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Northwood NH News

January 9, 2013

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Northwood Girls Finish Terrific Soccer Season!

Northwood soccer.jpg

2012 Northwood Flying Squirrels Grade 3-4 Girls Soccer Team finished its fall season with a terrific 10-3-1 record including 8 straight games without a loss. Front row, left to right, Alexandra Elliot, Addison Cox, Isabella Mae, Mara Downie, Jennifer Bettencourt, and Angelina Rene. Second row, left to right, Head Coach Dave Elliot, Libby White, Miranda Compton, Jordan Dean, Meghan Brieger, and Mary Joy. Back row, left to right, Team Manager Zachery Elliot and Assistant Coach Mike Brieger.


Northwood’s Purple Flying Squirrels Grade 3-4 girls soccer team finished first in its division in the regular season with a 8-1-1 record. 


Northwood opened the season with three straight wins versus Pittsfield, Epsom 2, and Chichester before suffering its only in-season loss to Epsom. The Squirrels then defeated Northwood 1 and tied Epsom 1 before finishing regular season play with five straight victories.


In the annual Epsom post-season tournament, Northwood defeated Epsom 2 (1-0) and Chichester (2-1, 4-1 on penalty kicks) before losing its first game in more than a month of play, 1-0, to Epsom 1. The Squirrels were then eliminated in a heartbreaking loss by Epsom 2 in the double elimination round robin tournament.


Northwood finished its season with a sparkling 10-3-1 record. Addison Cox and Jennifer Bettencourt led the team in scoring followed closely by Angel Rene. Cox also stopped eight of 10 penalty kicks in goal in the semi-final tournament loss to Epsom 1. Cox, Bettencourt, Rene, and Elliot had PK goals in the win versus Chichester. Elliot scored her second shootout PK of the tourney in as many games against Epsom 2.


Fourth Grader Issy Mae was the anchor of the defense all season which allowed only 16 goals in 14 games. Meghan Brieger, Libby White, and Mara Downie also contributed to the team’s defensive success. 2nd Grader Mary Joy, 3rd grader Jordan Dean, and 4th grader Miranda Compton all helped power Northwood’s high scoring offense. The Squirrels netted 32 goals on the season.


Other highlights included 3-goal hat trick performances by Cox versus Northwood 1 and Bettencourt versus Epsom 2. Elliot also scored a thrilling come from behind early season game-winning goal with just two minutes to play versus Epsom 2 to give her team a 2-1 victory.



Letter To The Editor


To be  clear, I am a School Board member. I do not speak for them, but being a SB member does not take away my free speech rights.


I read with interest both the letter from Tom Chase last week and a rebuttal from Jim Hadley today. I love stirring the pot; so let me get right into the middle of it all. 


It takes an amount of money to operate Northwood School. There is a war going on here in Northwood between the SB and the Budget Committee. It should not cost over $17,000 to teach a fourth grader. There are many colleges that cost less. It started small, 4 or 5 years ago, as many wars do. The BC just wanted backup for a growing budget.


The Northwood School Board has not really looked at, dissected and accounted for every hard earned dollar you have been taxed for in its budget for years. When Kenny and I wanted an audit to account for a $538,000 overspend in Special Education we were voted down. Make there be accountability. Keep that in mind when you vote in March.


I believe in the BC. It is great for checks and balances. I believe the SB started the war, and then pushed. But, the BC fell into the same trap. Instead of going line by line and assessing what is really needed to educate our children, they just took an easy way out. Wham, bam, thank you Ma’am and off they went.


So, Mr. Chase is right. We need to cherish our children. And Mr. Hadley is right, we have to do it in a responsible way, to them and the taxpayers who foot the bill. The kids, specifically regular education kids are the unintended casualties.


Timothy Jandebeur



Thank You


The Northwood Food Pantry volunteers would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has made a donation in some way to the food pantry during this holiday season. Your generosity has helped our friends and neighbors who have fallen on hard times, to enjoy the holiday season.


We also would like to thank the Northwood Fire Rescue Association for organizing the Northwood Santa’s Helper Program.  This year (63) children in Northwood had a brighter Christmas because of their efforts, and the contributions to the program from Northwood citizens. 



Tribute To A Caring And Compassionate Neighbor

Submitted By Bobby And Rose Toye,

Northwood, NH


I am truly sorry it has taken this long to write “Daisy’s Tribute”, but I am still grieving her loss. Yet, the following space is dedicated to a very compassionate and blessed human being named Dave Docko.


The words “Thank You” are trivial words we use everyday. Therefore, to say thank you to Dave Docko in my heart and mind is not enough for “Daisy” and myself.


Dave assisted me in burying “Daisy” in a truly honored and respected way in which this horse deserved.


My horse “Daisy” came into my life in 2010 after Mom and Dad had just passed away. We were living on Newfound Lake at the time and I chose to quit work to allow Mom and Dad to pass peacefully at home as their wishes stated.


I resumed working in Exeter and decided the commute was just too much for me since now my handicapped brother was my responsibility.


Deciding to place the home on the market in the summer was Bobby and my decision. However, we started passing by this horse who was now tied to a tree outside a house down the road. After seeing she rarely had food and water and was standing in her own muck, I went down and talked with the family.


Our house was on 10 acres on a mountain with an empty barn and had three acres of fenced pasture. The man gladly gave “Daisy” to us. She was 15 years old, a previous sulky racer, Standardbred that was 14.2 hands high, could barely walk, had bald spots, and a dark brown coat.


Never owning a horse at 58 years old, I immediately called the vet, who wrote down exactly what “Daisy” needed to get back to a healthy well-being. She weighed 750 pounds at this time.


Bobby and I finally sold the house with a huge loss due to the economy, yet found a wonderful community called Northwood.


“Daisy” flourished during the next two years. She came to me on a Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2010 and left me on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2012.


She started acting “funny” a month earlier and the vet told me she had Lyme Disease that was chronic. After two weeks into the medicine, she started acting like herself. She loved to be groomed and massaged again as well as being in my company.


That Sunday after Thanksgiving it was so warm and sunny. We spent all day on Sundays together as well as up to five hours daily in each others company.


This day all of a sudden she started to trot like her beautiful body did with head up, tail up and legs just high and mighty. Then she turned and ran up the hill in the middle of her pasture and collapsed. As she was trying to get up, I realized she had broken her front leg. By the time the vet came, she was on the ground moaning and rolling. I knew what needed to be done, yet did not understand the logistics of a death of a horse.


With the knowledge of a wonderful family of horse owners down our Ridge Road, we contacted Dave Docko.


Dave came out with no hesitation asking me where I wished to have her buried. I stayed with “Daisy” until her final breathe. I could not stand seeing her buried, so I asked Dave to decide. He buried her under her favorite group of apple trees. 


Granted this space gave you “Daisy’s” life with me, but I felt I needed to tell everyone in Northwood what “Daisy” meant to me and having a person like Dave give my “good girl” the respect and compassion she deserved during her last moments on earth was necessary.


I honestly hope Northwood understands what a wonderful person Dave Docko is and how fortunate we are to have him in our community.


Even though Bobby and I have had nothing but trouble with this place we bought, we have found out that the people in Northwood are very special.


We thank you all for your presence in our lives. But, again, Dave Docko, thank you just does not seem to be enough to show the gratitude we feel for your service to “Daisy.”


PS: I donated all of “Daisy’s” belongings to Live and Let Live Farm in Chichester. They accept abused, neglected animals as well as farm animals a family cannot afford anymore.  All donations and volunteers are welcome.



Northwood Planning Board Invitation To Discuss Agriculture;

Revised Master Plan Update Work Session Schedule


The Northwood Planning Board invites you to discuss Agriculture and Related Issues at its January 10th work session at the Community Center on Main Street at 6:30 pm. The board decided to address agriculture in more depth since it has received some input on agriculture from its visioning sessions and the community survey responses as part of its Master Plan Update Review.


The public is encouraged to attend to listen, provide input, and take part in the discussion. 


The board’s Master Plan Update work session schedule has been revised as follows: Economic Development, Income and Employment will be discussed on March 14 (no change); Transportation on April 11; and Population and Housing will be discussed on May 9. Master plan discussions begin at 6:30.






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