like to thank Appleview Orchard, Chichester Country Store, NH Cider Works, and Journey’s End Maple Syrup for donating goods to the luncheon.


This program is free and open to the public. Funding is provided by the NH Humanities Council. The Senior Center is located at 74 Main Street, Pittsfield, NH. Please call 435-8482 to make a reservation for lunch. There is a $2.00 suggested donation for the luncheon.





Paul’s Unisex closed five months ago on Main St. and I was very fortunate to be able to join the girls at Cindy’s Hair Affair. They were wonderful to work with, and I have no regrets for doing so. But then after a period of time, I realized I missed owning my own salon. I didn’t want to step on any toes doing business and decided that it was in my best interest to re-open Paul’s Unisex. Cindy and girls were saddened that I was leaving since we all enjoyed one another, but understood that I needed to be on my own.


I just want people to realize it doesn’t matter which place you support, that we all understand it is a choice of whom you are comfortable with. Thank you to all, and hope to see my clients again soon at the new location.


Paul Rogers

Paul’s Unisex

1 Depot St.

Pittsfield NH




Letter To The Editor


The Pittsfield Food Pantry wishes to say thank you to all the general public, churches and organizations who have helped us be of service to the needy families of Pittsfield.


This past year has been a busy one for us. In the year August 2012 through July 2013 we served 106 families, 332 individuals, and passed out 4,858 items at a cost of $10,926.75. The total for the year was $131,121.55.


That is quite a savings to the town if they had to take care of these families.


We received no benefits from the town. The only cost to the town is the electricity to light and heat the basement and run the refrigerator that the food is kept in.


There are certain people in town who are saying we are not a needed service. I will leave it up to the people to answer the question.


I hope this will let you know the need for this service here in Pittsfield.



Ruth Strickhart




Chamber Music Comes To Church


The North Country Chamber Players (NCCP) have agreed to make a special entry into their busy fall schedule to appear at the First Congregational Church, 24 Main Street, Pittsfield, Friday, October 4, 7:30 p.m.


The free concert will consist of Brahms and Haydn selections as well as Dvorak piano pieces. Featured performers are:  Miki-Sophia Cloud and Ronnie Bauch, violin; Christ Finckel, cello; Ah Ling Neu, viola; and Bernard Rose, piano. To learn more about these talented musicians, consult the NCCP website at:


Mark your calendar for this delightful event – an evening of lovely music in the beautiful church sanctuary, and bring a friend! Parking and wheelchair accessibility at rear entrance. More information at: or 435-7471. All love offering donations will be gratefully accepted.



Pittsfield reunion.jpg

The Pittsfield High School class of 1945 got together on August 21, 2013 for their Annual Luncheon Gathering at Newick’s in Concord with ten classmates attending. There were some classmates not able to attend because of traveling distance and illness. We also enjoyed the company of three guests. Theresa and Steven Green, wife and son of Charles Green and Evelyn Richards daughter of Joseph Rogers. Classmates pictured are: Front row: Margaret Towle, Barbara Gilman, Alma (Heywood) Herndon, Lucille (Davis) Rogers, and Jeanne (Banks) Eastman. Back row: Charles Green, John Herndon, William Wilson, Arnold Stock and Joseph Rogers. A good time was had by all and we hope to meet again next year.




Submitted By Terrie Azotea


Well, it’s the time of year where the kids are back in school and I am sure some of you moms are doing the happy feet dance as I did when my kids were young. We start to settle in with some sort of schedule as the fall leaves change. We had a great summer and stayed active. We all know what the change of weather means and what comes next. Shorter days, colder temps and how we are going to stay active each day. Fall is a great time to get out there and take a refreshing walk and the smell is awesome. We tend to stay more active in the summer. When the colder months come, we think about what we are going to do to keep our weigh down because we all know how easy it is to gain weight.


It’s easy to gain. Look at that piece of cake; you have gained a pound. A bite here and there sure adds up. So if you need to lose some weight, or want to stay at your weight and need help, or want something to do on a Tuesday night, come on out to TOPS.


We are a nonprofit weight loss support group. We meet on Tuesday nights at the St. Stephen’s Church on Main Street in Pittsfield at 5:30 pm for weigh in and at 6:30 pm for our meeting. It’s a good way to meet new friends and lose weight.


Any question, please call Stuart Pike at 856-4842 or Pat Smith at 435-5333.


“Remember it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”


Hope everyone has a great week and see you all lighter next week!








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