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Northwood NH News

March 18, 2015

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


On Friday, March 20, 2015 the Northwood Congregational Church, UCC will be hosting a GAME NIGHT beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Come and celebrate the First Day of Spring with fun board/card games and warm fellowship. Bring a snack to share -- punch will be provided.  The church is located next to Coe-Brown Northwood Academy, 881 First NH Turnpike/Route 4.  All ages are welcome!



Higher Ground Baptist Church is hosting a special fund raising concert and would like to extend the opportunity to you and your parishioners. Have a blessed day.


APRIL 1st. All are welcome to come and enjoy a night of food, fun and fellowship while supporting Josselyn’s Journey to health. The night will start with Josh Jackman of InPursuit, and then lead into music by JOHN WALLER whose music appeared in the movie Fireproof. A love offering is welcomed for entrance. There will also be food for sale. Read Josselyn’s story at


Doors open at 6:00PM & the concert begins at 7:00PM



Pet Tails Rescue Partnership With Northwood School


The Culture and Climate Committee at Northwood School was honored to partner with a local 501 (c) 3 non-profit business Pet Tails Rescue for its school-wide community service initiative. During the month of January, the committee honored one of Northwood School’s staff members, Sandra Hassett of Northwood as a Community Hero. Her family founded and operates Pet Tails Rescue, a foster-based rescue, which has rehomed more than 800 abused and abandoned pets along with the support of many volunteers. 


The Culture and Climate Committee has been organizing monthly Team Time events for the school since September. Teams are made up of approximately 20 students, K-8. Seventh and eighth graders volunteered as Team Captains to facilitate the monthly activities with the guidance and support of the staff at Northwood School. Alliterative team names were selected by the students using positive character attributes and animals, such as The Motivated Monkeys, The Loyal Labs, The Diligent Deer, and The Persistent Pumas. With the theme of animals, the committee felt it was a wonderful opportunity to partner with an organization that helps animals in need. 


During the month of February, teams brought in donations for Pet Tails Rescue. Northwood families donated blankets, leashes, pet foods, pet toys, and pet grooming supplies. As a part of Winter Carnival festivities on Friday, February 20, students colored pictures of dogs and wrote thank you letters to pet adopting families. These will be distributed to future adopting families through Pet Tails Rescue.


Saving one dog might not change the world, but for that one dog the world has changed. For information about how you can adopt a pet in need, foster or contribute to the cause of Pet Tails Rescue, please visit, on Facebook or through [email protected].



Letter To The Editor


Social planners (experts) make it their business to mind your business. 


Unfortunately they fail to see the broader picture of humanity and our amazing differences are not appreciated or optimized.


Funnel them all into All-Day K for the promised results of some narrow data. Thinking they know why some people don’t send their children and are at the ready with a plan for you. 


Joe McCaffrey takes a different lesson from the Gladys Gardener story and is called a “ misguided soul”. If you don’t agree with these self-appointed social planners- watch out! To pressure other misguided souls further they will throw in the tired old scary tactics of “going back” to archaic times. Lions and tiger and bears oh my! 


I say if you are so concerned about other peoples’s children open your home as Gladys Gardener did and do something about it yourself. 


Sad we can’t speak about our differences and remain civil as we hope they are learning in kindergarten, but run the risk of being called names, “a misguided soul”. If you don’t agree you will be shamed into it. Poor, poor attitude! 


Sharon Matras




Letter To The Editor

Violations of the Law


The elections are over. The campaigns are done--for the moment. Why were these political battles taking place? Why do so many people take so much time and put so much energy into these fights?


A century and a half ago, a Frenchman named Frederic Bastiat provided the answer in his little but momentous book The Law.


Political controversy, which “agitates, excites, and overthrows nations, would lose nearly all of its importance if the law had always been what it ought to be. In fact,” he says, there would be no reason to spend time on politics “if law were restricted to protecting all persons, all liberties, and all properties”


When Bastiat talks of liberty he is using the term the same way the Founding Fathers used it--liberty as a fundamental pre-existing right, something that doesn’t depend upon anyone else’s efforts. It’s the right to worship freely, to defend onself, to speak one’s mind, and so on.


Liberty is not a right to get free things from govenment; that is, it is not a “right” to force other people to work and pay taxes so that government can give us our favorite programs. Government does indeed have legitimate functions, according to the Founders, but they should be strictly limited. As Thomas Jefferson reputedly said, “That government is best which governs least.”


So some engage in politics to get benefits from government, while others do so to try to to keep government from abridging our basic freedoms. None of these efforts would be necessary, according to Bastiat, if government were limted to its only proper role: to protect our property, our person, and our liberty.


Michael Faiella




Water Testing Week


Too many people in our area wait until the time that they have an active buyer on their home to test their water. Have you been wondering if arsenic, radon, or lead are present at unhealthy levels in your well water?


Aqua Specialties, LLC of Northwood has teamed up with Eastern Analytical, Inc. of Concord to offer a week of discounted, convenient water testing. Simply swing by Aqua Specialties on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, March 23-25 to pick up a water testing kit. Bring the kit home, fill the sample bottles, and return the kit to Aqua Specialties later that day.


For this week only, the drinking water analysis packages will be discounted by 15%, with the convenience of easy pick-up and drop-off right here at Aqua Specialties at 561 First NH Turnpike. Call 942-5671 or visit for more details.



Northwood Election Results


Voters went to the polls on Tuesday, March 10 to elect local officials and determine the outcome of town and school warrant articles.  In contested races, Rick Wolf won the three year selectmen seat over incumbent Robert Holden; Robert Strobel retained his seat on the planning board and Betty Smith was elected as a new member of the board; incumbent Richard Cummings was re-elected police commissioner over challenger Ken Rick; Ron MacElman will serve as road agent taking the higher vote count over Mike Lockard; and incumbent Tim Jandebeur and newcomer Barbie Hartford were elected to the two open seats on the school board.


Both town and school budgets passed as did the majority of warrant articles including new contracts for teachers and paraprofessionals.  The articles that were defeated included: upgrading the heating system at the town hall, adding to the vested benefit fund, changing the road agent from elected to appointed, and creating a fund for a safety complex study.  On the school warrant, all warrant articles passed except for the hiring of two new positions and changing from a half to a full day kindergarten. 




Thank You Voters


You do not know how much I truly appreciate the voters who supported me by writing my name in for the two year School Board position.  I was encouraged to run by concerned citizens, who really wanted another representative for both the taxpayer and for education on the Northwood School Board.  Even though I did not win, I will continue be an active citizen and follow the School Board’s proceedings.


Thank you also for voting to send a message to Concord to rid our State of Common Core.  I will be writing more about this in future articles.



Marie L. Correa



Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Alumni Association Scholarship

The Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Alumni Association is currently accepting scholarship applications for 2015. Scholarships are available at or by emailing [email protected]. Qualified applications will be graduates of Coe-Brown (including the graduating class of 2015). Please mail completed applications to:



Northwood Academy

Attention: Rebecca Paine

907 First New Hampshire Turnpike

Northwood, NH 03261


The submission deadline is April 1, 2015 at 12pm.


Any questions can be directed to Rebecca at [email protected]. Please do not contact Coe-Brown Northwood Academy for scholarship inquiries.



Letter To The Editor

Win Some, Lose Some 


All-Day K went down to defeat by a large margin, 541-309, on Election Day, and as I stood at the polls all day, it was easy to see why.  There were far more people using canes, walkers and wheelchairs than there were using strollers.


Northwood, and NH more generally, is getting older.  And as the Baby Boomers have boomed into retirement and fixed incomes, their willingness to spend money has diminished accordingly.  And in a state that relies so heavily on property taxes, especially for schools at the local level, big houses (like mine) and small incomes (like mine) spell trouble for new spending. 


Two other initiatives also failed: adding a math specialist and another 7/8-grade teacher.  So it wasn’t All-Day K that was rejected.  Just the cost. 


You can see this most clearly in the item that passed by the largest margin – 731 for, 108 against – the payment for defibrillators!  Us old folks want those defibrillators! 


The good news is that most other spending was approved.  The town and school budgets passed, as did the contracts for teachers and aides.  Another $50K will be spent to finish the recreation fields, and $100K was approved for road construction.  Let’s hope that the newly elected Road Agent Ron MacElman will see that this money is wisely and well spent.  Lots of people have been unhappy with how roadwork was being done, and they will be watching. 


These two items are important.  If the roads are lousy, who will want to buy these big, old houses when us seniors try to down-size?  And if there is nothing for the kids of younger folks to do, why would they want to move here?  Coe-Brown is not enough. 


And thanks to Scott Bulger and Bob Holden for their service.  And to the voters for re-electing me to the Budget Committee. 


Tom Chase 




Letter To The Editor


To the Editor: 

With big spenders like Governor Hassan in the State House, we need fiscally conservative leaders who will fight against taxes and reckless spending in Concord. This past February Governor Maggie Hassan publicized her new budget that has proved to be an insult to Granite Staters across the board. 


The most glaring factor of the Governor’s budget is by far the 1 billion dollars in increased spending she has proposed for this upcoming year. This 1 billion dollars in increased spending comes alongside previously proposed cuts of over 7 million dollars to our local nursing homes.


The Governor has also asked New Hampshire taxpayers to fund a Chief Operating Officer to help manage the state. The job we elected her to do. Where are Governor Hassan’s priorities? Governor Hassan’s budget also includes a 35% increase in vehicle registration fees, a costly 4 million dollar railroad study (for a project the state cannot afford), and an increased tax on tobacco.


Once again Governor Hassan has proven that New Hampshire does not have a revenue problem, but a spending problem. We need passionate and prudent leaders in Concord to reign in our spending and ensure that our tax dollars are going to good use. Please support me in the State Representative Special Election GOP Primary on March 31st and help bring a strong, fiscally responsible voice to Concord that will not raise your taxes.


Yvonne M. Dean-Bailey




Letter To The Editor

Comments from the Results of Northwood Voting


Based upon the results on the town-side voters approved warrant articles having a tax impact of .68 cents per thousand. With a 2014 municipal tax rate of $4.29 this will result in a hefty 16% increase in our rate to $4.97 before any adjustments are made by selectmen to our undesignated-unreserved surplus account. Hopefully when the selectmen set the tax rate in November they will decide to buy down enough of this projected rate increase to absorb much of the $326,559 in additional spending that voters approved this week for 2015.


On the school-side it was not surprising that voters rejected hiring a new grade 7/8 teacher; a math specialist; and full-day kindergarten. Given that the K-8 enrollments in Northwood (415) are at their lowest level in years, the school board should not be looking to expand staffing levels. Rather they should be looking to consolidate and to achieve savings.


As a member of the last school building committee that recommended adding several classrooms to the footprint at the school, enrollments were projected to be in the mid 500’s at this time according to projections done by the office of state planning. According to Kurt Lauer, the architect hired by the school board at the time, with the build-out the school would be able to accommodate up to 600 students. There should never be a need for additional space during our lifetime.


Before I first became certified by the state department of education as a school business administrator I had to complete several graduate classes. One analysis I do annually is to compare the school finances in Northwood to Nottingham. Their proposed budget of $11,153,687 is $861,301 less than Northwood’s ($12,014,988). However, Nottingham has 57 more students than Northwood (708 versus 651).


Jim Hadley




Northwood Recreation Update


Easter Egg Hunt - Join Northwood Recreation on Saturday, April 4th for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Be on the look out for the Easter Bunny around 9:45am.  Where there is an egg hunt there is bound to be a bunny near by.  The Easter Egg Hunt will begin at 10:00 AM SHARP at the Northwood Elementary School.  There will be 3 golden eggs hidden in each of the 3 age groups; 4 & under; 5 – 7; and 8 – 10 years old.  Find a golden egg and receive a special prize!


Are you older than 10?  Don’t miss the Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt this year for kids 11 and older; Friday, April 3rd at the Northwood Elementary School.  The hunt will begin at about 8:15 (just after dusk). There will be 3 golden with a prize awarded to the finder.  Both of these events are FREE to Northwood Residents.  Don’t forget to bring your own basket and cameras. 


For additional information contact the Recreation Department at [email protected] or 942-5586 x209.





I would like to express my sincere thanks to many citizens of Northwood for the opportunity to have served them as Town Administrator for the last four years.


Last Tuesday, the townspeople indicated that they would like to town to go in a different direction.  I respect that and wish the Board of Selectmen all the best in this endeavor.  I have decided to retire this week so as to accommodate the transition.


I need to offer gratitude to all who have supported me in my tenure as your Town Administrator.  Scott Bryer, Bob Holden and Alden Dill brought me on board in 2010 as “interim” to get us to town meeting.  That interim lasted 4 years.  I can’t thank the three of them enough for their support, professionalism and love of Northwood.  They are the true definition of public service and the residents of Northwood are fortunate to have or have had these gentlemen in this position.


The town hall staff, department heads and employees... they are the backbone of the organization.  They are truly a group of dedicated public servants whose prime interest is serving you… the residents of Northwood.  Please continue to support them.  Without their guidance, professionalism and dedication, I could not have succeeded.  I will miss all of them.


To the various boards, commissions and residents that I have forged friendships and working relationships with… thank you!  It has truly been a wonderful experience.


As I enter another chapter of my life, I will always be thrilled to have had the occasion to meet all of you and serve you.  I am truly grateful… best wishes to everyone and thank you so much again.


Brent T. Lemire

Town Administrator



Northwood School 2nd  Quarter Honor Roll


5th Gr. High Honors

Megan Brieger, Skye Loto, Alexander Quaglia, Eva Roy, Anne Thoms


5th Gr. Honors

Kylie Bocash, Burke Bulger, Thomas Cirillo, Elizabeth Cromer, Mallory Farrar, Nicole Gaedtke, Seth Ireland, Denzel Martinez, Kailynn Nicoll, Emma Pollak, Myranda St. Onge, Parker Tatem, Elizabeth White


6th Gr. High Honors

Jennifer Bettencourt, Amelia Brackett, Addison Cox, Porter Heigis, Liam Jozokos, Christian Kiernan, Emma Pinard, Andrew Quaglia, Brenna Roy, Raina Skora


6th Gr. Honors

Jillian Bearden, Kaden Beliveau, Adrianna Bingham, Joshua Bowers, Gabrielle Critchett, Tyler Hartford, Piper Leduke, Shelby Lefoley, Logan Mihellich, William Moehlmann, Darin Sweet, Luke Tkaczyk, Caitlyn van Gerena, Ty Votour


7th Gr. High Honors

Katherine Blake, Benjamin Brieger, Evan Lentz, Ryan Nester, Kelsey Pease, Mary Thoms, Samantha Troy


7th Gr. Honors

Hunter Adams, Jaden Boulanger, Brianna Burke, Stone Compton, Matthew Davis, Makayla DeButts, Hailie Holland, Ryan Hughes, Brianna Jackson, Victoria Johnston, Sophie Laird, Michael MacEachern, Brynna Meeker, Ethan Meeker, Kendall Nester, Eli Pinard, Morgan Tatem, Elijah Tomlinson-Burrell, Samantha Welch


8th Grade High Honors

Alivia DiPrizio, Olivia Farrar, Emma Tobbe, Megan Wimsat


8th Gr. Honors

Summer Brown, Clayton Canfield, Alivia DiPrizio, Alyssa Hill, Lillian Marie, Lucas McCusker, Caleb Mihelich, Jonathan Moehlmann, Jacob Nesmith, Carly Ramsey, Jacob Rich, Zachery Sheehan






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