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Northwood NH News

March 25, 2015

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Deadline Fast Approaching For Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Alumni Association Scholarship


The Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Alumni Association is currently accepting scholarship applications for 2015. Scholarships are available at or by emailing [email protected]. Qualified applications will be graduates of Coe-Brown (including the graduating class of 2015). Please mail completed applications to:



Northwood Academy

Attention: Rebecca Paine

907 First New Hampshire Turnpike

Northwood, NH 03261


The submission deadline is April 1, 2015 at 12pm.


Any questions can be directed to Rebecca at [email protected]. Please do not contact Coe-Brown Northwood Academy for scholarship inquiries.



Letter to the Editor

Better Lincoln


Last week’s letters provided interesting information about where Northwood voters – those 800+ of you who took the opportunity, not the 1,300+ who didn’t – decided to spend money on governmental services.  Jim Hadley calls the 16% increase in town spending “hefty.”  Since a third of that is for an additional $100K to fix roads, I would call it necessary – and overdue.


He also presents his “annual comparison” of school spending in Northwood v. Nottingham.  Turns out that we’ve budgeted 7% more this year than they have.  Before you get too excited, Tim Jandebeur, our School Board member who pays close attention to Special Ed costs, would point out that this difference could be the cost of 4 Special Ed kids.  Unless and until Jim gets into the budget details, these gross comparisons are useless at best and misleading at worse. 


Mike Faiella, meanwhile, seems to shame us all for “engaging in politics to get benefits from government.”  His French philosopher, Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) has him believing that “it is not a ‘right’ to force other people to work and pay taxes so that government can give us our favorite programs.”  I would note that this is coming from a retired public school teacher who worked for the government providing one of my favorite programs – history classes! 


I prefer Lincoln’s concept of “government of the people, by the people and FOR the people” (emphasis added).  I just had my septic tank pumped, and thanks to you, the citizens of Northwood, there is a lagoon at the Transfer Station to receive it.  I’m not sure where Mike puts his. 


So before you become too enamored of this Libertarian rhetoric – or Yvonne Dean-Bailey who wants to go to Concord to “fight against taxes” – think about what government delivers: roads and schools.  Oh, yes, and defibrillators and sewage lagoons. 


Tom Chase 




Letter To The Editor:


On the United State Senate Budget Committee website, there is an application that will tell you your lifetime share of the national debt by simply typing in your birth date. The application is quite shocking and quite concerning as it calculates the share of the average ten year old as over one million dollars. For a fifty year old, the lifetime share of the national debt is still at a staggering 200,000 dollars. From this 800,000 dollar difference, it is clear that reckless spending is not only hurting our country as a whole, but it is most strongly affecting our students, children and grandchildren.


Clearly we have a lot to do at the federal level to help curb this burden, but we can also affect spending at the state level by promoting fiscally responsible values. Values that will not add to the burden that so many young people and young families will face as our debt continues to grow. In my letter last week I wrote about Governor Maggie Hassan’s cadillac budget that would put tough restraints on many families in New Hampshire and add 1 billion dollars in new spending. We need fiscally responsible leaders in the New Hampshire House that will keep the priorities of Granites Staters at the forefront of the conversation when tackling the state budget.


On March 31st I will be one of the candidates on the ballot for the Special Election Republican Primary for State Representative. If elected, I pledge to help curb reckless spending in Concord and work to reduce the burden that falls upon the young families and residents of New Hampshire. I pledge to be a strong voice against tax increases for businesses and families and I would be honored to have your vote on March 31st.


Yvonne Dean-Bailey




Letter To The Editor


Just a quick note to congratulate the Northwood voters who soundly defeated mandatory All Day K. It is good to see that common sense and freedom still prevail in Northwood and NH. Let’s continue to take back ground that has been lost and get the power back to the good people of this great state!


Willie Matras







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