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Northwood NH News

December 4, 2013

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Christmas Fair in Northwood this Saturday


Please come to the “Christmas By Design” fair at Northwood Congregational Church, 881 First NH Tnpk., next to Coe Brown Academy, this Saturday, Dec.7, 9:00am-1:00p.m.   Breakfast and lunch delights with coffee always being “free”.  The “greens” table will offer lovely swags, wreathes, and berry bowls. There will be  crafts, maple syrup, jellies and jams, home made cards, activities for the kids, and more.  Please join us for holiday cheer and fellowship.




Northwood PTA

Holly Fair

Saturday December 7th 

9AM - 2PM

Northwood School






Once again the ladies mission group would like to interest you in buying your holiday pies at their Pie Sale on December 14, Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Northwood Advent Christian Church (Route 107) 113 School Street, in the Narrows.  They will also be selling a nice homemade soup and cornbread lunch at 11:30.  It will be a good opportunity for some friendly conversation.  Can’t wait to see you.



The Veterans Corner

Submitted By Richard Doucet

Holiday Help For Disabled Vets, Do You Have Time?


The holiday season is again upon us with Thanksgiving last month and the upcoming Christmas and New Years days.  It is a time when we can do just a bit more for our  friends and neighbors that have become disabled in some way due to military related injuries or illness and there are a number of organizations that could use our help.  One of those agencies that help in our communities is the Disabled American Veterans, the DAV. There are seven chapters here in New Hampshire with the nearest one to our area being in Concord.  


The DAV was born on September 25, 1920. It was the culmination of work by WWI Captain, Robert S. Marx.  He saw how our nation was ill prepared to assist retuning veterans from the Great War.  There was no Department of Veterans Affairs and any assistance to the veteran who was disabled came from various organizations, some actually working counter to each other.  And then there was the huge wall of red tape and paperwork that made it difficult for veterans to even seek assistance.


CPT Marx, now Judge Marx, spearheaded the formation of the forerunner to the DAV the Disabled American Veterans of the Word War (DAVWW) now known as the DAV.  Membership in the DAV is made up exclusively of disabled veterans…who better to know what a disabled vet needs than another disabled vet?  Judge Marx became known as the Farther of the DAV.


After decades of hard work on behalf of veterans the DAV’s integrity in fund raising was honored in 2003  by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance Charity Accountability Standards designation.  This means that the DAV meets very high standards for the accountability of funds it receives from donors.


Like other veteran’s organizations, the DAV has as its mission that of out-reach to veterans with military related disabilities; to inform them of benefits they are entitled to and to guide and assist them in applying for those well earned benefits.


This is especially true for the growing number of women veterans who are now disabled with everything from missing limbs to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  


Our nation is not one that has had a history of using women in combat.  In our past wars there was a “rear” area in which combat was unlikely and the deployment of women as military police, pilots, medics, nurses, clerks  and drivers was usually a “non-combat” assignment. With the advent asymmetrical warfare…terrorism as the principle “weapon”… there is no “rear” area and more and more female soldiers, Marines, sailors and airwomen find themselves, as we used to say: “fighting as infantry” far too often.


For those veterans living in rural areas just getting to the VA in Manchester can be a trial in itself, especially for older vets from WWII, Korea, and even Vietnam.  Some can no longer drive, live alone, or are in rural areas with little or no public transportation.


This is where the DAV steps in.  The DAV buys and upgrades vehicles that  are purchased with donations made to the DAV for this purpose along with money from various fund raising activities at the National, State and chapter levels. The VA then takes over the vehicles and maintains them. The VA also oversees their use and arranges to transport veterans, with no other means of transportation,  to the VA in Manchester to get to their medical appointments. 


However, a whole motor pool of vehicles serves no purpose if there are no drivers to use them.  The DAV depends on volunteer drivers who pick up the vehicles at the VA and then drive those in need from their homes to the VA in Manchester for appointments and then back home.  Drivers for the vehicles are as important to the DAV effort as are donations.


I interviewed Mr. Benjamin F. Saxon, the State Commander of the NH DAV, about this program while we were at the  Veterans’ Day ceremonies at the Veterans’ cemetery in Boscawen NH.


According to Mr. Saxon, it’s pretty simple.  Veterans who have morning appointments in Manchester call the VA Transport Officer, “Mike”, at  603-624-4366 ext 6427 to get signed up.  Those vets who have no other way to get to the VA and have morning appointments must call at least two weeks in advance to arrange for a pick up.  The day before the appointment the office will call the vet to confirm that the ride is still needed. According to VA Transportation Office records the DAV has 6 clients in Center Barnstead, 27 in Epsom, 3 in Gilmanton and 44 in Pittsfield.


“We can always use drivers, and of course donations, to keep the Flee tup and running” Mr. Saxon also told me.


“You do not have to be a vet or disabled to be a driver, all you need is to want to help. Drivers only operate Monday through Friday, no weekends.  Anyone interested in being a driver can call the VA at 603-624-4366 ext 6419 to find out more about the program or how to volunteer.” Mr. Saxon added.


“For anyone wanting to make a donation or join the DAV,” Mr. Saxon told me, “I can be contacted at 603-927-4231, or by mail at: Commander DAV Chap 19 P.O. box 4198, Concord NH 03302.”


During this time of giving consider not only the DAV but any verified veterans’ organization, of which there are many.  To insure that you are not donating to frauds contact the organization directly to make a donation. Do not respond to door-to-door or phone solicitations.


Does your veterans’ organization have an event coming up in 2014? In my January article I hope to publish a list of all the veterans’ organizations in our readership area that will be holding special events of some type, not including regular or staff meetings, for the January’s Veterans’ Corner.  If you would like your event(s) listed please contact me at [email protected].  The information must come from an officer of the organization and include; full designation of the organization,  purpose of the event, date and time and location, and a name of an officer and telephone number I can reach him/her at to verify information or clear up questions.  The information must reach me not later than Jan 02, 2014.


In closing my family and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.



Letter To The Editor


To the Editor,

Job descriptions and realizing the importance of them are very important to the well being and success of any endeavor, business or government. Not knowing or simply ignoring this has put many businesses in the trash can. It is what is ruining our country and very may well do us in. 


Our Constitution clearly delineates job descriptions. There are three branches of the Federal Government, very defined, that gives us a check and balance level of protection that no one else in the world has. They are the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches. They were meant to be very separate, each with their own jobs to do. Our Constitution gives simple job descriptions as to what the Federal Government can do, and what is the right of each individual State to do. 


As a trouble shooter for a large Corporation for a good part of my retail career I was put into many, many messes with the expectation of figuring out the problem and setting it straight quickly. In all but one of those it really and simply came down to people not doing their jobs, often because they had taken over others. Clear job description, everybody doing theirs, equals a very good chance of a smooth running business.     


I know I’m simple but in my opinion that is what is wrong with our country. The Federal Government, particularly the Executive Branch, has usurped so many jobs that are not theirs that they now cannot do their own correctly. Education of our children, now health care and so, so much more are good examples of powers not theirs to take but they have. Yet they cannot protect our borders or have a coherent foreign policy. We allow this.


Tim Jandebeur







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