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Northwood NH News

March 2, 2016

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Congratulations to Alexander Bobowski of Northwood, who made the Dean’s List at Rochester Institute of Technology for fall semester 2015-2016. Degree-seeking undergraduate students are eligible for Dean’s List if their term GPA is greater than or equal to 3.400; they do not have any grades of “Incomplete”, “D” or “F”; and they have registered for, and completed, at least 12 credit hours.


Alexander Bobowski is studying in the computer science program.



MCPHS University is pleased to announce Leah Foley of Northwood has been named to the Dean’s List for the Fall 2015 semester.


Leah is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Leah will graduate in 2015 from the Manchester, New Hampshire campus.


The Dean’s List recognizes those students with a full-time course load who  have achieved outstanding scholarship with a 3.5 GPA or higher for the academic term.



Congratulations to Marianna Barnhart of Northwood, who has been named to the Emmanuel College Dean’s List for the Fall 2015 semester. To earn a spot on the Dean’s List, Emmanuel students must achieve a grade point average of 3.5 or higher for a 16-credit semester.



Northwood School Honor Roll

Semester I 2016


High Honors Hunter Adams, Megan Adams, Jennifer Bettencourt,  Katherine Blake, Jaden Boulanger, Amelia Brackett, Benjamin Brieger, Megan Brieger, Maximus Compton, Addison Cox, Gabrielle Critchett, Porter Heigis, Evan Lentz, Skye Lota, Alexander Pease, Emma Pinard, Brenna Roy, Eva Roy, Anne Thoms, Mary Thoms Honors Caleb Adams, Adrianna Bingham, Rylee Bouchard, Nicholas Bowers, Burke Bulger, Brianna Burke, Rylye Coe,  Stone Compton, Aidan Cox, Nathaniel Curtis, Matthew Davis, Anthony DeBello, Makayla De Butts, Henry Devaney, Tyler Grogan, Victoria Johnston, Sophie Laird, Piper Leduke, Michael MacEachern, Allie McGuigan, Dakota McPhee, Brynna Meeker, Ethan Meeker, Giovanni Minasalli, William Moehlmann, Lucas Morrill, Kylee Murray, Kelsey Pease, Ean Pinard, Emma Pollak, Andrew Quaglia, Angelina Rene, Natalie Sinnamon, Mark Sommer, Darin Sweet, Luke Tkaczyk, Eliana Walk, Elizabeth White.



The Northwood School girls’ basketball  team recently won the Southeast League championship with a 13-1 record. They ended the regular season with an 11-1 record, and they  headed to Barrington Middle School  for the playoffs. They beat Three Rivers School-Pembroke in the semis-finals on Feb. 17 and Epsom Central School in the championship game on Feb.18. (front row, left to right): Makayla DeButts, Addison Cox, Megan Brieger, and Mary Thoms. (back row, left to right) : Samantha Troy, Brynna Meeker, Hailie Holland, Gabrielle Critchett, Amelia Brackett, Jennifer Bettencourt, Angel Rene, and Coach Don Dodge.



Local Government Decisions-Get Out And Vote!


Northwood voters will be asked to decide the 2016 town and school budgets, numerous  warrant articles and who will fill the various open positions including one selectman and two school board members.  The ballot vote will take place on Tuesday, March 8 from 7 am to 7 pm at St. Joseph’s Church Parish Hall, next to the town hall on Rt. 4. On the town ballot will be requests for funding of the 2016 budget, expendable trust funds and capital reserve funds, and vehicle lease payments.  New items on this year’s ballot include the request to fund reconstruction of the Mary Waldron Beach and boat ramp, the purchase of an electronic sign, the addition of a full time officer to the police department, and the creation and first year funding for a Red Listed Bridge fund.  Important items for voter consideration that do not request funding include the adoption of RSA 162-K to allow the town to create development and revitalization districts; and a petition article that asks for the removal of the police commission.  The complete town warrant is available for viewing on the town website: under 2016 Documents, the first item listed on the main menu.


The school district warrant articles appearing on the ballot include the recommended 2016-2017 school district budget, two collective bargaining agreements-Northwood Teachers Association and Northwood Support Personnel Association, hiring a full time curriculum director, and funding of payments to five capital reserve funds. There are two petition warrant articles: to raise funds and establish an all-day Kindergarten program, and to adopt RSA 40:14-b to delegate the default budget to the budget committee.





Please consider the following prior to casting your vote on Warrant Article #3 for the Northwood School District on March 8th.  The Northwood Educational Support Personnel Association (NESPA) thanks you.


What If?

Let’s suppose just for a moment—what if there weren’t any Educational Support Personnel—ESPs—at Northwood School?


What would become of Northwood School and where would education be?


If not for the dedication of each Educational Support Professional, how would Northwood School ever survive or even function at all?


There are many ESPs—cafeteria workers, custodians, paraeducators, secretaries, a library aid, and a CNA—who give so much, each in a different capacity.


For to each ESP, education is far more than just another job or utility.


Education is each child’s future, the hope of our nation.


For that future, each day, the ESPs at Northwood School give their work, love, and dedication.


--Written by Dave Arnold

--Adapted by Linda Royer



Letter To The Editor

Vote NO (Again) on Full-day Kindergarten


In the past I wrote that “the only reason I could support implementing a full-day kindergarten program would be if our school board was able (and willing) to get their financial house in order.” Unfortunately, they have gone astray again in adopting fiscal “best practices.”


Many of the cost-effective measures recommended to the SAU in a 60-page independent special education performance audit report issued on December 6, 2013 have yet to be implemented in Northwood. Once many of them are fully adopted, financial savings will accrue.


During the interim the school board should consider having an independent performance audit done on their $7,370,419 K-8 proposed regular education operating budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Spending an average of $18,500 per K-8 student (for 400 students) is not cost-effective given the current less than stellar overall academic results.


They should also review the current half-day afternoon kindergarten program. A parent recently wrote that her child doesn’t start their classroom activities until noontime and are released at about 2:30. This is not considered “best value” for a half-day program.


Again this year the request to increase the kindergarten program to all-day did not come from our school board. Rather it came from the same individual via a petitioned warrant article as in prior year(s). The other towns in our SAU (Nottingham and Strafford) have half-day programs with no intentions of going to all-day.


In August of this year, the final bond payment of $296,960 will be made for the last building addition (classrooms and gym). These savings should result in a lower operating budget for the next fiscal year (2017-2018).


If voters approve the school “default” budget at the polls on March 8th, taxpayers will save $156,122. Other warrant articles deemed not necessary total $289,390.


Please vote NO on Full-day kindergarten.


Jim Hadley




Letter To The Editor

School and Town Spending


This year Northwood voters will be making some important decisions.  These decisions will affect how fast and how high our taxes will rise.


As it is, Northwood schools take up nearly 80% of the town’s budget. What remains covers roads, bridges, the police department, the fire department, medical services, the transfer station, the library, town buildings, town employees, care of the environment, cemeteries, town equipment, and more.


On the upcoming ballot, a yes vote on all school articles could add more than half a million dollars to the school budget. That would  bring the average cost of schooling a Northwood student to more than $20,000 a year. It would also add hundreds of dollars a year to the average tax bill.


Voting no on all school articles would still leave the schools with $11.7 million for the year, plus what is available from the various trust funds, plus any surplus funds from last year’s taxes.


Should almost 4 out of every 5 tax dollars be going to schooling, with $1 left for everything else? Decision day is March 8th.


Michael Faiella






Citizens of Northwood, Deerfield and Epsom— Milfoil infestation has a real impact on property values for ALL taxpayers:


Milfoil infestation erodes the property value of lakefront properties.  This in turn reduces the overall tax base within the towns and will inevitably result in an increased tax burden for ALL residents, mostly those not living directly on the waterfront.


The Northwood Lake Watershed Association (NLWA), is working to protect Northwood Lake from the unchecked spread of invasive variable milfoil. In support of this effort, the Boards of Selectmen in Northwood, Deerfield and Epsom have warrant articles that will be presented to their citizens on Tuesday, March 8.  The economic impact of losing the lake to milfoil would be devastating and will be shared by property owners throughout the three towns:


• Reduction in property values... will affect all property owners, even those who do not live directly on the water.  Waterfront properties pay significantly higher taxes and a reduction in these property values will impact the tax base in all three towns.  A UNH analysis indicates that infestations of milfoil may reduce lakefront property values by as much as 20-40%.


• Lost tourism dollars... Our lakes bring in visitors who pay millions of dollars to make use of our waters. If the quality of the water lessens, fewer people will visit.  61% of anglers, boaters and swimmers say they would decrease their intended visits if water quality grew poorer.


• Reduced number of local boaters, fishermen and swimmers able to use Northwood Lake.  You and your neighbors will have to travel to other, non-infested waterbodies... costing time, travel and money.


Remember, it takes a village... or in this case three!  Support your town’s Milfoil Control warrant article to help the NLWA control this clear and present danger to our lake and its watershed. 


Kevin Ash

President, Northwood Lake Watershed Association




Joseph McCaffrey for Planning Board


I think Northwood deserves to prosper, how about you? I think younger residents, graduates of our high school and beyond need reasons to stay in Northwood. How about you?


As many of you know, we have an aging community with average age soon to be over 55. Though our community has many attractive natural resources, it’s important that we, in looking ahead, encourage ways to keep the community vital and able to sustain itself taking care of our basic needs and maintaining our infrastructure.


The Planning Board, which most people have little reason to pay attention to, has a role to play in whether Northwood can maintain its vitality. I believe that a fair and equal treatment of all applicants should be accompanied by user-friendliness. As a past member of the Planning Board, I have maintained a positive outlook for the future of Northwood and believe it is essential to encourage small and medium-sized businesses, especially to locate in our community. The benefits of new businesses are many:


• Employment particularly for young adults and future residents


• An even  more interesting place to live where  more services and products will be available


• A broadening  of the tax base helping with the burden on homeowners stabilizing or even lowering taxes! (be still my  heart...) There are now members of the planning board who don’t share my concern and positive outlook for Northwood. So, I’m asking for your vote to help steer them in the right direction.


For A Prosperous Northwood Vote Joseph McCaffrey Planning Board.


Thank you.

Joseph McCaffrey



Letter To The Editor

Dave Ruth, Northwood School Board


I have served on the Northwood School Board for the past 8 years. I have always worked to weigh the pros and cons of all issues and to be an objective voice on the board.


My goals, if I am re-elected, are to continue to improve budget transparency at both the elementary and high school levels and to continue to support programs that are working and change or eliminate programs that are not working.


I have lived in Northwood for 25 years and have served the town in many capacities including as former President of  Northwood Youth Baseball & Softball, former Chair of the Northwood Recreation Committee, founder of the Northwood Girls Softball & Basketball programs, and founder of the Northwood children’s swimming program.


If re-elected, I will work with school board members to do a better job of prioritizing our goals. I will continue to bring objectivity, continuity, and fiscal responsibility to the Northwood School Board as we work to improve education. Thank you for your consideration.



Letter To The Editor


Please Support Warrant Article 11 Funding Full-Day Kindergarten Parents in Northwood ask that you support us and our families by voting yes on warrant article 11 March 8th,  funding full-day kindergarten in Northwood. We thank everyone who has been supportive of this cause, especially Tom Chase and Linda Royer, who have gone above and beyond in their efforts for the children and families of Northwood.


Thank you,

The Hanavan Family

The Glennon Family



Letter To The Editor



I hope you’ll vote on March 8th. Understand one time buys vs. items that will always be there once they get in.


Please vote yes on #7. A new HVAC system will be more efficient and improve safety for our staff.


Vote yes on #8. we accomplished a lot last year on our roads and would like to continue improving Northwoods infrastructure.


#13 is very important to our tax base. If Northwood Lake is overtaken by milfoil, we will all pay in higher taxes.


#29 is a one time purchase that will help us communicate with you.


We have a severe problem with a red-listed bridge. It is a 77 year old bridge that had a 50 year life expectancy. Please vote yes on #22.


Article #27 is very important. It is not an anti-police article. For good reasons there are almost no police commissions left in NH, none in our county. Ours is a rogue group that allow a myriad of town pol icies to be ignored. Our town vehicle policy means nothing to them resulting in most of our police vehicles to go home overnight. One is used as a personal vehicle, seen from one end of NH to the other... No records are kept. But the worst is that they don’t take care of their own. While other departments like the fire department or library are constantly protecting their staff and clientele, not so the police commission. There are many dangerous safety issues at the police station. Not one was addressed in the budget by the commission.


#25 for another police officer is ridiculous. The last thing we need is another officer.


Please vote for Bree Gunter, school Board. She will be fiscally responsible and thoughtful. A change is needed.


Tim Jandebeur




Letter To The Editor


I’m running for the Northwood Planning Board, and first would like to say I’m sorry I wasn’t at the recent Candidates Night. For a number of reasons (including an unopened invitation because the event sponsors weren’t identified on the envelope), I was unaware of the date of the event. I feel badly that to the residents who took the time to be there, it looked like I didn’t think it was important enough to show up.


I’ve served as an alternate on the Planning Board for several years, and have lived in Northwood for over 30 years. I believe Northwood is at an important and exciting crossroads, geographically and otherwise.


If elected, I’ll continue working with others to update our Master Plan and our land use regulations in a way that is welcoming to a variety of small businesses that can provide needed services and other benefits, without sacrificing, in any way, our wonderful natural and historic resources. I also hope to continue working to get some better transportation planning for Route 4, so customers can access businesses there more easily and safely, and all of us - residents, visitors, commuters, can drive more safely on that road.


I’m excited about a new Master Plan survey that will come out soon to get more input from residents on what they would like to see in Northwood’s future.


Victoria Parmele







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