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Northwood NH News

September 2, 2015

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CBNA Holiday Craft Fair – Crafters Wanted


Crafters are wanted for the 13th Annual Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Craft Fair which will be held on Saturday, October 31 in the Gerrish Gym on the CBNA Campus,  907 First NH Turnpike in Northwood. Information can be found on the web or by contacting Susan McLean [email protected]  or at 603-942-5531 ext. 241.



Letter To The Editor


I would like to add my voice in support of Karl Doe Bergeron’s recent and very respectful recent Letter to the Editor. I too was embarrassed and surprised, to say the least, by Mr. Janderbeur denouncing Father Loughnane publicly as a “jerk,” simply for not agreeing with Mr. Janderbeur about the best use of his own church property.


Mr. Janderbeur attributed Fr. Lougnane’s decision to greed, implying that the father wanted more than the $300 offered, and vilifying the head of the church as he ‘believed greed was a sin,’ despite the obviousness of the church needing to serve its parishioners on a Saturday and Sunday.


That an elected selectman of Northwood would be so uncompassionate and unable to consider other points of view beyond his own and his own desires concerns me, and this is not the representation that I desire.


If this were the first time that we’ve heard outrage and bluster from Mr. Janderbeur, that might be taken into account, yet instead it is a constant theme – though this particular instance might constitute a new low. That Mr. Janderbeur was given an opportunity to rethink his stance when cooler heads might prevail, and that he refused on the grounds that he wasn’t acting as a representative when he published in the public paper his letter that indisputably and unambiguously indicated the problem was of that very nature only concerns me more.


I will be wary, and keeping these instances of public outbursts in mind when next I see Mr. Janderbeur’s name on a ballot sheet, and I hope each of you does the same. 



Michael H. Tritter



Northwood Historical Society Announces Grant Award


The Northwood Historical Society has received a grant from the New Hampshire Humanities Council to present Contra Dancing in New Hampshire: Then and Now with featured speaker Dudley Laufman.  This program will be presented on Tuesday, September 15, at 7:00 pm at the Community Hall in Northwood Narrows, at the corner of Main Street and School St.


Since the 1600’s, the lively tradition of contra dancing has kept people of all ages swinging and sashaying in barns, town halls and schools around the state. Presenter Dudley Laufman brings the tradition to life with stories, poems, and recordings of callers, musicians and dancers, past and present. Willing audience members will be invited to dance the Virginia Reel.


This program is free and open to the public. Some refreshments will be provided.


The New Hampshire Humanities Council nurtures the joy of learning and inspires community engagement by bringing life-enhancing ideas from the humanities to the people of New Hampshire.  They connect people with ideas. 


Learn more about the Council and its works at


For more information, contact Trina Carlson, Northwood Historical Society at 603-834-4098 or [email protected].



Letter To The Editor


I have waited a long time to support a presidential candidate who fully expresses my political views. Bernie Sanders is doing just that. He openly and honestly talks about the major issues that are impacting the majority of America. He is presenting solutions to these problems and people see a viable ways to overcome the economic inequities they face every day. The agenda Bernie proposes would help rebuild the middle class and elevate the “working poor” out of poverty. He would seek ways to tax the wealthiest Americans so that they would pay their fair share. These increased revenues would contribute to construction projects that would improve our infrastructure and put thousands of people back to work. Bernie’s focus on the real issues has caused some to say he is too honest about what needs to be done to get elected.


I introduced Bernie at a town hall meeting in Rollinsford, a few weeks ago. Because I have followed his career from being the Mayor of Burlington to the United States Senate, I told the audience that the one thing that hasn’t changed during that time is Bernie’s integrity and honesty. Therefore he is “a very unique politician, an honest one.”


Karl Doc Bergeron




Annual Snowmobile Watercross


The Northwood CrankPullers Snowmobile Club is hosting its annual Snowmobile WaterCross event at Lake Shore Farm in Northwood, N.H on September 13, 2015!  Bring your family and lawn chairs and get ready for some great fun or load up your sled and participate!  There will be an antique snowmobile display, flea market, club memberships, club apparel for sale and as always we will have lots of great food! Visit our website for more details, guidelines and rules on this event.   As always we really appreciate our landowners and are always looking for new members.  Hope to see you there!!


Gates open @7am, registration 7-9am and the water crossing will start @10am.




With Thanks.


Now that school has started for most children in the area, and the after-school activities have kicked back into gear, we wanted to take a moment to thank Our Lady of Lourdes & Saint Joseph’s Parish for their many years of support for the Northwood Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs.


The use of the St. Joseph’s parish hall for regular meetings has allowed the Northwood Scouts to provide a place where local children could come together and learn about teamwork, leadership, and skill building. Scouts of all ranks and levels have used the space to plan volunteer and charity work, to cook, make crafts, sing, sew, dance, and have programs with nurses, emergency responders, teachers, artists, and people from all walks of life. We thank both the Parish and Father John for their generosity and look forward to many more years of collaboration. 


Northwood Girl Scouts

Northwood Boy Scouts, Pack 312






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