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Northwood NH News

September 25, 2013

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


The Veterans Corner

Article 1

Submitted By Richard R. Doucet

The VFW: Sept. 29, 1899... 114 Years Old!


Mention the VFW to many Americans and they think of their father or grandfather going to meetings where only men were allowed, with smoky bars, drinking, and the re-telling of “war stories.” These certainly are the memories I have of the VFW when thinking of my father and uncles going to the “canteen” at the local VFW in the mid 1950s.


From its inception in 1899, (then called American Veterans of Foreign Service) it provided, among other services, a place for veterans to meet with other veterans and socialize. Those were the days when many like minded people formed all types of fraternal groups to be able to stay in contact with others who they had so much in common with. There was no question of home entertainment centers then and certainly no instant contact through  the forms of social media that we have today. And, during financial hard times it was an inexpensive place for veterans and their spouses to go and socialize.


While many VFWs no longer have bars, or “canteens,” the VFW still serves the vital purpose that it was formed in 1899 to meet: Support veterans who gave up their time and blood to preserve this nation and support the widows and children of veterans who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.


At the end of the Spanish American War, then Colonel, Theodore Roosevelt told returning veterans to not expect that their country would remember them for more than 10 days, he proved to be right… More so than he could have known. It took two more foreign involvements before the beginnings of the modern day VFW were born in 1899.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is a direct descendent of the VFW and the GI bill in all its forms is the result of VFW political action. Over the years the VFW has fought to help the veteran. When FDR cut veterans benefits in 1933, as part of the “New Deal’ for Americans, the VFW got them reinstated in 1934. The VFW fought to have the Star Spangled Banner declared our national anthem in 1931 and in 1934 brought back American dead from a war that very few Americans have ever heard about: the AEFNR or American Expeditionary Force North Russia, 1918-1919.


Over five thousand Americans were sent to Arkhangelsk, Russia in 1918 as part of international force to keep weapons stored in arsenals in the area from falling into Bolshevik hands. Due to political machinations in the US and England the force found itself in active combat against the Russian Communists, after the Armistice of Nov. 11, 1918 that ended The Great War, and hundreds Americans died in that Russian campaign. Many of the bodies were not returned when the force withdrew in 1919. It was only through the efforts of the VFW, acting as an independent organization, in 1934 that the remains of 56 Americans were returned to Michigan for burial.


The VFW mission has changed over the years as much as its members have. It not only reaches out to veterans but also to their families, conducts various fund raising events to benefit veterans and non-veterans alike and has an extensive program to promote Americanism and America as an exceptional nation in our schools.


With the exception of the actual cost of some fund raising events, such as printing raffle tickets, one hundred percent of the funds raised during special events goes to the intended beneficiaries… There are no paid executives in the VFW. In 1920 the VFW set up the first “English as second language” centers in VFW halls to teach English to new immigrants and today promotes a number of programs in schools that encourage young people to study and learn about our true history and our Constitution.


However, it is not just the VFW as an organization that has evolved, so has its membership. In the beginning the vast bulk of the membership were veterans who had served one “hitch” or for the “duration” and then left the service. Today, mainly because of the use of reserve units, many veterans are still in the military as reservists and National Guard members. Many are professionals of all disciplines who could enhance the image and efficacy of the VFW in its efforts to serve our country in a myriad of ways. And every veteran in our ranks helps us fight for veterans rights as well as help those in our community who have fallen on hard times… There is truly strength in numbers. So join us because your voice is valuable and important to our country and our veterans, even if you can’t make every meeting.


There is no room in this article to tell you all there is to say about the VFW so I encourage you to go online and search “VFW History” for the full story. And, if you’re interested in knowing more about our country’s first “secret war,” research the AEFNR, the “Polar Bear Expedition.”



Additions To Scheduled Community Events

Submitted By Shannan Brown 

Commander Of The Northwood VFW


The VFW Department Service Office is pleased to announce the following new addition to our schedule of Outreach/Community Events:


• Joseph J. Jeffrey Memorial Post #7217, Northwood Community Center, 135 Main Street, Northwood, NH 03261, Saturday, November 16th, 2013 from 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm.


Your VFW Department Service Office will be conducting an informative class concerning benefits Widows of Veterans are entitled to submit VA Claims for, after the loss of their Veteran Spouse.


All Veterans are invited and encouraged to attend this event, which is designed to help those they leave behind have a better understanding of what potential benefits are available to them, and how your VFW Department Service Office can assist you with submitting claims to the VA.


Veterans do not have to be eligible for membership within the VFW to attend this class. If you are a member, or are considering becoming a member of our Veteran’s Organization, a portion of your Membership Dues helps to fund Community Outreach Events like this one, and enables the Service Office to continue to assist veterans and their widows across our state in navigating through the VA Claims system.



Bean Hole Bash 2013 Says Thank You!


The Northwood Bean Hole Bash committee is starting to work on next year’s event! But before we move forward we want to take a look back at Northwood’s wonderful community effort and say thank you to a lot of people.


Our committee brought together the Northwood Fire and Rescue Association, the Fire Department, the Police Department, the Northwood Crank Pullers, the Northwood Farmers Market, the Boy Scouts, NALMC (Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative), the Northwood Economic Development Committee and the Northwood Democrats to organize, publicize, fund-raise and coordinate the return of our version of “Old Home Days.”


The following businesses, organizations and individuals supported the effort in so many ways: Graylag Cabins, TTC Auto Outlet, Sign Spectrum, Heritage True Value Hardware, MD Tasker Construction, Meyer Family Dentistry, Fred Bassett & Sons Plumbing and Heating, Halos Hair Salon, Chuck Brown’s Alignment and Towing, Pirate Mechanical Corp., East Coast Container, Northwood Diner, DL Docko & Son, Water View Construction, Northwood Garage, J&B Auto Sales and Repair, New England Signal Systems, Tasker’s Well Company, Inc., Harding Metals, Robert and Susan Holden, Obee Electric, Donna M. LeBel-New Pathways Counseling Service, Double A Construction, Northeast Credit Union, Northwood Oil Company, Fern Eldridge Antiques, Copeland Builders, McFarland, Groth & McPhee, Wicked Graphics, Northwood RV, American Calan, Inc., Susty’s Vegetarian Restaurant,  Northwood Congregational Church, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy, Northwood Country Market, Ken Bane, Kingston Karts, NH Fish & Game/Moose Trailer, Northwood School, Johnson’s Seafood & Steak, Chris Quinn, Phyllis Bane, Northwood Country Market, St. Joseph’s Church, Don McMurchy, Linda Smith, The Town of Northwood, Chesley Memorial Library, Harvey Lake Woman’s Club, Northwood Historical Society, Girl Scouts, NH Thunder, Northwood Republicans, and the Suncook Valley Sun.


And now we want to ask you to do one more thing: Save The Dates, July 25 and 26, 2014! If you’d like to help us get ready, our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 9, at 7:00 pm at the Narrows Fire Station.



Harvey Lake Woman’s Club News

Submitted By Lucy Silva and Roberta Stearns 


Harvey Lake Woman’s Club September meeting was a brown bag lunch gathering around two long tables at Joann Bailey’s house. Members were asked to bring donations for Concord Hospital’s Baby Layette Project. Almost $500 worth of baby clothes and supplies were donated. 


On September 10 seven members and one friend attended the Deerfield Women’s Club’s Reciprocity Tea. Brian Burford from the New Hampshire Archives gave a very interesting and helpful presentation on genealogical research, and the difference between information at the New Hampshire Archives and the New Hampshire Historical Society. This was followed by a tasty spread and much conversation between members of the various clubs.


On September 21 President Ginny Rogers attended the New England Regional Meeting of GFWC-NH at the Ashworth Hotel in Hampton.


On October 5 Betty Smith will attend the Fall Rally of GFWC-NH in Exeter. On Friday, October 11, HLWC will hold their Fall Pillow Workshop at the Northwood Congregational Church.


The next HLWC meeting will be their Annual Guest Night Pot Luck Supper on October 2 at 6 pm at the Northwood Congregational Church. The program for the evening will be author Don Silva speaking on his latest novel, “A Trail of Dreams.” There will be a 50/50 raffle.


Dues for 2014 should be paid by November.


HLWC is a service organization and a member of General Federation of Women’s Clubs-NH. Its object is to promote sociability and culture and to make itself a power for good in the community. All women in the area are invited to join us.



Higgins Top Runner For Bentley During Dartmouth Invitational


Senior captain Conor Higgins (Randolph, N.J./Randolph HS) was the number one finisher for the Bentley University men’s cross country team during Saturday’s Dartmouth Invitational, a meet that featured two Division I top-30 teams, Dartmouth College and Syracuse University.


Higgins was 46th overall in the 67-runner field, finishing the 8,000-meter Hanover Country Club course in 26:32.71. Also breaking 27 minutes for the Falcons was junior Mac Segura-Cook (Northwood, N.H./Coe Brown Northwood Acad.), with his 26:50.97 good for 50th place.


Syracuse, the number 12 team in Division I, placed six runners in the top ten to best 30th-ranked Dartmouth, 24-34, for team honors. Former NCAA national champion Sam Chelanda, competing unattached, was first to the finish line with a 23:54.33, and Dartmouth’s Will Geoghegan followed in 23:57.62.


Bentley finished fifth among the five teams, with the meet also including Brown University and Keene State University.


Next Saturday, Bentley will be at Central Connecticut State University for the Ted Jones Invitational.


Dartmouth Invitational At Hanover, N.H.


Team Scores:

1.) Syracuse 24, 2.) Dartmouth 34, 3.) Brown 90, 4.) Keene State 108, 5.) Bentley 151


Top Individuals: 1.) Sam Chelanga, unattached, 23:54.33; 2.) Will Geoghehan, Dartmouth, 23:57.62; 3.) MJ Erb, Syracuse, 23:59.56; 4.) Griff Graves, Syracuse, 24:05.35; 5.) John Bleday, Dartmouth, 24:08.83.


Bentley Runners: 46.) Conor Higgins 26:32.71; 50.) Mac Segura-Cook 26:50.97; 53.) Sean Nee 27:14.94; 54.) Nik Haas 27:15.51; 57.) Cullen McHale 27:34.58; 60.) Rupak Mehta 28:17.39; 62.) Jack Sullivan 29:10.45; 63.) Andrew McCluskey 29:20.44; 67.) Ned Furtney 30:31.25.



2013 Watercross A Huge Success

Northwood 2013_watercross_pic.jpg

The Northwood Crankpullers Snowmobile Club would like to thank all who attended our 2013 Watercross and made it a HUGE success. And a very special Thank You to Lake Shore Farm Inn for allowing us to use their facility and continue on with the “family/club” tradition.  There was lots of action and fun for everyone! 


For a complete listing of winners and categories please see our website  


A lot of time and effort is put into this event and we hope that everyone truly enjoyed themselves.  The “guys” did a great job with the food as always, so if you missed it please plan on joining us on January 4th and January 18th at our Annual Snow Cross events held at Lake Shore Farm Inn!!  Check our website for event details. 


Remember, we are always looking for new members and please do not forget to thank the landowners who allow our club to maintain trail systems that cross their property. Without them this enjoyable winter sport would not exist in our town.



Letter To The Editor


I want to give those of you who came out and voted an update on the teacher retirement incentive. While only about 10% of eligible voters exercised their voting right, that was more than twice the amount in our last special election. Thank you. 


Now that we know who was hired, insurance issues, etc., I am very pleased to say that in the first year alone we will save just over $90,000. In each of the subsequent years, we will save an estimated $131,000. Personally, I fought hard for this issue. I want you all to know how appreciated this extra money is and that every effort will be made to insure that it is well spent.


As many of you know, we have had a Board member resign and are going to select a new interim member to serve until the March election. I wonder if those who might vie for this position knew of the above mentioned Special Election and if so did they come out and vote? Have they been to School Board meetings? Have they been engaged? If not, why not? Why now?


To me, the importance is less about whether you are this or that and more about whether you will engage, discuss, say what you’ll do and do what you say. If it was just about money, we would have some of the smartest kids in New Hampshire. It is not and sadly we do not. We have now budgeted an average of just over $17,400 to educate a child in Northwood. We have 23 (at least) less students at Northwood School and 14 less in high school yet our budget continues to skyrocket.


Again, thank you for your vote. It is appreciated.


Timothy Jandebeur 




Glenn Curtiss Josiah


Glenn Curtiss Josiah, 83, of Northwood, NH, died peacefully at Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH on September 21, 2013. Glenn was born May 7, 1930 in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY to William and Roberta Josiah. He graduated from Babylon High School, Class of 1948 and began working in the guest relations department at the National Broadcasting Company in NYC. During his employment with NBC, Glenn had the opportunity to do some commercial radio announcing and singing and was featured in the Brass Button Review which premiered on the NBC network. With the onset of the Korean Conflict, Glenn joined the US Navy in 1951 where he worked as yeoman to the Commander of the Naval Airbase in Norfolk, VA serving stateside until his honorable discharge in 1954. Returning to civilian life, Glenn attended the Columbia School of Broadcasting where he studied radio announcing while also working in the office of Creole Petroleum, a subsidiary of Standard Oil Company. While on a company ski trip in 1958, he met his wife-to-be Laura when she came to his rescue after he took a fall on the ski slope.


On July 16, 1960 Glenn and Laura were married in Greenwich, CT at the First Church of Round Hill. Glenn and Laura left their careers in Manhattan to become entrepreneurs when they opened their first store The Country Gift Cupboard, specializing in Early American Gifts and Accessories, in West Babylon, NY. In 1973, Glenn followed his lifelong dream of moving his wife and three daughters to New Hampshire and it was there, in Northwood, that he opened Josiah’s Country Store. Glenn was happily self-employed for many years, later taking on a career in furniture sales. He maintained an active lifestyle and continued working part time until the age of 80. An avid gardener, Glenn’s exquisite backyard gardens were his pride and joy. If not out in his garden, Glenn could most often be found singing and recording his favorite music tunes of the 1940’s or breaking into a fox trot across the kitchen floor. Always an announcer and singer at heart, Glenn’s wonderful gift of voice brought pleasure to others wherever he went. As a long-standing member of the Northwood Theater Workshop, Glenn may be best remembered in productions of Hello Dolly and South Pacific. As a Norwegian Cruise Line platinum level Latitudes member, Glenn loved cruising to his beautiful pink sand paradise Bermuda. He enjoyed spending time with all his family. Playing games on family game nights, getting together with special friends to play cards and ballroom dancing were cherished memories for all.


Glenn leaves behind Laura Josiah, his loving wife of 53 years; daughter, Melinda Josiah Geaumont and her husband Jeff Geaumont of Springvale, ME, daughter Amanda Josiah Page and her husband Todd Page of Eliot, ME and daughter Amy Josiah and her fiancé Mark Yerkes of Wentzville, MO; six grandchildren to whom he will forever be remembered as Pop Pop; Aaron Madison, Caitlin Madison, Alyssa Josiah, Ashley Shannon, Sydney Page and Trevor Page; two great-grandsons Noah Samiya and Caleb Madison; his brothers William and David Josiah and many nieces, nephews and close friends. He is pre-deceased by his beloved sister Gloria Luce. His life-long faith in God, continues to be an inspiration to all who knew him.


A celebration of life will be held in Glenn’s honor at his home in Northwood, NH on Saturday September 28, 2013 from 2-5pm. Glenn will always be remembered for his kind gentle spirit and his wonderful voice serenading us along life’s way. Glenn’s family extends their thanks to all the caregivers at the Seacoast Cancer Center and Wentworth Douglass Hospital for their kindness and care. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in memory of Glenn Josiah to the Seacoast Cancer Center, Wentworth Douglass Hospital, 789 Central Avenue, Dover, NH 03820.  Arrangements are under the direction of Purdy Memorial Chapel, 2 Concord Rd, Rt. 4, Lee, NH. To sign our online guestbook, please go to 






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