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Northwood NH News

August 29, 2018

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.




Kids’ Fishing Derby

CBNA Senior Project

Of Zac Sheehan 

10-12, Saturday, 9/8/18 Harvey lake, Northwood 

Parking at the


Congregational Church and Coe-Brown 

$5 per child.

All proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association.




This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature: 1940’s “His Girl Friday”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (August 31 & Sept. 1) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1940’s romantic comedy “His Girl Friday,” starring Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell and Ralph Bellamy. 


In “His Girl Friday,” we meet ace reporter Hildy Johnson (Russell), who resigned from her job at a top Chicago newspaper four months ago – but try telling that to her former editor and husband Walter Burns (Grant), who has been sending her telegrams night and day, trying to get her to return to her post. She has gotten a quickie divorce and is set to marry the perfectly nice but awfully dull insurance salesman Bruce Baldwin (Bellamy) the very next day. Walter, who admits he was a good boss but a bad husband, doesn’t want to lose her, either as a reporter or as the love of his life. When he learns of this development, Walter pulls out all the stops to convince Hildy to write one last big story – the story of her career! – about convicted murderer Earl Williams, a man whose case was bungled by the local sheriff, and who is scheduled to be executed within 24 hours.  She pursues the story while Walter finds more ways to impede the wedding. As Walter works by Hildy’s side, she must figure out what she really wants in life. 


Adapted from the popular stage play “The Front Page,” and directed by the legendary Howard Hawks, it’s no wonder that “His Girl Friday” is considered to be a classic screwball comedy and a masterpiece of mid-20th century filmmaking. It is one of the first films to use fast-paced, overlapping dialogue, particularly in scenes where the characters are wittily sparring with one another. All of the well-cast actors give top-notch performances, particularly Grant and Russell, who ad-libbed some of their clever dialogue. New York Times critic Frank S. Nugent called “’His Girl Friday’ …  the maddest newspaper comedy of our times.” What’s not to love?  “Grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this romantic screwball classic from the past. 



Letter To The Editor


Back in 2011 my town was redistricted from NH-01 to NH-02. Because my heart is still in NH-01, I am watching that Democratic primary with a sense of distress: there are so many candidates, and while there are some who would be good choices in another time, but not in the midst of the environmental and political disasters we are enduring, some of them are just OK, and some of them are truly disgraceful. (Maura Sullivan and Levi Sanders, are you listening? This citizen dislikes carpetbaggers.)


But there is one candidate in NH-01 I’d give my eyeteeth to vote for (that’s an old folk saying), a scientist who has the skills, the knowledge, the tenacity and the moral and ethical values we so desperately need in that mess of a Congress we have in DC. That is Mindi Messmer. She has a stellar record in the NH House, and has proved over the past months that she can stick to her principles: honesty, frugality, scientific rigor, and a drive to help the people of NH and our country deal with the horrible mess we have made of our environment. 


I can’t vote for her, she won’t be on my ballot. I plead with the good people of the 1st NH Congressional District to put her on the ballot for November and send this strong public servant to be part of a Congress that will actually work for us. 


Lucy Edwards




Northwood School gym.jpg


Northwood School lockers.jpg

Northwood School is so lucky to have a fantastic facilities crew! Mr. Tom, Mr. Ballou, Mr. Morin, Mr. Gould, and Mr. O’Neill help keep this school beautiful everyday! Please take a second to appreciate their hard work and dedication to NWS.



CBNA To Host Run To Fall 5K

Northwood Run to fall image.jpg

The annual Run to Fall 5K, a student-organized event that benefits the Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Cross Country Program, will take place on Sunday, September 9, 2018, at 10:00 am. This race will held on the beautiful and unique championship  CBNA Cross Country course. Along with the 5K, there will be a 2.5K walk held at the same time, and immediately after the race there will be a 400-meter kids’ fun run. There are many great awards to be won. A number of door prizes and raffle prizes will also be offered throughout the day. Registration forms and more information about this event can be found at  Race day registration is also an option and will begin at 8 am at the track on the CBNA Campus. (Free shirts for the first 125 entries.) Hope you can join us for a fun filled day at the Run to Fall 5K.



Letter To The Editor

Vote for Me


I want to thank Grace Mattern for explaining that David Coursin and I are running for different seats in the NH House - him to represent only Northwood (District 1); me to represent District 32.


This is the seat most recently held by Yvonne Dean-Bailey, who resigned this spring to, I hope, go on with her life. I say “I hope” because while serving in the legislature is an honor, to do it at the expense of finishing college and having a more appropriate life in one’s early twenties always seemed to me to be an unwise choice.


So I will not be running against Yvonne but against Terry Roy of Deerfield. I encourage you to check him out on social media.


My decision to run again was prompted by a growing awareness that to get something done - education funding and tax reform - it’s better to be on the inside, casting a vote, than to be on the outside.


Not that I haven’t had some recent successes in Northwood: advocating for full-day kindergarten; supporting increased funding for milfoil management and prevention; encouraging the adoption of a 5-person Select Board. But at the state policy level, I want a vote.


And I will use that vote to find ways to decrease local property taxes.


The best way to do that is to have the state pay more for education at the local level. When the average cost of educating K-12 students is over $18,000/student, for the state to chip in $3,600 and call it “adequate” is irresponsible at best and obscene at worst.


So if you want local property tax reduction, vote for me. And vote for Chris Roundy for Senate 17. While John Reagan continues to, literally, parade around as a “tax fighter,” he is in fact, a tax shifter - from the state to the towns.


Tom Chase

Candidate for Rockingham County

House District 32



Letter To The Editor

You Don’t Have to Choose


Are you confused by who Northwood residents can vote for in the upcoming mid-term election on November 6? You’re not alone. In the past week a couple of neighbors have asked if they have to chose between David Coursin and Tom Chase for State Rep. You don’t have to choose, as they’re running for two different seats.


Northwood has two representatives to the NH House, from two different districts — Rockingham Districts #1 and #32. David Coursin is running for District #1, which includes only Northwood. Tom Chase is running for District #32, which includes Northwood, Deerfield, Nottingham and Candia. The incumbent for District #1, Brian Stone, is being challenged in the Republican primary by Joe McCaffrey. District #32 has no incumbent, as Republican Yvonne Dean-Bailey resigned her seat in the spring. Neither David Coursin nor Tom Chase have primary challengers.


So those of you looking for progressive and people-centered change in how Northwood is represented in Concord have the opportunity to vote for two excellent candidates — David Coursin (@DrDavidCoursin on Facebook) AND Tom Chase.


Grace Mattern



The Opioid Crisis:

How did it happen, how do we deal with it,  and how it affects everyone in NH.

Submitted By David Coursin, MD


Thursday 9/6, from 7p-8:30p, at the Northwood Community Center at 135 Main St, I’ll be presenting information about the opioid epidemic.


I have treated addicted patients in the hospital and in the community throughout my career. As a member of the investigative committee for the NH Board of Medicine, I’ve dealt first hand with the fall-out from inappropriate health care and with the impact of prescribing rules. I’ve closely followed how this crisis developed and the regulatory and legal factors that allowed it to escalate.


I understand what effective treatment looks like, and I know there is hope for suffering individuals and frightened families when that treatment is available. I’ll draw on all of this in a 30 minute talk intended to generate questions and discussion. The talk is open to anyone interested in learning more about the topic and in creating a civil dialogue about it.


This is the first in a series of discussion nights, each centered on a specific topic. They are scheduled monthly, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays nights from 7p-830p at the Community Center. Email me at if you want to be notified about coming events. Look for public announcements otherwise.


Join me and we’ll make it interesting.



Northwood Elementary 2018-19 Bus Schedule


ORANGE BUS                   

Route 4 Westbound        

7:17       938 1st NH Tpke              

               1000 1st NH Tpke           

               1060 1st NH Tpke           

7:23       1512 1st NH Tpke           

               c/o Spruce Cove Rd.       

               Turn around @ Rustique Store   

7:25       c/o Association Dr.         

               1551 1st NH Tpke           

               c/o Wood Terrace          

               1505 1st NH Tpke  *Dentist Office  PM Only        

               1455 1st NH Tpke           

               c/o Evans Lane 

               1097 1st NH Tpke           

               Right onto Harvey Lake Rd.--turn around @ Ash 

               Stop @ Birch St.    **parents/students must be  waiting on Birch St. No one on Harvey Lake Rd.              

               59 Harvey Lke Rd.           

7:31       41 Harvey Lake Rd.         

               Right onto Rt. 4 E            

               997 1st NH Tpke              

7:36       Arrive @ School

PM: Rt. 4 West 2:30 PM; 2:40 PM Assoc. Dr., 2:40 PM Assoc. Dr., 2:43 PM Birch St..   


RED BUS                            

7:16       534 1st NH Tpke              

               654 1st NH Tpke              

               674 1st NH Tpke              

               710 1st NH Tpke              

               Left onto Bow Lake Rd. 

               Straight onto Sherburne Hill Rd.

7:20       13 Sherburne Hill Rd.     

               c/o Knowles Way            

               c/o Range Rd.   

               c/o Bryant Rd.   

               202 Sherburne Hill Rd.  

               Right onto Ridge Rd.      

7:25       c/o Angela Dr.   

               320 Ridge Rd.    

               Left onto Tasker Hill Rd.

               Left onto Temperance Hill Rd.    

               43 Temperance Hill Rd. 

               17 Temperance Hill Rd. 

               Right onto Tasker Hill Rd., Left onto Ridge Rd.     

7:32       227 Ridge Rd.    

               202 Ridge Rd.    

               c/o Carri Lane   

               167 Ridge Rd.    

               c/o Sky Farm Rd.             

               97 Ridge Rd.      

               Left onto Rt. 4, Right onto Bow St.           

               Left into school entrance             

7:35 Arrive @ School

PM: #534 Rt.4 2:30, Carri Ln 2:40             


BLUE BUS                          

Rt. 107 S, Left onto Gulf Rd.        

7:00       c/o Turner Drive              

               c/o Cole Rd., pick up, then turn around  

               180 Gulf Rd.      

               161 Gulf Rd.      

               c/o Lynn Grove Rd.         

               136 Gulf Rd.      

               c/o Oakwood    

7:10       @ Boat Ramp    

               Right onto Rt. 107. Right @ lights onto Rt. 4 E     

               Left onto School St.        

               Left onto Catamount Rd.             

               Catamount @ High St.   

               56 Catamount Rd.           

7:20       Right onto Jenness Pond Rd.      

               c/o Long Pond Rd.          

               212 Jenness Pond Rd.    

               c/o Loon Cove Rd.          

               275 Jenness Pond Rd.    

               378 Jenness Pond Rd.    

               c/o Old Barnstead Rd.   

               500 Jenness Pond Rd.    

               554 Jenness Pond Rd.    

7:30       Left onto Catamount      

               c/o Sunset Dr.   

               261 Catamount Rd.        

               c/o Preve Dr.     

               148 Catamount Rd.        

               21 Catamount Rd.           

7:33       c/o Old Pittsfield Rd.      

               139 Main St.      

               Continue on Main St. (no stops)

               Left onto Rt. 4 East   (no stops)  

7:35       Arrive @ school

PM: Catamount @ High St.2:30, Sunset 2:40, Old Pitts 2:45, Gulf Rd. 2:55, Boat ramp 3:05 PM        


GREEN BUS                       

7:00       Rt. 4 East, Left onto Main St. **STOPS    

               Main St. @ Olde Canterbury Rd.

               64 Main St.        

               92 Main St.        

               Left onto School St.        

               114 School St.   

               c/o Olde Canterbury Rd.              

               c/o Old Tpke Rd.             

               Right onto Rt. 4 E, Left onto Lakeshore Dr. (by dentist)    

7:05       151 Lakeshore Dr.           

               c/o Pinehurst     

               94 Lakeshore Dr.             

               58 Lakeshore Dr.             

               43 Lakeshore Dr.             

               Right onto Rt. 4 East      

7:10       c/o Old Dump Rd.           

               c/o Tasker Shore Dr.      

               c/o Denmark Dr.             

               Left onto Rt. 4. Right onto Blakes Hill Rd.              

7:15       37 Blakes Hill Rd.            

               69 Blakes Hill Rd.            

               160 Blakes Hill Rd.          

               214 Blakes Hill Rd.          

               295 Blakes Hill Rd.          

               c/o Meadow Lane           

7:20       c/o Harmony Hill Rd.  Load, then turn around.    

               328 Blakes Hill Rd. usually on way back  

               337 Blakes Hill Rd.          

               Turn Right onto Kelsey Mill Rd.  

               51 Kelsey Mill Rd.           

7:30       Right onto Rt. 4 East      

7:35       Arrive @ school

PM: Main St. 2:30, Old Dump 2:40, Harmony Hill 2:50, Kelsey Mill 2:55



6:55       Right onto Mountain Ave.

               52 Mountain Ave.

               142 Mountain Ave.-Group stop

               156 Mountain Ave.

               Right onto Old Mountain Rd.

               24 Old Mtn Rd.

6:58       c/o Upper Deerfield Rd.

               153 Old Mtn Rd., load and turn around

               113 Old Mtn Rd.

               95 Old Mtn Rd.

               Right onto Mountain Ave (Rt. 43)

               276 Mountain Ave

               332 Mountain Ave.

               Saddleback Campground

7:05       c/o Deerfield Rd.  Stop + turn around

               Right onto Lower Deerfield Rd.

               Town Rd.-stop + turn around

               c/o Bigelow

               Right onto Lucas Pond Rd.

               c/o Lower Camp Rd.

               c/o Bunker Lane

7:15       Right onto Twombley Rd.

               16 Twombley Rd.

               Left onto Lucas Pond Rd.

               161 Lucas Pond Rd.

               Right onto Mountain Ave.

               155 Mountain Ave.

               Right @ lights onto Rt. 4 Eastbound

7:19       c/o Masten Dr.

               c/o Davelynn Dr.

7:22       Left onto Cooper Hill Rd.

               Left into parking lot--Load students

               Right onto Rt. 4 Westbound

               28 1st NH Tpke

               52 1st NH Tpke

               78 1st NH Tpke

7:30       Right onto Green St.

               210 1st NH Tpke (load on Green St.)

               224 1st NH Tpke  (load on Green St.)

               31 Green St.

               49 Green St.

               Right onto Rt. 4 Westbound

               338 1st NH Tpke

               340 1st NH Tpke

               372 1st NH Tpke

7:35       Arrive @ School

PM: Mountain Ave 2:28, Upper Deerfield 2:33, Deerfield Rd. 2:40, Twombley 2:50,  Davelynn 2:55, Green St. 3:05


WHITE BUS        

7:00       Right onto Rt. 4 E. Left onto Bow Lake Rd.

               c/o Pender Rd.

               172 Bow Lake Rd.

               180 Bow Lake Rd.

               c/o Young’s Crossing

               c/o Friendship Cove

               Turn around @ Corson Dr.

               357 Bow Lake Rd.

7:05       c/o Mill Pond Rd.

               283 Bow Lake Rd.

               47 Bow Lake Rd.

               13 Bow Lake Rd.

               Left onto Rt. 4 Eastbound

7:10       c/o Harmony Rd.

               707 1st NH Tpke

               c/o David Dr.

               625 1st NH Tpke

7:12       c/o Mtn View MHP-2 entrance 

               381 1st NH Tpke

               359 1st NH Tpke

               355 1st NH Tpke

               281 1st NH Tpke

               c/o Bow St.

               c/o Upper Deerfield Rd.

               207 1st NH Tpke

7:20       Left @ lights onto Rt. 202/9

               114 Rochester Rd.

               c/o No. River Lake Rd.

7:22       Turn around @ Tough Tymes --load student

               185 Rochester Rd.

               c/o Priest Rd.

               129 Rochester Rd.

7:25       Right onto Strafford Rd. (202 A)

               16 Strafford Rd.

               62 Strafford Rd.

               Left onto 2nd entrance of Allen Farm Rd.

               124 Allen Farm Rd.

               83 Allen Farm Rd.

               42 Allen Farm Rd.

               Right onto Strafford Rd. (202 A)

               Right onto Rochester Rd.

               Right @ lights onto Rt. 4 Westbound

7:35       Arrive @ school

PM: Bow Lake 2:30, Mill Pond 2:35, Harmony 2:40, Rochester Rd. 2:50, Allen Farm 2:55






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