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Northwood NH News

March 20, 2013

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Are you thinking about enrolling your child in preschool for next fall? The Center School in Northwood is accepting registrations for the 2013-2014 school year. The Center School is a parent cooperative preschool located next to the town hall in Northwood, which provides a developmental program for three, four, and five year olds of Northwood and surrounding towns. There are openings in our two-day (T/Th) program and three-day (M/W/F) morning programs. Call or email us soon to get an information packet or to make an appointment to come for a visit! For information, please email director Karen Andersen at [email protected] or call her at the school at 942-7686.



Northwood team_tkaczyk.jpg

The Northwood 3rd/4th Rec Basketball team went undefeated this season! Pictured in front from the left is: Burke Bulger, Aodhan O’Dwyer, Luke Tkaczyk, Liam Jozokos, William Moehlmann, Tyler Tkaczyk, Aidan Cox. Back row from the left: Coaches Brent Tkaczyk, Amy Tkaczyk, Jacob Burgess, Christian Jones, and Coach Tim Cox



Northwood Bean Hole Bash

Northwood Bean Hole.jpg

The Northwood Bean Hole Bash Committee is seeking other individuals and organizations to join them in making the revived Bean Hole Bash our best summer event ever. We can have fun, get to know each other, raise some money, and give our community a celebration of our town to rival the Old Home Days of our neighbors.


The Bash is planned for the evening of Friday, July 26 and all day, Saturday, July 27th on the Town Hall Grounds, at Coe-Brown, and possibly at other locations on Route 4. So far we have The Lions Club proposing an auction Friday evening, the Northwood Crank Pullers snowmobile club bringing their awesome food trailer, a 5K race being planned by Coe-Brown, bench building with NALMC, a softball tournament gaining momentum at the Police Department, the Farmers Market planning a dance, games at Scout Island, a flea market... We could go on and on. And of course, the Northwood Fire and Rescue team will be cooking the beans in the traditional bean pots in holes in the ground.


If you and/or your organization is interested in joining this effort or donating funds, please call the Northwood Fire Department at (603) 942-9103, or contact Steve Bailey at (603) 608-6624. Northwood is going to have an amazing summer celebration of our community!


Please like us on Facebook at



Letter To The Editor


They’re over, I know, but I’d like to make a few observations on the election results. First and foremost is the teacher’s contract. By the way, we received a letter from the union who are unhappy with me for spelling out their gets and wants. It was illegally presented to us by the Chair in non-public session last week. I intend to read it into the record on the 21st. I want it on Comcast. 


Due to the huge cost of the contract and the lack of any real negotiations the entire package that the teachers wanted was, with their agreement, put to you the voters. 73.4%, everybody but teachers their families and their most ardent supporters said get real. I needed to know that. They needed to know that. I hope to again be on the negotiating team. You should make sure that I am. I am not their enemy. My advice, look in the mirror. Negotiations should start immediately. No more waiting until the end. 


Some of you won’t agree but a three year contract that ends with teachers paying 20% of their health care while giving them a net increase of $65,000 a year to the taxpayers would get me writing letters of support. Oh, that’s provided that we have an acceptable evaluation process and no stupid retirement incentive. Just stirring the pot, sorry. 


I’m really saddened that you couldn’t see the value of the technology package. That is our fault for not doing enough to show you the real help it would be for our students education. 


Finally I’ve come to realize that you consider running for School Board a blood sport. Last year you gave the most votes to a very fiscal conservative and now you’ve reelected the biggest spender in the history of School Boards. Pretty funny, really. It’s the crashes you come to the race for. I get it.


Tim Jandebeur




Northwood Election Results


In contested races for Town positions, James Hadley retained his position as Selectman with 369 votes, challenged by Babette Morrill, receiving 234 votes. Selectman Hadley was appointed in 2012 to complete the term of Alden Dill, who moved to Deerfield; the elected term is 3 years.  


Richard Wolf took the 3 year Police Commission seat by a narrow win 280-274 over incumbent Spike Bryant, who has served continuously on the Commission since its formation in 1986. 


Incumbent Norma Heroux lost her bid for re-election to Betty Smith for the 2 year position of Library Trustee. 


The positions filled in non-contested openings include: Treasurer: Sandra Priolo; Budget Committee, 3 years: Nikki Roy, Betsy Colburn, Ginger Dole and Hal Kreider; Budget Committee, 2 years: Bunny Behm and Keith McGuigan; Trustee of Trust Funds: Kevin Murphy; Cemetery Trustee: Charles Pease; Library Trustee, 3 years: Ann Kelley; Planning Board, 3 years: Richard Wolf; and Planning Board, 1 year: Lucy Edwards.


Voters approved the proposed Town Operating Budget, the purchase of a new ambulance, the creation of a new police special duty revolving fund and a number of warrant articles funded by revenue or surplus. The Board of Selectmen will be required to note the estimated tax impact on future warrant articles. 


Voters rejected the proposed change to give authority to the Board of Selectmen to appoint the Town Treasurer and Road Agent; both positions will remain as elected. A petition article to increase the hours of the Deputy Town Clerk was also defeated.  A Warrant Article to bond $750,000 for road construction and upgrades did not reach the 3/5 majority required for approval.  


On the School District ballot four people had filed for two open seats on the school board. Incumbent Dave Ruth won re-election with 339 votes. Of the three newcomers hoping for a seat, Karen Brieger narrowly won with 293 votes against Bonnie Sears with 288 votes. Joseph McCaffery received 206 votes. The School District’s proposed operating budget was defeated and will go to a default budget for the second year. 


Winning voter approval on the school warrant was upgrading the school’s security system ($34,569); retention of up to 2.5% of the unassigned general funds (surplus) in any fiscal year for emergency expenditures; and a requirement to include the tax impact on all warrant articles in future years. Voters rejected increases in salary and benefits (collective bargaining agreements) for both the support personnel and the teachers; a request for purchase of new technology equipment ($95,388); and a proposed 25% tax cap.  




Northwood Voters Thanked


My thanks to the 671 people (22% of the voters) who came out to vote on election day (3/12). Also special thanks to the 369 (61%) who voted for me to be your newest selectman for the next 3 years. I look forward to serving the community with Selectmen Scott Bryer and Bob Holden. 


As a fill-in on the Select Board for the past six months, I was pleased to be a part of the Town’s 2012 property tax rate setting whereby a reduction of 12% for the town tax was realized. I will continue to work to reduce the town’s tax rate even further without impacting services.


Voters approved the Town’s 2013 operating budget which was level-funded and there were no special warrant articles approved that would raise additional taxes. Rather they will come from either surplus or another revenue source. The Selectmen in the past have also used a portion of the Undesignated-Unreserved Surplus to ‘buy down the tax rate.’ Thus, when the Selectmen set the 2013 Town Tax Rate, there should be an additional reduction.


The only vote that will have a negative impact on the Town’s portion of the tax rate was the Road Bond, which failed by 15 votes. One individual at the polls told voters not to vote for that article. 83 voters took his advice and left that question blank. It was an opportunity for the state DOT to pay 100% of our road improvements instead of only 50%. It will force Selectmen to unnecessarily tax local property owners or curtail the much-needed road repairs. 


To those of you who took the time to stop-by and thank me for running while I was standing at the polls, I thank you. Public service is a serious business and I will give it my all.



Jim Hadley




Getting Fit With Your Dog

Submitted By Kristina Folcik


A dog can be a perfect companion for outdoor activities.  Just like humans need to slowly work up to becoming more fit, so does your dog. Different breeds are suited for different kinds of exercise. Some prefer shorter distances while others prefer longer distances.  You should find a vet that understands athletic dogs and work with them to learn about proper nutrition and how to ease them into exercise if it has been a while.


We have a wire fox terrier named Jack, which is a great breed for longer runs.  They have endless energy and need to get out exercising daily. We do give him days off from running to allow him to recover from his long runs but in exchange we need to play fetch for extended periods of time.  Research your breed to see if they are better suited for walking or running before taking them out on a long excursion.


One thing I love about running with a dog is that I feel safer being out on the trail. Having a dog to run with me also makes the run more enjoyable!  Our dog has so much fun being outside! As soon as he sees us put our running gear together, his tail is wagging and he is waiting by the door!  


Taking your dog out on the trails requires practice.  Some dogs tend to run off more than others. If you work hard with your dog with voice commands it makes for a positive experience on the trail.  Make sure you obey leash laws where posted but when your dog is off leash it is best to be able to control them with voice and hand commands.  We have taught our dog hand signals that go along with the voice commands because sometimes they cannot understand what you are saying but they can recognize a hand signal.


I also bring a lot of yummy treats out on the trail with me. We have been doing this since he was a puppy. If you have something that is much more enticing than chasing a deer your dog is more likely to stick around with you. Start off the run or hike by doing a recall command and giving them a treat.  Your dog will soon begin to realize when you call him or her that there is something worth coming back for!


Once your dog becomes fit he or she will want to exercise regularly.  Our dog will not let us sleep if he has too many days off from running. This is a wonderful incentive for you to get outside and maintain your fitness! Keeping your dog active also discourages poor behavior which often times is the result of boredom.


Always check your dogs paw pads before during and after the run.  Sometimes they can get cut or ball up with snow and if you catch the injury early it won’t become a huge problem. We taught our dog to drink from a hydration bladder and water bottle.  If you can do this it will be easier to make sure your dog drinks enough water.  Bring a collapsible bowl if they cannot drink from a stream of water from your bottle. If your outing is less than a couple of hours you do not need to feed your dog more than a few treats but if you are out for several hours bring some dog food with you and give your dog plenty of breaks on hot days.


In the winter we use a product called Mushers’ Secret on his paws and this keeps the snow from sticking to them. Some people use boots, but I find they fall off and get lost. We also put a soft shell jacket on him when it is cold outside and a bell around his neck so that we can hear him. Another advantage to a bell is that other trail users and wildlife can hear him coming.  In the fall a bright orange jacket is important so hunters can see your dog. 


A trail running dog is an incredible training partner and will also become one of your best friends.  There is nothing more fun than watching your dog bounding down the trail having a blast, splashing through puddles and coming home covered in mud!  Keep a towel in your car; you will want to use it before letting your dog back in the car with you.




The Costs Of Free Money


Now that the proposed 83% increase in the gasoline tax is wending its way through the NH legislature, it may be a good time to look at what the Feds have in store for us.


According to a recent story in The Washington Examiner, the Obama Administration has plans “to scrap the federal gas tax in favor of a pay-per-mile fee which would boost the tab to Americans as high as 250%, raising their current tax of 18.4 cents a gallon to as high as 46 cents, according to a new government study.”


Meanwhile, in news from our neighbor to the west, The Vermont Digger, a statewide web newspaper, reports that the Vermont government is considering a new gasoline sales tax.  The Green Mountain Boys and Girls aren’t giving up without a fight, however.  They have collected 4,000 signatures on a petition protesting the increase.


Why is the Vermont legislature, like NH’s, pushing for a gas tax increase at a time when the price of gasoline is at historic highs?  According to The Digger, “If the state doesn’t raise about $36.5 million in new revenues, it could lose $65 million in federal transportation funds.”


As to why those 4,000 Vermonters are against the gas tax increase and all that free federal money, one can only guess. Maybe they’re just old-fashioned Yankees, both frugal and independent. 


If so, they probably think that gasoline and taxes are high enough as it is. They may think the government already has enough money to do what it needs to do. They may be wary of the strings that always seem to be attached to government grants.  They could even be thinking that citizens of Vermont (and not the taxpayers of other states) should pay for their own roads. 


Michael Faiella




Chesley Memorial Library News


The Chesley Memorial Library will host a book signing for local author Grace Mattern on Saturday, March 23, from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  Copies of “The Truth About Death” will be available for purchase ($18.00) and light refreshments will be served.  


Grace Mattern’s poetry and short fiction have been published in numerous literary journals and magazines, including The Sun, Calyx, Prairie Schooner, Poet Lore, and Yankee. She received a Poetry Fellowship from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and was the first recipient of the Jean Pedrick Memorial Fellowship for a residency at Vermont Studio Center. Her chapbook, Fever of Unknown Origin, was published by Oyster River Press in 2002 and her first full-length collection, The Truth About Death, was published last April by Turning Point Books.  


Over the past thirty-five years, Mattern has been deeply involved in the movement to end violence against women, serving as Executive Director of the NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence until June, 2011, and participating on statewide and national boards. She can be found online at






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