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Northwood NH News

August 15, 2018

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Kids’ Fishing Derby

CBNA Senior Project

Of Zac Sheehan 

10-12, Saturday, 9/8/18 Harvey lake, Northwood 

Parking at the


Congregational Church and Coe-Brown 

$5 per child.

All proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association.



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature: 1947’s “The Red House”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (September 1 & 2) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1947’s psychological film noir “The Red House,” starring Edward G. Robinson, Judith Anderson, Allene Roberts and Lon McCallister.


“The Red House” introduces us to Pete Morgan (Robinson), a disabled farmer who lives on an isolated farm with his sister Ellen (Anderson) and Meg (Roberts), a teen that they adopted as an infant when her parents died. Pete is having trouble keeping up with the farm, so Meg’s classmate Nath Storm (McCallister) comes as a hired hand to help with the chores. Meg is delighted, as she has a crush on Nath, even though he has a girlfriend. The Morgan farm is surrounded by Ox Head Woods. Pete forbids the teens to enter the woods, and warns them of an abandoned building there known as The Red House. One night, Nath takes a shortcut through the woods, where someone knocks him out cold. As more strange events unfold, Nath and Meg become suspicious of Pete’s obsession with the woods and the Red House. They begin to ask questions and explore on their own, which fills Pete with unspeakable rage – and slowly drives him mad.  Meg and Nath feel that their lives may be in danger; what might have happened at The Red House to turn Pete into such a jealous, unstable person?


“The Red House” has all the makings of a film noir classic: great stars (Robinson and Anderson), along with fantastic performances from the supporting cast (including a young Rory Calhoun and a gorgeous Julie London); a cool plot with psychological surprises; creepy music that sets the film’s tone, etc. So why hasn’t it become a cinematic classic? Some reviewers think it’s because the pacing of the plot is a bit slow, while others feel that it’s because the subject matter was, for its time, distasteful. “The Red House” was well received by critics, who thought that Robinson’s performance was very strong. This truly is a film that is not shown very often, so grab your popcorn and meet us after dark for this rare cinematic gem.





Residents of Northwood, Epsom, and Pittsfield,

I am supporting Jane Cormier for Executive Council District 4, because she is conservative. She also has a tough Primary race on September 11, 2018.


I would like you to come meet Jane Cormier.


When: August 22, 2018  at 5:30 PM


Where: Northwood Community Center, 135 Main Street, Northwood, NH  03261


I truly hope to see you!  If you have any questions, please call 603-942-7689.



Marie L. Correa



Ukulele Beginner Workshop


The library will offer a series of four beginner ukulele workshops on Thursday nights from 5:30-6:30 p.m. on the following dates: August 16, August 23, August 30, and September 6. The workshops will be hosted by Bonita Hibbard, member of Silver Strummers in Dover, Southern NH Ukulele Group (SNHUG), and Tamp Bay Ukulele Society (TBUS) in Florida. 


In the first workshop you will learn about ukuleles, the different sizes, how to hold, tune, strum, play a few chords and some songs.  In succeeding workshops, you will expand on this chord base and skills and be given information for your continued ukulele education: including online resources and information about local groups and events.


It is a lot of fun and the lessons are free!  If you have a ukulele, please bring it.  If you don’t, there will be a limited number of ukuleles at the workshop subject to availability.  There will be a $25.00 security deposit required if you want to bring one of the library’s ukuleles home to practice.  



David Coursin Announces Campaign For State Representative

Submitted By David Coursin

I’m campaigning to represent Northwood, Rockingham County, District #1. I moved to Northwood in 2009, after living in Concord with my wife and two children since 1985.  I’ve been a physician for over forty years, as a family doctor caring for people in the coal fields of southeastern Kentucky, then as a psychiatrist working with children and adults in the challenging neighborhoods of inner city Philadelphia.


I helped develop the psychiatric services at Concord Hospital, worked in private practice and with the local mental health center, and joined the faculty of Dartmouth Medical School in 2001 to work and teach at New Hampshire Hospital and the Secure Psychiatric Unit at the State Prison. I now serve as a Governor’s appointee to the Board of Medicine, Medical Review Sub-Committee.


The Golden Rule guides me in life as it would guide my work in the State House. I want our government to live up to that principle, treating everyone with respect and equal opportunity. Self-reliance is deeply important, but all of us are helped along the way.  Nobody is a “self-made” anything. To reach our goals in life, we rely on the education, infrastructure, and public services government provides. We are at our best individually and as communities when we work together.


In a heartbeat, anyone of us could face something we never imagined. In those extra-ordinary times, we need help from our trusted sources. We may need help they can’t provide.  All of us must share the cost for that help, so it is there in case anyone of us needs it. Hopefully that never happens, but each of us serves the rest by contributing to the cost of those resources. Good government is one of the strongest tools we have for putting our service into action.


Voting for legislators who acknowledge this above partisanship is critical for the health of our communities, our state and our country. I am one of those legislators. Visit me frequently on Face Book @DrDavidCoursin for campaign information and my thoughts on specific issues. Email me at if you don’t find what you need.






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