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Northwood NH News

June 29, 2016

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The Pittsfield High School Class Of 1966 50th Class Reunion  will be held in the Pittsfield Congregational Church vestry on July 23rd from 3-6 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. If you can attend call Pete Riel at 603-269-8861.



The Northwood Parent Cooperative Preschool (The Center School) has openings for this fall. We also have exciting changes happening! We have two new teachers, Ms. Danielle and Ms. Kelley, starting this fall and extended hours! Please check out our website for information about tuition, curriculum, our new hours and to access our registration packet.


We also invite everyone interested in information about The Center School to come by our booth at The Bean Hole Bash, Saturday July 30th at the Northwood Congregational Church next to CBNA. We hope to see you there!



Coe-Brown Northwood Academy

Quarter 4 Honor Roll

Headmaster David S. Smith is pleased to announce the honor roll for the fourth quarter.


Grade 12 – Highest Honors

Molly Boodey, Hannah Carlson, Christie Clause, Hayley Dunn, Katherine Martel, Maria Rainey, Meredith Roman, Jake Scarponi, Kristina Seavey, Micah Sims and Henry Turcotte


Grade 12 – High Honors

Vanessa Anderson, Parker Aube, Chloe Bettencourt, Kayleigh Bounds, Callie Brochu, Samantha Bruce, Jared Carlson, Laura Cozine, James Crosby, Randall Daniels, Elisabeth Danis, Megan Elwell, Maximin Fahey, Sydney Fisher, Cheyenne Gardner, Tayla George, Rosemary Goodwin, Taylor Goodwin, Arianna Gunderson, Nicole Hodgdon, Tyler Holman, Wyatt Jozokos, Ryu Kondrup, Samuel Koskela, Brooke Laskowsky, Jolene Levesque, Cortney Lewis, Damian May, Jessica Miles, Jared Neal, Jason Palmer, Meghan Percy, Billie Pingree, Cullen Pitman, Jacob Pogorek, Bailey Poland, Ashley Reiff, Holly Roman, Megan Scannell, Kayleigh Sherman, Cole Short, Andrew Shultz, Megan Spainhower, Daven Thorne, Abigail Turcotte and Mariah Valerio


Grade 12 – Honors

Ryan Bailey, Alexa Beaulieu, Nicole Beaupre, Michaela Cirillo, Julia Cormier, Erin Docko, Jacob Dunkerley, Lavender Goodwin, Matthew Guckert, Michael Haddock, Sara Harris, Katherine Hyland, Colin Johnson, Colin Jozokos, Cameron Lamarre, Bethany Levenson, Ian Melewski, Jared Nelson, Kayla Patten, Hayley Pierce, Max Ravenelle, Carter Rollins, Tyler Schroeder and Julie Souryavong 


Grade 11 – Highest Honors

Shane Fillion, Amanda Lee, Zackary Pine, Allison Pratt and Tanner Richards 


Grade 11 – High Honors

Talia Antman, Brody Ashley, Cassandra Barnhart, Taylor Baxter-Orluk, Matthew Brown, Kira Cameron, Kayla Cates, Lynzie Chase, Samantha Clark, Donovan Corless, Emelia Cronshaw, Hannah Daly, Abigail Dupuis, Teagan Folland, Sheridan Gancarz, Marissa Gast, William Girard, Alexander Gray, Nathan Griffiths, Brenda Hayes, Jonathan Hayes, Catherine Langdon, Caroline Lavoie, Samuel Lupinnaci, Donald MacCallum, Arianna Maker, Rebecca Masison, Sophia Menjivar, Derek Meyer, Michael Mulligan, Mallory Perron, Zachary Richards, Shannon Riley, Samantha Roche, Thomas Sheehan V, Emery Travers, Kelsey Wallace, Kylee West, Noah Wojtkowski, Zowi Woodman, Liu Yong, LilyGrace York and Abigail Zollman


Grade 11 – Honors

Isaiah Allen, Summer Barnes, Amanda Bolduc, Kayla Boucher, Joel Boulanger, Kate Clinch, Vincent Glidden, Emily Goulas, Joshua Hall, Bradley Heckman, Samantha Jensen, Emily Marie, McKenzie Moehlmann, Sarah Murphy, Caitlyn Pitre, Katie Rankins, Kerry Riley, Cody Schwieger and Shawn Spenard


Grade 10 – Highest Honors

Bailey Arnold-Fuchs, Raven Barnes, Sandra Black, Sarah Dupuis, Alyssa Reiff and Hailey Stevens


Grade 10 – High Honors

Jaelyn Brooks, Orion Clachar, Emily Cunningham, Domminique Depianti, Sarah Doiron, Emma DuBois, Derek Elwell, Isabelle Feenstra, Jocelyn Gagnon, Sydney Gast, Julia Greene, Hannah Halka, Rebekah Hinrichsen, Sydney Ho-Sue, Brady Johnson, Alexis Kendall, Nina-Marie Laramee, Kassandra Lavoie, Jacob Lock, Jacob Lorden, Isabelle Lupinacci, Abigail Mathison, Alexander Mercedes, Cailinn Monahan, Erik Nelson, Amaya Newport, Scott Norwood, Nicole Rogier, Nicholas Sanderson, Victoria Sheridan, Garrett Skidds, Julia Sommer, Kiley St. Francis, Casey Szmyt, Evan Tanguay, Caitlyn Ustaszewski and Mitchell Wade


Grade 10 – Honors

Emma Arsenault, Andrew Bates, Gwendolyn Bearden, Maxim Begin, Taylor Bettencourt, Erin Boodey, Timothy Bowen, Paul Colson, Madelyn Dallaire, Aidan Fillion, Sarah Fortier, Samuel Godwin, Joseph Hebert-Morello, Zachary Helm, David Krunklevich, Danielle Landry, Trevor Massingham, Michaela McAllister, Margaret Norman, Catrina Purington, Caleb Rollins, Allison Rose, Drew Stevens, Cassandra Stover, Ander Wensberg and Faith Wilson


Grade 9 – Highest Honors

Cassuarina French, Colby Hoffman, Hannah Marsh, Shane Marston, Sydney Neuman, Kelsey Pine, Emma Tobbe and Megan Wimsatt


Grade 9 – High Honors

Aidan Ahern, Taevamaria Ahern, Elijah Allen, Shayla Ashley, Jordan Bell, Jackson Burke, Susan Burnap, Clayton Canfield, Drew Ceppetelli, Evan Chauvey, Kristopher Cronshaw, Madison Cunningham, Makenzie Daly, Pietra Depianti, Brian Downer, Nicholas Dyer, Maggie Eaton, Alice Ewing, Ian Gollihur, Cameron Goodwin, Dylan Harlow, Kayla Hicking, Alyssa Hill, Nathaniel Hoffman, Ryan Holland, Todd Holman, Delaney Jean, Tyler LaMontagne, Albert Lapiejko, Mackenzie Ledoux, Cooper Leduke, Mary Lee, Jiaxuan Li, Holly Magowan, Lillian Marie, Michael Marini, Lily Marston, Paige Marston, Lucas McCusker, Jonathan Moehlmann, Hayden Murray, Michael Nikolaus, Jackson Noel, Emily Olofson, Maria Ortiz, Stephen Peroff, Serena Poulin, Anna Prescott-Nichols, Alexander Reynosa, Jacob Rich, Alison Routhier, Zachery Sheehan, Rachel Simmons, Rebecca Simmons, Jonathan Thorn, Emily van Gerena, Julia Warren and Mason Winiarski


Grade 9 – Honors

Shealyn Bedell, Jacob Burghardt, Dylan DeTrude, Taylor Edgecomb, Tyler Enos, Olivia Farrar, Benjamin Healey, Sarah Jensen, Adah Keeney, Brandon Lamarre, Nicolas LaMontagne, Benjamin Lavoie, Logan Ledoux, Brice Lussier, Spencer Murphy, Dylan Nigro, Carly Ramsey, Brooke Sawyer, Bailey Travers and Wesley Ward



TIF Info And Community Feedback

Submitted By Hal Kreider, Northwood Economic Development Committee


In our March town election we voted to adopt RSA-162K, which enables Northwood to create Tax Increment Financing (TIF) zones.  At the Selectmen’s meeting on Tuesday, July 26th, the Northwood Economic Development Committee will provide more details about how TIF’s work and present our concept for a TIF on the west side of town.  Anyone who would like to learn more about TIF’s and how they could help increase  our community’s tax base or anyone who would like to provide input on our initial concept for a TIF is encouraged to attend.  This is intended to be an informal session to exchange information and ideas with any interested community members.  We hope you can join us.



Shannan Brown Elected First Woman Commander Of New Hampshire Veterans Of Foreign Wars

Shannan Brown of Northwood made history Sunday in Manchester, where the Veterans of Foreign Wars installed its first ever woman state commander. Brown served in the Air National Guard as an Air Traffic Controller in Afghanistan which earned her eligibility to the VFW. Brown stated being the first female commander is nice, but she hopes the honor will become a footnote in a successful year of leadership. She has been an active member of the Northwood Joseph J. Jeffrey VFW Post 7217 and has served as its commander. If anyone is interested in finding out about all the things the VFW does for Veterans and our community check out



This Weekend’s Lrpa After Dark Feature:

1937’S “A Star Is Born”


LACONIA—Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (July 1 & 2)  for an encore presentation  of  our “LRPA After Dark” feature, 1937’s timeless melodrama  “A Star is Born,” starring Janet Gaynor and Frederic March.


“A Star is Born” is the definitive movie about Hollywood fame, fortune, and its human toll: the juxtaposition of the talented, young actress’s rising career with the downward spiral of her husband, an aging, self-destructive, alcoholic matinee idol. This movie is so fantastic that it’s been remade twice, once in 1954, with Judy Garland and James Mason, and again, infamously, in 1976, with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. It’s even in the works again, this time with Bradley Cooper in the starring role! For many fans and critics, however, the original 1937 version is still the best. Filmed in wonderful early Technicolor and directed by William Wellman, it was nominated for six Academy Awards, winning for Best Original Story, and garnering a special award for the film’s outstanding color photography. Critic Leonard Matlin wrote, “Two remakes haven’t dimmed the glow of this drama … March and Gaynor are at their best.” Grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this vintage classic!


You can’t find television like this it anywhere but LRPA TV, MetroCast Channel 25. Not a subscriber? Then log onto LiveStream through our website ( where you can catch all the fun.



Letter To The Editor


How far do things actually have to get before the average person wakes up and really looks at the political landscape.  Our founding fathers had a vision of what a free country could accomplish and if any of them were around today, I think they would be ashamed.


Let’s look at what we have.  On the one side the best the Democratic political machine can spit out are a left wing socialist and a Washington insider so buried in the trappings of politics that she doesn’t really say anything.  At least with Bernie you can say he has some integrity and wants to legitimately do the right thing, even if it is too far left.


On the other side of the aisle we have the Republican Party exploding from within.  A rich billionaire, who could care less about the average American, has pretty much won the primary race and his party doesn’t even want him.  The only reason he is winning is due to the American people being tired of politicians that get zero accomplished.


I belong to a third party called the Modern Whigs (  What attracted me to them was a belief in a merit-based system and a government that served the people.  It is more important to get things done than to play politics.


Maybe someday people will wake up before it is too late.  Many citizens have sacrificed a great deal over the years to make our country great and within one generation it is going down the Johnny flusher.  The current system is a joke. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties couldn’t care less about the average American.  Corruption of money and power run this country and eventually we will all pay the price.


Steve Robert




Umami Opens

By Meggin Dail

Solar powered Umami opens in Northwood with Chef Zack Squier in the kitchen.


If you’ve been watching the progress on that big barn and house that sits diagonally across from TD Bank on Route 4 in Northwood, surely you’ve noticed by now there’s a new taste in town; Umami.


Umami is defined as one of the five basic tastes. and can be translated as “pleasant savory taste.”  After a successful start with Hunky Dunk Keepin’ It Local Market, owner Jesicka Belair knew the next order of business was a farm-to-table café. After a long journey (where only the best destinations await), the cafe has opened to a wonderful start. If you’re curious about what’s behind those barn doors; here’s a sneak peek:


Umami is open Wednesday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch 7 AM-3 PM. They use local ingredients to make their breakfast sausages and sandwiches, salads, burgers, and rice bowls. The sauces are made from scratch, as well as the aiolis. The croissants and pastries are fresh every day from Bread and Chocolate. The eggs and produce are organic and the biscuits are made on site.Their coffee is Café Monte Alto grown on a plantation in Peru, then ground in Portsmouth. The meat is pasture-raised and appears in menu favorites like the pork belly reuben and the mac and cheese burger. Umami also offers sweet potato burgers and truffled fries and many of the menu options can be made gluten free.


While the café is building its audience, the market will be rebuilding as well, currently marketing honey, syrup, eggs and dairy. Umami also features various local artists’ work on display and for sale. Most everything you sit at or on has been repurposed such as the barn wood counter from the previously attached carriage house. Everything you see has a story behind it and Jesicka is more than happy to share her sources and stories.






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