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Northwood NH News

April 11, 2018

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This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature: 1954’s “Suddenly”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (April 13 & 14) for this week’s “LRPA After Dark” encore presentation of 1954’s film noir crime drama “Suddenly,” starring Sterling Hayden and Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. 


“Suddenly” tells the tale of three would-be assassins who come to the town of Suddenly, California, with murder on their minds: specifically, killing the President of the United States as he travels through on the train. They pose as FBI agents to gain entrance to a home, then take everyone hostage while they plan their despicable deed. Sinatra made this film hot off of his Oscar-winning role in “From Here to Eternity,” and was keen to play a villain. He did so to high critical praise. A sad footnote to this film is that allegedly,” Suddenly” is the film that Lee Harvey Oswald watched the evening before he shot President Kennedy to death in Dallas, TX.  Hollywood legend has it that, upon hearing this news, Sinatra demanded that “Suddenly” be pulled from any further film distribution. Because of this, many younger viewers have never had the chance to see this film, one that The New York Times hailed as “… a compact study of terror and suspense, with a bit of a nervous contemplation of a psychopathic character thrown in.”  If you’ve never seen “Suddenly,” you’re in a classic film treat! So grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this crime drama from the past. 



Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Quarter 3 Honor Roll 2017-2018

Headmaster David S. Smith is pleased to announce the honor roll for the third quarter.



Emma Arsenault, Alicia Baratier, Raven Barnes, Taylor Bettencourt, Sandra Black, Paul Colson, Emily Cunningham, Emma DuBois, Sarah Dupuis, Julia Greene, Hannah Halka, Brady Johnson, Nina-Marie Laramee,  Olivia Lee, Erik Nelson, Kayla Pollak, Alyssa Reiff, Nicole Rogier, Allison   Rose, Victoria Sheridan, Garrett  Skidds, Julia Sommer, Kathryn Spadafora, Hailey Stevens



Emily     Anderson Bailey Arnold-Fuchs, Haley Arnold-Fuchs, Maxim Begin, Jacob Bisson, Erin Boodey, Timothy Bowen, Leah Bridge, Jaelyn Brooks, Suzannah Buzzell, Sydney Carney, Orion Clachar, Travis Corson, Madelyn Dallaire, Domminique Depianti, Sarah Doiron, Derek Elwell, Isabelle Feenstra, Aidan Fillion, Jacob Flanagan, Jocelyn Gagnon, Sydney Gast, Spence Goad, John Grygiel, Jordan Haddock, Joseph Hebert-Morello Cora Hodgdon, Sydney Ho-Sue, Alexis Kendall, Danielle Landry, Emily Lentz, Kathryn Levesque, Jacob Lock, Isabelle Lupinacci, Shemrey Lussier, Aimee Mason, Trevor Massingham, Eleanor McDonough, Alexander Mercedes, Cailinn Monahan, Amaya Newport, Jadelyn Newport, Margaret Norman, Maxwell Nowak, Shannon Perreault, Caleb Rollins, Nicholas Sanderson, Nathanial Schroeder, Faith Shiere, Courtney Snow, Jacob Spainhower, Deanna St. Laurent, Drew Stevens, Evan Tanguay, Caitlyn Ustaszewski, Benjamin Watson, Lindsay Wright



Shayla Ashley, Shealyn Bedell, Alice Ewing, Cassuarina French, Ian Gollihur, Kirsten Gunderson, Colby Hoffman, Delaney Jean, Paige Marston, Shane Marston, Maria Ortiz, Kelsey Pine, Emma Tobbe, Megan Wimsatt



Aidan Ahern, Taevamaria Ahern, Elijah Allen, Kaitlyn Allsup, Nicholas Allsup, Alissa  Ames, Calvin Antosiewicz, Braelin Ash, Jordan Bell, Griffen Bono, Jackson Burke, Susan Burnap, Clayton Canfield, Derek Capo, Luke Chalifour, Madison Cunningham, Makenzie Daly, Pietra Depianti, Dylan DeTrude, Alivia DiPrizio, Brian Downer, Nicholas Dyer, Maggie Eaton, Taylor Edgecomb, Olivia Farrar, Mackenzie Flanders, Cameron Goodwin, Autumn Graham, Leah Gustin, Benjamin Healey, Kevin Hennessey, Kayla Hicking, Alyssa Hill, Todd Holman, Sean Hooper, Alyssa  Hubbard, Sarah Jensen, Adah Keeney, Brandon Lamarre, Nicolas LaMontagne, Tyler LaMontagne, Albert Lapiejko, Logan Ledoux, Cooper Leduke, Celia Leighton, Gavyn Lewis Jiaxuan Li, Gwyneth Locke, Brice Lussier, Lillian Marie, Lily Marston, Caleb Mihelich, Lucciano Minasalli, Jonathan Moehlmann, Hayden Murray, Sydney Neuman, Dylan Nigro, Jackson Noel, Willow Normandin, Emily Olofson, Reegan Osborne, Stephen Peroff, Serena Poulin, Carly Ramsey, Alexander Reynosa, Jacob Rich, Olivia Roach, Emerson Ross, Alison Routhier, Brooke Sawyer, Bailey Travers, Emily van Gerena, Julia Warren, Mason Winiarski



Seamus Baker, Lauren    Best, Katherine Blake, Codi Boheen, Madison Bowen, Benjamin Brieger, Ruby Carr, Riley Colby, Anthony Comte, Addison Craven, Lauren Curtin, Thomas Daly, Hunter DeCota, Hazel Dellario, Celia Fogarty, Megan Frost, Ashley Gatchell, Nathaniel Huckins, Shannon Jackson, Mirah Johnston, Owen Judge, Hayden Knight, Madison Kriete, Raymond Lapiejko, Malachy Leclere, Evan Lentz, Kaili Linscott, Michael MacEachern, Hayleigh McNeil, Katherine Messenger, Cordelia Norris, Connor Nowak, Michaela Power, Lauren Rose, Madison Tortorella-Lewis



Hunter Adams, Isabelle Allan, Emily Anderson, Jaden Boulanger, Tre’ Bourdon, Brianna Burke, Alexis Call, Matthew Davis, Makayla DeButts, Nathan Dedeo, Samuel DelFuoco, Maggie Donovan, Dawson Dubois, Lillian Farley, George Fasulo, Sydney   Feenstra, Olivia Fontes, Jacob Foster, Collin Gier, Jane Hammond, Natalie Harris, Patrick Helm, Hailie Holland, Seth Howard, Brianna Jackson, Abigail Jerome, Victoria  Johnston, Sophie Laird, Adeline Leifer, Elizabeth Libbey, Savannah Marsh, Alexi Mattie, Brynna Meeker, Genevieve Melanson, Angelise Moss, Patrick Murray, Ryan Nester, Abigail O’Connor, Fiona O’Shea, Samuel Patteson, Kelsey Pease, Jake Peck, Aidan Perra, Cole Perra, Anna Principato, Jacob Radwan, Kiersten Ranfos, Kathleen Roach, Kora Robito, Sophia Sabina, Elizabeth Shultz, Mark Sommer, Crystal Stalk, Cody Tanguay, Morgan Tatem, Mary Thoms, Willow Tritter, Isabella Valarese, Paige Valli, Lauren Veno, Meskerem Wallace, Skylar Ward, Samantha Welch, Alexandra Wheeler, Dylan White, Luke Wiggin, Amanda Womble



Jennifer Bettencourt, Amelia Brackett, Emily Buehne, Morgan Burnap, Aislin Burt, Inle Bush, Hogan Cain, Austin Carrier, Benjamin Clinch, Addison Cox, Corinne Fernald, Carter Ford, Aaron Gundersen, Patrick Hill, Allison Mackey, Sarah Marsh, Tessa Millette, Robert  Morrison, Kira NealBurk, Olivia Noni, Matthew Ramstrom, Brenna Roy, Sarah Souliere, Darin Sweet, Drusilla Szatko, Jordan Whittier



Jacob Anderson, Kirin Asselin, Sylas Aucella, Declan Baker, Phoenix Boyce, Ava Burbank, Charlotte Cleaver, Gabrielle Critchett, Jesse Davis, Mya Dicey, Parker Eaton, Cullen Escabi, Molly Ewing, Aidan Flynn, Camryn Gatchell, Thomas Goodwin, Madeline Grygiel, Broder Gunderson, Porter Heigis, Jacob Hobart Kathryn Hocevar, Jacob Hodgdon, Michael Holderby, Camden Johnson, Olivia Kreps, Piper Leduke, John Levitow III, Wyatt Mackey, Grace Matthews, Adeline McAlpin, William  McCusker, Morgan  McPhee, Percival  Melanson, Logan Mihelich, Giovanni Minasalli, William Moehlmann, Emily Morris, Riley Mulligan, Hunter Murray, Isabel Myers, Emma Naves, Mary Katherine Patteson, Jacob Phinney, Emma Pinard, Benjamin Poirier, Andrew Quaglia, Mackenzie Quick, Angelina Rene, Aiden Schutte, Aidyn Short, Jonathan Small, Cole Smith, Benjamin Snow, Autumn Stevens, Maggie Sylvester, Nicole Thomas, Luke Tkaczyk, Jordan Trahant, Spencer Trott, Thomas Trumble, Beatrice Tursi, Caitlyn van Gerena, Ethan Vollertsen, Makayla Ware, Lian Welch, Valentina White, Charlotte Winiarski, Tanner Wotton,  Emma Zollman



Letter To The Editor


The selectmen have decided that the new swap shop building is enough! We will have no walls, no insulation, although it’s been donated by a generous resident, no heat, no shelves. Other than the electrical ($2900) and the flooring, the cost is $1500. This is not coming from the selectmen’s pockets, it’s coming from the expendable trust fund, which was set up just for this purpose. This money was made from residents recycling in the hopes that we could see some improvements to the transfer station. 


Call your selectmen and town administrator and let them know what you want. Jim Valincourt is right when he says this falls to the selectmen, their job is to do the will of the people and everyone I talk to wants the swap shop up and running. Many people have donated many things to get this accomplished. By not finishing this building, the selectmen are discouraging anyone from volunteering for anything in this town. 


The chairman of any committee should not browbeat other members into submission, it’s not the way the system works. Maybe we should spend a little money on a Robert’s Rules of Order for the town hall. 


At this time we have $62,138.39 in the transfer station fund, minus the cost of electrical and flooring ($3900) and $1500 for plywood, paint, etc., we would still have a $56,738.39 balance. As I’ve said so many times before, this fund was set up to improve the transfer station, it can’t be used for anything else! 


This building will save taxpayers money and that is what counts. If the selectmen cannot see the benefits to finishing the building, what else are they missing?


Til Next Time,

Viena Dow






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