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Northwood NH News

December 23, 2015

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Due to new NHSA requirements, registrations are now done online only via our website. Any registrations done prior to 12/31/2015 will save $10.00.  Any questions or concerns please contact us via the website.  Please be patient this is a learning process for all of us.



Letter To The Editor


The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Northwood! I am so pleased to announce our Northwood Holiday Food Drive - Drive Thru was a huge success! Thank you to all who donated so generously to ensure our neighbors won’t go hungry this Holiday season.


I would also like to thank Northwood Garage for their generosity as well as all the local businesses who spread the word and posted fliers. A huge thank you to the Northwood GOP for collecting and delivering all our donations! We are so blessed to have such a great volunteer like Meg at the Northwood food pantry to ensure our neighbors don’t go hungry.


Cheryl Dean



Northwood AC Church Holds Christmas Eve Service


The Northwood Advent Christian Church, 113 School St., will hold a Christmas Eve Service Thursday at 7pm. This special time for the family will include Carols, readings, a children’s story, trumpet playing, singing and a short devotional message on the “Meaning and Purpose Of Christmas” by Rev Plummer. Everyone is invited and welcome to attend. It will be a great time to reflect on what Christmas is really about and bring Christmas in to your heart. Join your friends, family and neighbors Thursday, 7pm.




Letter To The Editor


Nancy Heath (SVS 12/16) has agreed women have had equal pay since 1963.


Without the federal Equal Pay Act, Lilly Ledbetter would not have been able to take her employer to court for breaking the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Lily also would not have won her case or have been the landmark case that improved the existing federal Equal Pay Act of 1963.


If Nancy has actually experienced a violation of the equal pay law, she too could have taken her employer to court, but as she stated it was simply a department cost cut that affected her whole department (both men and women).


So why are there dishonest presidential candidates making false promises of equal pay? Nobody can give women rights that we already fought long and hard for an won in 1963. Women have already empowered themselves to fight that battle and won, you can’t take that away from us! No presidential candidate can take credit for something we already did!


Shouldn’t Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton be empowering women with the information they need to report any violations of the Equal Pay Law? Shouldn’t they be encouraging women to use the rights they already have? Bernie and Hillary aren’t going to take credit for something empowered women already did on their own in 1963!


I find these candidates disgusting because they are intentionally lying to women to get votes. This is the war on women.


Cheryl Dean



Letter To The Editor


So, why do I support Bernie? He’s been in the background of my political universe for quite a while, and when I first heard that he was exploring a run for President, I was interested. When he declared his candidacy I was more interested, but like so many of us, I wasn’t at all sure that this was a viable endeavor. I watched and listened, and this fall I took the leap to being a supporter.


Bernie has a long, long record of doing the sort of politics that I admire. Nothing seems to distract him from learning where our country doesn’t work for us and introducing legislation in the Senate with real fixes. While the bills probably won’t pass this Congress, it does change the conversation! Most changes don’t happen if we don’t talk about them.


But what I appreciate the most is that he supports campaign finance reform AND refuses to take corporate money. His campaign runs on small individual donations and tons of grassroots power. He draws big crowds of curious people, who have never seen a candidate like this before. The young love him, us old people love him, women and men love him. And holding signs for him recently I learned that lots of people who are not Democrats will honk for Bernie, too.


Bernie can win if we vote for him. If you are a Bernie supporter, and believe, as I do, that his campaign can revive our faltering democracy, mark your calendar for February 9th and make sure you have a plan to vote. Tell a friend, and pledge to hold each other responsible for voting. If you can’t make it to the polls, arrange with your town clerk to get an absentee ballot. Do it now!


Lucy Edwards




In place of Secret Santa or a book exchange, the three 4th grades in Northwood School decided to donate money to the Northwood Fire Department’s holiday toy and fund drive for the less fortunate in the town. Students brought in a total of $350, which included some of their own money. On Wednesday, 14 $25 Visa gift cards were presented to two fire fighters from Northwood.



Letter To The Editor

Veteran and Baby Boomers


A sincere thak you! You built our roads, bridges, dams, buildings, treatment plants, etc. You gave us freedom and infrastructure.


Construction and war are dangerous and I wonder how many of you have knife-jabbing arthritis pain.


Is that why the numbers are so high when it comes to how many pain pills are sold?


Due to the number of heroin addicts, I now have to pay for a doctor’s appointment every month to get my pain medication. My yearly cost has gone from $500 a year to $1,500 a year. Thank Hillary! In case you don’t know, that is sarcasm!


I probably don’t have it as bad as some. What about people who are wheelchair bound? How much more difficult is it for them to get to a doctor? Why do the lawmakers punish the veterans and the baby boomers? These people are truly in pain, not heroin addicts who need mental health care!


Is there anyone out there who is having trouble getting their pain medication?


Lawmakers, take off your blinders and look at the big picture!!


Mike Smith




Letter To The Editor

Budget Matters


The Budget Committee completed its review of the Town budget earlier this month in what seemed to be near record time, mostly because the Selectmen have been careful to spend sparingly.  Nevertheless, there are two warrant articles that caused some discussion.


The first is an article to “Create a Red Listed Bridge Capital Reserve Fund” with an initial deposit of $84,000.  Raising this money is necessary to repair a bridge on Bow Lake Road that the State DOT “red listed” three years ago, and which needs to be repaired within 7 years of that date or be closed.  So the plan is to raise $84K each year for the next 3 years so that we will have the estimated $252,000 needed to do the repair.  (I don’t know why we didn’t start saving sooner.) There is a chance that we may get some of the money back from the DOT 8-10 years from now.  But given the state of the state’s infrastructure and the legislature’s seeming unwillingness to raise the gas tax again, I’m not going to hold my breath.  But I may vote for representatives who would consider this.


The second article calls for the addition of a full-time patrol officer for a sum of $55,884.  Chief Drolet made a strong case for this addition, noting the increase in “calls for service” from 2005 (837) to 2015 (3,368 and counting).   Since we’ve spent around $25,000/year in overtime recently, adding an officer seems appropriate.


The Committee was moved to vote 11-1 in favor of the article, with Selectmen representative Jandebur voting against, reflecting the Board’s opposition, which he suggested stemmed from the Chief’s not having the supporting data when he initially presented the proposal.


Come to the Town Deliberative Session, Saturday, Feb. 6 to express your opinion.  More next week.


Tom Chase

Budget Committee member







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