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Northwood NH News

June 22, 2016

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The Pittsfield High School Class Of 1966 50th Class Reunion  will be held in the Pittsfield Congregational Church vestry on July 23rd from 3-6 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. If you can attend call Pete Riel at 603-269-8861.



The Northwood Parent Cooperative Preschool (The Center School) has openings for this fall. We also have exciting changes happening! We have two new teachers, Ms. Danielle and Ms. Kelley, starting this fall and extended hours! Please check out our website for information about tuition, curriculum, our new hours and to access our registration packet.


We also invite everyone interested in information about The Center School to come by our booth at The Bean Hole Bash, Saturday July 30th at the Northwood Congregational Church next to CBNA. We hope to see you there!



Saturday June 25

8 am – 1:30 pm


The Northwood Congregational Church is having their annual Strawberry Festival with pancake breakfast, lunch on the grill and lots of baked goods.


Huge yard sale under the tent and tours of the church.


Sunday June 29


Sanctuary Dedication and Worship


The Northwood Congregational Church is holding a sanctuary dedication to celebrate the rehabilitation of the church.



Letter To The Editor


The recent letter included in our tax bill got me interested in looking at the comparative numbers between towns in NH.  I did an analysis of total valuations, tax rates, and money raised for town education based on the 2015 numbers published by NH Department of Revenue at


What I found is that the average local education tax rate for incorporated towns and cities is $12.13 per $1000 valuation.  Northwood’s local education rate is $16.34 per $1000, which is 35% higher than the average incorporated town (not 40%), however, Northwood’s total assessed valuation of $452,652,316 is approximately 29% lower than the average town’s valuation (which is $636,175,127).  This means that Northwood raises $7,396,338 in taxes for local education (which, at 635 students, is about $11,650 per student).  The average town raises $7,715,553, which means that Northwood’s total taxes raised for local education are actually 4% less than the town average.


What does this all mean?  Honestly, not much, in my opinion.  Towns are all very different with differing valuations, populations distributions, numbers of students, and other extenuating circumstances (special education costs, school bond payments, etc.).  Comparing towns based on raw numbers is not a very useful exercise, but if one chooses to do so using accurate numbers, one finds that Northwood, other than having a low assessed valuation number, is in-line with (and actually a bit lower) than the average NH town when it comes to the local funding of education.


I understand these numbers are a bit different than what has been published in other letters and included in the tax bill, but I encourage everyone to look at the actual data and I’d be happy to walk you through the methodology used to come up with these numbers.  I hope you find this useful.



Keith McGuigan



The Northwood Astros Minors team won the BYA League Championship led by coaches Brett Heppler and Peter Heigis.



Letter To The Editor


I was appalled at the letter accusing Joe Gunter of sending out “anti-education propaganda.” I, as well as others in town, am thrilled with the informative chart that came with our tax bills. It’s a much needed accurate visual that shows where our money is going.


That document shows where tax money is being spent. Comparing it to any other town is irrelevant. When I do my home budget, I do not compare it to my neighbor’s budget, that would be silly. Every town, just like every household, has a certain income and budget they must stay within. Justifying spending more because your neighbor is, is irresponsible. There are things we cannot afford.


We have people struggling to keep their homes and to keep food on the table. Our food pantry is a very busy place and some of our townspeople depend on it. They cannot afford their taxes to go up, they will lose their homes. Do you have any idea how much food could have been bought for the food pantry with the $300 per bat that was spent at our school?? We need to spend responsibly with our townspeople and budget in mind.


I remember seeing a post online, after the full time kindergarten warrant article passed, that accused our townspeople of being too cheap and that the state of NH needed to make it mandatory so that our townspeople would be forced to pay for it. After reading that post, I thought how selfish and sad that one of my neighbors cared so little about the people in our town who could not afford that tax hike, yet be forced to choose between paying it and putting food on the table or worse, losing their home.


Cheryl Dean



Chesley Memorial Library Summer Reading Programs


We have four different summer reading programs, one for every age!  Registration begins on Wednesday, June 22, this year.  Summer reading programs will end on August 3 and all participants will be invited to a party to celebrate.  If you need more information about any of the programs listed below, check our web site at or call us at 942-5472.


Exercise Your Mind. Read! (adults)

Even grown-ups read over the summer, so why not join the fun?  Just register at the front desk to get a raffle ticket for signing up and then fill out a raffle ticket for every book you read.  One lucky reader will win a gift assortment package at the end of the program…it’s that easy!


On Your Mark, Get Set…Read (grades 1-5)/Get In the Game – Read (Grades 6+) We are combining the youth and teen summer reading programs this summer for your convenience.  Participants can join Librarian Diane Kizirian on Wednesdays from 1:30-4:00 p.m. or Librarian Regina Planchet from 4:00-6:30 p.m. for drop-in craft and/or activity sessions.  Many of you have to read for school anyway so why not have some fun while you’re at it and maybe even earn a prize while you’re at it!


On Your Mark, Get Set…Read! (preschool-K) The single most important thing you can do to prepare your children to read is to read to them every day. Reading to children will increase their vocabulary and their listening and narrative skills. Join Librarian Annette Blake for simple craft sessions on Wednesdays from 10:30 am-12:30 p.m. and pick out books you can enjoy together at the same time.  As an added bonus, the books you read this summer count towards “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten” if you are enrolled in that program; just ask us for details if you would like to sign up.



Letter To The Editor

Northwood School Finances


As a former NH State of Board of Education certified school business administrator, I wanted to respond to some of the recent comments made by Northwood school board members regarding school finances.


Within the NH Department of Revenue Administration (NH-DRA) is an equalization bureau which equalizes the assessed values for all municipalities annually to bring them to 100% of market value. This process includes compiling assessment data, conducting ratio studies and preparing statistical reports.


The most common denominator used by the NH-DRA is a comparison of “full value tax rates” to determine what municipalities are paying in property taxes.


According to them the full value tax rate represents the estimated tax rate for a municipality if all the taxable property was assessed at 100%. Their full value tax rates are ranked in ascending order from lowest to highest. However, the full value tax rate can only be used to make a limited comparison of what a property in one municipality would pay for taxes to a property of equal value in another municipality.


The last tax year currently available from the NH-DRA to make this comparison is 2015. Northwood’s total 2015 full-value tax rate was $23.73. This compares to Nottingham which was at $20.67. This would make Northwood tax rate 15% higher than Nottingham’s. Strafford’s rate was $21.60 or 10% lower than Northwood.


However, having said all of that, the most cost-effective avenue available to the Northwood school board is for them to put funds aside and to authorize a financial performance audit to be completed on their K-8 regular education programs. With 100 less students in K-8 when compared to Nottingham, there are no valid reasons for them to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars more than Nottingham on education.


Jim Hadley




Northwood Congregational Church Serves God Through Service To Others


The Church with a Heart is putting its words into action with boots on the ground! Northwood Congregational Church, UCC hereby announces its “Service” service, and we invite you to join us.  What’s a Service service?  On every 5th Sunday of the month, instead of holding a service in the church sanctuary, we serve others, making our world a bit more of a sanctuary.


For our first and most recent Service service on May 29th, we helped a most deserving organization, Families in Transition (FIT).  FIT provides only the most innovative and effective interventions to help homeless individuals and families exit the cycle of homelessness.  FIT’s building in Manchester is in an obviously disadvantaged part of town.  We made its exterior cheerier by replacing a weed-ridden island and plant-bare areas with mulched flower beds, using plants provided by a church member.


We’d love to have you join us in our next Service service; or any of them.   We gather at 9 a.m. in the parking lot of the church (Northwood Congregational Church is located immediately east of Coe-Brown Northwood Academy on the south side of Route 4).  We spend the first few minutes discussing the project and offering our work to God through a short service of prayer and song, and then we are off to the worksite.   All are welcome to join us:   scout groups, individuals, families—  if you plan to bring a large group - just contact us at 942-7116 at least two weeks in advance  so we can plan accordingly.    We plan to hold “Service” services on the following dates: July 31, 2016 October 30, 2016, Jan 29, 2017, and April 30, 2017.  We will also post the dates on our website calendar, found online at


Looking for another opportunity to serve:

Northwood Congregational Church offers a free soup lunch to the community every Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Please stop by, say hello, and roll up your sleeves.



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature:

1947’s “Angel And The Badman”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (June 24 & 25) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1947’s’ romantic western melodrama “Angel and the Badman, starring The Duke himself, John Wayne, as well as Gail Russell and Harry Carey.


“Angel and the Badman” tells the tale of Quirt Evans (Wayne), an infamous gunslinger who’s been wounded and is on the run. He winds up at a farm run by a Quaker family, where he collapses from fatigue. Quirt is taken in and nursed by the family, particularly their lovely daughter Penelope (Russell). As Quirt regains his strength, he is slowly drawn to the family’s peaceable ways, and he and Penelope begin to fall in love. When men from Quirt’s troubled past come seeking vengeance against him, will he choose violence, or will he find another way to confront them?


John Wayne was not only the star of “Angel and the Badman,” but was also its producer. After having been a contract player at Republic Studios for eight years, he flexed his desire to have more artistic control over his films and roles, and “Angel and the Badman” was the result. Although not wildly popular with audiences of its day, it was a hit with the critics. Variety called it “…solid entertainment way above what might be expected from its western locale and characters, and loaded with sharp performances.” The years have been kind to this film, and many Wayne fans consider it to be one of his finest performances. Will you agree? Grab your popcorn and join LRPA after dark for this wonderful romantic western.


You can’t find television like this it anywhere but LRPA TV, MetroCast Channel 25. Not a subscriber? Then log onto Live Stream through our website ( where you can catch all the fun.




Henry Suchomski


Northwood – Mr. Henry Suchomski, 93, passed away Friday, June 10, 2016 at the Concord Hospital after a period of failing health.


Born in Poland on February 12, 1923, Henry grew up there and worked as a policeman and tailor.  He was also a member of the Polish Army.  He immigrated to the United States in 1950 and lived in South Boston, working as a sausage maker.  When he moved to New Hampshire, he lived in Chichester, where he owned and operated a dairy farm for over 8 years. When he retired, Henry had been employed by the Seth Thomas Company, making grandfather clocks.  He later lived in Epsom for 10 years, until he and his wife retired to their summer home in Northwood, where they have been for the past 25 years.


Henry was a man of many talents.  He loved his family above all else and animals, especially his little dog Spotty.


Members of his family include his wife of 68 years, Agnes (Tomczyk) Suchomski of Northwood; children, Barbara Kaffel and Henry Suchomski, Jr., both of Northwood; 4 grandchildren; and 3 great grandchildren. Henry was predeceased by his siblings and his son, Richard.


A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated Wednesday, June 15, at St. Joseph Church in Northwood.


An on-line guestbook is available at






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