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Northwood NH News

February 24, 2016

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Reminder to the residents of the Town of Northwood, please make sure you have a green transfer station sticker on your vehicle by March 1, 2016 or you will not be able to use the transfer station facility.



Northwood Police Chief Glendon Drolet and the Northwood Police Commission invite the public to an information night being held on Thursday February 25th at 6 PM at Coe-Brown in the multi-purpose room to provide information on the police budget, and to receive your questions and comments on any topic.



Northwood Softball Baseball Association


Registration for the 2016 season of Northwood Softball & Baseball is underway. Please go to and look toward the upper right hand corner. Spring training starts March 19th for softball and March 20th for baseball and is included with the registration fee. Player must be registered to participate in spring training. Our next meeting of the NSBA Board of Directors is Sunday March 13th, 6:30pm at the Northwood Town Hall. The NSBA has opportunities for you to get involved.



Annual Town Reports are in! You may pick up a copy at the town hall Monday-Friday 8-4.



Letter To The Editor

Vote YES for Article 23


Over the past 10 years the tax rate in Northwood has increased significantly while, for many of us, the ability to pay has decreased.  So it makes sense to look at what tools we might use to improve the situation.  RSA-162K, which gives the town the ability to create development and revitalization districts, is one of the tools we should consider.  Towns like Keene and Peterborough have used this tool and are very pleased with the results.  The NH Office of Planning and Energy goes on record as saying “..the formation of districts is equally IF NOT MORE valuable to New Hampshire’s smaller communities.”


By voting YES on Article #23 to adopt RSA-162K, we would give Northwood the ABILITY to form development and revitalization districts.  Approval of article #23 does NOT mean that we are actually forming or approving a particular district. Rather, it means that we could begin a process that enables us to propose our own unique districts that make sense to us as a community.  And each district plan, with all of its specific components and provisions described in detail, would then have to be reviewed and approved by a separate vote of the town before it can be implemented.


It costs us nothing to look into using this tool and it has great potential for benefit.  So please give Northwood the ability to consider all our options for reducing our taxes.


Please vote in favor of Article #23.


Respectfully submitted by your Northwood Economic Development Committee



Letter To The Editor


As a grandmother of three girls who attended all-day kindergarten in Texas, Arizona, and Florida and as an educator who has spent the last 26 of her 34 years teaching young children, I am writing to support Warrant Article #11.


When I entered the field of early childhood education, I was not an advocate for all-day kindergarten.  As I witnessed the growth that my granddaughters made by attending kindergarten all day and the demands placed upon their cognitive development, my point of view changed regarding the necessity of children attending kindergarten all day.


These same demands are placed upon Northwood’s kindergarten students.  Kindergarten is totally different than it was 20 years ago.  Academic expectations have changed.  Curriculum has sifted-down.  What was taught in first grade is now taught in kindergarten. These children deserve to have extended time in their kindergarten classes to learn as students in other states in different areas of our nation and NH do.  This is the only way to assure that they will have a solid foundation to meet the academic expectations they will encounter as they leave kindergarten to spend the next 12 years in school.  


Linda Royer

Northwood School Paraeducator



Letter To The Editor

Hal Kreider for Planning Board


I am seeking a seat on the Northwood planning board because I believe I can make a positive impact for our town.  If elected, my goal would be to ensure that applicants are treated fairly and expeditiously throughout the entire planning process.  I would work to ensure that they receive the guidance and help they may need in support of their application.  I would also work to expedite the completion of our master plan.


As a result of the other offices I hold in Northwood, my other activities in town, my ability to learn and comprehend complex rules/regulations, and my technical and engineering knowledge, I believe I can work well with all parties involved in the planning process.  I would appreciate your vote to enable me to serve Northwood in this role.



Hal Kreider




Letter To The Editor

Limiting Power


The Founding Fathers were fearful that any government they established might grow too powerful and threaten our freedom. Consequently, they created a separation of powers among the President, Congress, and Supreme Court, as well as a division of power between the federal government and the states. They instituted a system of checks and balances.


They hoped the system they put in place would result in limited government, where most decisions affecting people would be solved at the local level by the people who lived there. Power would be decentralized.


Is it possible to apply these principles in the March 8th Northwood election? I think so.


If we vote to keep the democratically elected  Police Commission we will be opposing centralizing power (No on Town Article #27). Likewise if we vote to continue electing the road agent (No on Town Article #17).


If we vote to send the default school budget to the Municipal Budget Committee we will be supporting a system of checks and balances (Yes on School Article #12).


If we vote against a Matching Grant Fund, we will be supporting local control by keeping national and state regulation of Northwood schools at a distance. (No on School Article #9) If we vote no on most items in order to keep our taxes as low as possible, we will be promoting liberty by reducing government’s claim on our labor and by limiting the size, scope, and power of government.


And all that, I think, would have pleased the Founding Fathers.


Michael Faiella




CBNA Theatre To Present The Fantasists And The Tempest March 3, 4 & 5


CBNA Theatre will present two short plays, The Fantasists by Randy Wyatt and an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, on March 3, 4 and 5 at 7 pm in the Gerrish Gym on the Coe-Brown Northwood Academy campus.


In the first selection, The Fantasists, two young wizard-storytellers compete to become Fantasists—honorable illusionists whose stories come to life. In the stories there is a prince, an evil ice queen, a formidable snow lion, a rambunctious sun wolf and the Gnome-Who-Lives-in-a-Lake-but-Doesn’t-Know-Why. But as perky Floriad and win-at-all-costs Somnia, forced to work together in their final test, see their tale (hilariously) fall apart, it will take every storytelling twist the acolytes know—and a few smuggled in from their mentors—to get through this ultimate battle of magic and storytelling.


The cast includes seniors David Coe, Jessica Cooper; and Isaac Guzofski; juniors Arianna Jones and Andrew Leas; sophomores Sandra Black, Erin Boodey, Zachary Helm, Nina Laramee, Alex Mercedes, Cailinn Monahan, Julia Sommer and Courtney Snow; and freshmen Braelin Ash, Mackenzie Flanders, Olivia Roach, and Madison Rollins.


The other selection, The Tempest, Shakespeare’s last play, combines elements of mystery, romance, intrigue, broad comedy, magic, and music. A usurped duke named Prospero and his now adolescent daughter have made an almost-abandoned island their home, along with a fairy named Ariel and a half-human slave, Caliban. Prospero uses magic to conjure a storm to bring his usurping brother and his cohorts to the island, with magical and fantastic results.


Included in the cast of this selection are seniors Janais Axelrod, Damian May, Jared Neal, Emily Therrien, and Ryan Wadleigh; juniors Cassandra Barnhart, Lauren Burrows, Joseph Guptill, and Kelsey Wallace; sophomores Kayla Pollak, Alyssa Reiff and Allison Rose; and freshmen Brian Downer, Ian Gollihur and Cooper Leduke.


The production is directed by faculty member Elizabeth Lent with assistance from faculty member Kolby Hume. Production stage manager is junior Kayla Cates.


Reserved tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for students and seniors and are available after February 29, by calling 942-5531 ext. 237, by email - [email protected] or at the CBNA main office. Tickets will also be available at the door.






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