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Northwood NH News

September 18, 2013

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Does someone’s drinking trouble you? Al-Anon is a supportive program for anyone who has or has had a problem of drinking in a relative, friend or parent. Al-Anon is anonymous. What you say here is not said outside of our room. 


An Al-Anon meeting continues to be held every Thursday evening at 7:15 pm at the Epsom Public Library. For further information visit



Northwood School Holds Safety Day

Northwood IMG_0563.jpg

Officers from the Northwood Police Department present information

regarding safety in the community with students in 3rd and 4th grade.


Northwood IMG_0577.jpg

1st grade teacher Linda Kramas, a member of the school’s Safety Committee,

works with students in grades 1 and 2 to share safety procedures on our playground.


Northwood Safety_Day_2013_010.jpg

Deb D’Alessandro, owner of Northwood Transportation, speaks

with students about bus safety on the school’s Safety Day.


Like many schools across the country, the Northwood Elementary School has a renewed focus on safety and security this fall. Through a school warrant article last year, the school is in the process of upgrading and increasing the number of security cameras throughout the school and grounds. In addition, swipe systems for entering the building are being installed, allowing staff easier, quicker access to the building in case of an emergency outside of the building.


The school’s Safety Committee sponsored a school wide Safety Day on Friday, September 6th. Students and staff in grades K-8 participated in four separate sessions during the day focused on safety in a variety of areas. The day began with the entire school practicing a lock-down inside the building followed by a whole school assembly kicking off the day. During the assembly, staff and students were introduced to the day’s presenters: Sergeant Wells, Officer Preavy, and K-9 Luna from the Northwood Police Department; Lieutenant Wakeman and Firefighter Woodbury from the Northwood Fire Department; Deb D’Alessandro and Angie MacLean from Northwood Transportation; and Steve Robert, Technology Director from the Northwood School. In addition, teachers from grades 1-4 presented safety procedures on the playground for their grade levels.


The day also included lock-down procedures in the cafeteria and a full school fire drill evacuation. Staff and students alike learned much about different safety procedures to use both in the school and at home.


Mr. Hartford and the entire school staff would like to thank the volunteers from each of the town’s departments for coming in and sharing their expertise with the students.



Else Cilley Chapter, NSDAR August Meeting

Submitted By Jan Gilman, Vice Regent

Northwood Else Cilley.jpg

At the August meeting of the Else Cilley Chapter, NSDAR, speaker Barbara Corson presented a program entitled Patriots in Petticoats. Members were in awe of the beautiful quilt made by Mrs. Corson and they enjoyed the historical accounts of the women represented by each of the quilt squares. Pictured left to right are: Deanna Rush, Barbara Corson and Katherine Fernald.


The August meeting of the Else Cilley Chapter, NSDAR was held in the Nottingham Square Schoolhouse with Regent Nancy Gervino presiding. Following light refreshments, speaker Barbara Corson told of her participation in the DAR Quilt of the Month program. She completed the two squares sent to her each month for a year. Each square represented a famous woman in American history. Mrs. Corson gave pictures of several of the squares to the members present. On the back of each picture, was a brief story of the woman represented by the quilt square. The members took turns reading the information of such amazing women as Deborah Sampson, Mary Pickersgill, Nancy Hart and Martha Washington. Finally, Mrs. Corson unfolded the large quilt to the oohs and aahs of all present. It was a beautiful quilt and truly a labor of love. Vice Regent Jan Gilman presented Barbara with a DAR flashlight as a token of the chapter’s appreciation of her program, Patriots in Petticoats.


During the business portion of the meeting, the President General’s Messae, a National Defense message, minutes and correspondence were read and the treasurer’s and chaplain’s reports were given. American History, American Indian, Conservation, Constitution and Flag spot announcements were read. A prospective member was voted on and plans for the September and October activities were discussed.


The Else Cilley Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution works with the State and National Societies to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism. In lieu of a meeting, the chapter will participate in the Nottingham Day celebration at the Nottingham Elementary School on September 21st. The chapter’s booth will consist of a Patriotic coloring activity for children who will receive an American flag; gift baskets donated by members will be raffled off to raise money for chapter projects; and genealogy and flag fact information will be available for those interested. For a full list of Chapter meetings and more information about the chapter, visit our website at





Northwood Elementary has a School Board opening. It brings to mind all the questions of how best to aid our school and community. The intelligence, the communication skills, the experience, and ability to remain calm all play a part in an ideal school board member, but perhaps most important of all is their attitude towards NES.  


We have seen many letters regarding Northwood School, loving it to loathing it. Personally, I have been saddened to see so much negativity come from some members of the school board itself. As a community we are married to NES, for better or worse. I feel we have treated Northwood Elementary like a battered wife, disparaging her in public and denying the things needed to thrive, then blaming NES for not being prettier and more attentive to our needs. We have acted like NES is here to serve us but that we owe no reciprocal respect. 


Our community school is not perfect in test scores and cost per student, but I feel that we have been poor stewards in return. I have been, at times, more ashamed of us as a community than I have of the school. I hope as we go forward we can rebuild the trust that is so essential and support our school. Like most of you, I must carefully prioritize each dollar I spend yet I recognize that schooling requires funds lest we lose our best teachers to other districts. NES needs funds for essentials even like printer toner and paper towels, appropriate programming, books, technology, and more.  It is my belief that, like in any good marriage, we would receive as much back if not more then what we put in once the dedication and effort comes from our side as well. 


Michael H. Tritter

Husband, Father, Taxpayer




Bruce Young, Sr.


Bruce Young, Sr. passed away peacefully at home last Monday. Bruce was born January 2, 1931 in Norwalk, Conn., the son of Harry and Esther Young. He was a member of the Army, Third Infantry, and served during the Korean War.


Bruce worked for the US Postal Service and was a rural mail carrier in Northwood for many years. He was a former commander of the Northwood American Legion and a volunteer member of the Northwood Fire Department.


He is survived by his wife Gloria; a son, Bruce Young, Jr.; two daughters, Kerry Young and Cathy Hershey; and a sister, Ginny Burley. He was predeceased by his son Brian Young.


In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to Robert Bailey for the American Legion. A private memorial gathering will be held at the convenience of the family.






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