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Northwood NH News

January 23, 2013

The Suncook Valley Sun News Archive is Maintained by Modern Concepts. We are NOT affliated in any way with the Suncook Valley Sun Newspaper.


The Epsom Al-Anon Family Group invites you to the 5th Anniversary Open House. Join us on Friday, January 25, 2013 from 6:00 until 8:00 pm at the Epsom Public Library meeting room. There will be light refreshments, reading materials will be available, and speakers from Al-Anon and AA will share their stories.


The Epsom Al-Anon Family Group meetings is held on Thursdays at 7:15 pm at the Epsom Public Library.


For more information about Al-Anon and Alateen, visit the NH web site at



Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper and Church Service


Celebrate the end of Epiphany and prepare for the Lenten season with a Pancake Supper at the Northwood Congregational Church on Tuesday, February 12 at 6:00 pm. A delicious supper of pancakes and sausages will be provided. Donations will be accepted to help defray costs. Following the supper will be a church service to help prepare for the Lenten season. The service will be at 7:00. People are welcome to come only for the service. Northwood Congregational Church is located on Route 4 just east of Coe-Brown Academy.



Northwood Colpritt.jpg

Danielle Colpritt a senior at Coe Brown Academy is pictured with the representative of the Northwood Food Bank. Through donations Danielle was able to raise over $200 and 250 food items, which she delivered to the Northwood and Nottingham Food banks in time for the holidays. Thank you to everyone who helped support this cause!



Letter To The Editor


Elections have consequences. It does not matter whether I approve of the recent elections or not, I know that as a School Board member they really complicated my life. Every aspect of managing the financial well being of Northwood School and paying for our students to go to Coe-Brown is going to go up. It has already started. Healthcare and retirement for the school are up $107,000. Coe-Brown tuition has been raised almost $600 per student. We have 270 HS students, you do the math. Everything from pencils to fuel to books will all go up significantly in the very near future. Elections have consequences.


There are going to be many budget battles. I can only hope that we play fair. A case in point happened at the public hearing on the school’s budget. A gentleman that I respect immensely stated that Nottingham School has over 50 more K-8 students than Northwood School and yet a smaller budget. That is true. But, he does not mention that we have about 50 more high schoolers than Nottingham, a large part of the budget. Nor does he tell you that half of their students go to Dover High School at $1,800 or so less per student. In addition he did not mention that the other half go to Coe-Brown and that the parents have to pay the $1,800 difference. That’s a half million $.


Nottingham is a vibrant and growing community. Their income is much higher, homes more valuable and taxes less than ours. We are stagnant at best. Whether the School Board, the Budget Committee or the Selectmen, there is room for improvement in all quarters. Frankly, if we  did our jobs better and worked better together we would all be better off. I hope that is one of the election consequences.


Tim Jandebeur




Interfaith Community Kitchen


For those in need of a free cooked meal or an evening of fellowship, the Interfaith Community Kitchen, located at St. Joseph’s Church, on Route 4 in Northwood, is open each Monday evening from 5:00- 6:30. In addition to Monday’s meal, the Kitchen has now added “Soup and Salad Night” on Thursdays from 5- 6:30. Join us for food and friendship. No reservations required and take outs are available. For additional information contact Our Lady of Lourdes/St. Joseph’s Parish at 435-6242 or Jeannie Garcia at 269-4143.


The grand opening of the Clothes Closet located at St. Joseph’s Church offers clean, gently used clothing for men, women and children. 


Starting February 4th,  we will be opened Mondays 4-5 pm and Thursdays 11-noon. All clothing is free.




Thank you Selectmen


I want to thank Selectmen Scott Bryer and Bob Holden for appointing me as a selectman last September to fill Alden Dill’s position when he moved to Deerfield. If my work schedule was less demanding, I would have easily signed-up for the upcoming 3-year selectman position.


As of today (1/23) registered voters can begin to sign-up for open local positions (including selectman). Since I am not running for the selectman position, I wanted to give potential candidates the opportunity to sign-up from now until Friday, February 1st from 3:00 to 5:00 at the Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s office. 


Although the selectman position is very demanding, it is at the same time a very rewarding experience. It is one of just three people who are responsible for the ‘prudential affairs’ of a community (RSA 41:8).


This past year we saw the tax rate go down for the first time in many years. Selectmen submitted a 2013 level-funded budget with the exception of unfunded mandates handed down from the state. The largest spending mandate was the percentage increases to municipal pension costs.


There will be no special warrant articles to be voted on that will add to the tax rate. Rather, if voters approve, surplus will be used to fund several items. The selectmen are looking to implement a road improvement program and have the state pay for these improvements with the funds we receive annually from the state highway block grant.


Under municipal financing, the best option is for selectmen to take out a low interest bond for a ten-year period and to have the state pay for it (100%). Over 60 other municipalities have cost-effectively bonded to complete their road improvement programs.


Rather than simply managing budgets, selectmen realize there is a heightened focus on managing costs.


Thank you again selectmen.


Jim Hadley

Northwood Selectman





One of the more problematic warrant articles to come before the Budget Committee was an article presented by the Selectmen to raise $750,000 for road repair through a 10-year bond.  (Originally presented to the Budget Committee as a $2.25 million bond over 15 years, but the Selectmen decided voters would reject this out-of-hand and scaled it back.)


The warrant article is problematic, in my opinion and that of several, if not all, members of the Highway Advisory Committee (HAC), because it uses a fancy financing “fix” when a simple increase in the road repair budget would suffice.


It is important to note this began last summer when the HAC received a sophisticated and expert “Road Surface Assessment and Seven Year Maintenance Plan” which they had contracted for. It revealed that at the current rate of road-repair funding – approximately $250,000/year – the average condition of Northwood-maintained (vs. state-maintained) roads would slowly deteriorate from a 73 to a 62 (on a scale where 100 = wonderful and 0 = cow path).  It also projected that if spending were increased to approximately $350,000/year, the average could be maintained, if not slightly improved.


This expert analysis  and their own extensive knowledge and experience  prompted the HAC to request that the Selectmen increase this line item in the 2013 budget by $100,000.  Unfortunately, for reasons that are unclear to me, Mr. Hadley seems to have sold his fellows Selectmen on borrowing the money instead, while incurring the additional cost of interest over the term of the bond.


Having sat through all of these discussions on the Budget Committee and having spoken at length with members of the HAC and their Road Expert, it seems to me the best – and least expensive – thing to do is to defeat the bond idea and vote to spend a little more each year to maintain our roads. 


Tom Chase, member

Northwood Budget 





Save The Date!


Deliberative Session, Thursday, February 7th, 2013, 7:00 pm at the Northwood Elementary School Gymnasium.


This Deliberative Session is the only time Northwood residents will be able to discuss, debate and amend any of the proposed Warrant Articles for the 2013-2014 school year.  


The Warrant Articles that will be presented and discussed include the proposed operating budget,  the purchase of new equipment to update Northwood School’s security system, the upgrade and purchase of new technology equipment, the proposed Teachers Contract and the proposed Paraprofessionals Contract.


Only a very small percentage of the school’s operating budget is discretionary. Most operating costs are fixed or contractual meaning they are not negotiable and must be paid.  These include expenses such as salaries, benefits, retirement, bus transportation, special education and Coe Brown tuition.


The Budget Committee’s proposed budget for the 2013-2014 school year is $11,948,333 (an increase of only $69,249 to this year’s current budget).  The School Board will do a brief presentation on the proposed budget, what it means for the school and where we anticipate we will need to make some cuts should the Budget Committee’s proposed budget be passed.


Please save the date, February 7th, and plan to attend this very important community meeting.  It is the duty of every responsible parent to learn more about the School Budget and what it means for your children and the students of Northwood.


More information on this meeting, the proposed budget, the warrant articles, the default budget and the proposed teachers and paraprofessionals contracts can be found on the school’s website under the School Board section at


If you have any questions about the Deliberative Session or need more information, please contact any School Board member either by phone or email.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on February 7th!

The Northwood School Board



Local Students Named To KSC Dean’s List


Keene State College has released the Dean’s List for the fall semester 2012. Among the 1,441 students named to the Dean’s List are:



Samuel Thomas Bassett, Summer Elizabeth Gerry, Alissa M Toscano



Meghan Elizabeth Jenks



Kayla Danielle Magan


The Dean’s List designation is bestowed to those Keene State College undergraduates enrolled in a degree program who have completed a minimum of six credit hours in the semester, receiving no failing or incomplete grades. A 3.5 or higher grade point average on a 4.0 scale is required to earn the Dean’s List honor.



So You Think You Can Dance Competition At Coe-Brown


On February 2, 2013, at 4 pm in the Gerrish Gymnasium, the CBNA girl’s basketball team is hosting a So You Think You Can Dance Competition. Dancers from their Freshmen class, Sophomore class, Junior Class and Senior Class will be competing against each other. The Coe-Brown staff also will be competing in this same competition and forming their own dance team!  They will compete against the teachers at Barrington Middle School and Strafford School.


The admission is $3 for students/senior citizens and $5 for adults. Tickets are sold at the door.


There will be entertainment during intermission and during voting. The audience determines the winner.  


There will be a concession stand and 50/50 raffle during the show.



Coe-Brown Northwood Academy

Quarter 2 Honor Roll

2012 - 2013


Headmaster David S. Smith is pleased to announce the honor roll for the second quarter.


Grade 12

Highest Honors

Katherine Forsythe, Anna Kofer, Kayla Roberts


Grade 12

High Honors

Madeleine Adams, Abbey Archambault, Annie Baker, Allison Barnes, Casey Breen, Joseph Cabral, Jesse Carlson, Stevie-Ray Coletti, Ryan Cunningham, Jacob Dowe, Jessica Felber, Lucas Gerry, Alicia Giannelli, Anna Goscinski, Chelsea Hodges, Mikayla Smith, Brianna Hogue, Andrew Langdon, Christopher Laurion, Ethan Moreno, Ellinore Porter, Sean Simoneau, Cassidy Small, Olivia Sparrow, Morgan Stroberg, Noelle Struthers, Lindsey Terry, Nicole Victoria, Henry Warburton, Michael Wolfendale, Shawn Woodbury, Andrew Yonchak, Justin Zampa, Alec Zollman


Grade 12


Marianna Barnhart, Courtney Brown, John DeButts, Mary Victoria DeVeau, Maddison Diaz, Tucker Docko, Amy Duderewicz, Coty Gagne, Kylie Gagnon, William Hampl, Kyle Hanson, Ashley Hardy, Catherine Jarvis, Ashley Jones, Jeremiah Jorgensen, Michael LeDuc, Noah Macri, James Morrow, Stephen Munroe, Beau Pingree, Lily Poland, Katelyn Terry, Anthony Toscano, Mason Twombly, Jakob Zylak


Grade 11

Highest Honors

Jessie Carney, Emilee Gancarz, Erik Gunderson


Grade 11

High Honors

Leanne Baratier, Connor Bell, Emily Blad, James Bowden, Jr., Kristopher Bowers, Alexandria Buiel, Benjamin Butcher, Breanna Cole, Courtney Corson, Katharina Cozine, Matthew Cunningham, Emily Davis, Domenica DeLuca, Justin Demers, Alesha Donovan, Lucas Fisher, Mary Fowler, Cassidy Gagne, Katlyn Hanson, Trevor Harcourt, Hannah Heselton, Hannah Heyliger, Gwyneth Horne, Hannah Hughes, Brittany Lachance, Alexis LaChapelle, Abigail MacCallum, Hailey Mann, Jacob Mele, Amy Mercedes, Shannon Mommsen, Jessica Moreshead, Travis Newton, Emily Reiff, Erik Rolser, Megan Rouillard, Alexandra Savioli, Samantha Shada, Jon Shorten, Elena Smith, Daniel Somers, Sadie Steffen, Kyle Stevens, Victoria Sullivan, Kyle Turcotte, Alexander Wimsatt


Grade 11


Joseph Anatone, Kelsey Batchelder, Caleb Bernier, Devon Berry, Ashley Calef, Sean Clifford, Kasey Cole, Mickayla Damon, Thomas Esdale, Benjamin Flood, Samuel Fortier, Kendra Gagnon, Derik Landry, Reno LaPanne, Tyler Lebel, Dana Lee, Ashley Lewis, Brittany Linscott, Zachary May, Virginia Scarponi, Hailey Serino, Haleigh Simmons, Peter Slowik, Mikayla Smith, Michael West, Andrew Woodward


Grade 10

Highest Honors

Sarah Curtin, Aurora Goodwin, Aisilyn Guivens, Hannah Herter, Katheryn Huckins, Garrett Kunz, Elizabeth MacEachern, Cassandra Rogers, Sadie Sabina, Kate Tomaszewski


Grade 10

High Honors

Kerry Baratier, Alexa Barnes, Samantha Beaupre, Ariel Clachar, Douglas Clifford, Joshua Conrad, Liam Corless, Rachel Dallaire, Claire Decker, Cierra Demers, Emma Easler, Logan Eighmey, Bryan Ekstrom, Brianna Ferreira, Cailtin Foley, Molly Gibson, Allison Jones, Bianca Ketenci, Andrew Lambert, Lacey Locke, Lauren Montgomery, Kyle Nelson, Gaelyn O’Dwyer, Jessica Ohrenberger, Benjamin Porter, Alec Schleich, Carrigan Smith, Jenifer Stickney, Nicole Torosian, Hannah Wiley, Alexander Yonchak, Luke Zollman


Grade 10


Abigail Ahern, Jordyn Anderson, Ronald Berry III, Jillian Burrows, Natasha Canty, Sophia Chartier, Hjalmer DeVarney, Olivia Drew, Nicole Durell, Jeremy Fenerty, Audrey Getman, Hannah Grady, Brianna Hanson, Faith Hayes, Crystal Janvrin, Anthony Jones, Quinn Kelley, Alicia Lee, Hannah Parker, Deborah Peabody, Ashley Perron, Jamie Pratt, Amanda Riley, Haley Ruth, Katelynn Scannell, Amy Searing, Kassandra Southwick, Jacquelyn Stevens, Joseph Stevens, Alexis Ure, Zachary Wood


Grade 9

Highest Honors

Chloe Bettencourt, Molly Boodey, Elisabeth Danis, Erin Docko, Ryu Kondrup, Cameron Lamarre, Kayla Patten, Zachary Rheaume, Holly Roman, Abigail Turcotte


Grade 9

High Honors

Hannah Arroyo, Parker Aube, Alexa Beaulieu, Nicole Beaupre, Kayleigh Bounds, Jared Carlson, Nathaniel Chagnon, Laura Cozine, Casey Davies, Caleb Dowe, Jacob Dunkerley, Hayley Dunn, Megan Elwell, Sydney Fisher, Christen Gallant, Tayla George, Lavender Goodwin, Rosemary Goodwin, Emily Greene, Brittany Guillemette, Arianna Gunderson, Michael Haddock, Sara Harris, Nicole Hodgdon, Lily Hunt, Daphne Jordan, Samuel Koskela, Emily Kreps, Brooke Laskowsky, Fergus Leclere, Bethany Levenson, Jolene Levesque, Damian May, Bryce Mazzochi, Thomas Mellor, Ambar Mercedes, Jessica Miles, Brianna O’Connor, Ryan Oliver, Blake Peterson, Jacob Pogorek, Bailey Poland, Mackenzi Prina, Max Ravenelle, Carter Rollins, Meredith Roman, Kaitlyn Ross, Megan Scannell, Tyler Schroeder, Kayleigh Sherman, Andrew Shultz, Micah Sims, Megan Spainhower, Phaleap Taing, Emily Therrien, Henry Turcotte, Hannah Woodward


Grade 9


Jacob Bailey, Ryan Bailey, Hanna Bolduc, Hannah Carlson, Christie Clause, David Coe, Julia Cormier, Devin Correia, Seanna DeMeritt, Bailey Docko, Taylor Dow, Taylor Goodwin, Matthew Guckert, Claire Hammond, Julia Harcourt, Cara LaPlante, Cortney Lewis, Jordan Lippmeier, Grace Mele, Ian Melewski, Jared Neal, Hayley Pierce, Billie Pingree, Ashley Reiff, Jake Scarponi, Liam Taylor, Drew Tessier, Andrew Therrien, Mariah Valerio






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