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Northwood NH News

August 5, 2015

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Are you thinking about enrolling your child in preschool for next fall? The Center School in Northwood is accepting registrations for the 2015-2016 school year. The Center School is a parent cooperative preschool located next to the town hall in Northwood, which provides a developmental program for three, four, and five year-olds of Northwood and surrounding towns. There are openings in our morning programs. Call or email us soon to get an information packet or to make an appointment to see the school.  For information, please email at director Karen Andersen [email protected] or call the school at 942-7686.  Check out our Facebook page at or our website at



A benefit Dance is being held on Friday, August 7th, from 7-11 p.m. at the Epsom Elks to help raise money for medical expenses for Baby Hayden. Hayden was born with Down Syndrome and a Congenital Heart Condition (full Atrioventricular Canal Defect) that will require her in the next month or so to have open heart surgery. Medical expenses add up quickly even for this hard working family. Please help out this local family in this difficult time. Mike and Caitlin Shultz would greatly appreciate it. There will be a DJ, raffles, appetizers and a cash bar. Tickets are $20 each or $35 for a couple. Please contact Tammy Montambeault for more information or to purchase tickets [email protected] or 566-5771.



Scenes from the Bean Hole Bash 2015


Northwood town officials.jpg

Town Officials-from left: Town Administrator Joe Gunter, Selectman Rick Wolf and Selectman Tim Jandebeur.


Northwood Friday Night Auction.jpg


Northwood Big & Little Firemens Muster.jpg


Northwood Braiders of Lost Art.jpg


Northwood Coals in Bean Pit.jpg


Northwood Mike Smith adding special sauce.jpg


Northwood Lifting Beans from Pit.jpg


Northwood finished product.jpg


Whatever you like most about Northwood’s Bean Hole Bash weekend, this year’s event was a success on all accounts. The return of the Friday night auction this year brought many people to the tent to hear local auctioneer Bob Wharem chant bidders to bring home some interesting treasures.  If you ever received a traffic ticket in Northwood, the police dunk tank was a great way to spend some money.  The horseshoe tournament near the fire pit created some serious competition as well as plenty of fun.  A movie night was held for the kids and Friday night activities concluded with the covering of the beans in the pit. Saturday events included “Bash Trail Bounce” race, flea market/craft fair, numerous displays from local organizations, bench building demonstration, firemen’s muster, softball tournament, and recognition of the coloring contest winners.  It is the long awaited uncovering of the beans that is the highlight of the day. The special recipe keeps people coming back year after year, for a unique country supper and the chance to sit down under the tent and visit with friends and neighbors



Neighbors Working Together Across Stone Walls

Submitted By Carl Wallman, Harmony Hill Farm, Northwood


In the last few years, good farmland has continued to give way to residential development, both throughout New England and in the areas around my farm on Winding Hill Road in Northwood. Seeing this transition, I have had a desire to make my farm more relevant to our community and able to produce food for humans as well as hay for cows and horses. My goal is to have a productive farm that is profitable and can be a model for other folks to join the ‘local farm food’ movement as it’s established and becomes an important part of our economy and our way of life.


I retired from farming myself twenty years ago, but it’s my pleasure to report that after a thorough search for mature farmers with a good business plan, Jeff Backer and Dave Viola will soon establish their business, Short Creek Farm, on the site of the former Harmony Hill Farm. They moved in to the farmhouse last month; cows, pigs, and vegetables will be joining them in the surrounding fields shortly. You will be hearing from these two ambitious farmers about their plans and aspirations and I look forward to the growth of their business and their integration into the Northwood community.


The farm at Harmony Hill has been barn-less for the past 15 years, and Jeff and Dave need a barn. The farm is located right in the middle of a neighborhood of landowners who have been working together across their stone walls, collaborating on stewardship as NALMC, the Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative.  We’re in the midst of an extraordinary natural and social resource inventory of this neighborhood, so ecosystem specialist Rick Van De Poll, forester Bryan Comeau, and I went into the woods and marked trees whose removal would have the least impact on the forest ecosystem and that would provide enough wood for a barn. While standing in the forest of 2900 acres of contiguous permanently conserved land, we got excited and wanted to see if this barn could be a metaphor for the NALMC community ethic of ‘neighbors working together across stone walls.’ I asked my abutting neighbor Chuck Johnson if we could cut a few hemlock trees near the boundary of our two properties so that the barn will be a hybrid of wood from neighbors who are friends.  Chuck was happy to be part of this vision and we will have an inscribed beam to reflect those sentiments. We are glad to be working together to build this barn that will benefit the community as Jeff and Dave grow into their new space.


Local timber harvester Brent Bachelder was quick to come in and cut the trees and bring the large pile of logs to the pavement at the farm. Gene and Jesse Matras then arrived with their portable mill and cut the logs into lumber.  Jim Mason of Ag Structures in Salisbury, NH will be building the barn.


In New England a barn-raising has long been a community event, celebrating and supporting the farmers that feed our communities. The NALMC neighborhood is going to be embedded in the very timbers of this barn, which is very exciting. We would like to invite everyone to come by and watch as the barn is being erected and join us for a celebration upon its completion.



Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

Thank you, all of you, who helped make the Northwood Bean Hole bash a success. The hours put in by a small group of volunteers throughout the year to bring the “BASH’ off is wonderful and inspiring. It goes far beyond just the monthly meeting; selling tickets to raffles and the dinner, finding and setting up the events, a calendar, signs, etc. etc, etc. Thanks to every one of you and thanks to the public for coming out. It makes it all worthwhile.


We are always looking for ideas from anyone out there who has one. Clearly we are trying to get as many to come to this community-building event as possible.


What would it take to get you to the “BASH?” Did you like the auction? Was it fun to dunk Officer Wells? Ideas, bring them on.


Clearly the biggest obstacle that the “BASH” has is parking. The “business” next door was not willing to work with the committee, instead they blocked off their lot. They were offerred $300 for the use of their lot. That is the same as the town pays to use the lot and building for voting. The committee received  threats instead.


Some excerpts in the email from an (I assume) ordained priest: “prefer to close off our church,” “not allow,” “no one allowed,” “trespass,” “enforced by police,” “towed,” and “escorted off.” A no was not enough. I tried to enlist the help of the Bishop in Manchester. He wouldn’t even answer an email. All the while, wailing, come back to the church. I thought greed was a sin. A very sad mess.


We’ll figure it out. I have no intention of allowing one jerk to ruin what was a lot of fun for me. See you at the ‘16 “BASH.”


Tim Jandebeur




Northwood Crankpullers.jpg

The Northwood CrankPullers Snowmobile Club would like to thank all who attended the Northwood Bean Hole Bash and supported our food trailer and the event as a whole.  Also, we would like to congratulate our Vice President, Greg Bane as recipient of the Community Builders Award from the Morrison Lodge #90 F. & A. M.. Good Job Greg and thank you for all you do in our community. As a reminder our Clubs monthly meeting is Aug 4th at 7pm, Lake Shore Farm, Northwood, remember we are always looking for new members.  Please join us and find our what it’s all about. 






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