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Pittsfield NH News

July 3, 2013

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Those Celebrating Birthdays are: July 3, Kellen Giuda, Patricia Freeman, Andrew Dunne; July 4, Linda Fife, Joyce Brewster; July 5, Jim Adams, Paul Colby, Betty Sweet; July 7, Dave Sweet; July 8, Stephanie Hetu, Kerianne Hast, Michael Bailey; July 9, Kate Drew.


A Very Happy Birthday To One and All!



Celebrating Anniversaries are: July 6, Joe and Deb Collins; July 8, Rene and Bev Drolet.





Early Head Start is accepting applications for children under the age of 3 and for prenatal women who would like to participate in the program. Early Head Start is free for income eligible families. For further information and to jump-start your child’s learning, please call 435-6611.



Suncook Valley Soccer Club will be holding Fall 2013 Sign Ups at Old Home Day. Please stop by our table on Saturday, July 20.  Sign ups for SVSC are for boys and girls between the ages of 4-12. SVSC is always looking for parent volunteers. We need help with setting up and maintaining fields, help in the snack shack and with coaching. We look forward to seeing you at Old Home Day.



VA Processes Nearly All Disability Claims Pending Over 2 Years,

Moves To Complete Those Older Than 1 Year

Over 65,000 Claims Eliminated From The Backlog In 2 Months

Submitted By Merrill A. Vaughan Commander

American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75

Pittsfield, NH 03263


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today that as a result of the initiative launched in April to expedite disability compensation claims decisions for Veterans who have a waited a year or longer, more than 65,000-claims – or 97 percent of all claims over two years old in the inventory – have been eliminated from the backlog.


Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) staff will now focus their efforts on completing the disability claims of Veterans who have been waiting over one year for a decision, while completing the final batch of oldest claims in progress. 


“Over the past two months, VA has been dedicated to providing earned benefits to the Veterans who have waited the longest,” said VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki. “Thanks to our hard-working VBA employees, we have completed nearly all claims that have been pending two years or longer. We’ve made great progress, but know much works remains to be done to eliminate the backlog in 2015.”


“The success of this phase of the effort was due in part to the implementation of mandatory overtime for the Veterans Benefits Administration’s (VBA) claims processing staff, as well as the dedicated support of physicians from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), who expedited exams to provide medical evidence needed to rate these pending claims,” said Under Secretary for Benefits Allison A. Hickey.


The remaining two-year-old claims will be finalized in the coming days except for those that are outstanding due to unique circumstances, such as the unavailability of a claimant for a needed medical exam, military service, vacation, or travel overseas.


In May, VA announced that it was mandating overtime for claims processors in its 56 regional benefits offices to increase production of compensations claims decisions, which will continue through the end of FY 2013. Today, VA has the lowest number of claims in its inventory since August 2011 and has reduced the number of claims in the VA backlog – claims pending over 125 days – by 10 percent since the initiative began.


Under this initiative, VA claims raters may make final or provisional decisions on the oldest claims in the inventory, which will allow Veterans to begin collecting compensation benefits more quickly, if eligible. Veterans are able to submit additional evidence for consideration a full year after the provisional rating before VA issues a final decision. If no further evidence is received within that year, VBA will inform Veterans that their ratings are final and provide information on the standard appeals process, which can be found at  If a Veteran disagrees with a final decision and chooses to appeal, the appeal is entered into the appellate processing system, and is not reflected in the claims inventory.


VA continues to prioritize disability claims for homeless Veterans, those experiencing extreme financial hardship, the terminally ill, former Prisoners of War, Medal of Honor recipients, and Veterans filing Fully Developed Claims, which is the quickest way for Veterans to receive a decision on their compensation claim (


Claims for Wounded Warriors separating from the military for medical reasons will continue to be handled separately and on a priority basis with the Department of Defense through the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES). Wounded Warriors separating through IDES currently receive VA compensation benefits in an average of 61 days following their separation from service.


VA’s inventory is comprised mostly of supplemental claims from Veterans already receiving disability compensation who are seeking to address worsening conditions or claim additional disabilities.  Regardless of the status of compensation claims, Veterans who have served in combat since Nov. 11, 1998, are eligible for five years of free medical care for most conditions from VA.  This eligibility was enacted through the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008.   


Veterans can learn more about disability benefits on the joint Department of Defense/VA web portal eBenefits at



Pittsfield Bekah.jpg

Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Peter Tuttle presenting Bekah Adams with the Female Student-Athlete of the Year Award for 2013 for Pittsfield Middle High School.


Pittsfield Max Tuttle.jpg

Varsity Boys Soccer Coach Derek Hamilton presenting Max Tuttle with the Male Student-Athlete of the Year Award for 2013 for Pittsfield Middle High School.



Cabaret For A Cure

In Memory Of Mom


The second annual Cabaret for a Cure, In Memory of Mom will take place at the Scenic Theatre Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 7 PM. Following the format of last year’s show, there will be music, laughter, drama, raffles, refreshments and more. July may be a little early to be thinking about the fall but it’s never too early to be thinking about a cure. This year’s campaign by the American Cancer Society is “Let’s FINISH the Fight” and we’d like to join them by making this year bigger and better than last year, which raised over $2,000.00 to help find a cure.


We’re reaching out to Pittsfield and the Suncook Valley residents to send us your stories, memories, advice, anecdotes, quotes, poems and pictures and your permission to use some or all of them in this year’s Cabaret for a Cure, In Memory of Mom. Please send correspondence to [email protected] and put CURE in the subject line. The deadline for your submissions is August 30, 2013.


Secondly, we’re also asking for donations for raffle prizes. Tickets will be available the night of the show and prizes will be called during intermission. Think you don’t have anything to donate? Think again; make a quilt, create a photograph/artwork, make a basket, write a poem, make some jewelry, buy a gift card, stuff a pillow, whip up some salsa, put together a theme basket of goodies, make soap and/or candles, bake some goodies, send a check, decoupage something, knit something pink, give a gift certificate, make it big or make it small, send it to Cabaret For A Cure, c/o Meggin Dail, 243 Black Hall Road, Epsom, NH 03234 or call me (603) 736-8073 and I’ll come get it from you.


Lastly, (for now), we’ll be looking for sponsors to help get this endeavor off the ground. We are putting together a sponsorship package and if you or your company is interested in receiving one and sponsoring Cabaret For A Cure, In Memory of Mom a tax-deductible benefit for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides program please contact me at the phone number or email above. Sponsors can attach their names to supporting this event in many ways; buying music, providing refreshments, printing costs (tickets, programs, posters), advertising, decorating, flowers, raffle prizes, costumes, and housekeeping items, to name a few.


You’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more of us, so keep your eye on The Sun and please consider making yourself part of the cure.



Pittsfield Fire Department Receive Two Child Safety Seats For Ambulance


EMT Kristen Ahearn, EMT Kenneth White, and Acting Fire Chief Nick Abell

with the new child safety seats recently awarded to the Department.


On behalf of the Pittsfield Fire Department and community, EMT-I Kristen Ahearn and Acting Chief Nicholas Abell recently applied for The New Hampshire EMS for Children Program’s 2013 Child Passenger Safety Seat grant and were awarded two child safety seats to be used in the ambulances. The one-time grant is funded by NH Safety Agency funds.  Each seat fits a child from 5 to 80 pounds and can be appropriately secured to the ambulance cot or seat.  


Child safety seats are required equipment on ambulances operating in New Hampshire and the department’s current seats will expire next year.  The seats due to expire will be used by the Police Department for the remainder of the year.  


The grant included 2 Radian Diono child safety seats, covers, and carrying bags. Our appreciation goes to EMT Ahearn and Acting Chief Abell for completing this process and to The New Hampshire EMS for Children Program for awarding this grant. Thank you.



Pittsfield’s Old Home Day Parade Of Bikes!


Hey, have you heard about The parade?  If you’re a kid with wheels; one, two, three, four or more, the Pittsfield Old Home Day Committee wants to see what you’ve got. So, on Saturday, July 20, (that’s Old Home Day) shine your scooter, polish your pedals, strap on streamers, and join us on Main Street in front of Dustin’s Park for the Old Home Day bike parade. There’s no cost to enter and you may just take home a cold cool prize!


Simply join us July 20th at noon in front on the viewing stand on Main Street. It’s that simple.  By the way, if you’d like help tricking out your trike, come by the park early. We’ll help set you right... See you there!



VA Starts Campaign To Raise PTSD Awareness

Submitted By Merrill A. Vaughan Commander

American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75

Pittsfield, NH 03263


In observance of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) awareness month, the Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD invites the public to participate in its “Take the Step” campaign.


“Every day of the year, we should focus on assisting those who have served our Nation,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki.  “In June, during PTSD awareness month, we take special care to help Veterans with PTSD.  VA is a leader in providing state-of-the-art, high-quality mental health care that improves and saves Veterans’ lives.  PTSD treatment can help and there is hope for recovery for Veterans who need mental health services.”


Throughout the month, online at, the campaign has highlighted different topics so visitors can “Take the Step” to:  know more about PTSD; challenge their beliefs; explore the treatment options available; and reach out to make a difference.


VA provides effective PTSD treatment for Veterans and conducts extensive research on PTSD, including prevention of stress disorders. Veterans are encouraged to use VA’s PTSD resources so they are able to recognize symptoms and seek help if the need arises. VA also encourages Veterans to share what they learn with someone they know to build awareness and support systems.


Following exposure to trauma, most people experience stress reactions but many do not develop PTSD.   Mental health experts are not sure why some people develop PTSD and others do not. However, if stress reactions do not improve over time and they disrupt everyday life, VA encourages Veterans to seek help to determine if PTSD may be a factor.


“Many barriers keep people with PTSD from seeking the help they need,” said Dr. Matthew Friedman, Executive Director of VA’s National Center for PTSD. “Knowledge and awareness, however, are key to overcoming these barriers. For those living with PTSD, knowing there are treatments that work, for example, can lead them to seek needed care. Greater public awareness of PTSD can help reduce the stigma of this mental health problem and overcome negative stereotypes that may keep many people from pursuing treatment.”


PTSD Awareness Month Highlights:

• The purpose of PTSD Awareness Month is to raise public awareness of PTSD and its effective treatments so that everyone can help people affected by PTSD.


• Throughout June explore weekly features at


• “Ten Steps to Raise PTSD Awareness” provides links to materials that foster greater understanding of trauma, PTSD and treatment. It offers practical suggestions for the public to raise PTSD awareness in their own community.


• For continued involvement, please sign up for the PTSD Monthly Update. Stay up on new information about PTSD and trauma year round.


On June 3, VA announced it had hired a total of 1,607 mental health clinical providers to meet the goal of 1,600 new mental health professionals outlined in the President’s Aug. 31, 2012, Executive Order. Additionally, VA had hired 2,005 mental health clinical providers to fill existing vacancies, as well as 318 new peer specialists towards the specific goal of 800 peer specialists by Dec. 31, 2013 as outlined in the Executive Order. 


Throughout the summer, VA will hold mental health summits at each of its 152 medical centers across the nation to establish and enhance positive working relationships with their community partners. The summits will help encourage community engagement in order to better address and understand the broad mental health care needs of veterans and their families.


For more information about PTSD, professionals and the public can go to The National Center for PTSD Web site at The site offers resources such as:


• PTSD Coach mobile app, this award-winning app provides symptom-management strategies and it’s always with you when you need it.


• Continuing education opportunities for providers, including PTSD 101 courses, on the best practices in PTSD treatment (CEs/CMEs offered).


• AboutFace: An online video gallery of Veterans talking about PTSD and how treatment can turn your life around.



Silent Auction Highlights

Pittsfield St.jpg

What Is It? Do you know what this scoop was used for? Bid on this and other NH primitives at the silent auction being held at St. Stephen’s Church, Pittsfield, on Saturday, July 20


Be sure to circle Saturday, July 20 in red on your calendar and plan to stop by the Summer Fair being held at St. Stephen’s Church, Main Street, Pittsfield during Pittsfield’s Old Home Day.


In celebration of the church’s 150th anniversary, St. Stephen’s is holding its biggest silent auction ever featuring authentic New Hampshire primitives right out of the barn (can you identify what the scoop in the picture was used for?) plus a wide variety of unique articles and gift certificates including vintage sports trading cards, a wonderful Brio train set in mint condition, a gardening collection, four tickets to the Red Sox/White Sox game at Fenway Park in September, and a new braided rug handmade by Joe Knox of Northwood.


The doors open at 8 AM. High bidders will be announced at the close of the auction at 2 PM. You do not need to be present to win, but you should be available to pick up your item once you receive a call from the auction committee.  See you at the Fair!



Local Author Publishes Novel


Shadow Dancers, a novel written by local author Levi (Wayne) Gallup, was recently released by Divertir Publishing, LLC. Levi, a native of Pittsfield and a PMHS graduate, served in the U.S. Army and returned to Pittsfield in 1997. 


Shadow Dancers is a supernatural thriller based in northwest Texas. Levi invites his friends and neighbors to read his novel and to place their honest reviews online at or their favorite bookseller. Online booksellers may be accessed through the book’s website:




Your Home Could Be Next, Please Read!


We are writing this letter to inform the community about the increase in burglaries in the area. We have asked the police to notify the public about the series of events but to date, they have not done so. As a victim of a recent burglary, and as we hear more burglaries are continuing to happen in our town and surrounding communities, it is important for the public to be on High Alert. 


As we hear from people in the area, we have tallied the recent burglaries and/or break-ins in the greater Pittsfield area to over 25 and growing! This number is represented by only the burglaries we have been told about by local people.  


We are sure that there are more burglaries that we have not been informed of. 


Our burglary happened during the day while we were at work. However, some burglaries at local businesses have happened at night. It is important to always be “on watch” and call the police with anything out of the ordinary. We as a Community need to come together and watch out for unusual vehicles and/or behaviors. Let’s all keep our eyes and ears open so that none of you become another victim of this crime outbreak.


Frank and Melissa Babcock



Summer Vacation Bible School Registration


Our Sunday, June 23rd Hip-Hop Hope Children’s Summer Vacation Bible School registration/cookout resulted in a few sign ups.  Thanks to all who helped out. It was a hot sunny afternoon and the burgers and hotdogs were super!   


We are still accepting registrations for preschoolers through grade 6 for the August 5-9 Summer Vacation Bible School program to be held evenings from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. at the First Congregational Church on Main Street in Pittsfield.  To obtain a registration form, or if you have any questions, please call Sandra Adams at 435-8125.



Pittsfield Clothes Closet

Submitted By Beverly Drolet


The Clothes Closet, located on Carroll Street, is a busy place of business for local patrons and an increasing number of area visitors and new residents. Wouldn’t Vern Taylor and a small staff of volunteers who started it all over twenty years ago be happily surprised? At first, it was a matter of compiling donations of food and clothing in the vacant Grammar School building to help the needy. When the building was renovated to serve as the Town Hall, the Food Pantry remained and the Clothes Closet was set up in the rear section of what was Maxfield’s Hardware Store. Donations increased in both number and kind. So did the volunteers. In time, items were separated and sold at minimal cost to cover rent and utilities. A few years ago a major remodeling project provided improved space and a more attractive distribution of items resulting in the nonprofit “shop” it is today.


Although the Clothes Closet continues to be a resource for the needy, it also benefits town organizations and activities as well as individuals involved in special volunteer projects. This year the shop has provided assistance for several homeless and fire victim families and made contributions to support Old Home Day, The Food Pantry, Firemen’s Secret Santa program, Rotary Penny Sale, PYW (Youth Workshop), Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Eagle Scout Projects, Beautification and Flower Committees, Disabled Veterans, The Pittsfield Police Association, The Senior Center and presented a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior of Pittsfield Middle-High School.


Thanks to all who have generously supported us with donations and purchases allowing us, in turn, to be generous to others. 








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