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Northwood NH News

July 1, 2015

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There will be an informational meeting for people from Northwood and the surrounding communities to learn more about Bernie Sanders’ stand on the issues in his 2016 Presidential Campaign. The meeting will be held at the Northwood Community Center, 135 Main Street, Northwood Narrows, at 7pm on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Everyone is welcome to attend.  For more information, call Karl Bergeron at 942-8941.



Congratulations to John Akers of Northwood who has been named to the President’s Honor Roll for the Spring 2015 semester at Bismarck State College.


Students must maintain at least a 3.50 grade point on a 4.00 scale while enrolled in at least 12 semester hours of classes to qualify.



Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Quarter 4 Honor Roll

Headmaster David S. Smith is pleased to announce the honor roll for the fourth quarter.


Grade 12 – Highest Honors

Sarah Curtin, Bryan Ekstrom, Mariah Feegel, Audrey Getman, Katheryn Huckins, Ashley LeBlanc, Megan Leduke, Katherine Martel, Kyle Nelson, Benjamin Porter and Nicole Torosian


Grade 12 – High Honors

Alexa Barnes, Samantha Beaupre, Willden Butler, Dylan Clark, Joshua Conrad, Liam Corless, Kyana Currier, Rachel Dallaire, Gregory Doane, Hannah Eaton, Brianna Ferreira, Cailtin Foley, Molly Gibson, Aurora Goodwin, Kendall Goodwin, Erika Grand, Brianna Hanson, Hannah Herter, Garrett Kunz, Andrew Lambert, Elizabeth MacEachern, Gaelyn O’Dwyer, Ashley Perron, Cassandra Rogers, Connor Tasker, Madison Thivierge, Kate Tomaszewski, Cameron Watson and Alexander Yonchak


Grade 12 – Honors

Kerry Baratier, Victoria Buck, Joshua Chadwick, Ariel Clachar, Douglas Clifford, Hjalmer DeVarey, Tyler Doiron, Olivia Drew, Nicole Durell, Emma Easler, Logan Eighmey, Tyler Freeman, Hannah Grady, Alexander Hafez, Zachary Huot, Jacob Jackman, Bianca Ketenci, Tess Lambert, Austin Leith, Lauren Montgomery, Jessica Ohrenberger, Hannah Parker, Jamie Pratt, Amanda Riley, Anthony Russo, Haley Ruth, Kassandra Southwick, Christopher Starkweather, Joseph Stevens, Veronica Swindell and Zachary Wood


Grade 11 – Highest Honors

Kayleigh Bounds, Hannah Carlson, Megan Elwell, Ryu Kondrup, Jolene Levesque, Maria Rainey and Henry Turcotte


Grade 11 – High Honors

Vanessa Anderson, Hannah Arroyo, Nicole Beaupre, Chloe Bettencourt, Molly Boodey, Callie Brochu, Michaela Cirillo, Christie Clause, Julia Cormier, Laura Cozine, James Crosby, Randall Daniels, Elisabeth Danis, Molly DeTrude, Bailey Docko, Erin Docko, Sydney Fisher, Christen Gallant, Cheyenne Gardner, Tayla George, Lavender Goodwin, Rosemary Goodwin, Taylor Goodwin, Arianna Gunderson, Claire Hammond, Tyler Holman, Daphne Jordan, Samuel Koskela, Brooke Laskowsky, Cortney Lewis, Brianna O’Connor, Jason Palmer, Hayley Pierce, Billie Pingree, Mackenzi Prina, Ashley Reiff, Zachary Rheaume, Holly Roman, Meredith Roman, Jake Scarponi, Kristina Seavey, Kayleigh Sherman, Cole Short, Andrew Shultz, Henry Smith, Julie Souryavong, Phaleap Taing, Liam Taylor, Drew Tessier, Abigail Turcotte, Mariah Valerio and Sydney Wilson


Grade 11 – Honors

Brandi Allen, Parker Aube, Ryan Bailey, Jared Carlson, Nicholas Chase, Dalton Colman, Andrew Comte, Devin Correia, Casey Davies, Gage Desrosiers, Jacob Dunkerley, Matthew Guckert, Michael Haddock, Cameron Lamarre, Bethany Levenson, Collin Levenson, Damian May, Jessica Miles, Jared Neal, William Ohrenberger, Meghan Percy, Bailey Poland, Tyler Schroeder, Megan Spainhower and Daven Thorne


Grade 10 – Highest Honors

Taylor Baxter-Orluk, Davio DeLuca, Abigail Dupuis, Marissa Gast, William Girard, Jillian Gordon, Maria Pia Hachem, Joshua Hall, Amanda Lee, Mallory Perron, Zackary Pine, Allison Pratt and Kylee West


 Grade 10 – High Honors

Miranda Adcock, Brody Ashley, Ryan Barnard, Summer Barnes, Elizabeth Bisson, Amanda Bolduc, Joel Boulanger, Samantha Clark, Kate Clinch, Donovan Corless, Emelia Cronshaw, Kassandra Crosby, Shane Fillion, Sheridan Gancarz, Alexander Gray, Brenda Hayes, Emily Hughes, Arianna Jones, Jackalynn Joy, Catherine Langdon, Caroline Lavoie, Samuel Lupinacci, Donald MacCallum, Arianna Maker, Rebecca Masison, Chelsea McCallion, Sophia Menjivar, McKenzie Moehlmann, Steven O’Donnell, Cassidy O’Dwyer, Noah Olewine, Katlyn Palumbo, Caitlyn Pitre, Mikayla Prina, Katie Rankins, Tanner Richards, Tatum Santos, Thomas Sheehan V, Jacob Snow, Jessica Tolento, Desiree Wentworth, LilyGrace York and Abigail Zollman


Grade 10 – Honors

Cassandra Barnhart, Kayla Boucher, Matthew Brown, Lauren Burrows, Colin Cain, Morgan Call, Lynzie Chase, Steven Chase, Damarah Cormier, Tristan Cullen, Sadie Donnelly, Emily Goulas, Ryan Graeme, Nathan Griffiths, Joseph Guptill, Tristan Jardon, Morgan Labrecque, Jacob LaChapelle, Bradley Leith, Emily Marie, William Mathison, Jordan May, Zachary Richards, Shannon Riley, Samantha Roche, Mason Shoup, Shaun Stevens, Emery Travers, Paige Trela, William White, Noah Wojtkowski and Zowi Woodman


Grade 9 – Highest Honors

Haley Arnold-Fuchs, Raven Barnes, Sandra Black, Grace Blake, Paul Colson, Sarah Dupuis, Brady Johnson, Ahna McCusker, Alyssa Reiff, Victoria Sheridan and Caitlyn Ustaszewski


Grade 9 – High Honors

Emily Anderson, Bailey Arnold-Fuchs, Emma Arsenault, Alicia Baratier, Maxim Begin, Taylor Bettencourt, Suzannah Buzzell, Emily Cunningham, Domminique Depianti, Sarah Doiron, Jackson Douglas, Emma DuBois, Derek Elwell, Isabelle Feenstra, Aidan Fillion, Sydney Gast, Samuel Godwin, Julia Greene, Jordan Haddock, Hannah Halka, Joseph Hebert-Morello, Nina-Marie Laramee, Olivia Lee, Emily Lentz, Jacob Lorden, Isabelle Lupinacci, Abigail Mathison, Alexander Mercedes, Cailinn Monahan, Eric Nelson, Amaya Newport, Jadelyn Newport, Scott Norwood, Maxwell Nowak, Shania Patten, Kayla Pollak, Catrina Purington, Nicole Rogier, Allison Rose, Nathaniel Schroeder, Garrett Skidds, Jacob Spainhower, Kiley St. Francis, Drew Stevens, Hailey Stevens, Devin Sullivan and Ander Wensberg


Grade 9 – Honors

Ryan Bevins, Erin Boodey, Orion Clachar, Christopher Currier, Kellyn Flanagan, Jocelyn Gagnon, John Grygiel, Alexis Kendall, Kathryn Levesque, Jacob Lock, Michaela McAllister, Eleanor McDonough, Margaret Norman, Daniel Schlim, Samantha Schroeder, Cassandra Stover, Kieran Taylor, Faith Wilson and Lindsay Wright




Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land


On July 4th, 1776, our forefathers seceded from England, declaring “That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States.” New Hampshire was the first colony to declare its independence, doing so a month before the July 4th signing we celebrate this week.


Leading up to the Declaration of Independence were the battles of Lexington and Concord, and Bunker Hill. These early battles involved many NH farmers, including some from our neck of the woods. Here’s a story told close to a century ago by a local woman:


“The Minute Men of Nottingham”

“When the Call to Arms came in 1775 sixty minute men mustered on Nottingham Square near the old church.


“The men in the company were working in the fields when the call came, but they dropped shovels and axes, picked up their guns, and after forming on the Square, then ran, rather than marched, to Cambridge Common, making the trip of fifty-five miles from sunrise to sunset, according to one report. Another report said they made it in 24 hours.


“The men were thoroughly aroused and ready to fight for their country and the homes they had worked so hard to possess.”


Mrs. Elizabeth W. C. Fernald, Harvey Lake Women’s Club, Northwood


Elizabeth Fernald’s narrative appears in New Hampshire Folk Tales, by Eva Speare, published in 1932.


The author of 10 books, Eva Speare was a columnist for the Manchester Union-Leader until shortly before her death at age 96. In her book Stories of New Hampshire, she tells us that these “patriots were fighting for liberty, and for their very lives,” but many of them did lose their lives securing our liberty and independence. We honor these citizen volunteers and their cause every July 4th.


Michael Faiella




Northwood Farmers Market Open For Season 


Summer is nearly here! And with summer comes the Northwood Farmers Market. It has been a long cold winter and spring was slow in getting started; like the spring, the market has had a slow start, mainly due to late crops….but they are here now! Along with fresh produce grown in environmentally safe and sustainable gardens you can find range fed meats that were humanely processed and artisanal prepared foods. Watch craftsmen work and explain what they do, listen to local musicians and meet with other local service providers.


The market is not just a place to make fast food purchases; it is an experience to enjoy! Meet local food providers. Learn from visiting craftsmen. Meet your friends and neighbors. It is a chance to teach children about where their food comes from and meet the people who produce it.


Do you have seasonal residents for neighbors? Bring them along to what can be a social center as well as a market. Show them the friendly atmosphere of small town living.


The Northwood Farmers Market is local people providing local people with clean produce and meats, sustainably produced and quality crafted items.


Studies have shown that most of the money spent in locally owned and run business tend to stay in the community so “Keep it local” is more than a glib motto, it is good business for the community: and at the Market it can be fun too! So, come on down every Tuesday from three to six pm. We’ll see yea them! For more information, check out our Facebook page-Northwood Farmers Market.






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