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Northwood NH News

November 30, 2016

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Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

It really is rigged. On March 11, 2014 we voted “no” (310/350) to all day kindergarten. On March 10, 2015 we voted no (309/541) to all day kindergarten. On March 8, 2016 we voted no (340/510) to all day kindergarten. And on March 8, 2016 we voted no (193/642) to a full time curriculum director. We are the unwashed, uneducated stupid people who do not know a thing.


I am not going to get into the myriad of “government” studies that show how good it would be. Nor am I going to get into the equal number of “independent” studies that show what a waste of money or damage to young children going to school too young is. I know that with the current administration I wouldn’t invest another penny towards kindergarten.


But the will of the people is to be ignored. Things and people have conspired to take away your vote on these issues in March. The default budget will be construed to be more that the proposed budget with both positions buried in it, thereby really giving you no choice. Because we just paid the last installment, $297,000, for the addition that in hindsight was not needed, the Board is throwing in everything including the kitchen sink. They’ve rigged it so you do not get a vote. In short we are not smart enough to have a say in how our own money is to be spent. And “they” (we want it, we want it now and we want someone else to pay for it,) wonder why “he” won.


Tim Jandebeur




Letter To The Editor


We heard slogans during the republican presidential campaign. One was ‘drain the swamp’ and another ‘make America great again’. Now we’re told that Trump has already broken these promises. Based on the number of lobbyists and industry insiders he has appointed to his transition team, he is ‘flooding the swamp’ with advisors who will not fight for average Americans.


According to etymologist Barry Popik, ‘drain the swamp’ was originally used metaphorically in 1903 by Social Democratic organizer Winfield Gaylord in a letter discussing how socialists wish to deal with big business: “Socialists are not satisfied with killing a few of the mosquitoes which come from the capitalist swamp; they want to drain the swamp.”


Reading the backgrounds of Trump’s transition team is incredulous and will certainly not make America great again. Just a few are mentioned below:


Steve Mnuchun is a hedge fund CEO and former Goldman Sachs VP who profited off of mortgage foreclosures and is rumored to be in the running for Treasury Secretary. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, he purchased IndyMac Bank (renamed One West Bank) from the FDIC. Under his leadership, the bank became a ‘leader in foreclosing on seniors.’ In 2014, he sold the bank for a handsome sales price of $3.4 billion.


Lewis Eisenberg worked as a Goldman Sachs partner for over two decades until he was forced to resign following an alleged sexual harassment complaint. He is rumored as the pick for Secretary of Commerce.


Michael Catanzaro is a former Bush-Cheney operative and lobbyist whose clients include Halliburton and Koch Industries. He is head of the transition team for the Department of Energy.


Following the marching orders of the special interests and Wall Street bankers, Trump will make America great again for the millionaires and billionaires. Is anyone surprised?


Jim Hadley




Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Quarter 1 Honor Roll


Headmaster David S. Smith is pleased to announce the honor roll for the first quarter.

Grade 12 – Highest Honors: Cassandra Barnhart, Matthew Brown, Emelia Cronshaw, Hannah Daly, Zackary Pine, LilyGrace York 


Grade 12 – High Honors: Gabrielle Arena, Brody Ashley, Taylor Baxter-Orluk, Amanda Bolduc, Kayla Boucher, Joel Boulanger, Lauren Burrows, Nora Canepa, Camryn Chick, Samantha Clark, Kate Clinch, Taryn Constantino, Donovan Corless, Kassandra Crosby, Tristan Cullen, Abigail Dupuis, Shane Fillion, Marissa Gast, Vincent Glidden, Jillian Gordon, Emily Goulas, Alexander Gray, Nathan Griffiths, Joshua Hall, Brenda Hayes, Jonathan Hayes, Arianna Jones, Catherine Langdon, Caroline Lavoie, Amanda Lee, Samuel Lupinacci, Donald MacCallum, Brielle Macleod, Jordan May, Sophia Menjivar, McKenzie Moehlmann, Michael Mulligan, Timothy Nelson, Gwynevere Norris, Steven O’Donnell, Noah Olewine, Gareth Owen, Katlyn Palumbo, Mallory Perron, Caitlyn Pitre, Allison Pratt, Mikayla Prina, Katie Rankins, Tanner Richards, Zachary Richards, Kerry Riley, Shannon Riley, Samantha Roche, Christopher Rogers, Tatum Santos, Cody Schwieger, Thomas Sheehan V, Shaun Stevens, Hunter Tetu, Sarah Turmel, Peter Vollertsen, Kelsey Wallace, Isabella Wilson, Evan Wimsatt, Zowi Woodman, Liu Yong, Abigail Zollman


Grade 12 – Honors: Miranda Adcock, Isaiah Allen, Talia Antman, Emily Barnes, Summer Barnes, Elizabeth          Bisson, Colin Cain, Morgan Call, Kayla Cates, Davio DeLuca, Sheridan Gancarz, Joseph Guptill, Callie Heselton, Emily Hughes, Samantha         Jensen, Jackalynn Joy, Trinity Knight, Casper Marott, Rebecca Masison, Derek Meyer, Sarah Murphy, Anne-Marie Peacock, Morgan Perkins, Devon Pinette, Shawn Spenard, Elizabeth Ward, Desiree Wentworth, Kylee West, Kayla Whitcher, Noah Wojtkowski


Grade 11 – Highest Honors: Sandra Black, Sarah Dupuis, Isabelle Feenstra, Emily Lentz, Alyssa Reiff, Victoria Sheridan, Julia Sommer, Hailey Stevens 


Grade 11 – High Honors: Bailey Arnold-Fuchs, Haley Arnold-Fuchs, Emma Arsenault, Alicia Baratier, Taylor Bettencourt, Erin Boodey, Jaelyn Brooks, Paul Colson, Domminique Depianti, Emma  DuBois, Derek Elwell, Samuel Godwin, Joseph Hebert-Morello, Brady Johnson, David Krunklevich, Nina-Marie Laramee, Olivia Lee, Jacob Lock, Isabelle Lupinacci, Shemrey Lussier, Trevor Massingham, Ahna McCusker, Erik Nelson, Amaya Newport, Margaret Norman, Shania Patten, Shannon Perreault, Kayla Pollak, Catrina Purington, Allison Rose, Nathanial            Schroeder, Samantha Schroeder, Garrett Skidds, Scott Spenard, Caitlyn Ustaszewski, Lindsay Wright


Grade 11 – Honors: Andrew Bates, Gwendolyn Bearden, Maxim Begin, Rachel Bouchard, Emily Cunningham, Madelyn Dallaire, Sarah Doiron, Aidan Fillion, Sarah Fortier, Jocelyn Gagnon, Sydney Gast, Spencer Goad, Jordan Haddock, Josiah Hinrichsen, Sydney Ho-Sue, Jacob Lorden, Eleanor McDonough, Alexander Mercedes, Maxwell Nowak, Courtney       Snow, Jacob Spainhower, Kiley St. Francis, Deanna St. Laurent, Drew Stevens, Cassandra Stover, Nikola Sweeney, Casey Szmyt, Mitchell Wade, Kailey Ward


Grade 10 – Highest Honors: Shayla Ashley, Brian Downer, Alice Ewing, Ian Gollihur, Colby Hoffman, Delaney Jean, Adah Keeney, Sydney Neuman, Kelsey Pine, Emma Tobbe


Grade 10 – High Honors: Aidan Ahern, Taevamaria Ahern, Elijah Allen, Shealyn Bedell, Griffen Bono, Michael Burgess, Susan Burnap, Clayton Canfield, Derek Capo, Travis Carbone, Luke Chalifour, Evan Chauvey, Madison Cunningham, Alivia DiPrizio, Madison Downing, Nicholas Dyer, Olivia Farrar, Mackenzie Flanders, Kirsten Gunderson, Leah Gustin, Benjamin Healey, Kayla Hicking, Alyssa Hill, Zachary Hodgdon, Nathaniel Hoffman, Tyler LaMontagne, Albert Lapiejko, Benjamin Lavoie, Cooper Leduke, Gwyneth Locke, Lillian Marie Michael Marini, Paige Marston, Shane Marston, Caleb Mihelich, Jonathan Moehlmann, Spencer Murphy, Hayden Murray, Maria Ortiz, Cody Peck, Adrianna Reid, Alexander Reynosa, Jacob Rich, Cameron Ronzano, Alison Routhier, Jessica Sternberg, Julia Warren, Megan Wimsatt, Mason Winiarski


Grade 10 – Honors: Gavyn Auclair, Tanner Bane, Kylee Blad, Summer Brown, Pietra Depianti, Dylan DeTrude, Maggie Eaton, Annabella Fasulo, Riley Gaedtke, Cameron Goodwin, Dylan Harlow, Todd Holman, Sean Hooper, Mackenzie Ledoux, Celia Leighton, Brice Lussier, Holly Magowan, Hannah Marsh, Lucas McCusker, Luciano Minasalli, Jackson Noel, Serena Poulin, Anna Prescott-Nichols, Jonathan Thorn, Bailey Travers, Ryan Whitcher


Grade 9 – Highest Honors: Katherine Blake, Codi Boheen, Lillian Broome, Riley Colby, Addison Craven, Lauren Curtin, Megan Frost, Mirah Johnston, Evan Lentz, Katherine Messenger, Lauren Rose


Grade 9 – High Honors: Hunter Adams, Isabelle Allan, Emily Anderson, Seamus Baker, Dominic Barbarito, Lauren Best, Tre’ Bourdon, Madison Bowen, Benjamin Brieger, Brianna Burke, Alexis Call, Shane Cameron, Ruby Carr, Isis Chapman, Anthony Comte, Thomas Daly, Matthew Davis, Hunter DeCota, Hazel Dellario, John Difeo Jr., Maggie Donovan, Mikayla Edgerly, Celia Fogarty, Olivia Fontes, Jeremy Foster, Ashley      Gatchell, Collin Gier, Joshua Heckman, Patrick Helm, Seth Howard, Nathaniel Huckins, Abigail Jerome, Victoria Johnston, Owen Judge, Hayden Knight, Madison   Kriete, Sophie Laird, Raymond Lapiejko, Malachy Leclere, Adeline Leifer, Elizabeth Libbey Kaili Linscott, Michael MacEachern, Hayleigh McNeil Matthew Messenger, Angelise Moss, Hannah Munck, Connor Nowak, Abigail O’Connor, Fiona O’Shea, Samuel Patteson, Kelsey Pease, Abigail Pelletier, Jacob Radwan, Kathleen Roach, Grayson Smith, Mark Sommer, Daniel Strum, Cody Tanguay, Madison Tatem, Morgan Tatem, Mary Thoms, Madison Tortorella-Lewis, Isabella Valarese, Alexandra Wheeler, Dylan White, Joseph Whiting, Luke Wiggin, Ethan Wisminiti, Amanda Womble


Grade 9 – Honors: Jaden Boulanger, Landon Budny, James Cirillo, Emily Dallaire, Makayla DeButts, Dawson Dubois, Sydney Feenstra, Shannon Jackson, Sydney Jacques, Savannah Marsh, Brynna Meeker, Tyler Nault, Madeline Nelson, James Noble III, Cordelia Norris, Cole Perra, Sophia Sabina, Elizabeth Shultz, Elijah Tomlinson-Burrell, Willow Tritter, Lauren Veno, Meskerem Wallace, Isaac Wells, Robert Wise






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