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Northwood NH News

November 4, 2015

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Northwood Republicans to Host Women’s Defense League of NH


Northwood Republicans will meet at the Community Center in Northwood Narrows on Monday, November 9 at 7 pm.  Learn about the Women’s Defense League, their support of 2nd Amendment Rights, women’s self-defense, and training to empower women. The meeting is open to everyone; all are welcome.  For more information contact Cheryl Dean at 344-2190.





The OLOL/St. Joseph’s Women’s Club will be having their annual Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, 11/7/15 in the Parish Hall in Northwood (located next door to the Northwood Town Hall) from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM). There will be craft items, knitted goods, baked goods, raffle items, a white elephant table with new and slightly used items, and a jewelry corner with great Christmas ideas. You will find our famous cookie walk and a luncheon to enjoy while you shop.



Letter To The Editor

Where Will Northwood Vote?


The fallout from the parking problem at the Bean Hole Bash this summer may mean that come the First-in-the-Nation presidential primary in February, Northwood voters may be finding their way to a new polling place.


So far the selectboard has not found a place with the access and parking of the Parish Hall where we have voted for the past decade, but Mr. Jandebeur insists that he “will not be bullied.” I have been attending the selectboard meetings on a regular basis and I have heard him say this numerous times.


If you missed the letters in The Sun this summer, you can find them in the archives of the Northwood pages of August 5 and August 26 (  If you would like to see the emails that were exchanged between Mr. Jandebeur and Father John Loughnane, Mr. Jandebeur has said that he will gladly share them with you. 


There are four elections next year, and more voters turn out in presidential election years than any other year. Many voters vote on the way to or from work, and not all of them may know that the polling place has changed. Mr. Wolf indicated at the October 27 meeting that he was not concerned about this, which I found disturbing, to say the least. 


I have shared my concerns with the board, and I hope you will as well.  If you think a disagreement between a selectman and the church, which apparently has not been discussed since Mr. Jandebeur’s letters were written, should not be a reason to change a polling place with 4 elections coming up next year, please contact the town administrator at [email protected] or 603-942-5586.  Your voice matters. 


Lucy Edwards




Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

I’m in a very frustrated mood tonight. The news, for the first time in 25 years math scores have dropped in the US. Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, said that he is not surprised. Add, Superintendents in NH have the scores of the Common Core tests taken last spring.and have been told by our DOE Commissioner Barry to not give them out until late November. I had a hard time believing it so I ask ours. It’s true. President Obama said Friday that our students are spending too much time being tested.  2+2 = 4. No tests, no bad results.


Education is not about preparing our students for the trials of adulthood. It is about money. That money is not going to a good education. It is going to the educators, especially the administration and up. It is going to ridiculously overpriced programs. $50K here, $80K there, for what? We have more bodies per student than ever before. Just think, we are on our fourth draft of the 16/17 school budget. The first three were mathematically incorrect. If the School Board passes it, not me, our average student cost in Northwood will jump to $20,124. Really.


No wonder. We recently had an issue over a bus run. A number of parents came and spoke about life style, we got an AASHTO lecture, and other concerns. And good for them. But not one parent came in when we were talking about math. Not one cared that the Board passed a motion (not me) to go with Go Math for just  7th and 8th grades. We had the money for a seamless K-8 program. Nottingham and Strafford both passed on Go Math for a much better program.


 Like it is.


Tim Jandebeur




NH Association of Residential Care Homes Volunteer Of The Year

Submitted By Kelly Adams, Executive Director

The Inn at Deerfield, Inc.

Northwood VOTY.jpg

Northwood resident Bev Pizzano was recently named Volunteer of the Year for the New Hampshire Association of Residential Care Homes.  NHARCH is the Granite State’s trade and professional organization for residential and assisted living facilities. Following is the nomination submitted by The Inn at Deerfield.


Bev Pizzano has been volunteering at The Inn at Deerfield for almost two years. Bev is a “get in there and interact” kind of woman.


My first contact with Bev was an email that she sent me.  She had just moved to the area and was looking for a place to “make an impact on [her] new community.”  We set up a time to talk, and she arrived more prepared for our “interview” than any potential employee that I have ever met!  She was familiar with Alzheimer’s and the impact that it can have on personalities and behavior.  She was full of enthusiasm and had tons of ideas and projects for our residents.  I “hired” her on the spot, and she has been a huge asset to our residents ever since.


She comes in every week, rain or shine.  She always has a grin and a cheerful greeting for the staff, but it’s her interactions with the residents where she really shines.  She knows everyone’s names and she has made a point to learn the character of each of them.   She jokes with the jokers and she sits quietly with the less boisterous.  She spends a few minutes with each person, leaving a trail of smiles behind her.


She always has a plan for the afternoon, which she has prepped ahead of time.  Sometimes it’s a slide show of the residents that she’s compiled, complete with music and speech bubbles.  Or it’s an ingenious crossword puzzle white board with several sets of clues which all fit the same boxes.  Or it could be classic movie or TV show clips, with her own dry humor commentary on the side. Whatever it is, we know that she will be laughing and talking with the residents, brightening their day and keeping their interest.


There are no words to express our gratitude for the way Bev improves the lives of our residents each week but having her win the NH Arch Volunteer of the Year Award would be a wonderful recognition of her incredible dedication and contribution.  She consistently goes above and beyond anything that would be expected of a staff member, much less a volunteer, and we are so incredibly lucky to have her as part of our organization.



Letter To The Editor

Equal Pay


I find it very disturbing as a woman that a female candidate running for the highest office in our great land is outright lying to the citizens to gain votes.  Only a radical and dishonest candidate would intentionally hide the fact that women already have legal recourse if they find that their employer is breaking The Equal Pay LAW.


We have had equal pay guaranteed in this country for 52 years, since John F Kennedy signed The Equal Pay Act into LAW in 1963. It is a law in every single state that women get equal pay.  We have labor boards and court systems in each state to ensure this law is obeyed.


If you are not getting equal pay, contact the NH Department of Labor in Concord to file a complaint.  They will do  a full investigation of your employer and correct the situation. 


Don’t let Hillary Clinton or any other radical candidate fool you into not reporting incidents of unequal pay, you already have the right to equal pay - it’s the LAW!


Cheryl Dean




Letter To The Editor

The Heart of the Matter


I have heard that the Selectmen are looking for a new place to hold next year’s four (4!) elections.  It seems that Selectman Jandebeur does not want to return to St. Joseph’s Parish hall after Citizen Jandebeur referred to the parish priest last summer as a “jerk” for not allowing parking on the church lot during the Bean Hole Bash.


It seems that the ill will he engendered lingers – at least in his mind.  And he wants to look elsewhere, rather than be “bullied.” Which, I think, means that he doesn’t want to deal with the parish priest whom he insulted.


So, if not there, where?  The Town Hall is too small and has inadequate parking, which is why elections were moved in the first place.  School is in session at Coe-Brown and the elementary school.  And without parking during school hours, the Congregational Church won’t work.  That leaves the Masonic Hall, at a busy intersection, with inadequate parking, and poor handicap access. 


So what are we to do?


I would suggest that Selectmen Bryer and Wolf overrule their colleague in this matter, and charge the Town Administrator Gunter with approaching Father Loughnane and his parishioners about once more using their parish hall for our elections.


Maybe we will be pleased to find that they are willing to let the Town use their facility, and we can put this unfortunate episode aside.  After all, we all need forgiveness from time to time.


Tom Chase




Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Parent Information Nights 


Coe-Brown Academy will be holding Parent Information Nights for parents who are interested in learning more about the school.


For anyone outside Northwood, Strafford, or Nottingham, this is an opportunity to learn more about the curriculum and what is available at Coe-Brown as they make their decisions of where to send their children to high school.  For Northwood, Nottingham, and Strafford parents, it is an opportunity to learn more about the school as well as get acquainted with the various programs offered.


The night will include an information session presented by the Administration and Guidance, opportunity to ask questions, as well as a tour of the campus.


The Barrington Parent Night will be Monday, November 2 at 6:30.  The Northwood/Strafford Parent Night will be Thursday, November 5 at 6:30 and the Nottingham Parent Night will be Tuesday, November 17 at 6:30.






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