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Northwood NH News

February 6, 2013

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A Drop-In Teen Craft Session will  be held at the Chesley Memorial Library on Thursday, February 7, from 3:30-6:30 p.m.  Looking for a gift for that special Valentine? Learn how to make beaded jewelry from magazines and look no further! Visit the library’s website to see what the jewelry looks like. If you have any questions about the program, contact Teen Librarian Jena Zarnowski at 942-5472.



Fundraiser For Northwood School Sound System

Submitted By Braelin Ash

Northwood School Drama Club


I am a student at Northwood School and one of the Officers for the Northwood School Drama Club and I am asking for your help!  Our Drama Club is looking for people who are willing to help our cause.  This year, we are organizing several fundraisers so that we can raise enough money for a much needed sound system. Our goal is to raise $5,000.  We are a very active group and we love to perform!  


Every school year we present 3 theater productions. Unfortunately, because we do not have a sound system, it is sometimes very hard for those audience members not seated in the first few rows to hear all of our lines.  


I am in charge of a calendar raffle we will be doing in April. We will be selling calendars featuring a fabulous prize on each day of April. So far, we have received 20 prizes for our calendar but we need 10 more. Are there any businesses or people out there willing to donate a prize to our cause? I need to finish the calendar as soon as possible so we can start selling them right away.  Every day in April, we will draw the name of one lucky winner for that day’s prize.  


Our winter production is a Dinner and Dessert Theater. This year it is on February 19 and 20. You should come and see us perform in Yearbook, a middle school production that will make you laugh, cry and have you on the edge of your seat!


If you would like to donate a prize for our calendar raffle, purchase a calendar for a chance to win one of the fabulous prizes or if you would just like to make a donation to our cause, please call the Northwood School at 942-5488 and leave a message for our Drama Club Advisor, Ms. Becky Rush. Or you can email her at [email protected].  


Any donations will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you very much!




Good Idea


In last week’s Sun there was a letter saying that implementing a local tax cap on school budgets was a bad idea. The example given was what happened in the Newfound Area School District (NASD), made up of seven school districts. However, the letter writer left out the details. Rather his comment was, ‘without getting into the details.’ The devil is in the details.


The NASD with a $22 million budget ended their year with a surplus of $700,000. That surplus was applied as a tax credit, which reduced the tax bills, but because of the rules of the tax cap, that $700,000 was taken off what they could raise in taxes for their 2013-2014 budget. That glitch in the law has been corrected.


The average ‘full-value’ property tax rate for the combined seven towns in the NASD is only $16.53 compared to Northwood’s $25.17 or a difference of 52%. In Northwood our total school taxes represent 80% of our total property tax rate. For Northwood property taxpayers who pay $5,000 in taxes, they have an annual school tax of $1,920 more than the NASD. Imagine the amount of food, fuel and medicine that Northwood families could purchase if their school taxes were similar to the NASD?


This past budget session our school board instructed the SAU Business Manager and School Principal to produce a ‘level-funded’ budget from last year. However, they failed that test by coming in with a budget proposal several hundred thousand dollars over-budget.


When school districts have to learn to live within their means, it’s amazing the amount of savings that can result. With Northwood having the 6th highest ‘full-value’ property tax rate in Rockingham County, it is time for our schoolboard to put families first. A tax cap is overdue and a good idea.



Jim Hadley




Important Upcoming Dates To Remember For Northwood


School Deliberative Session, Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 7 pm at Northwood Elementary School


Election Day, Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at St. Joseph’s Parish Center, 844 First NH Turnpike (Route 4) Polls open from 7 am - 7 pm


Understanding SB2 

Northwood voters approved “SB2” form of government for both the town and school district two years ago, which eliminates the annual town or school meeting where voters have the final say on the proposed operating budgets and warrant articles. Instead, under SB2, there are two sessions. 


The first is known as the deliberative session and voters may discuss and amend funds in the articles but are not allowed to change the purpose of a warrant article. After deliberating and after any amendments are made, the final vote is taken at the second session, which is the ballot at the March election.  The ballot will include the candidates for open positions, and all warrant articles including the proposed operating budgets.  


All Northwood voters are encouraged to participate in the deliberative session. This is the only time that amendments may be made to the warrant articles before they go on the ballot, to be voted on in March.



SAU 44 Announces Finalist Candidates


The SAU 44 School Board, serving the towns of Northwood, Nottingham and Strafford is pleased to announce the finalist candidates for the Superintendent of Schools position presently held by Dr. Michael Ludwell, who will retire on June 30, 2013.


Dr. Robert Gadomski is presently the assistant superintendent in SAU 9, serving the towns of Albany, Bartlett, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Harts Location and Jackson. He has been involved in running or participating in all aspects of the SAU, including curriculum development, professional development planning and developing budgets, among other areas. Immediately prior to becoming an assistant superintendent, Dr. Gadomski was the principal of Belmont Middle School. He has served as an adjunct professor at both Plymouth State University and New Hampshire Technical Institute.


Mr. Michael Tursi, is presently the assistant superintendent of the Manchester School District.  Among his responsibilities in Manchester is to administer and direct the development and implementation of the overall PreK-12 curriculum and instructional program. Additionally, he has provided oversight for the professional development opportunities for the district. Prior to coming to Manchester, Mr. Tursi was the principal of the Barrington Middle School. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at both Plymouth State University and New England College.


The SAU 44 School Board will hold a public forum at the Northwood Elementary School on Monday, February 4th. There will be two sessions; one from 6:00-6:45 and the other from 6:45 -7:00. The public is encouraged to attend both sessions to meet both of the candidates.



2013 Northwood Softball Baseball


Registration for the 2013 season of Northwood Softball and Baseball is underway. New this year is online registration. Now you can pay online with credit, debit or PayPal. You can do multiple registrations before you check out and pay. Registrations are due by March 16, 2013. Any registrations after that date will be accepted on a space available basis and will incur a late fee. When visiting our website at  please look to the upper right corner for the links.

If you would like to coach, please complete the coaching application along with the Background Check and Background Check Reduced Fee Form found under the Handout-Form section of the website. They can be submitted to [email protected] and [email protected]. They must be received by February 9, 2013 to be considered for coaching.


More information can be found on our website. Please don’t forget to register your email address so we can keep informed on what’s going on.




Gas Tax?


During the run-up to the November election, I wrote a letter wondering how candidate Bruce Hodgdon would vote if elected Northwood’s representative. Now we will find out.


To my dismay, he sided with the remnants of Bill’s Brigade to support what I have come to call The Tasker Bill, allowing legislators to carry firearms into their chambers – as Kyle Tasker did.  (In Kyle’s defense, he only dropped one – once.)  Fortunately, that attempt failed, and our Legislature is again gun-free. But a more important issue lies ahead.


In my previous letter, I noted that New Hampshire – and Northwood – roads are deteriorating faster than they are being fixed and that the Department of Transportation needs more money to do this work.  The DOT Commissioner noted that the gasoline tax has been set at 19¢/gal. since 1991(!), and a bill has recently been introduced to raise it by 4¢/gal. each year for three years, providing more revenue to maintain state roads (which I live on) and to maintain or increase block grants to towns to maintain their roads (like you may live on).


I hope that he will support such legislation. Not only will it be good for his business, it will be good for us.  And while the gas tax is a broad-based tax, its focus – roads – should make it more acceptable to even the most Libertatian among us.


Tom Chase 





Donald E. Graves


Donald E. Graves born April 4, 1928 of Upham Drive died Thursday January 24th at Epsom Health Care Center. He was born in Hopkinton, NH son of the late Buel and Harriett (Tenney) Graves. He was a graduate of Sheldon High School in Sheldon VT. He was a longtime Concord Resident. 


Donald started his career as an Artesian Well Driller working for Contoocook Artesian Well.  He then went to work for Health and Human Services for the State of NH with the Immunization Department for 38 years. Part of that time he an X-Ray Technician on the states Mobil Unit.


He was past Exalted Ruler, 1976-1977 and life member of the PBOE lodge 1210, 3rd degree Knight and life member in the Knights of Columbus Council #112, and square dance caller and instructor.


He is survived by his wife of 58 years Janet (Ash) Graves, two daughters; Sandra Estes and her husband Fred of Chichester, Anne Valence and her husband Jacques of Pittsfield; eight grandchildren; three step grandsons; great  grandchildren; one sister, Doris Barter of Ashland, and nieces and nephews.


He was predeceased by one sister, Edith Graves Chandler, two brothers, Harold and Kenneth Graves.


Burial was in the St. Augustine Cemetery in Manchester.






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