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Northwood NH News

May 9, 2018

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It’s Mother’s Day!--the time of year when you take Mom out to eat and enjoy a nice meal together.  But you are too full for dessert.  That’s OK, ‘cause by the time you get back to Mom’s house, you can whip out a nice dessert you bought from the ladies’ mission group at the Bake and Plant Sale at the Northwood Advent Christian Church. 


You haven’t missed the sale! It is Saturday, May 12, 9-1 at 113 School Street (Route 107) in Northwood in The Narrows.  Oh! Some perennial plants would make a nice gift, too.



Letter To The Editor


I was saddened by Ren and Chris Horne’s letter regarding pervasive “liberal creep” in Northwood. Ron shared that “erosive liberal ideals” (with ‘school and social programs cited) are a “disease” which has replaced ‘common sense values.’ He concluded with “a lack of common sense typical of liberal idealism.”


I am a Northwood resident, and a liberal, and disagree, being entitled to my opinion, just as Ron is entitled to his as a conservative. Yet, let us all remember that opinions are only that, opinions. Ron heaped derision and insult upon a broad group of people who believe differently than he does, people who are his neighbors and townsfolk; who likely attend his church, who might be relations. I personally do not believe it possible for the 4,000+ citizens of Northwood to be of a single opinion on every issue, therefore a difference of opinion is inevitable. Indeed, I believe a difference of opinion healthy, leading to growth, freedom, and choice.


Since complete uniformity of thought is impossible, I’d rather we strive towards tolerance, and even kindness and respect for those with differing views than our own. Share your viewpoint, yes, by citing specific items coming up for vote and presenting a well-reasoned and empirical argument as to why the vote should go one way or another. The Hornes are moving, apparently, though they fear that people who disagree with them are everywhere, yet I am staying in Northwood, not because people agree with me here, but because I am optimistic that we can have a community that respects each other and abides by the basic tenants of civility, tolerance, open-mindedness, maturity, and compassion. I believe Northwood to be that community as much as any other.



Michael Tritter,

Northwood Resident



It’s “May Murder Madness” As LRPA Highlights Cinema Noir All Month Long!

This Weekend’s Feature: 1956’s “Please Murder Me!”


Throughout May, Lakes Region Public Access Television will highlight some of the most dark and gritty movies ever to come out of Hollywood! Join us each Friday and Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. for “May Murder Madness,” a tribute to vintage film noir. This weekend (May 11 & 12), we’re proud to present 1956’s crime drama “Please Murder Me!” starring Angela Lansbury and Raymond Burr. 


Told in flashback, “Please Murder Me!” is the story of a deadly love triangle involving attorney Craig Carlson (Burr), who’s fallen hard for Myra Leeds (Lansbury), the wife of Joe (played by character actor Dick Foran), Craig’s close friend and WWII buddy. Craig owes Joe his life and so is tormented by his feelings for Myra. Joe tells Craig in confidence that he suspects Myra of having an affair. It’s too much for Craig to bear, so he confesses to Joe that he’s “the other man.” Surprisingly, Joe isn’t angry – he asks Craig for a few days to think things over. Craig is mystified by Joe’s behavior. When he asks Myra about it, she advises him to do nothing until Joe responds. A few nights later, Myrna shoots Joe, claiming self-defense. Craig, while shocked by his friend’s alleged behavior, agrees to serve as Myra’s attorney. He defends her superbly, even putting his own reputation on the line, anticipating a happy and peaceful life after the conclusion of the trial.  But there is more, it seems, to Myra than meets the eye.


“Please Murder Me!” is one of the least-known entries in the film noir genre. While it certainly is a small, low budget thriller, it is a thriller nonetheless, and features some wonderful plot twists wrapped up in a bracing 78-minute film. Angela Lansbury is terrific here, playing, as she often did early in her career, the heartless femme fatale. Classic television fans will likely recognize minor character actors including Dick Foran as the cuckolded husband and Denver Pyle (best known for shows such as “The Dukes of Hazard” and “The Doris Day Show”) as a police lieutenant. But the standout is Raymond Burr, who ironically, up until that point in his career, usually played the bad guy (who can forget him as the ruthless killer in Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”?). Burr’s intelligent and earnest lawyer, who is more than slightly unhinged by the film’s end, was likely the model for his biggest, career-defining role -- that of TV lawyer Perry Mason. “Please Murder Me!” deserves to be better known by film fans everywhere. So grab your popcorn and meet us after dark for this seldom-seen thriller from the past.


Mark your calendars for these upcoming murderous movies:

May 18 & 19: 1946’s “The Strange Love of Martha Ivers” 

May 24 & 25: 1950’s “D.O.A.”



Northwood Historical Society


2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Northwood Historical Society.  The first event to celebrate this milestone will be our annual meeting on May 15, 2018 at the Northwood Community Hall starting with a potluck supper followed by a brief business meeting and a program.


The potluck supper will be starting at 6:00 PM, please bring a dish to share-salad, main dish or dessert and your place setting, beverage will be provided. 


The program will start at 7:00 PM.  Sarah Josepha Hale’s 1827 novel “Northwood” is probably the single most important reason we now have a national Thanksgiving holiday.  Northwood resident Michael Faiella, will talk about Hale’s life, her famous novel, her decades-long campaign for Thanksgiving, and her many other accomplishments.


We hope you will make plans to join us for this free and open to the public event to help us celebrate our 50th Anniversary of preserving the rich history of Northwood.  New members are always welcome.



Harvey Lake Watershed Association To Meet May 30


A membership meeting of the Harvey Lake Watershed Association is scheduled for Wednesday, May 30, 2018, at 6:30 p.m., at the Northwood Town Hall, Route 4, Northwood.


The meeting is to elect officers of the association for the next two years. This annual meeting was postponed from last fall.


The association is a small group of volunteers consisting of lake residents who were formed fifteen years ago to protect the watershed of Harvey Lake, which consists of the 116-acre lake behind Coe Brown Academy and the immediate area of the lake. 


The association sponsors the annual Lake Host program for Harvey Lake and conducts water testing through the state’s Volunteer Lake Assessment Program. Volunteers also conduct an organized weed-watching program to be on the lookout for invasive aquatic plants.


The annual meeting will be to hear reports and organize the association’s activities during the upcoming year. To assure the continued existence and vitality of the association, it is absolutely essential that members attend and support their lake association. Without continued volunteer support, the organization cannot carry out its mission.


The following positions are up for election at the May 30th meeting: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, weed watcher captain, Lake Host point person, water quality coordinator, and at-large directors. Any current member of the association is eligible to be nominated for office.


All members and those interested in the continued vitality of the lake are welcome and urged to attend. For more information, contact HLWA President Bob Charest at 892-3488 (text or voice) or by email at


The Harvey Lake Watershed Association has again been awarded a Lake Host grant to staff the boat ramp on Shore Drive through summer of 2018. If you or someone you know would like to earn extra money this summer, please send a letter of interest to We seek responsible adults (age 18 and over) who will sit at the boat ramp Saturdays or Sundays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. greeting boaters and checking boats and trailers for invasive species. The job pays $11 an hour. You must attend a paid two-hour training session in May or June, and the position begins in late June. For more information about the job, visit online at



Judge Judy or Supreme Court?


Although considered a “quasi-judicial board” the Northwood Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) is neither led by a judge or the highest court in the land. What is the zoning board and what role does it have in municipal government? The ZBA consists of 5 regular members and 3 alternate members who decide on applications for relief from the Northwood Zoning Ordinance.  The board is made up of volunteers who are residents of Northwood, appointed by the selectmen who serve for a 3 year term. There are currently three openings for alternate members who vote when regular members are absent or recuse themselves. There is no required knowledge or training. Numerous workshops are available and the cost is paid by the town.  


All properties in Northwood are subject to the zoning ordinance and each request for relief is heard based on the specifics of the individual case and the criteria the state recommends as the basis for granting a variance.  The board meets the fourth Monday of each month at the town hall. If you would like to serve the community and have a willingness to learn, the zoning board needs your help!  Contact Administrator Kate Lafond at to submit a letter of interest.



Letter To The Editor


A reminder that the the Northwood School Board still has a vacancy (as of April 19), and will appoint a replacement to fulfill the term through March of 2019.  Anyone interested in serving on the School Board should please submit a letter of intent to Board Chairman Keith McGuigan via SAU #44, 23A Mountain Avenue, Northwood, NH 03261, or by email at by 4pm on May 16th.  Feel free to include any relevant experience or qualifications.  Thank you.


Keith McGuigan

Northwood School Board



Chesley Memorial Library News

Library Patron Survey


Did you miss the chance to respond to our patron survey? There’s still time to fill one out online until June 30!  We are interested in your opinion about the Chesley Memorial Library and the services we provide.  Patron surveys help us to determine what materials and services to offer at the Chesley Memorial Library. This survey will give you the opportunity to make valuable and specific suggestions to us as we plan for the future.  Please go to our web site ( and take a moment to provide us with this important information.  Thank you for your input.


Cupcake War Winner

Congratulations to Anthony DeBello, winner of the fourth annual Chesley Memorial Library Cupcake War! The cupcakes are getting more elaborate every year and we heard lots of comments this year about how wonderful all of the cupcakes looked so congratulations to all of our participants.  And thank you to everyone who voted!



Humor&Harmony is back!  The Chesley Memorial Library and the Friends of the Northwood Libraries will sponsor “Humor&Harmony” featuring Rebecca Rule and Cordwood at the Masonic Hall on Route 4 in Northwood on Saturday, May 19, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Special guest Joel Sherburne from Calef’s Country Store will also be on hand to delight the audience with his own special brand of humor.  Suggested donation is $6.00 per person at the door.  Refreshments will be available to purchase and the Friends will hold a silent auction to raise funds to benefit the library.


Rebecca Rule is a humorist/writer who specializes in funny stories about New Hampshire.  Rebecca Rule gathers and tells stories and she’ll be telling some of her funniest ones for Humor and Harmony. Her latest book is Sixty years of cuttin’ the cheese: Joel Sherburne and Calef’s famous country store.  Other books include: N is for NH, an ABC book for children and adults with photographs by Scott Snyder; The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever, illustrated by Jennifer Thermes; Moved and Seconded: NH Town Meeting;  and Could Have Been Worse: True Stories, Embellishments, and Outright Lies.  She hosts Our Hometown on NHPTV. 


Cordwood is a bluegrass and folk quartet made up of instrumental, vocal, and recording artists from Northwood, Durham, and Deerfield.  This is not your local neighborhood hobby band.  They are a fine group of seasoned New England musicians.  Each can hold his or her own at field picking or a back stage jam, and yet, as a band, they present a highly polished on-stage performance.  All four members of Cordwood are storytellers and songwriters, creating original material for instrumentalists who can sing and harmonize, sometimes taking the lead vocal, other times hanging back and lending two, three, or even four part harmonies to a song.  Cordwood provides a unique sound to both originals and the covers they perform.  Their tunes remain heartfelt and down-home.  The band’s material is a mixture of traditional bluegrass, folk, and swing.  Cordwood is Wini Scovill Young on banjo and guitar, Walt Kutylowski on bass, Al Pratt on guitar, and Bob Young on mandolin, names you may remember from Big Chicken, The Deerfield Coffeehouse Band, and Fat Hands.


Writers In Bloom Group

Still too cold for your flowers gardens to bloom?  Don’t worry; writers are blooming at the Chesley Memorial Library!  Local writers — whether beginner, much published, or somewhere in between — are invited to a free weekly writers’ workshop on Tuesdays from 2:00 to 3:30 pm at the Chesley Memorial Library now through May 22.  Sessions include group critique, writing exercises, and craft discussion. Some participants may want to come early or stay late for some quiet writing time. All genres welcome.  Get some writing done, learn from each other, and have some fun, too! Local writers like Carol Owen will take turns leading the group sessions with Becky and Adi Rule popping in to lead some of the sessions as well. 


Think Spring! Words And Watercolors

“Think Spring! Words and Watercolors” will be on display at the Chesley Memorial Library until May 23.  Northwood School students in Mrs. Ahlberg’s fourth grade class have kindly shared their paintings and poems with a spring theme to help us decorate the library this month.  



Do you want to learn how to knit or crochet? Do you need help with knitting or crocheting projects?  Local artisan Norma Heroux will provide free lessons at the Chesley Memorial Library on Thursdays from 5:00-7:00 p.m. No registration required, but we do suggest that you call ahead (942-5472) for availability.


Senior Café

Spring weather really is here (no more “sprinter” weather!) so it’s much easier to get out and about.  Invite your friends and neighbors to meet you at the Chesley Memorial Library Senior Cafe!  The Senior Café meets every Monday from 1:00-2:30 p.m. so make time to enjoy some delicious treats and a cup of coffee or tea while you socialize.  You can even check out the new books, magazines, and movies while you’re here and go home with something to keep you busy in between lawn and garden sessions.






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