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Northwood NH News

December 28, 2016

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Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

After the last School Board meeting, I had a long discussion with a parent at  Hannaford’s. I was after a bottle of wine, just saying. She was appreciative of the fact that I would say what I felt no matter what.


You should know that the SAU has spent your money, without board approval, having our lawyer look at my letters. The SAU and most of the board hate that I give you information. I spend a lot of time checking my facts. In his recent letter Mr. McGuigan accuses me of “making up facts,” that I’ve sent in “some truths that I know just aren’t true” and that “all of the statements, that he touts so dear, are shown to be false: crystal and clear.


Cute. Where are his facts, what was false, what did I make up? Funny, they seem to be missing. Mr. McGuigan  has only one thing going for him. Your money. He constantly reminds me of Margaret Thatcher’s famous saying, “the problem with socialists is that eventually they run out of other people’s money.”


The Northwood School board and SAU 44 know that if they did the honorable and right thing by giving you the option to have all day kindergarten and a full time curriculum director, that you would vote no. I don’t blame you. So effectively, they have eliminated your option. I absolutely believe in transparency in government and that the will of the people is to be followed.


Shine a light in those corners and you will see the critters scatter. Election time is coming fast.


Tim Jandebeur. 




Letter To The Editor


I went to both Northwood budget committee meetings held on 12/3 (town) and 12/10 (school) where they were advertised as being public hearings. 


However, I was later informed that it was advertised incorrectly and that they were work sessions with no public input. However, I did leave my written public comments for the budget committee, school board and SAU.


Each year I make benchmarking comparisons between the Northwood and Nottingham school budgets. The elementary school (K-8) in Nottingham had 141 more students than Northwood (526 versus 385 or 37% more). The total proposed budget for Nottingham ($11,958,174) for K-12 is only $148,913 more than Northwood ($11,809,261) while Nottingham has 99 more students. The total number of regular education teachers for K-8 in Northwood is 37 while Nottingham is 34.


Based on the total proposed budget, the cost per student (K-12) in Nottingham is $16,404 while Northwood is $18,745, a difference of $2,341 or 14%. If Northwood’s total school budget were at the same level as Nottingham’s (cost per student) the annual savings would be $1,623,996 ($16,404 x 630 students). The cost per student (K-8) in Northwood is $18,203. Nottingham’s budget does not break out their budget by grade school versus high school.


The tuition rate at Coe-Brown is $15,560; Dover High School is $13,379; and Pinkerton Academy is $11,513 where Nottingham does send some students. Pinkerton’s tuition is $4,047 (26%) lower than Coe-Brown’s. Nottingham will be paying 2.5% less per student to send their students to Coe-Brown next year compared to Northwood. If Northwood received the same discount it would save taxpayers $94,527.


Pinkerton has returned surplus to its sending schools in 12 of the past 13 years. Coe-Brown has not returned $1 in surplus in over 30 years. From 1991 to 2008 they reported surplus of approximately $6.6 million.


Jim Hadley




Rep. Yvonne Dean-Bailey To Serve As Vice Chairman Of The Committee On Election Law


This week Speaker Shawn Jasper announced his leadership team for the 2017-2018 legislative session including Northwood State Representative Yvonne Dean-Bailey (R - Northwood).


Rep. Dean -Bailey is serving her second term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and her second term on the Election Law Committee. 


“I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve as the Vice Chair of the Election Law Committee this term,” said Dean-Bailey. “It will be a busy and exciting year and I look forward to working with the Governor, the Senate and our new chair to work towards important and meaningful reforms that will work to increase the transparency, integrity and accessibility of our elections.”


The Election Law Committee will begin meetings at the start of the new year and will be chaired by Rep. Barbara Griffin of Goffstown.



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature: 1941’s “Penny Serenade”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (December 30 & 31) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1941’s heart-wrenching classic “Penny Serenade,” starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. 


“Penny Serenade,” the story of an ordinary married couple who must handle life’s many ups and downs, is told in flashbacks. Grant and Dunne play Roger and Julie Adams. Roger, a newspaper reporter and confirmed bachelor with no desire for a wife or family meets Julie, a young working woman who dreams of a loving husband and baby. When Roger gets assigned a post in Japan, he realizes that he can’t live without Julie. They get married and very soon, Julie is pregnant. Life seems perfect for the couple, but then tragedy strikes, and Julie and Roger must find ways to cope with grief, anger and disappointment, and the toll that it takes on a marriage. 


“Penny Serenade” is the third of three movies that Dunne and Grant made together, including “the Awful Truth” in 1937 and “My Favorite Wife” in 1940. Those first two movies were romantic comedies, but “Penny Serenade” is a bona fide tear jerker, with outstanding performances by both Dunne and Grant, who, for his emotional performance earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.  Dunne often pointed out that, of their three films, “Penny Serenade” was her favorite. We dare you to watch without shedding a tear. So grab your popcorn (and your tissues) and join LRPA after dark for this sentimental movie from the past. 



Letter To The Editor 

Save Your Money


On December 12 I attended the Board of Selectmen’s meeting where the Conservation Commission Chair and Vice Chair were there to express the C.C.’s concerns about a petition warrant article: Erosion Control and Reconstruction for Mary Waldron Town Beach and Boat Ramp on Bow Lake Road. It would “raise and appropriate the sum of $61,000 to be used in the repair of beach area, beach parking area, and rebuild the boat ramp.”

It was concerns about the boat ramp that brought us to the meeting. The C.C. is concerned with water quality, and it was pointed out to the Selectmen that motorized watercraft introduce exhaust by-products into the water – not a good idea next to a swimming beach. They also stir up the bottom, releasing nutrients that can result in algal blooms.


The discussion also mentioned the possibility of milfoil or other aquatic invasives being introduced into the lake, which the BOS seemed to dismiss – and in doing so, seemed to provide the best reason for NOT supporting the rebuild.


I recall one member saying, “only 6 or 8 people actually use the ramp. There’s no parking.” Another agreed, “there’s nowhere to park.” So we don’t have to worry about milfoil. And maybe we don’t need to spend the money to rebuild a ramp that very few people use.


Furthermore, there is an excellent state-maintained, Lake-Host staffed boat ramp 4.9 miles around the lake at the dam at Bow Lake Village. Google Maps estimates the driving time at 9 minutes.


I suggest that we save our money on this petition. The Budget Committee agreed, voting it down 8-4.


Tom Chase




Letter To The Editor


To the editor:

According to his letter of December 7,  Mr. Jandebeur would have public schools run like a business, ​which are intended to provide a service or product and generate a financi​al profit.  It sounds from his letter like he equates proficiency on standardized tests  with generating a product and low taxes with profit.  It sounds like he has no concern for anything else in terms of student development and growth.  Perhaps students are nothing more to him than test scores.


If that makes you feel worried or sad about how we, who actually work with children here at Northwood School, feel about our students, I have some great news for you. 


What the staff here know is that we have people, ages 5 through 14, who have many needs, gifts, attributes and challenges.  We are not here to prepare  “test takers.” We are here to serve, protect, coach, mentor, assess, treat, refer, and teach, in a myriad of ways, the 382 individual children in our care.


We teach them how to be lifelong learners, good neighbors and citizens, develop self-awareness in their bodies and emotions, how to self-regulate appropriately so they can make and keep friendships, to resist the ever-growing number of unhealthy temptations pressed upon them by the wider culture, how to recognize and enhance their own unique talents, compensate for weaknesses and play to their strengths.  In too many cases, we do all this despite the challenges of  poverty, hunger, and mental health issues, all of which have been proven to contribute to learning difficulties. 


But Mr. Jandebeur,  a long time member of the school board, never shares all this good news with you.  He doesn’t even share positive test scores with you, only his spin on the negative.  Is it because he doesn’t spend enough time in our hallways and classrooms to witness it, or because he doesn’t value it?


Beth Benham, RN, BSN Northwood School Nurse



The Time Of Giving: CBNA FCCLA

by Victoria Sheridan  ‘18

Northwood FCCLA BAckpacks.jpg

Items collected by CBNA FCCLA to help the community during this holiday season.


The holiday season has started, and with it comes the spirit of charity and a time of giving. People are more generous during the holidays, and CBNA’s FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) feels that way too. From Parent’s Night out on December 9th to our backpack drive for End 68 Hours of Hunger, we are doing our part to make the holidays a happy time for everyone. FCCLA is also filling and donating stockings to Santa’s Helpers in Northwood as part of their Christmas Drive. 


Over the past two months, FCCLA has participated in community building activities, including a CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) dinner, where all Coe-Brown’s vocational clubs (FCCLA, FBLA, and FFA) joined together for a spaghetti dinner and friendship building activities. FCCLA helped with the Feed My Starving Children food pack at Turbocam in Barrington in November. FMSC packs dehydrated food full of essential nutrients and sends the bags to those in need all over the world. 


As always, FCCLA hopes to continue to participate in community services events into the New Year. We hope that your New Year is phenomenal, and that you join us in the spirit of giving this holiday season too!






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