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Pittsfield NH News

January 30, 2013

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Those Celebrating Birthdays are: January 30, Wesley Ward; February 1, Donna Webber; February 3, Robert Hildreth, Jr.; February 4, Daniel Welch, Reny Boyd, Rita Maxwell; February 5, Marty Friedman, Stephanie Wolfe; February 6, Melissa Harndon, Rick Bovin, Andrew Webber.


A Very Happy Birthday To One and All!



School Lunch Menus

February 4 - February 8, 2013




Everybody’s Favorite

Cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato and pickle, green salad, pears



Chinese New Year (2/10)

Sweet and sour chicken, Asian vegetables, buttered noodles, pineapple



School Lunch Classic

American chop suey, garlic bread, green beans, fresh fruit



Just Like Home

Roasted chicken, warm roll, sweet corn, apple crisp



Fresh Picks Pizza

Cheese pizza or chef’s topping, peas, mixed fruit




Build Your Own Sandwich

Build your own burger, green salad, pears



Chinese New Year (2/10)

Sweet and sour chicken, Asian vegetables, sesame noodles, pineapple



School Lunch Classic

American chop suey, garlic bread, green beans, fresh fruit



Just Like Home

Roasted chicken, honey wheat roll, sweet corn, apple crisp



Winter Warmer

Ham and Swiss melt, lettuce, tomato and pickles, sweet potato wedges, fresh fruit




Submitted By Terrie Azotea


Well, this new year seems to be going fast already and we are on a role at TOPS with some nice weight loss. This past week we had a 10 pound net loss and that is pretty good considering it’s winter and we are all in the house hibernating and waiting till spring arrives. It’s really hard to get outside and get moving when it’s so cold. We were blessed last week with some nice temps to get out and do something and soon enough we will be looking at spring flowers. I know I was excited to see the mailman bring the Burgess Seed and Plant Catalog in the mail and that always gets my mind thinking spring. 


Officer of the week was Diana. Congrats! Kudos to Suzie for a 4 week weight loss and to Diane and Donna on their loss. Great job ladies. We would also like to welcome a new member who has joined us and would love to help you on your weight loss journey. As we all know, it’s a daily lifestyle change. We don’t think of it as diets, we think of it as a lifestyle that we can live by. 


We will be having our Inspiration Workshop in February. We also enjoyed playing Bingo and talked about upcoming events. 


If anyone is interested in joining us, we meet on Tuesday nights at the St. Stephen’s Church on Main Street in Pittsfield at 5:30 pm for weigh in and 6:30 pm for our meeting. 


Any questions please call Laurel Tiede at 269-8721 or Pat Smith at 435-5333.


“You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars.” (Henry Ford)


Hope everyone has a good week and see you lighter next week!



Rise Again Outreach Welcomes First Executive Director


Rise Again Outreach, a local faith-centered non-profit organization that provides assistance to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or poverty situations, has appointed Lorinda Gilbert as its first Executive Director.   


Gilbert brings a wealth of experience to Rise Again Outreach, having previously served as president of Reach4Hope, a small non-profit focused on caring for homeless people throughout the capital region. In October 2010, Reach4Hope merged with Rise Again Outreach, and Gilbert volunteered to continue as Rise Again Outreach’s homeless outreach coordinator. Since then, she has served in various leadership roles, including her most recent as a member of Rise Again Outreach’s board of directors. Gilbert is also the outreach coordinator for Grace Capital Church in Pembroke and was nominated to serve on its leadership council.


“Lorinda is one of the most committed people I know when it comes to caring for the many underprivileged in our communities,” says William Pelletier, president of Rise Again Outreach. “Because we all have personal knowledge of her gifts and experiences with local outreach, our board has total confidence that she is properly called and equipped to lead in this new position.”


Gilbert will oversee Rise Again Outreach’s mission of “bringing God’s love to people in crisis or poverty by helping with their temporal and spiritual needs.” She will also manage day-to-day operations of all the Rise Again Outreach programs that include: the mobile mission that uses converted buses to take items into low-income neighborhoods; the Prison Aftercare program that assists ex-offenders transitioning back into communities; the ESL (English as a Second Language) classes that teach English to Concord’s refugee populations; and the new racetrack mission of providing a family-friendly environment to race fans.



Pittsfield Senior Center February News


During February we will be having three special luncheons: Chinese New Year on the 11th, Valentines Day on the 14th with make your own Ice Cream Sundaes, and Winterfest on February 27th. Winterfest will include a musical performance by Nick Turillo at 11:00 a.m.


The Pittsfield Parks and Recreation committee sponsors the luncheon so that seniors can enjoy the meal for free. Victory Workers 4H will serve the meal, including providing a delicious variety of homemade pies! Please sign up for the Winterfest luncheon by February 19th.


Pittsfield Middle High School continues to invite seniors to walk inside the school building out side of school hours.  During winter’s cold weather the building’s many different levels, half and full flight stairways and multiple circular pathways make it an ideal place for fitness walking of any level of aerobic challenge.  The building is opens at 6:30 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. If you have questions, call 435-6701 and ask for the Principal’s administrative assistant.  In addition, come to the senior center to learn about our free pedometers that have been provided by the Sanderson Fund.


The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program will be providing free income tax preparation throughout February and March.  Call 2-1-1 to make an appointment at the Pittsfield Youth Workshop on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to noon, and 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Additional times and days are available throughout New Hampshire.


Do you like to play cribbage?  A group of players is planning to have regular cribbage sessions at the Senior Center, and would like to know which day of the week to schedule their sessions. If you would like to learn more about having fun playing cribbage, visit the Center, or give us a call, at 435-8482.



Pittsfield Bobcat.jpg

Bobcat outside my kitchen window (Tim Foster) Sunday

morning at 87 Webster Mills Rd.



Free Soup Night Every Wednesday Night At 5 PM

Pittsfield Soup_Night_03LGaaa.jpg

Pastor Jeremy Everson and fellow community members sharing soup and fellowship on “Soup Night” at Park Street Baptist Church in Pittsfield. Photo by Tom Hitchcock


As a part of our new Community Outreach Program, we invite everyone to come and enjoy a great bowl of homemade soup including coffee and desert. Come fellowship downstairs at Park Street Baptist Church at 11 Park Street in Pittsfield at 5 p.m. every Wednesday. The people at Park Street Baptist Church are committed to meeting and getting to know the community while sharing food together, listening to your needs and discussing issues of the day.


In today’s busy and burdensome world we will take time together over food and conversation to pray about your needs. We will stand together in God’s grace and love and help one another while meeting new friends. Building relationships is the most powerful and important part of this community’s future.


Pastor Jeremy Everson and our Outreach Team welcome everyone of any age to join us every Wednesday evening. Come as you are and don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to come and share great food and life together.


A community based on God’s love and grace, is the true beauty and power of living in a small town. If anyone needs a ride, would like to bring something or would like to volunteer, please call Tom Hitchcock at 496-6768 or church at 435-8036.


Philippians 2:4 Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.  ESV


God bless everyone in 2013!



New Co-Pays For TRICARE Pharmacy Customers

Submitted By Merrill A. Vaughan, Commander

American Legion Peterson-Cram Post 75 Pittsfield, NH 03263


New co-payments for prescription drugs covered by TRICARE will go into effect soon. The Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act requires TRICARE to increase co-pays on brand name and non-formulary medications that are not filled at military clinics or hospitals.


There is no increase to co-pays for generic medications. Increases will be effective sometime in February, depending on when system changes can be made, and the publication of a required Federal Notice.


TRICARE Pharmacy co-pays vary based on the class of drug and where beneficiaries choose to fill their prescriptions. The co-pay for generic medications stays at $5 when a prescription is filled at a network pharmacy. There is no co-pay when generic prescriptions are filled through TRICARE Home Delivery. The new co-pay for a 30-day supply of a brand name medication purchased at a retail network pharmacy will be $17, up from the current $12. Beneficiaries using TRICARE Home Delivery will pay $13 for brand name drugs, up from $9; however, the Home Delivery price is for a 90-day supply.


The greatest change in co-pays applies to non-formulary medications. The $25 co-pay for these drugs increases to $44 at retail pharmacies and $43 through Home Delivery. The TRICARE Uniform Formulary is a list of all the medications TRICARE covers.


For fiscal 2014 and beyond, the new law directs that co-pays increase annually by the same percentage as retiree cost-of-living adjustments. In years when a COLA increase would total less than a dollar, it will be delayed a year and combined with the next adjustment so increases will always be $1 or more.


Pharmacies at military hospitals and clinics will continue to provide medications with no co-pays. Visit for more details. (Courtesy of TRICARE Communications)


For more retiree news and information, please visit








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