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Northwood NH News

October 14, 2015

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Braiders of the Lost Art Open House


Do you have or remember the beautiful braided rug your grandmother made? 


The members of the Braiders of the Lost Art Braiding Guild will be holding an open house Sunday, October 25, 2015 at the Northwood Community Hall located at 135 Main Street in Northwood from 1-3 PM. 


Whether you just want to appreciate these hand-made heirlooms, have an interest in learning how to braid at a class or already know how to braid and wish to join our weekly Guild evening, please join us in celebrating this old art.  Our members will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss the art and history of braiding along with a display of many of our in progress and completed projects.  Braiding is not just for rugs, you will be surprised by the many projects that can be made from sames braids that once became rugs.


We look forward to meeting you and discussing this old craft that has provided so many heirlooms for future generations to treasure and enjoy.



Chesley Memorial Library News


Looking for a riveting and educational program on coyotes? Join us at the Chesley Memorial Library on Tuesday, October 20, at 7:00 p.m. for Chris Schadler’s coyote presentation!


Chris is a Project Coyote representative for New Hampshire and Vermont.  She is also a science advisor to the North East Wolf Coalition which promotes continued protection of wolves east of the Mississippi, holds a Masters in Conservation Biology, and taught Conservation Issues and Wolf Ecology at the University of New Hampshire.


Wolf recovery was the focus of her early work, but Chris shifted her attention to the eastern coyote when she moved to New England. She chose a farm with known coyote problems to raise sheep and train her border collies. Using sound livestock management and common sense, she has avoided any predation for nearly two decades. A peaceful co-existence between coyote and livestock has grown an attentive audience for humane management.



Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

99.9% of the time I really enjoy the work that I do for you, the citizens of Northwood. Looking back over the four years or so and seeing the changes made, the tax rate reductions, many improvements at school which will directly relate to our kids’ education and a new feeling in town that we are finally getting something done, I feel good.


That .1% though just has to rear its ugly head sometimes. Here is a case in point.


Our school treasurer has done a lot of work with our bank and the SAU staff to start online banking. She needs a computer adequate for the job. A couple of months has gone by since the School Board voted down a request from our Superintendant to spend “up to” $600 for one. The prevailing side thought that $200 was plenty. Those very, I mean very same, people were happy to approve the purchase of $300 (three hundred dollar) softball bats for a K8 school. KMart’s best bat, $59.99.


The computer issue came up again last week. I was kayaking for two weeks in the wilderness and our Chair was also out of town. Essentially $200 was not enough so the Superintendant came back to the Board with a request for up to $500.


We had instructed him to go to our professional technology director, work with the bank and treasurer to ascertain how much it would cost for an adequate computer. He did. $500. Seems reasonable to me.


This is not about a computer, if you haven’t guessed. It is about one man who is smarter than all the rest of us, including professionals, and another who is so petty in his dislike of our treasurer that $1 would be too much.


Sometimes it is frustrating. What do you think? $6K hammers anybody?


Tim Jandebeur







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