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Northwood NH News

October 19, 2016

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Braiders Of The Lost Art


The Braiders of the Lost Art cordially invite you to attend our open house on October 23, 2016 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the Northwood Community Hall at the corner of Main and School Streets.


Braiders will be on hand to demonstrate and explain their passion for this old time craft in a informal setting.   Using simple braiding techniques, an heirloom rug can be made that will become a treasure for future generations.   Examples of some of our finished projects will also be on display.


If you are already a braider, wish to see and ask questions on how rugs are made or just view at our displays, we hope you will join us for our second annual open house.


Check out our Facebook page for more information on our guild.



Letter To The Editor

The Americans For “Prosperity” Pledge


As a candidate for state representative, I received a “pledge” from Americans for Prosperity (a Koch lobbying group). I cannot sign it because it means governing without thinking and actually threatens “prosperity.”


The first two items are: “Cut Taxes and Fees and Oppose any Tax Increase” and “Cut Spending and the Size of Government”.


No representative should commit to cut taxes and spending blindly without regard to the impact. None of us want unnecessary taxes, but public investments are the foundation of a successful society. NH can’t prosper without an educated work force and a reliable infrastructure. Cutting core government functions like these costs more in the long run than is saved today.


The third item is: “Pass a Right to Work Law in New Hampshire.”

These laws appear to give employees more “choice” by giving workers the benefits of collective bargaining without paying the costs. So union membership declines and so do middle class wages and benefits, and inequality of income and wealth increases.


The fourth item is: “Oppose all forms of Obamacare in New Hampshire, including Medicaid expansion.”


Thousands of NH residents have coverage, and the overall cost is less than forecast. Why oppose all forms of the ACA? Let’s improve it rather than simply eliminating people’s access to health care.


The world is complex, but we need to deal with reality and understand the consequences of our actions.


Hal Rafter

Candidate for State Representative

District 32 Candia, Deerfield, Northwood, Nottingham



Letter To The Editor

November Matters


Cutting right to the chase- “feelings” and ideologies aside this Country is a business and at present a markedly failing one. Of the two one knows how to run a business accept it or not. The public seems to have no understanding of basic economics and many feed into democrat demonization of the rich. Remember, it takes money to make money- poor people do not create jobs and those who foolishly hate the rich want to be rich, no? Rich people, encouraged to reinvest for tax benefits hire, resulting in more paying in.


Hillary is a dangerous liability-Benghazi cost American lives, her email/ server scandal endangered National Security. Donald’s liability is that big mouth of his but it hasn’t done either of the above.


The next president will pick 2 or 3 Justices- the true legacy of the Office. I want more Scalias who interpret the Constitution based on original Founding Fathers’ intent not a reinterpretation with legislative rulings from the bench on matters the vote of the people would never approve. Hillary has promised to overthrow “Heller”- the 2nd Amendment is an individual right and is the teeth guarding the others. Third Party votes are for the Primary (and I respect them) but in Nov. it’s a waste.


I am an RN, business owner, former Marine- I interact daily with many- I know no PRODUCTIVE member of society better off than 8 years ago: she is 4 years of same or worse. The only who are better off are those chowing at the “trough” who never fill it but will vote democrat. Do we need 4 more years? It isn’t that he is Reagan- he isn’t, but HE is not HER and therein lies the rub.


Paul A. Johnston




Letter To The Editor


This is in response to Mr. Jandebeur’s letter concerning sports at Northwood School. I have been involved with the school for years as a volunteer, PTA president, and coach. I coached as a volunteer, an assistant coach and head coach in the baseball, soccer, and basketball programs. My past 10 years have been dedicated to the girls’ basketball program primarily.


Different personalities affect how things get done. There are good and bad coaches, athletic directors, school administrators and parents. Consistently I see lots of great kids. The current coaches and athletic director work hard to be committed and fair. Everyone gets a chance to play. However not all players are at the same ability level. That’s why, for example, in basketball there are A and B levels. That can’t be done in all sports due to the number of players needed to make a team. Several years extra teams were created so that every child could receive the opportunity to play at some level. In basketball, B team players are invited to work with the A team to learn, have fun and improve their skills.


There are always parents who think their kids are the greatest. Perceptions of favoritism often become the mantra, but it is not common at the school. Good coaches keep it under control. When coaches are replaced by robots favoritism may completely end.


Unified sports teams are a good idea but not common in middle schools. I would gladly show you what middle school sports is about. Plan on being patient, smiling when you are frustrated, and remaining positive. The kids will reward you by driving you a little crazy and making your ears ring by the end of practice but it is well worth it.



Don Dodge



LRPA After Dark Celebrates Halloween

With 1965’s “Planet Of The Vampires”


Throughout October, join Lakes Region Public Access Television each Friday and Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. for a scary good time! “LRPA After Dark” celebrates Halloween with four frightening films from Hollywood’s past. This weekend (October 21 & 23), we present 1965’s eerie sci-fi-alien gem “Planet of the Vampires,” directed by Italian horror master Mario Bava and starring an international cast that features American film actor Barry Sullivan.


In “Planet of the Vampires,” two spaceships – the Argos and the Galliot – are sent on a mission to the uncharted planet of Aura. As the crew of the Galliot enters the planet’s murky atmosphere, the crew inexplicably begins to violently attack one another. Only Captain Mark Markary (Sullivan) has the ability to resist this murderous urge, and he keeps the crew from killing each other. Upon leaving the ship, the crew finds the remains of the Argo, only to discover that the entire crew is dead, having apparently killed one another! Markary and his crew bury some of the dead, but most seem to be locked in the Argos’ control room. When the Galliot’s crew returns with tools to unlock the doors, the dead bodies have disappeared. As the realization that not all is well begins to set in, the crew of the Galliot tries to leave, but their ship has some damage that must first be repaired. One by one, the crew begins to be found dead. Will the Markary and the rest of the crew get back to civilization? Or will the mysterious planet Aura keep them all from returning home?


Many film critics and sci-fi writers agree that Ridley Scott, director of the classic horror movie “Alien,” was greatly influenced by “Planet of the Vampires.” Some of the plot points share similarities. It is also interesting to note that, as the cast was international, each actor spoke his or her own native language – Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English – often with no way of understanding what the other actor was saying. The film was then dubbed for individual markets. The movie was made with a very low budget, and so Bava used miniatures, forced perspectives, colored lights, leftover props, etc. to achieve the look and atmosphere of the film. Sci-fi and horror fans love it, and you will too. So grab your candy corn and join LRPA after dark for this rarely screened gem from the past.


And mark your calendars for these coming Halloween treats:


• October 28 & 29: 1968’s “Night of the Living Dead”: THE ORIGINAL ZOMBIE MOVIE!


• PLUS a Halloween marathon starting at 5:00 p.m. on October 31! We’ll be airing creepy cartoons and freaky films, culminating with 1972’s cult favorite, “Horror Express,” starring the Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas! What’s not to love?



Letter To The Editor

Representatives Behaving Badly


While sexual shenanigans by politicians have been around since David and Bathsheba (Second Samuel 11: 2-5), revelations about Donald Trump’s sexual predations border on assault. Closer to home, the Concord Monitor has chronicled a case of sexual assault by Loudon farmer, Howard Pearl, that led him to give up his challenge to Senator John Reagan in 2014 – but it hasn’t kept him from running for the House this year.


Even closer to my home, we have the case of Rep. James Spillane, as reported in The Forum, April 24, 2010: “Deerfield Police Log for February and March 2010 – The following criminal arrests were made: On March 12, James Spillane, age 41, of Swamp Road, Deerfield, was arrested for Domestic Violence related Simple Assault, Negligent Driving and Reckless Conduct.”


At trial, Spillane pleaded down to Simple Assault and was sentenced to a year in jail, but given 2 years of probation. The DUI charge resulted in a $500 fine and a 90-day license suspension.


This is not the kind of person I would want representing me in Concord.


Tom Chase




CBNA Theatre Students To Present Alice In Wonderland

CBNA students Allison Rose (left) as Alice and Cooper Leduke as the Mad Hatter rehearse a scene from Alice in Wonderland.


Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Theatre will proudly present Alice in Wonderland, an adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic, by Eva LeGallienne and Florida Freibus with music by Richard Addinsell, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday October 27, 28 & 29, 2016 in the Gerrish Gym on the CBNA campus.


This production, which also includes text from Through the Looking Glass, stays true to the text of the novels, but occurs in a Wonderland that has an industrial, Victorian “steam punk” feel to it.  Junior Allison Rose, in the role of Alice, leads the cast of 41 students.


Other students appearing are seniors Cassandra Barnhart, Nora Canepa, Teagan Folland, Marissa Gast, Joseph Guptill, and Arianna Jones; juniors Sandra Black, Erin Boodey, Zachary Helm, Nina Laramee, Jacob Lock, Shemrey Lussier, Alexander Mercedes, Kayla Pollak, Alyssa Reiff, Julia Sommer, Courtney Snow, and Casey Szmyt; sophomores Braelin Ash, Shayla Ashley, Mackenzie Flanders, Cassuarina French, Ian Gollihur, Cooper Leduke, Lily Marston, Paige Marston, Logan Morton, Cody Peck, Olivia Roach, Madison Rollins, and Emma Tobbe; and freshmen Patrick Helm, Mirah Johnston, Connor Nowak, Abbi Pelletier, Caitlin Reynolds, Rylee Rogers, Lauren Rose, Sophia Sabina, and Ethan Wisminiti. Orchestra members include Lauren Burrows, Gwyn Norris and AJ Trembley. The production stage manager is senior Kayla Cates who will be leading an experienced production team of skilled theatre technicians who will bring Wonderland to life. The production is directed by faculty member Elizabeth Lent with assistance from faculty member Kolby Hume. Music direction is by David Deardorff. Reserved tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for students and seniors, and will be available after October 20 by calling 942-5531, ext. 237, by email [email protected] or at the main office before or after school. Hope to see you there.



Letter To The Editor

“US Murders Surged in 2015”


So ran the NY Times headline last week. In addition to last year’s upsurge, The Times expects even more killings this year. Nationally murders  rose to 15,696, at the fastest rate in 25 years.


Unfortunately, the latest FBI data show that violent crime also rose in New Hampshire, with increases in murder, rape, aggravated assault, and motor vehicle theft.


Why the increase in violent crime?  A Washington Post headline provides a hint: “Ferguson effect? Savagely beaten cop didn’t draw gun for fear of media uproar, says Chicago police chief.”


According to The Post, “A Chicago police officer who was savagely beaten at a car accident scene this week did not draw her gun on her attacker — even though she feared for her life — because she was afraid of the media attention that would come if she shot him.”


In Ferguson, Missouri, a policeman used a gun to protect his own life.  The result was a Federal investigation, riots, and probably the end of that officer’s career. Similar incidents and riots have since occurred in Baltimore, Charlotte, and elsewhere. And assassinations of police seem to be a weekly occurrence.


Read “The War on Cops,” a new book by Heather MacDonald, to see what today’s police are up against. Ms. MacDonald coined the term “Ferguson effect,” which occurs because the police are often denounced by citizens and politicians. This hostile atmosphere makes police less likely to intervene in potentially dangerous situations. The result is a higher violent crime rate.


FBI Director James Comey says he’s “very worried” about the increasing murder rate. “I think it’s the potential effect of marginal pullbacks by lots and lots of police officers that’s changing some cities. I continue to hear that privately.”


Elections have consequences.


Michael Faiella







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