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Northwood NH News

January 30, 2013

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


Congratulations to Meredith Grady of Northwood, NH who has been named to the dean’s list at Quinnipiac University for the Fall 2012 semester.


To qualify for the dean’s list, students must earn a grade point average of at least 3.5 with no grade lower than C. Full-time students must complete at least 14 credits in a semester, with at least 12 credits that have been graded on a letter grade basis to be eligible. Part-time students must complete at least six credits during a semester.



Local author Buddy Fife (Growing Up A Country Boy) will hold a book signing at the Chesley Memorial Library on Saturday, February 2.  Lynwood “Buddy” Fife was born in Deerfield in 1937 in a different world from what we experience today.  Read his book and learn about his life on the farm and his experiences growing up. Join us at the library to congratulate Buddy on his book from 10:30 am until noon; light refreshments will be served.



The CBNA SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE show has been cancelled.



Northwood vintage_race_2013.jpg

 The Northwood CrankPullers Snowmobile Club would like to thank all who attended our Annual Vintage Race and Dance on Saturday, January 19th. It was a great day weatherwise, unfortunately not a lot of snow, but it sure looked like everyone had an awesome time! We would also like to thank all those who support us throughout the year, especially our landowners. Remember we are always looking for new members and check out our website at for any upcoming events and trail information.



Coe-Brown Works To Benefit Victims Of Connecticut Crisis

Northwood Sandy_Hook_Fundraiser_Ashlyn,_Regan,_Dr_Z.jpg

Left to right, CBNA FBLA members Ashlyn Correia, Regan Butler and advisor

Dr. Joanne Zylak sell baked goods to benefit victims of Sandy Hook.


In the wake of the Sandy Hook School national tragedy, Coe-Brown students and faculty have been working hard to benefit the victims of this awful event. Two projects were launched in response to the shooting. The Coe-Brown FBLA decided to donate half of the profits from a recent fundraiser and a mural of hearts with thoughts and prayers for the victims was commissioned. 


As the crisis in Newtown, CT, unfolded the FBLA chapter advisor Joanne Zylak and the FBLA officers felt that it was necessary to help the victims in some way. It was decided that half of the profits from FBLA’s bake sale during mid-year exams would be donated to The Caroline Fund. This fund aims to help the victims cope with the horrific losses that they have endured. The bake sale was well received and raised over $100 for The Caroline Fund. 


The second project was the brainchild of Coe-Brown’s School Nurse Laurie Foster who said the idea came to her while on a run.  Her idea was a beautiful mural of hearts, each heart laden with thoughts and prayers from Coe-Brown students to remind the victims of this incident that we are all thinking of them. Mrs. Foster arranged for this mural to be hung in the school that Sandy Hook students are now attending.



The Future Business Leaders Of America Coe-Brown Chapter Works On NH State Officer’s Project To Help The SPCA


The Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Chapter of FBLA is collecting items during the month of February to help the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, for a NH State FBLA Officer’s Project.  The FBLA chapter will be collecting dog food, cat food, paper towels, pet toys, money to help defray the veterinary expenses, and any other pet items to be donated to local animal shelters.  Donations can be left at the main office of CBNA in care of FBLA.  


During the Valentine’s Day month, don’t just think about a human loved-one, but think about showing love to an animal by donating any of the above items and/or adopting a pet today at your nearest pet shelter!  

If you have any questions or want to leave a cash donation, please call Dr. Joanne Zylak at CBNA 942-5531 ext. 255. Thank you for your support!





On February 2, 2013, the voters in the Town of Northwood will meet at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy to discuss the ballot that will be voted upon on March 12, 2013.  One of the items on that ballot will be a petitioned article requesting the increase of five hours to the Town Clerk/Tax Collector Deputy position, bringing that position up to full-time status. 


If you are a property owner responsible for paying taxes or you own a vehicle, you have had an occasion to utilize the Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s office. This office is not one that only a few residents might use. It is an office that processes many items and is busy generally all of the time. Along with vehicle registrations and taxes, it also processes boat registrations, dog licenses, marriage licenses, birth and death certificates. The issuance of transfer station stickers is also handled in this office. 


The hours it is open have increased over the past few years so that it is now open five days a week and one Saturday a month. It also offers renewal registrations, dog licenses and vital records on line or by mail.  But now, because of the added number of residents and vehicles in our Town, the time has come for this position to be full time and rewarded as such.  


Please consider this article thoughtfully when voting the ballot on March 12.  Please feel free to stop by if you want additional information that will enable you to make your decision. 


Judy C. Pease

Northwood Town Clerk/Tax Collector




Bad Idea


Earlier this month, a petition warrant article was received at the last minute seeking to cap the amount of local taxes raised to fund the Northwood School budget to no more than 2% of the prior fiscal year’s actual amount.  Coincidentally, on January 14, the Concord Monitor reprinted an op-ed piece from the Keene Sentinel entitled “Tax Cap Troubles Are Guaranteed.”


The article described how, after an identical tax cap measure had been passed, the Newfound Area School District found itself facing a “catastrophic” nearly $900,00 deficit.  Without getting into the details, the District was saved by an emergency, one-time legislative fix, signed by Gov. Lynch on his last day in office.


The Sentinel position is that “placing arbitrary and rigid caps on taxes can be a dangerous move….  Setting hard and fast limitations on how a governmental body can spend or raise money is shortsighted and in the end, it’s far more likely to cause unintended problems than pose long-term solutions.”


Sitting on the Budget Committee, I have come to appreciate the hours and hours and hours that our elected officials – both on the School Board and on the Board of Selectmen – and those who serve under them, devote both to the budgeting process and to the on-going process of managing those budgets over the year.  They perform this task with diligence and care, seeking to balance the needs of the town and its citizens and of the school and its students and staff with the resources available to them.


I trust that they are doing their best to hit what is, in fact, a moving target.  To tie their hands with an arbitrary tax cap - either for the town or school – as they seek to respond to changing circumstances and unforeseen challenges would seem to invite more problems than it attempts to solve.


Tom Chase, member

Northwood Budget Committee



Letter To The Editor


It’s here. That time when local politics in a small town such as ours takes center stage for many of us. More than ever, elections have consequences. For that reason alone all of us should get out and, if we do nothing else, at least vote. It is important, though, that you know the candidates. Mark your calender. There will be a candidates night this year. It will be at Town Hall on February 27th, 7 pm. Frankly, I won’t vote for candidates who won’t put themselves in front of the public for scrutiny. This gives them one way to do that. A new format is being discussed, we’ll keep in touch.


There is another side of voting and that is the many decisions that taxpayers need to make via warrant articles. Because of SB2 being passed by you, every voter now has the opportunity to have a say in a very short time in the privacy of a voting booth on all of the issues. Big decisions will be made this year. Make sure that you have your say. Make sure that you are informed.


One of those is the Warrant Article having to do with the teachers contract. The teachers union agreed to allow the School Board to present their entire wish list to you, the taxpayers, to make the ultimate decision. Why?  For two reasons. One, the gulf between us was just insurmountable and two, the expense to mediate and arbitrate is in the thousands and comes directly from the money to educate your children. It is important that you know what they have and what they want. Without editorial comment I intend to get you that information in the coming weeks.


Tim Jandebeur







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