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Northwood NH News

December 21, 2016

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Christmas Day Service


The Northwood Advent Christian Church 113 School St, Northwood invites you to a special Christmas Day service December 25 at 10 A.M. We know Christmas is a busy day with family so this will be an abbreviated service designed with family in mind to help you discover the real reason we celebrate this day. Carols, candles, the Christmas story all told new and fresh, the greatest story ever told that will never get old but is life changing and history making! You are invited to do like the shepherds and the wise men and come worship at the feet of Jesus on Christmas Day and meet the Prince of Peace, the King of Love, the Hope of the world and the Joy of every longing heart.



CBNA Ugly Sweater Day 2016

Northwood CBNA Ugly Sweater 2016.jpg

CBNA students and staff embrace their holiday ugly sweaters at the recent CBNA Ugly Sweater Event.


On Friday, December 9, students and staff at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy were recently caught spreading a bit of holiday cheer on the school’s annual “Ugly Holiday Sweater” day. Students competed for a chance to win gift cards to Dunkin Donuts by wearing their ugliest sweaters. Sweaters were judged by a panel of faculty members. This year’s winners were senior Joseph Guptill in the category of ugliest unaltered sweater and junior Courtney Snow for the ugliest altered sweater. This activity provides a chance for CBNA students and staff to get into the holiday spirit and spread some good cheer throughout the school community.



Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

The Northwood Budget Committee is yet another example of how it is rigged against you. Bree is the School Board representative on the BC. As I entered town hall for the budget presentation she wanted to talk, wanted to know if she had to vote along with the wishes of the majority of the SB.  I said yes because you represent them. She and I did not vote for this outrageous budget and to bury kindergarten and a full time curriculum director in it. The vice-chair of the BC overhearing us butted in to agree with me. 


The Chair and Vice-Chair of the BC have on three occasions used their bully pulpit to push for a friend and their own personal agenda including kindergarten and full time director being hidden in the budget. So how is that fair? Bree was told by the board how to vote. The duo received their instructions from the electorate. 60% of the SB voted to hide the two items in the budget. 76% of you said no to the director and 63% said no to all day kindergarten. Bree did what was expected, took three for the team, voting for the board. The duo and their double standard, well they voted their own self interest as usual, the heck with your wishes. There is no difference except Bree has a moral compass. The duo, not so much.


So the budget is approved, all warrant articles approved. Now after the fact they will have a public hearing (only because they have to) and take input which like in past years, they will ignore. It’s rigged, already over. You and the will of the people, lose.


Tim Jandebeur




Letter To The Editor


Every Who down in Northwood, liked their school a lot,

but not the Jandebeur-Grinch, he certainly did not.

He hated the school, the whole education system.

Now don’t ask me why, no one quite knows the reason.

It could be that he had no more children in school,

It could be that he is a bit of a fool.

But I think that the most likely reason of all,

May be that his heart is two sizes too small.


Whatever the reason, his heart or his cred,

He sat there in meetings, just shaking his head,

Staring down from his seat, with a sour grinchy-frown,

And later complaining about every decision put down.


“They’re hiding the money, they’re avoiding the blame,”

“they’re conspiring against me, and the school board is lame!”


He made up some facts (and to no one’s surprise),

He took to the paper, to publish more lies.

“A weekly reminder, that’s just what I’ll do,”

“I’ll send in some ‘truths’ that I know just aren’t true”


He blames teachers and parents, to all that will listen

Blames voters, the admin; even coaches get a dissin’!


And his antics fooled many, and his schtick got so bold,

But when you look to the facts, well lo and behold!

All of the statements, that he touts so dear,

Are shown to be false: crystal and clear.


But when the town comes up with a reasonable budget,

He’s says ‘It’s too much!’ and tells them to shove it.


When confronted with facts, well he zagged and he zigged,

And ignoring reality, shouts “The system is rigged!!”


He continues this way, always acting the nayer

instead of being constructive or a helpful a team player.


... to be continued (hopefully with a happy ending).


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Keith McGuigan, Northwood



Northwood School Wellness Committee

Northwood Food drive photo 2016.jpg

The Wellness Committee at Northwood School recently organized a Food Drive as part of our community service oriented Team Time activities for the quarter.  Students and staff collected 17 overflowing boxes of non- perishable foods and personal hygiene items for our local food pantry to help meet needs throughout the winter season.  The generosity of our school families is deeply appreciated.


The 7th and 8th graders’ jobs were to retrieve, sort and count all the donations.  Our K-4 classes have been decorating boxes for holiday food “baskets” so the recipients have something more cheerful than a cardboard box to hold the goodies.   The 5th and 6th grade classes worked on writing letters of gratitude to service members and veterans which will be shared with them throughout the year in care packages sent by Operation Gratitude.


Time and again, the Northwood School community goes above and beyond in their generosity toward one another.  We hope everyone will be blessed with all that they need in this season of giving and receiving.       



Letter To The Editor

“Kindergarten Games”


Northwood is the town in which I live and that I love. I am proud of the fact that by 40+ votes the town went with Trump. However, just as Trump’s platform ran partially on the idea it was time to “Drain The Swamp” in Washington- I think a little draining is needed here.


The town of Northwood’s voters-- asked a few times about all-day kindergarten spoke. It has been defeated on a number of occasions, much to the chagrin of some. So, much like they do in Washington when something can’t legitimately be passed they “tack it on” something that has a good chance of passing. The all-day kindergarten, rejected by voters is tacked to the upcoming school-year budget. This is a backdoor, underhanded approach to pass something that has NOT passed by informed, legitimate vote of the people.


I understand the pro’s and con’s of the arguments, however, kids, upon entering 1st grade have 12 years (or more) of full-time education ahead. Does it really need to start at 5 years old? The main job of kindergarten as I see it is 1) learn to share, 2) learn to play nice, 3) socialize with peers, 4) learn “how” to be a student and 5) learn to color inside the lines. Does it take all day for a year, with added tax burden to ALL taxpayers for kids to learn that?


Drain the swamp, in Washington and here in the town I love. God Bless America and God Bless and guide our President-elect.     


Paul Johnston, Northwood



This Weekend’s LRPA After Dark Feature: 1944’S “Christmas Holiday”


Join Lakes Region Public Access Television at 10:30 p.m. this Friday and Saturday night (December 23 & 24) for our “LRPA After Dark” presentation of 1944’s noir-ish melodrama “Christmas Holiday,” starring Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly.


Before shipping out overseas, Lt. Charles Mason discovers, via a telegram, that his fiancée has married another man. He decides to go and confront her in person, but bad weather forces his plane to San Francisco to land in New Orleans. While in The Big Easy, Mason meets a man who takes him to a nightclub/brothel. Performing there is singer Jackie Lamont (Durbin). Mason offers to buy Jackie a drink, but instead she asks him to take her to midnight Mass, as it is Christmas Eve. Jackie becomes uncontrollably upset during Mass, after afterward tells Mason her story (through flashbacks). Her real name is Abigail, and she’s married to a man named Robert Manette (Kelly) who is serving a life sentence for murder. Robert came from a prominent New Orleans family where he lived with his domineering mother in the family estate. When he and Abigail met, they felt an instant connection. Robert warned Abigail that he was a gambler, but that he would give it up if she married him.  They lived for several months in wedded bliss, but then Robert began staying out all night. One evening, Robert murders his bookie, and his mother covers up the crime, expecting Abigail to assist in this deception. The police catch Robert; he is convicted and sent to prison. Robert’s mother blames Abigail for not being supportive. Abigail changes her name to avoid being recognized, but stays in New Orleans to be near Robert, as, despite everything, she still loves him. Soon after telling Mason her story, Robert breaks out of jail and heads straight to find Abigail. Can a Christmas miracle save the day?


Despite the fact that its two stars, Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly, were both big Hollywood musical stars in their day, “Christmas Holiday” is a rarely seen film.  It also casts both the actors completely against type: Durbin, usually the good girl, playing a “hostess” in a questionable “nightclub,” and Kelly, always the charming, affable hero, here playing anything but. Christmas is really only the background to this story, which is dark and complicated. If you’ve never seen Gene Kelly play a “bad guy,” this is the film for you. So grab your popcorn and join us after dark for this rare screen gem from the past.


Be sure to join us on Christmas Day, when we’ll be supplementing our regular Sunday programming with a day of family-friendly holiday movies, shows and cartoons starting at 5:00 a.m.!






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