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Northwood NH News

December 14, 2016

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Northwood Congregational Church News


December 11th 9 AM “ The children of the church will present a pageant representing the birth of Jesus. We will meditate on Isaiah 35:1-11.”


December 18th, 9 AM “The Faith of Joseph.” Matthew 1:18-25 


Celebrating the breathless moment awaiting God’s new thing. Understanding the faith that we need to commit ourselves to the new way of God’s kingdom, looking to the example of Joseph and Mary.


Sunday School and child care provided.


December 24th, Christmas Eve, 7 PM. A traditional service of lessons and carols ending with lighting candles and singing “Silent Night.”


December 24th, Christmas Eve, 11 PM A meditative service with music and readings, while we prepare for the new dawn of God’s kingdom.


December 25th, 9 AM. Carols, prayers, and a short joyful message on the coming of the Savior.


January 1, 9 AM. A meditation on the promise of the New Year. Songs, prayers, communion, a short homily, lighting candles to symbolize our hopes for the new year.


Jamuary 8th, 9 AM. Visiting preacher, Rev. Gary Schulte of the New Hampshire Conference of the United Church of Christ.



Letter To The Editor



Trying to get the State to fully fund all-day kindergarten means trying to get others to pay our bills. Of course, the State doesn’t have any money except for what it takes from us. So we end up paying for such projects ourselves while imagining they’re free because they’re from the government.


The idea is that the State has all kinds of cash on hand, and that if only those legislators weren’t so cheap they’d give us some of it.  Legislators and citizens who oppose distributing all this government money are considered greedy. 


The late Joe Sobran described this situation well:


“Greed used to mean an unscrupulous appetite for other people’s money, typified by the highwayman and the embezzler. In the age of limitless government it has come to mean the simple desire to keep your own money. Politicians proposing tax cuts are ‘pandering to greed and selfishness.’


“But nobody accuses the government of greed, no matter how heavily it taxes us. Government is assumed to be entitled to take as much of the citizens’ wealth as it desires.”


Michael Faiella




CBNA FFA Students Travel Yo New England Grows Conference

Northwood NE Grows 2016.jpg

CBNA FFA Students at New England GROWS conference. From left: Steven Chase, Ryan Graeme, Wayne Libby, Preston Bethke and Faith Wilson


Coe-Brown Northwood Academy agriculture students Steven Chase, Preston Bethke, Ryan Graeme, Wayne Libby and Faith Wilson with Mrs. Sarah Ward with Emmett Bean and Frank Grano of Bartlett Tree Company traveled to Boston, MA to attend the New England Grows Conference on December 1, 2016. New England Grows is renowned for its world-class education offerings and innovative trend spotting. Founded in 1993 by green industry professionals for green industry professionals, the educational conference and exposition gives participants unique access to targeted, industry-specific products, information, education and connections. The New England Nursery Association, Massachusetts Arborists Association, Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals and Massachusetts Nursery & Landscape Association are the organization’s founding partners. The CBNA students were invited guests of Bartlett Tree Co. and while at the conference attended a workshop on Tree Assessment with Tom Smiley, and had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion on the subject of Future Leader GROWS.  New England GROWS is a great place for students to explore all the possibilities and potential available to them in the country’s burgeoning green industry. Involvement with GROWS allows students an exclusive opportunity to gain cutting-edge horticultural knowledge, engage with industry leaders, explore the latest equipment and services, and become familiar with many career options. The goal of this new program is to introduce new students to all the green industry has to offer while providing an improved framework for their experience at GROWS. Students had also had an opportunity to walk around the trade show and see all kinds of equipment, plants, etc. for arboriculture, nursery management, landscaping and other green industries.



CBNA FFA Students Attend Chainsaw Safety Course

Northwood Dan Tilton - Chainsaw Safety.jpg

Mr. Dan Tilton instructs CBNA FFA students in a recent chainsaw safety course on the CBNA Campus.


Coe-Brown Northwood Academy FFA students Faith Wilson, Ryan Graeme, Preston Bethke, Devin Sullivan, Sam Whitehouse, Nick Jenson, Nik Mewkill, Troy Russo, Caleb Rollins, Evan Wimsatt, Wayne Libby, Jackie Joy, Molly Swansburg, Matthew Brown and Brenda Hayes recently had the opportunity to attend a chainsaw safety course at CBNA taught by Mr. Dan Tilton of Tilton Equipment, Rye, NH. A resident of Strafford, NH, Mr. Tilton instructed students on everything they needed to know about chainsaws including correct safety equipment, how to correctly and safely hold and operate a chainsaw, and the parts of a chainsaw and the purpose for each part. He also showed students how to properly sharpen a chain and the different types of chains used for different types of logging. Part of Mr. Tilton’s instruction also included the correct way to fell and limb a tree, the way to avoid injury from a kick back from a chain saw and the way to control it when it happens.



Letter To The Editor


When Donald Trump said that the system is rigged he must have been talking about Northwood School. It’s been a bad year for our school. A year ago I reported to you that we were rated way below average at #129 in NH. Well, we are now ranked 159th. At almost $19,000 per student. Our students are getting a very poor education and we are getting shafted. Yet, literally all employees are in line for substantial raises. That is why government is so inefficient.


The worst and most divided Northwood School Board has ceded almost all of their local control to our superintendent. I would understand (maybe) if he was doing a good job. Frankly he whines (his word) that he can’t get his job done in this little SAU, can’t drive curriculum or get into the schools. Under his leadership we are on our third principal, third vice-principal and have lost a number of our best teachers. And we slide further into the abyss. Nottingham and Strafford and Coe Brown rankings have also dropped. But, all SAU staff including him are in for at least a 3% raise. Why? One employee is slated to get almost a 6% raise. I’ve reported on her mistakes before. A few weeks ago mistakes in the tens of thousands of dollars were made in the teacher contract costs. For sure some deserve raises. But raises for poor performance send a message, and not a good one. It’s rigged against the student and you the taxpayer. Where does the buck stop, nowhere? Oh right, with the taxpayer.


Tim Jandebeur





A couple of the incomprehensible quotes I read following the results of the election were “Rogue NY FBI agents attempt presidential election coup by reopening the Clinton email investigation.” The other, “If Russia and the FBI interceded with another country’s presidential election, they would call it a coup.”


Before FBI Director Comey announced that he wanted to examine Clinton emails found on another computer, ex-NY City mayor and ex-federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani made a series of televised comments on Fox News bragging about FBI agents’ illegal leaks to him about the email investigation. He said, “I think Trump’s got a surprise or two that you’re going to hear about in the next few days that should turn this election around.”


Giuliani’s own admission reveals that the Trump campaign knew the FBI planned to review more emails tied to Clinton before a public announcement about the investigation was made by Director Comey.


It was reported by the NY Times that Trump’s campaign manager (Paul Manafort) was paid $12.7 million in cash for working for Viktor Yanukovych, a Kremlin protégé who was deposed as president amid widespread demonstrations in 2014. Prosecutors also alleged that Manafort worked with Oleg Deripaska, an oligarch close to Putin and set up a network of offshore companies based in tax shelters which they used to launder money stolen from public coffers. Once the extent of Manafort’s ties to the Kremlin became public, Trump quickly fired him.


When the Democratic National Committee’s emails were hacked, U.S. intelligence officials and many independent security analysts believed the hackers had ties to Russian officials. The FBI refused to sign onto a letter blaming the Russian government for the hacking because Director Comey said it was too close to the election. Comey applied a double standard and the rest is history.


Jim Hadley






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