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Northwood NH News

September 5, 2018

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My name is Zac Sheehan and I am organizing a children’s fishing derby on the Harvey Lake trails behind Coe Brown Northwood Academy for my senior project on Saturday, September 8th, 10am-12 pm. The cost is $10 per child for registration. Please go to: for registration and more details. There will also be a bake sale, art sale, raffles and prizes! ALL proceeds will be donated to The NH/MA chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Thank you!



The Northwood Republican Committee is proud to welcome Terry Roy as guest speaker at their Monday September 10 meeting . Terry Roy is running for the Rockingham district 32 floaterial seat previously held by Yvonne Dean-Bailey. Terry has proudly served our country in the Army and is also a former law enforcement officer. He is now retired and looking to serve his community now as a NH State Representative . The Northwood Republican meeting will be Monday September 10 at 7pm located in the Northwood community center 135 Main Street . Please RSVP at or call/text  Cheryl Dean 603-344-2190.



Letter To The Editor

Don’t Skip the Primary!


The Democratic ballot in my town has two contested positions. That does NOT mean that you don’t need to vote on that ballot on September 11th, my fellow undeclared voters. One of these is a very important nomination for the future of NH. That’s the Democratic candidate for governor.


I am voting for Steve Marchand for governor on September 11th. For some reason, after Steve had spent months meeting with NH voters across the state, and talking about issues, another candidate appeared, and was immediately endorsed by both our US Senators and other members of the establishment of the party. While Steve has been discussing the problems facing us as residents of NH for over a year now, the other candidate doesn’t appear to have much to tell voters about how she would lead the state government in these trying times. 


Are Steve’s positions radical? Not to me! They are solutions to the many problems that face us as we deal with the political and environmental messes around us. I won’t go into them here because I have a word count to make, go to his website and/or his Facebook campaign page and look for yourself. Go to hear him in person. Do some homework! What I am voting for this year, when I have such a choice on the ballot, are candidates who are willing to speak up, define our problems clearly and honestly, and suggest what we all need to do to change direction. That’s Steve Marchand. 


Lucy Edwards




Letter To The Editor


As we can see, the board of selectmen is wasting no time installing the new $18,000 gate for the highway dept. It will be interesting to know how much we end up paying for it. They’re taking the money from the transfer station expendable trust, money we taxpayers earned through our recycling efforts, and yet they still refuse to spend the $1,500 to finish our swap shop building. 


This gate will not save the town any money, our new swap shop will. What do we have to do to get that building finished? We need insulation, plywood, and paint, plus one cupboard for supplies. We have volunteers ready and waiting. We’ve been waiting since March! If anyone has any ideas as to how we can get the selectmen to release the $1,500 it will take to finish the building, I’m grateful and eager to listen. 


In the meantime, we’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got, but it’s difficult to see the new building sitting there and not be using it. 


Maybe we need to have another petition or a march on town hall. I’m about out of ideas. We need a way to resolve this issue, and not doing anything, which the selectmen want, is not an option. When it’s time to vote this year, we need to remember all that’s happened over the last few years and vote accordingly. Our present board is an embarrassment to all of us. This time ask questions, know who you’re voting for.


Til Next Time,

Viena Dow



No Need To Check Your Television -- 

It’s “Silent September” All Month Long On LRPA After Dark!

Classic Films from Hollywood’s Silent Era

This Weekend’s Feature: 1921’s “The Sheik”


Actions speak louder than words during the month of September on LRPA After Dark! Join us each Friday and Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. for “Silent September,” as we pay homage to Hollywood’s great silent film era. 


Almost every genre of film -- action, comedy, romance, western, horror, sci-fi -- can be traced back to the silent era that began nearly 125 years ago and ran until the introduction of “talkies” in the late 1920s. Many technical and artistic elements that modern moviegoers take for granted, such as scene continuity, close up shots, enhanced lighting and feature-length films, were developed during this important time in the history of cinema. Lakes Region Public Access Television is proud to highlight some of the most interesting films of this period. 


We start the month off this weekend (September 7 & 8) with 1921’s romantic desert adventure “The Sheik,” starring Rudolph Valentino in the role that secured his status as a legendary Hollywood sex symbol. While conducting business in the bustling Algerian marketplace of Biskra, tribal prince Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan (Valentino) spots the visiting British adventuress Lady Diana Mayo (Agnes Ayres). She notices him and finds him intriguing as well. That night, Diana disguises herself as native dancing girl to attend an event that he is hosting at a casino. When Ahmed realizes that she is the visiting foreigner, he sends her away, but finds himself even more fascinated with her beauty and fiery independence. Ahmed is the ruler of his domain, and is used to getting what he wants. Upon learning that Diana will be traveling in the Sahara accompanied only by a local guide, Ahmed follows and overtakes Diana, carrying her away her to his desert oasis. Ahmed treats Diana as he would any other woman, demanding her respect and servitude and trying to have his way with her, but she balks at his traditions and recoils from his advances. Diana attempts to escape and puts herself in great danger, but is rescued by none other than Ahmed. The desert is a vast and treacherous place; who can Diana trust? Perhaps the Sheik is not the brute that he seems? 


“The Sheik” was an enormous hit with audiences around the world, particularly women, who couldn’t get enough of Valentino’s good looks, charisma and seductiveness. For the remainder of his short career, Valentino played similar exotic lovers – a nobleman, toreador, Russian lieutenant, Indian rajah. He was perhaps the first in a long line of Hollywood mega-celebrities. Valentino’s untimely death at age 31 drew nearly 100,000 mourners to the funeral home and led to frenzied riots on the streets of New York. Witness “The Great Lover’s” magnetism for yourself! Grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for a romantic adventure from the past.


Mark your calendars for LRPA’s entire Silent September lineup:


September 7 & 8: 1921’s “The Sheik,” starring Rudolph Valentino


September 14 & 15: Three Classic Comedy Shorts:

1921’s “Never Weaken,” starring Harold Lloyd

1921’s “The Play House,” starring Buster Keaton

1917’s “The Immigrant,” starring Charles Chaplin


September 21 & 22: 1919’s “Male and Female,” starring Gloria Swanson


September 28 & 29: 1913’s short “Suspense,” followed by 1920’s “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” starring John Barrymore


Coming in October: LRPA’s 3rd Annual “Shocktober” Filmfest!



Northwood CrankPullers Snowmobile Club Annual Snowmobile WaterCross Races


The Northwood CrankPullers Snowmobile Club is hosting its annual Snowmobile WaterCross races at Lake Shore Farm in Northwood, NH on Sunday, September 9th, 2018.  There’s lots going on this year still, so bring your family and lawn chairs and get ready for some great fun or load up your sled and participate. 


Adults $8.00, kids 12 and under FREE, NCP Food trailer, club memberships and apparel and also a swap meet. Visit our website at for more details and guidelines on this event. A reminder how much we appreciate our landowners and are always looking for new members.  Hope to see you there!!


Gates open @7am, registration 8-9:30am, racing starts at 10am



Letter To The Editor



I knew that something was afoot in the Trump-o-sphere when a Republican  friend of mine began to talk about “socialist” Democrats a week or so ago, when we bumped into each other at Hannafords.


Since he is about my age, I quickly pointed out that Social Security and  Medicare are both government-orchestrated programs for everybody. And  he said that he wasn’t about to stop participating in those, in spite of their “lefty” lean.


In the next several days, as the primaries approached, I heard various  right-of-center pundits slipping this label – socialist – into their descriptions of Democratic candidates. Of course, none of these candidates have adopted this descriptor, preferring is some cases to call themselves “progressives,” but not “socialists.” Not even “democratic socialists,” a term used by Bernie Sanders.


But that’s where my friend’s use of this term was coming from. Too much Faux News.


As for my political stripes, as I have aged – and as a long-serving member of the Northwood Budget Committee – I find myself becoming more fiscally conservative. Trying to give as much thought to how things might be paid for as to how important they are to have.


But on social and economic issues, I want more equality. You know the phrase, “with liberty and justice for all.” The Pledge of Allegiance claims that we have this. I think that we have a way to go.


So call me a liberal – “someone who looks ahead and not behind, who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, who cares about the welfare of people – their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties. If that is what is meant by a ‘liberal,’ then I’m proud to say I’m a liberal.” Paraphrased from John F. Kennedy, Profiles in Courage.


Tom Chase


Candidate for Rockingham Co. House District 32



Letter To The Editor

Back to school!


It feels like another summer flew by and we came to grips with the fact that our oldest was now a 3rd grader and our youngest would be joining his brother on the bus as he starts kindergarten. We had all the same emotions that we shared when our oldest took that first bus ride, but we had some comfort in knowing we have an amazing bus driver that stepped up when we most needed someone to step up last year, along with the rest of the fleet of drivers that stepped up.  We also received reassurance from teachers and staff at the Northwood School that they would keep an eye on our son and that he would be in good hands. They were so excited to go to school today and it’s easy to see why.


This is exactly what community is all about.  This is exactly what we hope for in our schools. It was great to hear so much enthusiasm from the administration, staff and teachers at the meet and greet. It was great to hear about all of the professional development that occurred over the summer. That can only lead to continued improvements in the classroom and for the long term with our kids. I look forward to another great year and can’t say it enough how great it is to have such dedicated group of educators working in our community.



Ryan and Amy Hanavan






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