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Northwood NH News

October 12, 2016

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Have you been considering becoming a Realtor? We are looking for a few good agents!! EXIT Reward Realty and EXIT Realty Great Beginnings will be hosting a real estate pre-licensing class! November 4, 5, 6 and 11, 12, and 13. You will complete the course in 2 weekends! Hours are 1pm to 5pm Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Classes will be held in Concord. Please email Sandy Kelley to register, [email protected] or call 435-7800 ext. 201.



On October 15th from 9-1pm, the Northwood Boy Scout Troop 312 will be having a car wash at the Northwood Garage to raise money for equipment and camp outs.   Come and get your car washed and support your local Troop!  The Scouts would like to thank Northwood Garage for their continued support of the community.



Well it’s the time of year when black cats get more respect and you can get away with eating more candy than you should. Kids like dressing up and it’s a good excuse for a party and spooky decorations. In the spirit of fun some folks are putting in some extra effort and creativity with outside Halloween decorations along the 1st NH Turnpike. What a great idea... what if this were to catch on with lots of homes in the area?



LRPA After Dark Celebrates Halloween With 1922’s “Nosferatu”


Throughout October, join Lakes Region Public Access Television each Friday and Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. for a scary good time! “LRPA After Dark” celebrates Halloween with four frightening films from Hollywood’s past. This weekend (October 14 & 15), we present 1922’s silent horror masterpiece “Nosferatu,” directed by F.W. Murnau and starring Max Schreck.


“Nosferatu” is considered a classic of the horror genre, and was the original vampire movie. For lovers of all things Dracula, it’s a definite must-see. So grab your candy corn and join LRPA after dark for this chilling silent classic from the past.


Mark your calendars for these coming Halloween treats:

October 21 & 22: 1965’s Planet of the Vampires October 28 & 29: 1968’s Night of the Living Dead And join us for a Halloween marathon starting at 5:00 p.m. on October 31!


You can’t find television like this it anywhere but LRPA TV, MetroCast Channel 25. Not a subscriber? Then log onto Live Stream through our website ( where you can catch all the fun.



Letter To The Editor

A Question for Candidates


The Attorney General’s office released a report on Sept. 30 summarizing the investigation into former Rep. Kyle Tasker’s “drug distribution at the State House.” Six Representatives were found to have either discussed or purchased drugs from him.


In no instance did these Representatives - all of whom had sworn to uphold the Constitution and laws of the State of New Hampshire - report his illegal activities, either to the Speaker of the House or to other authorities.


As a result of these revelations, it becomes clear that Tasker was not circumspect about his activities. And if “he smoked marijuana in the State House anteroom,” as reported, it is probable that others would have interacted with him when he was “stoned.”


My question is: what did these others know and when did they know it?


I direct this question specifically to Kyle’s running mates and District 2 Representatives, James Spillane and Joe Duarte. At the time of his arrest, they were quick to issue a statement. Did they see this coming?


And if they did, did they remain silent as the others did?


I would hope that they and the other local Representatives who served with Tasker - Bruce Hodgdon and Yvonnne Dean-Bailey - will speak to this issue before the election.


Tom Chase




Homecoming Weekend At Northwood Advent Church


The Northwood Advent Christian Church invites you to join us for Homecoming on Sunday October 16. The church is located at 113 School St. (Rt. 107) in the Narrows. The 10:00 service will feature some great music and a theme of “Finding a Place to Call Home”. A pot luck dinner will start right after the service at 11:30, beverages will be provided. You are welcome to bring a dish to share but there will be more than enough to go around. This good time of food and fellowship will end with a 35 minute film starting about 12:30 on “The Prodigal God”, Finding Your Place at the Table with Tim Keller. This brief film about Jesus parable of the Prodigal Son will help us discover the amazing depths of God’s love. If you cannot come for the entire time, come for the service and pot luck or pot luck and the film or any part that you can!


Homecoming/Back To Church Sunday is for everyone, young and old in age and new or long time resident in the area. If you have not been to church for years or have never been we invite you to come and see that here is a place of community, caring and friendship, where faith and reality meet. Real people on the road of life sharing the “Bread Of Life”. We don’t have all the answers but we know One who does. There is a place at the table for you here.


On Saturday, the ladies of the church will be hosting their annual Fall Fling luncheon. We invite you to come and see what God is doing. We are happy to invite you back to church. Join us October 16 and every Sunday at 10 am.



End 68 Hours Of Hunger

Submitted By Jim Grant, Northwood Garage

As we continue our Commitment to Community, Northwood Garage is proud to be teaming up with other local businesses, friends and neighbors to support  “End 68 Hours of Hunger”.


Special Thanks To The Tasker Families


Linda received a message from Diane telling her that the trunk of her SUV was filled with food and she would be dropping it off.   As you can see there was not enough room in the donation basket, we had to bring in a table.   As I was thanking Diane for her generosity and support she said “We need to get other businesses to participate!”.


Tasker’s Well Company Family Challenge


Diane Tasker has placed a challenge out to Northwood, Strafford & Nottingham businesses, friends & neighbors.   Large or small, it doesn’t matter - having Jim and Linda match your donation means twice as many can benefit. In our small towns there’s no reason for children to go hungry.  Show you’re part of making our community a better place for everyone.   Together we all make a difference!


There you go fellow business owners,  the challenge is out there.  Are you going to step up in support of your community?  The fact is nearly 1 in every 5 children go hungry.   You can make a difference… In our customer waiting area we have a collection basket for non-perishable goods.   The next time you’re grocery shopping, pick up an extra item or 2 of non-perishable food and bring it to our front office/waiting area.  The green basket is easily seen next to the table that the Tasker’s filled up.  Let’s fill another table!


Danny & Melinda Tasker along with Jeff & Diane Tasker are active in supporting the area communities.


Linda and I thank you for your donation



Letter To The Editor


Contrary to the information in Tim Jandebeur’s October 5th letter, no player was cut from any Northwood team in the school this year (or last).


At least one of this year’s instructional boys’ soccer players was encouraged to join the team by one of the “gifted” that Tim so derogatorily referenced.


Northwood coaches strive to put every player in – an effort not seen in other towns. To have Tim insinuate that these coaches “think all of the rules should be centered around their student” is preposterous. I’d encourage Tim to actually attend practices/games instead of propagating imagined half-truths.


Many schools around us do cut players - because we are in a competitive sports league. There is a lesson in that, also; sometimes you make it and sometimes you need to work hard between seasons to make it next year. If Tim doesn’t respect the concept of competitive sports, the appropriate venue for that discussion is a Board meeting - not a letter full of half-truths.


If Tim would like to see a unified sports program in Northwood, I have no doubt that the same parents he seems willing to throw under the bus, will be the first to support this program. But, to date, Northwood does not have such a program. If Tim is actually willing to support implementing a unified sports program (and the funding it requires) at the elementary school level, the appropriate venue for discussing implementation is a Board meeting - not an article in the newspaper full of half-truths and insults to members of this community.


Mr. Jandebeur, I encourage you to either do your homework or step down from your position on the Board. As a Board member, propagating untruths is undermining Northwood and the reputation we are all trying hard to build.


Nikki Roy






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