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Northwood NH News

April 15, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Woodcock Walk

Friday, April 24th 6:30pm

Meet at the NALMC kiosk on Winding Hill Rd, Northwood.


Jessica Carloni, a wildlife biologist with the NH Fish & Game Department will introduce us to the woodcock and lead us on a tour of their habitat at Harmony Hill Farm. The woodcock have an exciting mating ritual that we hope to witness. Bring your binoculars.


Contact Amanda at 867-4433 or [email protected] for more information.



Eighth grader, Elijah Allen was inadvertently omitted from the Northwood School Honor Roll, published in the April 1st issue of The Suncook Valley Sun. Elijah made High Honors for 2nd quarter.





Letter To The Editor


Having lived in NJ for thirty years, I had never experienced community before.  It wasn’t a community kind of place.  It was a “look out for yourself” kind of place, and if your neighbor smiled or waved at you, it could have you on edge for days, wondering what he/she was planning.


In Deerfield, people take care of each other.  People care.  And nobody embodies that sentiment like Maureen Mann.


Since my family moved here in 2002, we have seen horrible floods, a tornado, ice storms, tragic losses, and wonderful celebrations.  As I think back, Maureen Mann was there for all of them. Whether she was comforting someone after the loss of a loved one, advocating for her constituents, volunteering at the library, or serving chowder at the Deerfield Fair, she was always there.  Then, when she was done doing those things, she usually went home and wrote an article about it.  And that had nothing to do with politics.  That was just Maureen being Maureen.


I want my daughter to know that one person CAN make a difference in the world, so we have followed Maureen’s adventures together since she was just a toddler.  Maureen has served as a role model to both of us.  She made me want to give back to this community, and while I now understand WHY Maureen works so tirelessly to help others, I will never understand HOW she does it…which makes me wonder how Yvonne Dean-Bailey is planning to have enough time to truly support her constituents while attending an out-of-state college full time and writing articles for


Please do not vote for a party in the upcoming special election. Vote for a PERSON to be our voice in Concord.  Maureen lives here.  Maureen owns a home and pays taxes here.  She actually takes the time to show up to vote (

records.aspx), and knows how her votes will affect the people who live in her district.


It is admirable that at 19, Dean-Bailey wants to run for public office, but I will be voting for someone with more experience.


Please vote for Maureen Mann on May 19th.



Dana van der Bijl




Letter To The Editor 


On May 19th let’s elect a person who cares about the welfare of children, college students, working men and women, the diminishing middle class, the elderly, people on fixed incomes, veterans, healthcare, including mental health, our states deteriorating infrastructure, and the environment. Quite an order, but if we cast our vote for Maureen Mann we could do just that. She would be an advocate for all of us who seem to have lost our voice in the state house. She would be the best State Representative we could possibly elect.


Karl T. Bergeron,




Book Signing For The Adventures Of Mother And Jasper 

 At Chesley Memorial Library April 18

Northwood Author+photo++Comp.jpg


Northwood Cover+-+The+Adventures+of+Mother+and+Jasper.jpg

The Chesley Memorial Library Northwood, NH will be hosting a book signing by Patrice Kilham of Deerfield, on Saturday April 18 at 10am.  Kilham may even read a story, or two, from her recently published book, “The Adventures of Mother and Jasper.”


The stories bring the true spirit of small town living alive. You will join Mother and Jasper, and a cast of common, and not so common, home town friends as they find their way through life’s rocky roads. Jasper’s direct, New England approach to daily obstacles and conflicts offer a hilarious perspective on “normal” living. Mother, ever accepting, does her best to cope, but she is not without a bit of spice and curiosity about life’s grand adventures. 


“I have wanted to write and have been telling stories for years. My goal has always been just to make people laugh and enjoy life’s quirky happenings. This will be great opportunity to introduce Mother and Jasper to readers.”


The volume was self published under the name Hamhill Press.   You can read more stories and find out about events and news at the author’s  blog  at 


Books will be available for purchase at the signing. Payment by either check or cash will be accepted. Contact the Chesley Memorial Library at 942-5472 for further information.



Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

March 10th, 2015 was a day of change. As I go around town, many have asked questions concerning our future. Speaking only for myself I’d like to try and answer you.


A new Selectman was voted in and our Town Administrator retired on the 11th, enough said. Change is not a bad thing and here is the plan going forward. We are advertising for a Town Administrator. A committee will be set up on the 14th comprising of three town employees and two or three citizens. They will go through the applications, interview, and bring to the Board two or three candidates to be re-interviewed and a decision made. Many of you have opinions from, we don’t need one, we only need a part time one, to we need a full time one with at least a master’s degree in municipal administration.


While every option is on the table, I will just say that there is much that has not been happening in the last couple of years, again, enough said. In addition, It bothers me that Northwood is stagnant. If we do not grow, if we do not attract some business in the right places, those of us here have to pay more and more as inflation drives everything up. Check out meat prices. Roads are a big issue and costly.


As I’ve told you before, I really appreciate living here in Northwood. However, if I felt that everything was peachy keen, I would not have asked to be on your School Board and Select Board. I was and continue to be concerned with some directions and will do what I can to change them. I solicit and appreciate your input, 303-5224 or 942-5463.


Tim Jandebeur




Letter To The Editor

Common Core


In March, Northwood citizens voted overwhelmingly to “reject and immediately discontinue” Northwood’s “participation in the Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balance Assessments.”


Last year, then State Representative Maureen Mann voted for New Hampshire’s continued participation in Common Core standards and assessments. She did that by voting against a bill much like the warrant article passed by Northwood’s voters. HB1508 would have taken New Hampshire schools out of Common Core, but it was defeated.


Yvonne Dean-Bailey, candidate for State Representive in the March 19th special election, opposes Common Core. She says, “Parents and local legislators know what is best for their children–not the federal government.”


Michael Faiella




Chesley Memorial Library News


In partnership with the Chesley Memorial Library in Northwood, Nottingham’s Blaisdell Memorial Library is excited to host the first of two biannual Writers’ Nights in 2015 at the Blaisdell Memorial Library on Wednesday, April 15th from 6:30 – 8:00pm.


Join acclaimed local authors James Patrick Kelly (Nottingham) and Rebecca Rule (Northwood) in this informal gathering to gain additional writing inspiration!  Discuss what you are working on, what you are reading, where you are submitting your work, anything that captures you…


For writers interested in learning more, feel free to contact either the Blaisdell Memorial Library at 679-8484 or the Chesley Memorial Library at 942-5472.



Letter To The Editor


In March of 2014 the voters of Deerfield, Northwood and Nottingham passed petition warrant articles directing their elected representatives to enact resolutions and legislation to get money out of politics.


In a recent article in the Concord Monitor about the primary election for the Rockingham District 32 state representative seat, Nick Reid reports that “Dean-Bailey was the only candidate to spend more than $500 on the election, according to the secretary of state’s records… She raised about $2,500 before March 11 and an additional $500 before March 25, using about $1,500 on mailers, $500 on yard signs, $180 on postage and $180 on postcards, among other expenses… In addition to her own expenses, a Virginia-based political action committee called Liberty For All spent $1,318 independently of Dean-Bailey on mailers.”




When we think of campaign finance reform we usually think of races for Congress or governor, where millions of dollars are spent these days. I must say that I really wondered why an organization from Virginia spent over a thousand dollars in a state representative primary race in NH.  They describe themselves as “a federal political action committee organized as a hybrid SuperPAC. We donate directly to political campaigns and also raise unlimited contributions for the purpose of independent political expenditures.”


The founder is John Ramsey, a young man from Texas who inherited a fortune from his grandfather and identifies as a libertarian.  


Before you go to vote on May 19th, think about what having this much money being spent in a state representative race means.  We have 400 state representatives. Most of them run on shoestring campaign budgets, raised from their friends and neighbors. They have some incentive to represent their districts. Who will Ms. Dean-Bailey represent?  


Lucy Edwards




Letter To The Editor


Over the past few months, Northwood Fire-Rescue Department has been demo-ing different brands of cutters and spreaders, also known as “Jaws of Life.” These tools are primarily used in extricating patients trapped in motor vehicle accidents.


The current set of cutter and spreaders the department operates is 25 years old and do not perform on newer vehicle construction and materials in them.


The department will be purchasing a new set of cutters and spreaders with the fire truck that was recently passed. After demo-ing these different tools, members will be deciding what set is best for the department and town.


The Northwood Fire-Rescue Department would like to thank Northwood Auto Salvage, Chuck Brown Alignment and Towing, and J&B Auto for assisting the department in these recent trainings. They have donated and assisted us by providing vehicles to train on, space at their facilities, and their time. We also would like to thank all our local business in the support they give throughout the year.



Northwood Firefighters



Letter To The Editor

Lacrosse Lesson 


It has been my privilege this spring to volunteer as a coach for the Coe-Brown boys lacrosse team.  I’ve been helping with the goalies, 48 years after I played my last college game at that position.  Fortunately, the game hasn’t changed that much.  And I can instruct without demonstrating.  After all, at one point in my so-called career, I earned the nickname, The Sieve, when my team was 0-11-0 in intramurals! 


Lacrosse is a lot like hockey or soccer, except with “crosses” or sticks: ten players attempt to move the ball upfield and put it in the goal.  Like those sports, it requires teamwork, with everyone working together.  To reinforce this point, we often end practice in a team huddle with the call-and-response, “are you my brother’s keeper?”  “Yes, I am!” we reply in unison.


This ethic, this value guides me in other areas of my life off the field.  I give time to committees and commissions – and teams – here in town that serve the greater good.  And where I can, I give money to causes that do the same, like World Wildlife Fund. 


I am “all for one and one for all.”  Not “every man for himself.” And when I hear some politicians call for “freedom,” I hear it as a demand to opt out of our responsibilities to one another. 


The current House Republican budget cuts 25 beds at the VA hospital and 90,000 meals-on-wheels for seniors in the North Country.  How does that sit with you veterans and you seniors out there?  And do you want to send another Republican – however young and pretty – to Concord to support this position? 


Some day, you may need someone to say “I’ve got your back.” With lower taxes come fewer services, and you may be stuck. 


Tom Chase 




Letter To The Editor


Not only is being a great representative advocating on behalf of your district, but it is also ensuring your district and the towns within your district have rights to effectively govern their own town. It is ensuring that your towns have the liberty to create their own taxation, run their own school systems and create their own policies that best fit their communities. 


This is not “downshifting”. This is ensuring that Northwood, Nottingham, Deerfield and Candia have the abilities to choose which policies and which schooling methods work the best for them. 


Not a one-size-fits-all system forced down the rankings by the state and federal governments. Not only are state mandates in both education and economic policy developed with only the biggest cities in mind, but they leave out the voices of local community members who live within the district and know what is best for the district.


I am a candidate in the May 19th Special Election for State Representative and I believe that the members of our own communities know what is best for our towns. Not bureaucrats in Concord or in Washington DC. 


This is a major issue my opponent and I disagree upon. For her past few terms as a State Representative she has consistently voted against local control especially in education. From homeschooling rights to voting against parental rights for families whose students are in the public schooling system. 


As someone who attended our local schools, I understand the unique challenges our schools face and I understand the needs for parental involvement. Education is a process that includes students, teachers and parents. However, by her voting record, it seems my opponent believes this equation fits more along the lines of students, teachers and the federal and state governments. 


Yvonne Dean-Bailey




Letter To The Editor


Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Lucy Edwards’s weak arguments against Yvonne Dean-Bailey. I am glad you were given the chance to be a grandmother to two young men in today’s world of choice over life. I agree, we do need more young and aware people getting involve in how our country operates from town to the federal level. Just because Ms. Dean-Bailey may not agree with you on your key issues, does not mean she has come up short.


New Hampshire cannot accept bloated liberal State budgets, increased taxation, and bloated government agencies controlling local populations, a state income tax, which will not reduce local property taxes (let’s be honest). You note DOWNSHIFTING, well guess what, BOTH parties played that game over the years. Both political parties have dug into the Highway Fund and other Dedicated funds for years.  If we keep voting the same people back into office, guess what, you will get the same results, raided funds.


Remember just this spring, Governor Hassan   sharply cut into the Human Services Account to prevent a budget short fall. I never hear a complaint from your Democratic Party, the party of the people they claim.


While most college students, do not own homes, if they work, or buy taxable items or eat out, and guess what, they have paid taxes! Also, if you ask most renters, they will claim that they do not pay property taxes. Therefore I assume you would discriminate against them as they have no experience in owning a house either. 


I believe it is time for fresh ideas, just look at Maine; they are turning their state around, because their past liberal policies have not worked.


So YES, I will be   campaigning   for Yvonne Dean-Bailey as our next State   Representative.  


Best regards, 

Alec R. Correa



Coe-Brown Northwood Academy - Quarter 3 Honor Roll


Headmaster David S. Smith Is pleased to announce the honor roll for the third quarter.


Grade 12 – Highest Honors

Joshua Conrad, Sarah Curtin, Bryan Ekstrom, Caitlin Foley, Aurora Goodwin, Megan Leduke, Kyle Nelson, Benjamin Porter


Grade 12 – High Honors

Samantha Beaupre, Ronald Berry III, Willden Butler, Natasha Canty, Ariel Clachar, Dylan Clark, Douglas Clifford, Tyler Comte, Rachel Dallaire, Gregory Doane, Nicole Durell, Emma Easler, Logan Eighmey, Brianna Ferreira, Audrey Getman, Molly Gibson, Kendall Goodwin, Erika Grand, Alexander Hafez, Hannah Herter, Katheryn Huckins, Bianca Ketenci, Garrett Kunz, Andrew Lambert, Ashley LeBlanc, Austin Leith, Elizabeth MacEachern, Hannah Mausteller, Lauren Montgomery, Gaelyn O’Dwyer, Jessica Ohrenberger, Amanda Riley, Cassandra Rogers, Anthony Russo, Haley Ruth, Sadie Sabina, Kassandra Southwick, Nicole Torosian, Alexander Yonchak, Luke Zollman


Grade 12 – Honors

Alexa Barnes, Liam Corless, Kyana Currier, Tyler Doiron, Olivia Drew, Hannah Eaton, Jeremy Fenerty, Aisilyn Guivens, Brianna Hanson, Zachary Huot, Jacob Jackman, Mason Jimino, Allison Jones, Samuel Langdon, Bailey Leclerc, Ryan Levy, Lacey Locke, Marielle Pomerleau, Colton Rush, Veronica Swindell, Kate Tomaszewski, Cameron Watson, Hannah Wiley, Zachary Wood


Grade 11 – Highest Honors

Kayleigh Bounds, Christie Clause, Megan Elwell, Ryu Kondrup, Jolene Levesque, Katherine Martel, Maria Rainey, Julie Souryavong, Henry Turcotte


Grade 11 – High Honors

Brandi Allen, Hannah Arroyo, Chloe Bettencourt, Molly Boodey, Hannah Carlson, Jared Carlson, Randall Daniels, Elisabeth Danis, Bailey Docko, Cheyenne Gardner, Lavender Goodwin, Rosemary Goodwin, Taylor Goodwin, Maria Pia Hachem, Claire Hammond, Daniell LaFlamme, Cameron Lamarre, Brooke Laskowsky, Cortney Lewis, David Lovlien, Bianca Nardi, Brianna O’Connor, William Ohrenberger, Hayley Pierce, Billie Pingree, Ashley Reiff, Julie Renner, Zachary Rheaume, Carter Rollins, Holly Roman, Meredith Roman, Jake Scarponi, Kristina Seavey, Cole Short, Henry Smith, Megan Spainhower, Abigail Turcotte, Mariah Valerio


Grade 11 – Honors

Vanessa Anderson, Callie Brochu, Michaela Cirillo, Laura Cozine, Casey Davies, Erin Docko, Sydney Fisher, Christen Gallant, Tayla George, Brittany Guillemette, Arianna Gunderson, Michael Haddock, Nicole Hodgdon, Tyler Holman, Daphne Jordan, Samuel Koskela, Damian May, Jason Palmer, Blake Peterson, Mackenzi Prina, Kayleigh Sherman, Andrew Shultz, Liam Taylor, Daven Thorne, Sydney Wilson


Grade 10 – Highest Honors

Summer Barnes, Taylor Baxter-Orluk, William Girard, Joshua Hall, Amanda Lee, Donald MacCallum, Rebecca Masison, Mallory Perron, Allison Pratt, Abigail Zollman


Grade 10 – High Honors

Miranda Adcock, Brody Ashley, Elizabeth Bisson, Amanda Bolduc, Kayla Boucher, Joel Boulanger, Colin Cain, Donovan Corless, Damarah Cormier, Emelia Cronshaw, Davio DeLuca, Abigail Devaney, Sadie Donnelly, Abigail Dupuis, Shane Fillion, Sheridan Gancarz, Marissa Gast, Jillian Gordon, Alexander Gray, Carter Greig, Leah Grove, River Groves, Emily Hughes, Tristan Jardon, Arianna Jones, Jackalynn Joy, Catherine Langdon, Caroline Lavoie, Samuel Lupinacci, Jordan May, Sophia Menjivar, McKenzie Moehlmann, Michael Mulligan, Gwynevere Norris, Steven O’Donnell, Cassidy O’Dwyer, Gareth Owen, Katlyn Palumbo, Zackary Pine, Caitlyn Pitre, Tanner Richards, Zachary Richards, Samantha Roche, Tatum Santos, Thomas Sheehan V, Mason Shoup, Nicholas Shutt, Jacob Snow, Patrick Thurston, Emery Travers, Kylee West, Noah Wojtkowski, LilyGrace York


Grade 10 – Honors

Ryan Barnard, Emily Barnes, Cassandra Barnhart, Matthew Brown, Kate Clinch, Kassandra Crosby, Joseph Guptill, Morgan Labrecque, Arianna Maker, Chelsea McCallion, Sarah Murphy, Anne-Marie Peacock, Jordain Pierce, Mikayla Prina, Katie Rankins, Shannon Riley, Shawn Spenard, Shaun Stevens, William White


Grade 9 – Highest Honors

Raven Barnes, Sandra Black, Paul Colson, Sarah Dupuis, Isabelle Lupinacci, Ahna McCusker, Alyssa Reiff, Allison Rose, Victoria Sheridan, Caitlyn Ustaszewski


Grade 9 – High Honors

Bailey Arnold-Fuchs, Haley Arnold-Fuchs, Emma Arsenault, Maxim Begin, Taylor Bettencourt, Grace Blake, Suzannah Buzzell, Emily Cunningham, Domminique Depianti, Jackson Douglas, Emma DuBois, Derek Elwell, Isabelle Feenstra, Aidan Fillion, Sydney Gast, Julia Greene, Jordan Haddock, Hannah Halka, Joseph Hebert-Morello, Brady Johnson, Nina-Marie Laramee, Olivia Lee, Emily Lentz, Jacob Lorden, Shemrey Lussier, Abigail Mathison, Alexander Mercedes, Cailinn Monahan, Eric Nelson, Jadelyn Newport, Margaret Norman, Scott Norwood, Maxwell Nowak, Kayla Pollak, Catrina Purington, Nathaniel Schroeder, Garrett Skidds, Kiley St. Francis, Drew Stevens, Hailey Stevens, Madeline Swansburg


Grade 9 – Honors

Alicia Baratier, Ryan Bevins, Erin Boodey, Timothy Bowen, Jaelyn Brooks, Orion Clachar, Sarah Doiron, Jocelyn Gagnon, Spencer Goad, Samuel Godwin, Sydney Ho-Sue, Trevor Massingham, Michaela McAllister, Eleanor McDonough, Michael McKinney, Tyler Metalious, Amaya Newport, Shania Patten, Nicole Rogier, Samantha Schroeder, Scott Spenard, Devin Sullivan, Evan Tanguay, Ander Wensberg, Faith Wilson



Letter To The Editor


Yvonne Dean Bailey is running for election as Representative in a Special Election May 19, in the towns of Northwood, Deerfield, Nottingham and Candia.


Since we already know her opponent has been a vote for more spending rather than for ways to follow the Constitution, it is important for those who want a frugal voice in government and one who will be looking to spend wisely.  Since the debts we keep incurring by Representatives who think it’s okay to pick the pockets of future generations with their votes to curry favor with the liberal left has set us up for debt, why vote for someone who will incur that debt? 


A vote for Yvonne Dean-Bailey is a vote to assure the citizens of Rockingham District 32 will not be set up for more debt or worse and income and sales tax.


So please vote May 19th for Yvonne Dean-Bailey at your towns’ local polls.


Harriet E. Cady





William G. DeTrude

Northwood DeTrude.jpg

William G. DeTrude, born to Claud and Martha in Beverly Massachusetts on September 26, 1928. On April 1, 2015 surrounded by family and friends at his home in Northwood, N H. he moved on to his eternal journey. 


Bill is survived by his wife of 67 years Lois (Knowlton), children Randy, Lori, Bruce and John, 6 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, 1 great great grandchild, nieces, nephews, and countless friends and extended family. 


A passionate love of family and a desire to be a good neighbor to those around him is Bill’s greatest legacy.  Hard work and determination marked the several businesses that he developed, all achieving product and service of admirable quality.  Bill had many interests including horseback riding, classic and antique cars, boating and holding parties at his sanctuary on Bow Lake.  


Bill was involved in the Masons and Lion’s Club. Bill and Lois wintered in Florida and he was a deacon in the United Church of Sebastian and the Northwood Congregational Church, UCC. 


Whether spouse, child, family, friend or acquaintance, we are all blessed and privileged to have shared life with such a man as this.


In lieu of formal services, family will gather to remember Bill and comfort one another.  At Bill’s request there will be a celebration of his life this coming summer which will be announced in advance. All who knew him are welcome to join us for this wonderful event.






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