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Northwood NH News

March 27, 2013

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Are you thinking about enrolling your child in preschool for next fall? The Center School in Northwood is accepting registrations for the 2013-2014 school year. The Center School is a parent cooperative preschool located next to the town hall in Northwood, which provides a developmental program for three, four, and five year olds of Northwood and surrounding towns. There are openings in our two-day (T/Th) program and three-day (M/W/F) morning programs. Call or email us soon to get an information packet or to make an appointment to come for a visit! For information, please email director Karen Andersen at [email protected] or call her at the school at 942-7686.



Fisher Cat Reading Challenge


Northwood students participated in the New Hampshire Fisher Cats reading challenge. Students were required to read five books and were able to earn tickets to a Fisher Cat baseball game this spring.  About 300 students successfully completed the challenge and will also be rewarded with a visit from Fungo in April.



Northwood Vote Recount Upholds Initial Outcome


On March 21st a vote recount for Northwood Police Commissioner was conducted, as requested by Spike Bryant, who was defeated by six votes on Election Day.


With Town Selectmen conducting much of the recount process Richard (Rick) Wolf was confirmed the official winner.


Many in the Town of Northwood wish Rick the best of success when he assumes his position for three years, alongside two other incumbent Town of Northwood Police Commissioners.




Mere Pennies A Day


We are told that the 18 cent per gallon gas tax hike passed by the NH House, but not yet by the Senate, will reap big rewards for Northwood. It is said that for a cost of only 20 cents a day per motorist our town would gain $346,000 in block grants from the State.


But if the numbers we are being given are correct, and if Northwood has, say, 3,000 motorists (a conservative figure), in the 10 years it would take for us to get all of that $346,000 we would have paid the state at least $2,190,000 in gas tax increases.


So for every 20 cents we send the State we would get about 3 cents back.  How is that a benefit for Northwood taxpayers?


Michael Faiella




Baseball Reading Incentive

Northwood Read_Across_America_025.jpg

The Literacy Committee at Northwood School sponsored a baseball reading incentive to motivate students to read. There were three baseball games being played throughout the building and runs were made for each book read.  


The final scores of the games were:

• AM Kindergarten vs. PM Kindergarten - 237 to 249

• Grades 1 and 2 vs. Grades 3 and 4 - 1,836 to 1,414

• Grades 5 and 6 vs. Grades 7 and 8 - 312 to 248


There were a total of 4,296 books read during the five week game. Way To Go Northwood Readers!



Who Are You Working For?


On Wednesday, March 20, the House of Representatives considered a bill filed by former speaker Bill O’Brien to block the state from accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid.  As part of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), this provision of the act would allow states to cover under Medicaid more of its citizens who aren’t quite poor enough to qualify for coverage. This would mean that more people would receive medical care before showing up in the emergency room: pregnant women needing pre-natal care; kids with asthma; older folks with diabetes or high blood pressure; etc.  Not only would they benefit from receiving health care, but we all would benefit because their ER costs would not be shifted onto the “paying customers” - that is, many of us.


Since the federal government would pay 100% for this expansion in the first 3 years and at least 90% thereafter, increasing coverage would seem to be a no-brainer. In fact, several Republican Governors after making a great show of opposing Obamacare and all of its provisions (e.g., Gov. Rick Scott of Florida), have decided to accept the expansion – and the federal funding.


Fortunately, our Governor Hassan has been on board since the beginning. And fortunately, the House voted 206-155 to kill O’Brien’s bill. Seven Republicans joined 199 Democrats to defeat the bill.  Sadly, our Representative Bruce Hodgdon was not among the seven.


So I am moved to ask: Bruce, who are you working for?  Us or former speaker O’Brien? And when will you begin to put the interests for your constituents ahead of those of your party?


Tom Chase




Letter To The Editor


As you can well imagine, I’ve spent most of my life in trouble with someone or another. It seems to bracket my personality abrasiveness. Oh, one School Board member wants me to be sure to let you know that my letters are my thoughts only.


I spent this week thinking about what the Board accomplished in the last year. I went through minutes, I asked others, what have we done to be proud of. I came up blank. The only thing that came to mind was that we actually didn’t overspend our budget but that was last year.


We kicked cans down the road, I am an elected can kicker. When I think about the overall management of Northwood School, I think of the sign outside. Messages are usually 7 days old before they are changed. When I think about education, I think about the presentation on the latest NECAP scores. After a year of improvement this year we stayed about the same, “we stabilized.” I did not run for School Board to stabilize. I have two years left.


For the first half of the last year I was pretty quiet. There were agreements that things would be done, changes would be made. Not one materialized. Now I’m being told that “unanticipated” Special Education costs have reared their heads again, that regular education kids will have to give up more and that we are in danger of overspending our budget. Good Grief!


For the record, I plan to push, plead, cajole, embarrass and write letters, until the Board gets off its butt and addresses the tough issues or I am voted off. It’s obvious that the Town is unhappy and the staff also. The budget, two contracts, tech. package all voted down. The common denominator, yup, the Board.


Tim Jandebeur




Northwood Economic Development Committee Seeks Members


The Board of Selectmen is seeking Northwood residents and/or business owners to serve the community on the Economic Development Committee (EDC).  Existing, seasoned members remain on the committee and they are looking forward to new members to help expand their efforts.


The EDC was re-established in 2009. The focus of the committee is to promote Northwood as a place for doing business, with emphasis on the creation and retention of jobs to preserve economic opportunity and the expansion of non-residential taxable property valuation.  Through its efforts, the EDC has compiled the Northwood Business Directory and established the “Business After Hours” program to provide networking opportunities and support for local businesses.


If you are interested in being considered for appointment to the committee, please contact Town Administrator Brent Lemire at [email protected] or 942-5586, ext. 204 or send a letter of interest by April 22, 2013 to the town offices.






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